Welcome back. Classes are finally over so I have more time to write. This chapter is a combination of two requests. One by ThisHeat who wanted Luan to meet Maggie's friends for the first time. The other by Waldorkler on tumblr who wanted Lincoln to be shot out of a cannon by Luan and Maggie. Let's see how things will turn out. Enjoy.

It was a cold Friday night for the residents of Royal Woods. A familiar odd couple were in the confines of Maggie's room, watching tv in their pajamas.

"Ugh, when are they gonna get here?" Maggie whined as she paced back and forth.

"I'm sure they're on their way. I still find it a little weird you wanted me to meet your friends. I don't think they'll enjoy my jokes as much as you do." Luan pointed out as she was sitting on the bed.

"It's not just that I want them to hear you're jokes. I want to open up more since... you know… the intervention. I want you to experience everything there is about me. And that includes who I hangout with." Maggie explained.

"Aww, my spooky wants me in her life more. But are you sure a sleepover is the best way to introduce us? I don't want them to get too much of me." Luan looked down in doubt.

"There is never too much of you. I'm sure they'll like you just fine. You don't have to worry about them not liking you. Look at me, I'm just like them and I'm dating you." Maggie exclaimed.

"That's easy for you to say. You think I'm cute. I'm pretty sure they're not gonna wanna makeout with me every chance they get." Luan joked as Maggie got in front of her.

"I'd destroy them if they did. Only I get to kiss such a beautiful face." Maggie proclaimed while giving a fake scowl.

"Hehe. Okay, Maggs." Luan chuckled while rolling her eyes.

"Don't worry to much about them. Are you sure you're not upset because you don't get to have some alone time with me, Hmm?" Maggie gave a sly grin as she leaned her face closer to Luan's.

"Maybe that is the case. What are you gonna do to find out?" Luan returned the sly grin.

"What if I did a little bit of this?" Maggie kissed Luan's neck. "And a little bit of this?" Maggie went further up towards Luan's face.

"I think you have to try a little harder if you want to get this clown to laugh. Hehe." Luan quipped.

"That can very much be arranged." Maggie said as she pushed Luan down on the bed and begin to straddle her. The emo slowly moved in closer towards the comedians lips.

"I see the party started without us." A blonde girl wearing a black skull cap said while standing in the doorway with a duffle bag, baring a slick smile on her face. Maggie and Luan froze and looked towards the door with awkward stares.

"I'll say. I didn't know it would be that kind of sleepover." A portly girl with black hair added with a similar grin while carrying a backpack.

"Umm… nothing happened." Maggie nervously claimed as she threw Luan off the bed.

"Ouch. Well, nothing's going to happen now." Luan muttered as she rubbed her butt.

"I'm pretty sure something was about to happen. You to looked like you were just about to get some real snuggling done." The blonde girl commented.

"You can definitely say the 'snuggle' was real. Hahaha. Get it?" Luan said as she got up from the floor.

"Oy. Luan, this is Vivian" Maggie pointed to the blonde girl. "And Valerie." She pointed to the portly girl. "Vivian and Valerie, this is Luan, my girlfriend."

"Hello." Luan greeted.

"Hey." The two greeted.

"So, what took you so long?" Maggie questioned.

"We would've gotten here earlier but someone couldn't find their hat." Valerie said while putting her backpack on the floor.

"I refuse to let my hair to be naked and exposed to the ugly vapidness of outside." Vivian stated while doing the same with her duffle bag.

"Whatever. Speaking of being exposed, it seems you guys were close to exposing yourselves to each other, huh?" Valerie gave a sly grin.

"I don't know what you're talking." Maggie crossed her arms and looked away.

"Oh, come on, Maggs. You know you wanted to honk this clown's red nose, if you know what I mean." Luan said as she hugged Maggie from behind and wrapped her arm around the emo's shoulder. "I'm sure you wanted to put on a different kind of show for them."

"You are such an evil temptress." Maggie said while biting her lip with her face as red as a tomato.

"Only for you, spooky." Luan booped Maggie on the nose and then proceeded to peck Maggie on the cheek.

"She so wants to get it on." Vivian commented.

