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"Too bad, Saiga," said Senzui as he snatched the detonator

Furinji Saiga and Senzui had fought over for the detonation button of the nuclear missile Yami had created. Niijima had managed to hack into the system and shut down the launch sequence, but Yami always had a backup plan.

"To be honest, if I were to detonate it here, it'll definitely mess up the targeting system. Not to mention it might just blow up right here and now," chuckled Senzui, "But, well I'll be dead either ways."

The detonator had dropped right under the missile, where they fought to pick it up. If Senzui pressed it right now, then he would die without any time to escape. But to realize Yami's goal, the Eternal Setting Sun, he would proceed forward even at the cost of his own life.

"Tell me, Senzui," spat Saiga as he tried to distract Senzui, "How is it a man so ruthless that you kill your own comrades, let Miu go as a baby?"

Seeing Senzui pause for a second, Saiga rushed forward to try to grab it, but Senzui merely smiled and pressed the button. Seeing as he couldn't do anything, Saiga jumped away as fast as he could, barely dodging the flames. As the missile started to blast off, Senzui gave off one last statement. That he couldn't hurt the face of the two people he loved.

At the battlegrounds, they all heard the missile start its launch. Kushinada laughed, saying it was their victory. As Kenichi and the others saw it start to lift off, they heard the computers starting to beep.

"Error. Error. Missile detonation sequence unstable. Detonation imiment."

"OH SHIT!" shouted Niijima, "We're gonna die!"

"Kenichi!" shouted Miu.

"Miu!" shouted Kenichi in reply, knowing this would be their last moments. They dropped the honorifics to address each other as lovers before the inevitable would happen.

"Noo! I have too much to live for!" cried Niijima. Shigure quickly threw Niijima to where Miu and Kenichi were, knowing it was too late to do anything. The missile suddenly exploded in front of them.

Everything suddenly seemed to slow down for all of them. Shigure stood in front of the three teenagers, completely nude, knowing it was hopeless but hoped to at least buy them even a second of time to live so Miu and Kenichi could have their moment. Saiga seemingly appeared next to her, acting as a human shield too. Lastly, the elder Furinji, Furinji Hayato, appeared before them all to block it. He knew, even with all his "super" human powers, there was nothing he could do except use his body as a shield to give his granddaughter a bit more time. He couldn't toss them to safety, and Niijima would most likely die from the high Gs, and Kenichi was too injured. If the missile hadn't prematurely detonated, then he had confidence he could've stopped it easily. He himself could've escaped, but it wasn't worth living if all his friends and granddaughter died.

"Looks like we'll be seeing our family," sighed Hayato as the flames approached them.

"Sorry about this, dad," apologized Saiga, "I might not go to the same place as you guys."

"It's okay, son," smiled Hayato.

"Noo. Niijima secret technique! Alien Barrier!"

With all his willpower and special 'powers', Niijima managed to erect a barrier around himself, Miu, and Kenichi. He had used this once while the elder Furinji had been flaunting his ki back in the Desperate Fight of Disciples to protect himself.

The explosion reached the three masters, where they were forced to see their bodies incinerated before their own eyes. The explosion kept going, cruelly burning and killing anyone within range. The group of disciples fighting at the forests were killed before they could react. The masters themselves decided to allow the flames to consume them, as they had failed and couldn't escape.

"It's not what I thought it would be, but this works," smiled Kushinada as the flames enveloped her too.

The allied soldiers of Ryozanpaku could do nothing but helplessly let the explosion and fire wash over them, incinerating them all.

"How is this working!?" shouted Kenichi as he saw the barrier somehow hold.

"Hehehe, it's the Niijima ultimate technique," grinned Niijima, although he wasn't quite sure how he was doing such a thing. He also wasn't sure if the barrier protected them from the radiation of the missile. Unfortunately, he saw his barrier cracking, and knew it was over.



Knowing they had but mere moments, they came together for a passionate kiss on the lips before the end.

Suddenly, a wormhole appeared at where the crack of Niijima's barrier was, and sucked all three teenagers into it.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING!" shouted Kenichi as they were whirling around space. Everything was pitch dark, lightning streaked all around them. A fierce wind was blowing across all of them.


"HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK!" cried out Kenichi.

"HOLD HANDS AND STICK TOGETHER!" shouted Miu as she managed to grab Kenichi's hand before throwing a hook to Niijima, pulling him close.

"Miu, your clothes!" shouted Kenichi, just noticing something wrong. He was stark naked as they were whirling through this space. Niijima was also naked, as was Miu, revealing her breasts and perky pink nipples.

"Kyaa! Don't look!" screamed Miu in embarrassment, but she didn't let go. It was too important that they stick together. Though she was thankful due to all this spinning, they couldn't see other private parts. But she did get a good glance at Kenichi's manhood and blushed.

As they were all spinning in the space full of darkness, winds, and lighting, they felt something forcing them apart. They tried as hard as they could to keep their hands linked, but it was useless. They could feel like a force of nature was pulling them all apart.

"Kenichi!" cried Miu one last time.

"Miu! I promise I'll find you. I'll always be with you! I... love you! I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to protect you. I'll always love you!" shouted Kenichi.

"I know you will! I'll find you, too! I'll always love you!" smiled Miu before Kenichi and Niijima were forced to let her go. She disappeared into a flash of light.

"Niijima, hold on!" shouted Kenichi as he felt Niijima's grip starting to fail.

"I still have so much to do!" wailed Niijima, "But it looks like our time is up! I'll be sure to find you guys somehow! You're vital to part of my path for my ambitions!"

With that last statement, Niijima and Kenichi separated before disappearing in a flash of light, leaving Kenichi alone.

"Everyone...," cried Kenichi, "I'm sorry. I don't want to be alone."

Then, there was a flash of light as Kenichi's body disappeared from the void.


Kenichi suddenly sat up on his bed, completely soaked with sweat. He blinked as he tried to figure out what was going on. His body felt weak, his legs didn't reach the edge of his sheets. He blinked as he looked down at his hands to find out they were smooth. Kenichi tossed the blanket aside to see his body that his masters took such painstakingly careful to build his body full of pink muscles... gone. He noticed outside his window, it was dark, signifying it was night time right now. He looked around and noticed that he wasn't in his futon back in Ryozanpaku, but rather his bed back at home. And there weren't as many manual books around him. Kenichi touched his face, pinching to see if this was real. It was.

"What the hell is going on!?" shouted Kenichi, noticing his voice also much higher.

"Son, what's wrong! Is it a monster? I have Maximillian with me!"

Kenichi's father, Mototsuga Shirihama, burst through the door, pointing his shotgun throughout the room, looking for the threat. He was a tall middle-aged man with short dark blue hair and a fairly lean figure.

"Dear, don't wave your shotgun like that!"

Kenichi's mother, Saori Shirihama, entered the room and smacked her husband on the head with a newspaper. She was a fairly tall and attractive woman with straight brown hair, fair skinned, curvaceous figure and sizable bust. Her hair was styled the way Kenichi always saw her. She was five years younger than her husband, but she still loved him very much. Even at her age, she looked younger than she appeared.

"Onii-chan, are you alright?"

Honoka Shirahama, Kenichi's little sister, appeared, rubbing her eyes as she had been woken up by Kenichi's shout. She had inherited her mother's hair, as did Kenichi, and could be counted as very cute for her age.

Kenichi noticed that they all seemed younger than he last remembered them all. Especially Honaka.

"Son? Are you all right?"

Kenichi blinked as he got out of his trance to see his father and mother looking at him with concern.

"Just a nightmare," replied Kenichi, shaking his head before and tried to grab his cellphone that he usually put beside him.

It wasn't there.

"Umm, dad, weird question, but what's the date today?"

"Why son, it's September 22, 1992. What a funny question."