"Shut up!" Maggie barked.

"You can't deny your feelings." Valerie added.

"If you don't hush, I'm gonna tell Luan your full name. And she's a comedian! So, she'll have plenty to work with." Maggie threatened.

"Okay, okay. I'll be good." Valerie surrendered.

"That's what I thought. So, how's everything back in middle school?" Maggie asked as she took a seat on the floor.

"Same old pointless classes, with the same old pointless lunch meals, in the same old pointless building." Vivian answered as the rest of the girls sat on the floor.

"Boy, it sounds like it's very old school, huh? Hehehe, get it?" Luan joked.

"Things just haven't been the same since you skipped to high school." Valerie said.

"Wait a minute, you skipped a grade?" Luan asked Maggie.

"Yeah. I got fed up with the degrading emptiness of middle school and worked to leave it sooner. I honestly think high school is no better." Maggie explained.

"I didn't know I was dating such a brainiac. She not only has a body but a big brain as well. I hit the jackpot!" Luan said as she leaned on Maggie again.

"I swear if you keep touching me I'm not gonna hold back anymore and give you a kiss of death." Maggie said.

"What's that?" Luan inquired.

"Trust me, you don't want that. She'd basically suck the life out of you by sucking out your air. In mafia terms, it would be a mark of actual death but I'm pretty sure she likes you enough not to kill you." Vivian explained.

"I very much do." Maggie stated.

"You'd mostly just pass out from the smooch. From the way you two are, I'd say you would probably enjoy it." Valerie added.

"Hmm, I guess have to 'pass out' on that, so I'll avoiding ticking you off." Luan backed away from Maggie.

"Good call." Maggie agreed.

"Ooh, so, my mom almost worked my last nerve the other day. We were out shopping when she saws this goddy flower dress at the in the Gracy's window." Valerie said.

"Gasp! No!" Maggie and Vivian expressed.

"She said she wanted to buy it for me, saying I should wear more pretty dresses. I told her, I am not giving into the phony construct of beauty. Those dresses are for those fake pageant queens who'll grow up old and alone when they're forty because all they had to look up to was fake eyelashes and nails." Valerie stated.

"Yeah. You tell her." Vivian said in agreement.

"Wow. 'Eye' can't really 'lash' out at that story. You really hit the 'nail' on the head telling your mom off." Luan agreed.

"Oh my gosh, that reminds me of when my mom wouldn't let me dye my hair purple. She said I already taint my beauty by wearing so much makeup. She just doesn't get it." Maggie complained.

"I think your hair looks beautiful the way it is." Luan complimented.

"You're just saying that cuz you're my girlfriend." Maggie argued.

"I mean it! I really do like your hair like that. Your natural color really brings out your eyes." Luan twirled her finger in the emo's hair.

"Oh… um… I-I don't know what to say." Maggie said with a blush on her face.

"Wow, Maggs. I've never really seen you this nervous. You must really want to smooch your girlfriend." Vivian pointed out with a smirk.

"How 'bout you smooch my-"

"Maggie, can you come here?" Maggie's mother called from downstairs.

"*sigh* Coming. Don't tell them anything while I'm gone." Maggie glared at Luan who did a zipping her mouth shut gesture. Maggie pointed two fingers towards herself and then towards Vivian and Valerie while giving a death glare as she exited the room. Vivian and Valerie scooted closer to the comedian.

"So, tell us. Does she always get so nervous when you're around?" Valerie asked.

"Only whenever I flirt with her in front of people. When we're alone she's all over me. I can barely keep her off." Luan claimed.

"Yeah, that's Maggie for ya. She can be pretty clingy. Granted, we never knew how clingy she gets when it comes to her significant other since she never dated anyone." Valerie admitted.

"She gets so clingy. I keep having a hickey on my neck every time we're alone." Luan confessed.

"Why don't you get revenge?" Vivian asked.

"I try but she's just so dominating. She knows my weaknesses. It's not fair! I'm the oldest yet I feel like I'm the girlfriend in this relationship." Luan complained while giving an annoyed look.

"Um, you are the girlfriend in this relationship." Valerie pointed out.