Kenichi blinked a few times before fainting back onto his bed. As his sight blacked out, inside his mind, he screamed, 'WHAT'S GOING ON!?'

"Kenichi, it's time to wake up. It's time for school"

Kenichi slowly opened his eyes to see his mother shaking him awake. He got up and ran towards the bathroom and faced the mirror. What he imagined wasn't a lie. He was actually seven years old again.

'Does that mean everything that happened before was just a dream?' thought Kenichi. It certainly was out of this world to have such martial artists that could break down steel doors with their fists. As he quickly brushed his teeth and got ready for school, he saw the Yin-Yang pin that he always kept.

"No! I refuse to believe that was all just a dream. I don't know when or how, but I will find you again, Miu," declared Kenichi before heading off to elementary school.

Of course, all the subjects were somewhat easy for him, which reinforced the idea that he truly had traveled back in time somehow. As he was a second grader, he allowed his mind to wander for a bit to plan out what to do.

"Definitely get into shape," mused Kenichi, "Even with the masters' help of reconstructing my body, they had to deal with a weak body in the first place. Maybe if I had a better base to work with, then I could get stronger and protect Miu, instead of always being protected. But how to make it so I don't screw up? Maybe a jog every day will help out. Then-"

"Shirihama!" shouted the teacher, snapping Kenichi out of his thoughts, "I appreciate if you didn't daydream! You're not doing that well in math that you can just daydream! As punishment, come up and solve this problem!"

Kenichi took a look at the problem, which was 60-34+21*8. He went up to the blackboard, calculating it in his head, and quickly wrote out the answer 194.

"Hmph. Lucky guess. Show your work," demanded the teacher, unable to believe Kenichi knew the answer. When Kenichi showed his work properly, the teacher paused for a second to stare at Kenichi.

"Correct... I guess you've been studying."

Kenichi sighed and went back down to his paper, trying to plan out how he would go at this. Classes went by fast, and everything was basically review for Kenichi.

"Perhaps I'll do better in school, too," said Kenichi as he leaned back on his chair during lunch, "But in the end, I still need to head to Koryo High School, even if I get accepted to a better one. To meet up with Miu and the others... and unfortunately, also Haruo Niijima. My best/horrible friend. I need to head over to Ryozanpaku as soon as possible!"

When the school ended, Kenichi managed to beg his mother to take him to Ryozanpaku.

"Kenichi, honey, why do you need to go to this place?" asked Saori as he held his hands, along with Honoka.

"It's important," said Kenichi as he led her, almost running towards it. He wanted to see them all again. When they turned the corner, though, his heart fell. For there was no Ryozanpaku. It was just an empty patch of land.

"Kenichi? Why did you bring me here?" asked Saori.

"Sorry mom," said Kenichi with a fake grin, "I guess I took the wrong turn."

That night, Kenichi cried into his bed, hoping that all those memories he had weren't fake. After he finished crying, he soon made his resolve to train his body for the upcoming future.

"I swear, I'll get stronger," declared Kenichi as he looked out to the stars, "I'll be able to protect you, Miu! I will make my body stronger before I join Ryozanpaku again. I know it isn't fake. I just know you're out there, Miu."

Soon, the months passed as Kenichi trained in his room in secret. He found out that ever since he learned Ki no Shouka, or rather 'Holding' of Ki, back when he fought against Kajima, he still retained on how to use it, though his Ki was very weak, as he was still in his childish weak body. All his mental functions and muscle memory were still there, just his body was unable to support it.

"Have to be careful while trying to master my Ki," grunted Kenichi as he began his push-ups. In crafting class at his elementary school, he was able to make some makeshift weights for himself. "If a stray Martial Arts master, or even Yami, find a kid that can utilize Ki that supposedly only Grand Masters are supposed to be able to, they might just kidnap me and force them to be their disciple. Have to find a private place soon."

Soon enough, Kenichi was entering the third grade with distinct honors in his grades. His parents so proud of him that they increased his allowance, allowing him to buy some more exercise equipment. Not to mention, he seemed to be a bit more popular in school now. His father had gone full-out out lecture on how proud he was of him, and how his future seemed bright. It was only thanks to his mother that the lecture was cut short. However, he kept quiet to himself and tried his best not to draw attention. As he was watering the plants one day, he heard about a new student transferring in.

"Did you hear? The new student is weird."

"Yea, he has pointy ears and some weird looking antenna on his head."

"He looks like an alien!"

Kenichi paused at this. Could it be Niijima? But that couldn't be! He didn't meet him until middle school! Suddenly, he saw a shadow looming over him. Reacting quickly, Kenichi jumped away just in time to hear a foot stomp, followed by the shadow pounding his chest with his left hand. He then brought his left hand forward, looping once in the air before putting his hand forward.


Silence fell in between the two boys, along with small choju giga animals of a frog, monkey, and bunny dragging dots behind them. Kenichi could slowly look up to see an 8-year-old Niijima posing in the Shinpaku salute that he had made up when they were still 17.

"Niijima?" asked Kenichi in disbelief.

"Yo, Kenichi," grinned Niijima before cackling, "Ready to join the Shinpaku group and bring it to new heights?"

Kenichi instinctively punched him in the stomach, causing Niijima to groan in pain.

"Ah, sorry!" apologized Kenichi, "That was instinctive, trying to see if this was real!"

"Guess I should be glad you're not back at full power," groaned Niijima, "Though it does seem you've been working out."

"Yea, I figured I might as well start now," said Kenichi, "When did come back?"

"September 22, 1992. You?"

"Same. I've been training since, but I don't have a place to train privately. I'm afraid that since I've learned Ki no Shouka, any random master class martial arts that passes by while I'm training will take me as their own without giving me a chance to say no. Especially Yami."

"Hehehe, that's why you have me. Follow me."

Niijima turned around to leave the school, only to be pulled back by Kenichi.

"After school," hissed Kenichi, "We leave now, we'll get in trouble."

"Kekekeke, You're a 'genius', or did you think I didn't know? You're using your knowledge to make yourself look good!" laughed Niijima, "They won't mind if two of the brightest students take a day off!"

"I'm still not letting you ditch school, nor will you make me!"

The school was then treated to the sight of one of the smartest students in class dragging the transfer student to class.

"Where are we going?" huffed Kenichi as Niijima dragged him through some alleys and holes that seemed to have been suspiciously constructed recently. As soon as the school day was over, and Niijima managed to drag Kenichi with him.

"Keke, you didn't think I was just being a 'smart' student when I came back?' laughed Niijima before pulling a hidden lever to reveal a wall sliding open to reveal a corridor.

Raising an eyebrow, Kenichi followed Niijima, who closed the door behind them and walked forward to see a fully equipped gym, along with steel plated walls.

"Umm, how?" asked a flabbergasted Kenichi.

"Kekeke, I used my future knowledge and invested in some good stocks, made a few bets I knew I would win, and suddenly I have a good amount of funds for the Shinpaku Alliance!"

"You mean you gambled!?"

"How else would I get the funds? Don't worry, it was perfectly legal, under my father's name. This base is just temporary until we can get Kisara's base again, but perfect for you to train at without grabbing attention!"

Kenichi had mixed feelings about this, but he had to admit his evil friend raised a good point. He could get some better training in here without worry. As he browsed through the room, he found books written by Akisame Koetsuji himself. He flipped through them to discover that they had detailed explanations of pink muscles, but not exactly how to train his body to create it.

"I managed to find some of his writings," admitted Niijima as he looked over from the computer he had bought and modified with his funds, "Thought you might like them."

"It'll help me build up a base," replied Kenichi before heading over to the treadmill and began jogging after placing several weights around his body before putting the treadmill at the highest speed he could manage for now. Kenichi could finally push himself without worry of being detected, though he would need to invest in some long sleeved and loose clothing to hide his muscles like Taninmoto did. Speaking of which...