"You know what I mean." Luan said.

"You definitely seem like the submissive type." Valerie commented.

"Am not!" Luan asserted.

"Are too."

"Okay." Luan said in defeat.

"Well, just to help you out, she's known to be very ticklish." Vivian said.

"And if you play with her ear she becomes putty in your hands." Valerie added.

"Wait, how would you know that last part?" Luan inquired.

"When I tried to check out her earrings this one time she got a little uhhh… overwhelmed by it. Yeah, that's what I'll go with." Valerie confessed.

"Huh. Thanks for that info. I'm definitely gonna be using that next time we're alone." Luan rubbed her hands in a menacing fashion with an evil smile. "By the way you guys seem pretty okay with me dating Maggie. What's up with that? I thought you wouldn't be too happy about someone like me dating her." Luan admitted.

"Maggie's told us about how you constantly tell her jokes just to get her to smile. We figured you were pretty genuine and not one of those phonies who just want her for her body." Vivian explained.

"If anything, she wants my body way more than I want hers… Though she does have pretty sweet bod." Luan muttered.

"Plus, you're the only one to make her nervous. Which is really funny." Valerie stated.

"It is pretty funny when she becomes a nervous wreck. I should tease her more often when we're in public." Luan said.

"You should tryout that ear thing when you're out. That'll definitely drive her crazy." Valerie recommended..

"Definitely. You know you guys are pretty cool. I thought you'd be a bit more doom and gloom like most emo's." Luan confessed.

"Eh, we're only moody when we have to deal with the fakeness of society." Vivian explained.

"When we're alone we're a bit happier but we'll still complain about life." Valerie added.

"That actually makes sense. Maggie acts way more loose when we're alone." Luan stated.

The door opened to reveal Maggie. She gave death glares to her friends and girlfriend. The group grew slightly guilty smiles on their faces as they were being stared down.

"I heard my name. What were you guys talking about?" Maggie inquired as she closed the door behind her.

"Oh, not much. Just how great of a girlfriend I have." Luan answered.

"That better be the case." Maggie said as she sat on the floor next to Luan. "She didn't tell you anything embarrassing did she?" Maggie asked Vivian and Valerie.

"Not really." Valerie answered.

"Oh, come on, Maggs! Don't you trust me? It's not like I told them about that time you launched my brother out of a cannon… oops." Luan said, causing Maggie to face palm.

"What!? No way." Vivian exclaimed.

"You gotta tell us how that happened." Valerie begged.

"Oh, geez. You and your big mouth." Maggie whined.

"Well, it started when my brother, Lincoln, was helping me with my act…"

Luan, Maggie and Lincoln were standing around in the Loud house backyard. Lincoln was sitting inside of giant party cannon while wearing a helmet.

"Tell me why you're using this thing?" Lincoln asked.

"I wanted to try something new for my act." Luan explained while holding a remote.

"But are you sure this is safe?" Maggie inquired.

"Don't worry. Lisa modified it so it'll only fire Lincoln two feet away if I press this button and he'll land on the mattress I laid out." Luan pointed to a green button on the remote and then towards the mattress that was sitting on the grass.

"And what about that button with the skull and crossbones on it?" Maggie asked.

"This one will fire him with the full force. But don't worry, I'm careful enough to not to press it. That's why it's labeled."

"I hope so. You don't want your brother becoming a pancake against that fence." Maggie exclaimed.

"I very much would like to avoid that. Though I do have to admit this does seem like it could be fun as all long as you don't flatten me against the fence." Lincoln said.

"Don't worry. There's no need to be so 'de-fence-ive' about it. Haha-oh. If you'll excuse me, I have to empty my seltzer, if you know what I mean. Hehe, but seriously, I gotta pee. Hold this. I'll be right back." Luan handed Maggie the remote and left the two.

Maggie and Lincoln stood there in awkward silence. Maggie looked away nonchalantly at the sky while Lincoln did the same.

"Soooo… you like Ace Savvy?" Lincoln asked.

"Not really a fan of comic books. Superheroes set unrealistic standards that no one's ever gonna live up to." Maggie affirmed.