"Hey Niijima-san? Natsu's sister died because she wasn't treated, right? Any way we can find them and push them towards Ryozanpaku to see a real doctor? And what about Tsutomu Tanaka! We can use this chance so to save him, his wife, and unborn child! Maybe even Sho's! And so many others!"

"That's risky," replied Niijima, "We risk altering the timeline that we know, making the future knowledge we have useless."

"What about you?" accused Kenichi, "You're already doing that, transferring to my school, getting all this stuff ready. And what about Miu! If you made it, then she probably made it too! We should head to Ryozanpaku to see if it's there! I know it should be! I went last time, but there was nothing. Maybe I went too early when they didn't make it yet!"

"Whoa there," said Niijima, putting his hands forward, stopping Kenichi in his tracks as he tried to rush out, "I admit, I did some changes, but not enough to warrant a huge change in the time stream. Plus, you go there now, who's to say they'll believe you? Not to mention you're not as cunning as me."

"Miu will believe me!"

"Yes, but I don't know if your masters will. They might dismiss it as just a dream."

"They wouldn't!"

"Fine, maybe not, but I doubt the Elder would let you date Miu, when you failed your promise."

Kenichi froze for a bit before glaring at Niijima, "Low blow, there."

"Fine, fine, but it stopped you," waved off Niijima, "But the most important thing is that you'll attract unwanted attention. If Yami finds out Ryozanpaku took another disciple, then the events might play out even earlier! Team Shinpaku can't be prepared that fast! Our core fighters aren't old enough. You're not old enough, and they might kidnap you! In fact, I'm kind of glad you didn't find it the first time!"

Kenichi continued to glare and Niijima before sighing, walking over to the punching bag before taking his frustrations out on it. Nijima wiped off the sweat he didn't even notice pouring down his head before grabbing a towel to wipe it off. The next few hours passed with Kenichi kicking the bag as hard as he could while Niijima was trying to set up his station. He missed having his PDA, but they had not been invented yet at this time.

"Then what can we do?" asked Kenichi after he got tired of beating the punching bag and started on some push-ups.

"Well, I've been giving Taninmoto's case some thought," replied Niijima, "If we do this right, we can prod your two masters to Taninmoto and his sister. Though we'll have to do this carefully, and we can't be seen. He's already been adopted, and from what I remember, his sister died when he was nine. We're still eight, so that means we have at least a year, so we have time. Ryozanpaku should be up by then. As for Tsutomu's case... I don't have a plan for that. He was three years older than us, so he should be 11. Plenty of time to plan and figure that out, as I believe he had a shotgun wedding at 18. But Kenichi, even though we've been given another chance, we can't fix everything and save everyone."

Grunting in reply that they could do something at least, the two of them kept silent for the next hour.

They left their secret base and headed back to Kenichi's home. Niijima had already told his mother he'd be home late. Kenichi's mood was still miserable. What was the point of being able to time travel if they couldn't save everyone!? They were walking when Kenichi noticed someone leaning on the gate that lead to his house. It was an eight-year-old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Miu?" gasped Kenichi when he saw the girl. The girl turned to Kenichi, allowing them to see her face. It was indeed the Miu Furinji that they knew.

"Kenichi...," said Miu slowly before starting to run to him.

"Miu!" shouted Kenichi, running towards her now.



The two of the crashed into each other and hugged tightly. They had tears in their eyes as they hugged each other, never wanting to let the other go.

"You came back with us," whispered Kenichi as tears streamed down his face, "You're really here. I was so scared that you wouldn't remember me. I went to where Ryozanpaku was when I returned to 1992 just to find an empty patch of land."

"Sorry it took me so long," replied Miu, not letting Kenichi go, "When I woke up, I was still traveling the world with grandfather. It was only recently we settled in. Grampa didn't purchase the land until 1993."

"Does he know?" asked Niijima, joining in the conversation.

Miu shook her head, "I didn't tell him. I didn't know if it was a dream or not. Nor did I tell any of the other masters."

"Good, then this is still salvageable," declared Niijima.

"Why not let them know now?" asked Miu, "They could help us! They could use the extra time to train Kenichi and me!"

"We do that, we risk altering the timeline that we know," said Niijima softly, "Meaning all the future knowledge will be useless. Can you ensure that while your training, Yami won't use this knowledge that Ryozanpaku has an official disciple to accelerate their plans?"

"We could do it in secret," countered Miu.

"Miu... sorry to say, but Ryozanpaku isn't exactly well-funded. I've heard about all those times you almost had to declare bankruptcy. Yami has money. They can easily spy on you, and sooner or later, it'll be revealed," sighed Niijima.

"I don't like it either, but I Niijima is right," sighed Kenichi, "Luckily, I can at least train in private. Niijima managed to make a small gym for me with the funds that he got."

"Money?" gasped Miu, her eyes shining at it.

Niijima and Kenichi facepalmed, forgetting about the fact although a bit poor, she always tried to save or earn money for Ryozanpaku, gaining a 'money' sense so to speak.

"Can you hook us up with something?" asked Miu, "Something that'll help Ryozanpaku run smoothly without chance of bankruptcy?"

"Maybe," grinned Niijima, but before he could say anything, Kenichi stopped him.

"If it involves some sort of evil plan, then no way," glared Kenichi, "I know that grin."

"Tch, fine," scoffed Niijima, "I have some I guess. You guys could also hold that program I told you once. Teach some kids how to fight for a week. Do it twice a year or something. I'll think of some more later on."

"Can you stay for dinner?" asked Kenichi.

Miu shook her head, "I snuck out here. I have to go back, otherwise, I might arouse suspicion."

Slowly but surely, the couple let go of each other.

"I promise I'll see you again soon," whispered Miu, "I remember grandpa taking me overseas a few more times. I don't think I'll be able to hide the fact I can control my Dou Ki now, along with the fact I have some Supreme Silat mixed in with my moves now."

"Just do your best," said Kenichi before giving her a kiss to her forehead, "I'll be waiting for you to come back."

Miu nodded her head before giving Kenichi a kiss to the cheek before running back home.

"You prepared?" asked Niijima.

"I'll make sure the Eternal Setting Sun won't happen this time," said Kenichi confidently, "There's a lot of work to do. Niijima, I'll need your help with some of my training."

"Of course," nodded Niijima before mentally adding, 'You're my most valuable piece to conquering this world!'

"Niijima, I can read your face. You're thinking of the world again," sighed Kenichi before slamming the door shut.

A year passed by in a flash for them. Miu was able to come and visit their secret base and sparred with Kenichi to make sure he didn't rust from the lack of fighting. Kenichi was actively trying to avoid gaining the reputation of being strong, as he did not want to fight delinquents. Niijima bought up a plan for Kenichi to be picked on again in middle school, but both Miu and Kenichi vetoed that plan. Kenichi had no interest in being beaten up again, and Miu said that there was always a chance that Kenichi might be forced to reveal his real strength. In the end, Kenichi would just run away. He was fast enough.

"Hey Niijima," said Kenichi one day as he built up his Seikuken to fight against Miu's attacks. So far, the elder didn't seem to have figured out that Miu could control her Dou Ki, but Miu had a distinct feeling he knew, but just wasn't saying anything.

"While we're waiting for the time to strike, do you want me to teach you how to fight a little?"

Niijima, who had been carrying some boxes, dropped it in shock.

"Hell no!" screeched Niijima, "I'm the last person to step into battle! I don't want to be targeted!"

"Kenichi has a point, though," said Miu as she threw a flurry of punches before managing to break the Seikuken with a well-timed kick, "Without formal training, for some reason, you're able to run as fast as most of the people in the disciple group. Just think about at least getting some self-defense lessons in."