"Sheesh, bring down the mood much?" Lincoln muttered under his breath. "Uh… so you and Luan seem to be getting along well." Lincoln stated.

"Yeah, we're doing great and… look I'm gonna level with you, this is pretty awkward." Maggie admitted.

"I know. I mean, no offense, but I'm pretty sure we have nothing in common. Plus, the whole birthday thing just makes things even more awkward." Lincoln claimed.

"To be honest, I'm not mad at you for it but I still feel awkward talking to you. I've been avoiding being alone with you because of it." Maggie confessed.

"Really? Because I've been avoiding you too. I knew things would just be too weird between us." Lincoln said.

"Huh. Great minds think alike, I suppose. You know, you seem alright." Maggie complimented.

"Thanks. You're not to bad yourself. I'm just glad this awkwardness is kinda gone between us." Lincoln said.

"Yeah. We can finally put this weirdness behind us." Maggie folded her arms with the remote with the skull and crossbones button pressing against her arm. The cannon fired, sending Lincoln into the fence. Maggie stood in shock at the scene. She rushed over to the boy as his legs hung out on her side of the fence. "Oh my gosh, are you okay. I'm so sorry."

"I'll have the clam soup." Lincoln groggily said on the other side of the fence.

"Well, I guess this is one story that's 'cannon'. Hahaha. But seriously I'll get the first aid kit." Luan said.

"After that, she waded on hand and foot taking care of him until he was healed to make it up to him. My parents banned the use of the cannon and had Lisa break it down for scrap. Things were definitely more awkward between from then on. Haha." Luan finished her story.

"You just had to tell them that story, didn't you?" Maggie growled.

"Wow. I didn't know you'd mess up that badly." Vivian snickered.

"What did you do when the parents found out?" Valerie inquired.

"She practically got on her hands and knees, begging my parents for forgiveness. She offered to take care of him while he recovered. Thankfully we put him in a safety suit so he didn't get too banged up." Luan explained.

"I still can't be in the same room alone with him without things feeling more awkward than before." Maggie's said.

"It was fun watching you wade on him hand and foot. You look so guilty and nervous trying to take care of him. It was so funny when you picked out all those splinters from his back." Luan chuckled.

"Well, how was I supposed to feel? I didn't mean to send him into the fence. God, I just feel so horrible." Maggie moped.

"Eh, don't worry about it. If it makes you feel any better, he said it was pretty fun until he hit the fence." Luan said.

"I guess that makes me feel a little better. I just can't shake the feeling of guilt." Maggie said as she looked down in guilt.

"Aw, my spooky cares about my family. Don't feel too bad. You know I'm not mad at you." Luan scooted closer to Maggie. "I could never get mad at such a beautiful face." Luan pecked Maggie on the cheek.

Maggie sat there with an irritated face while blushing.

"That's it! I warned you but you wouldn't listen." Maggie exhaled until her lungs were emptied. She grabbed Luan by the face and pulled her into a deep kiss. Luan was caught off guard by the action but soon went along with it. She found in herself in complete enjoyment and was soon lost in the moment as Maggie held her.

"See you in the morning, Luan." Valerie said causing Luan's face to grow a look of concern.

The comedian soon felt the air in her lungs being sucked out. She began to moan in discomfort as she tried to breakaway from Maggie's grasp. It was a futile effort as Maggie had wrapped her arm around Luan's back and held the comedian's head in place. Luan soon found herself becoming lightheaded as her eyes started becoming heavy. Luan grew a smile as she succumbed to her lack of oxygen and lost consciousness.

"*mwah*" Maggie removed her lips from her unconscious girlfriend. The emo wiped off her lips with the back of her hand as she let go off her girlfriend and let her fall over. "Boy, hah hah, that really 'sucked' didn't it, Luan? Hehe. Too bad she wasn't awake to hear that."

"You completely sucked the life out of her." Vivian commented.

"Not that she looks mad about it." Valerie pointed out.

"I gotta admit she was pretty fun. Especially with making you nervous." Vivian gave a sly smile.

"What can I say? She takes my breath away. Well, In this case, I took hers."

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