Niijima thought about it for a bit before telling them that he wouldn't mind a little, but no way in hell he was going to fight. He was a thinker, planner, and leader, not a fighter.

"Did you finish the plan for Natsu's sister?" asked Kenichi as he dodged blocked Miu's kick and countered with a kick of his own.

"Yea. Right now, Taninmoto should be getting a little mail that tells him to seek a certain miracle doctor," replied Niijima, "He should be taking her to see Koetsuji."

"I've made sure he is at his office today," commented Miu, "He'll be able to see his little sister and perhaps give her treatment before it's too late."

'Right, and with this favor, the Taninmoto corporation will be under my spell!' thought Niijima as he began checking a few of his sources. The PDA was finally announced to be released next year, and he couldn't wait to get his hands on one. It would make his life easier, being able to organize information without shuffling through papers and keeping it with him.

A few weeks later

"Hmm," hummed Niijima, "Wonder how this'll affect Taninmoto."

Natsu had taken his little sister Kaede to see another doctor instead of Koetsuji, as he didn't trust him. But the verdict was still the same. Kaede's health had been deteriorating, Luckily, Natsu had taken her to another world renown doctor who promised to nurse Kaede back to health. Before Natsu could tell his stepfather about their new mother's treachery, he died due to unknown causes. Because the mother had failed to even give treatment to Kaede and falsified documents, she was the prime suspect and was taken away. Niijima had dug in a little deeper and found out the woman was a con artist with no medical training.

Of course, their troubles didn't end there. Natsu had to deal with employees stealing from Taninmoto Conglomerate. His and Kaede's life was constantly threatened. But from what he could tell, the time still followed the same for Natsu. Isshinsai Ogata saved Natsu from a full out coup. From his sources, he saw that Natsu still did the same thing as he did in the past, as his life had been hardened from all the lies. Only time could tell what would happen to him as his sister might soften his nature.

The years passed on as the trio grew older. Miu came and went whenever she had time to. It was only when they were thirteen did the elder finally feel it was safe to leave Miu at Ryozanpaku when he had to leave. All the masters Kenichi had learned from were now present at Ryozanpaku, but Niijima still warned them not to expose themselves so easily. They had just started their middle school, though Miu was still in a different school than them. She desperately wanted to join them for the middle school year, but Niijima used his special ability, Niijima brainwashing, to convince Miu to attend a different school.

"Argg, I wish I didn't listen to Niijima!" cried Miu as she helped Kenichi stretch out a bit.

Kenichi was thankful Miu was here to help out making sure his flexibility was up to par, although he had to admit, he liked the benefits of Miu pushing her developing breasts into his back. Miu was too stressed to notice what she was doing as she helped Kenichi.

"It's only 3 more years," said Kenichi softly, "Then we'll be able to see each other. No more having our dates in secrets."

"I still want to go to that Neko cafe where they serve anmitsu with you sometime," pouted Miu.

"I know you do," smiled Kenichi as he stood up along with Miu. They began to spar once more, this time Miu slowly unleashing her Dou Ki more and more. Kenichi was using Ryuusei Seikuken to fight against her fierce attacks. Niijima was still looking up some information and relaxing when they heard someone knocking on the door at the corridor. They all froze at this sound.

"Niijima, I thought you said nobody knew this place!" hissed Kenichi.

"Nobody should!" hissed Niijima back, "Were you guys followed?"

"Not me," replied Kenichi.

"I don't think I was," said Miu, "Though it's hard to tell as grandfather can be sneaky."

"Maybe if we just-"

Niijima was about to suggest being quite when the door was pried open, and a sound of someone running through quickly. With a woosh sound, in front of them all, was Hayato Furiniji, the elder, looking at them.

"Mind explaining to me what this is all about?" asked the Elder with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes.

'Oh crap,' thought all three.

And the Elder finds out! What will he do? Let's face it, it's very unlikely Miu would be able to hide it from him for very long. Especially with her Dou ki drastically changing from being unable to control it to making good progress.

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