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Jenazad grinned as he saw Kenichi jumping towards him to engage. His eyes began to blur slightly from all the blood loss, but Jenazad used his sixth sense to focus on what Kenichi was doing.

Jenazad's smile grew when he saw Kenichi initiate the opening moves at him. Then his smile began to fade, turning into a frown before his face contorted to rage. All of Kenichi's moves were aimed to disable him, not to kill him, even at the risk of his own life.

'Impossible! He should be aiming to kill me for trying to kill the one he swore to protect!' thought Jenazad, 'All of my brainwashing should still be in effect. How is he not aiming to kill?'

Jenazad had deeply miscalculated how stubborn Kenichi was when it came to taking a life, even under threat of his own or others. Kenichi was, in short, a coward when it came to life, but for a Katsujinken it was perfect.

"If that's the case, I'll kill you myself!" howled Jenazad.

Jenazad raised his arm, thrusting it forward towards Kenichi's core. Despite all of Kenichi's moves, Jenazad's arm moved forward, aiming to take his latest disciple's life.

Suddenly, Jenazad felt his arm being shifted without his permission. Jenazad immediately recognized this feeling, as it was Kushinada's own Jiujitsu. Miu had broken off Jenazad's killing intent, using everything in her power to throw him away. Yet with all her power, she could only shift Jenazad's arm.

However, the delay was enough as Saiga came barreling into Jenazad, wearing a mask that he had 'borrowed' from somewhere.

Jenazad grunted as he managed to push Saiga off, though not knowing who he was, before landing. Knowing his time was short, Jenazad shot forward to attack whoever was closest. He saw someone standing in front of him with long hair and immediately assumed it was Miu. His vision had long since become a blur after that tackle, but his senses were sharp enough to know where someone was and kill them.

Lona tried to jump back in fear when she saw Jenazad aiming for her, only to stumble onto the ground. Her eyes widened in fear when she saw Jenazad raising his arm up, ready to stab her in the heart. She wanted to close her eyes and curl up in fear, but she shook her head.

'No, I will face this head on like my brother did, as the Queen of Tidat!' thought Lona.

Suddenly, said arm was grabbed by someone they didn't expect. Lona had thought Batuan had managed to intervene, only to feel his hands grabbing her away. Her eyes focused to see Spartacus had hurled himself onto the arm without hesitation to protect her. Her heart began to beat quickly at Spartacus growling as he tried to keep Jenazad still, even to go so far as biting his arm.

Jenazad growled as he tried to shake off whoever was on his arm before deciding to choke the brat with his other arm. Before he could do so, he felt two pairs of arms grabbing his other arm. The two arms quickly dislocated his arm, making him unable to use it. He managed to focus enough to see Miu and Kenichi had been the ones to do so. And finally, a large fist came flying in, stopping right in front of him.

"Give up," advised Sakaki, stopping his fist right in front of Jenazad's nose, "You lost, both in your fight and your desire to kidnap and remold Ryozanpaku's disciple. Tenacity for martial arts and martial arts for one's beliefs. Aren't there a lot of things you ended up forgetting after being swallowed up by martial art's madness for so long, Demon God Fist?"

Jenazad wanted to argue that he could easily fight, to change everything. But he found himself losing the desire to do so. He had lost his fight against Hongo, he couldn't change Kenichi despite his best efforts, and now he doubted he could continue anymore. Especially with Saiga Furinji here now. He had no doubt that the man who had tackled him was him for sure, even with that disguised mask. He also noted that Saiga had disappeared as soon as had interfered.

In the end, he accepted he had lost and was going to die.

With a chuckle, Jenazad remained standing, looking up to the sky before dying while standing, even with the weight of three teenagers on him.

Seeing he was dead, Spartacus, Miu, and Kenichi slowly released their grip on Jenazad while all of Jenazad's followers bowed in respect for their fallen leader. Even Lona and her members bowed in respect for what he had done before his descent to madness.

Sakaki watched Hongo descend from the tower, landing next to Sho and the others.

"Master!" the trio called out when Hongo almost stumbled, quickly supporting him.

Hongo looked over to his three disciples, focusing on Sho for a bit before raising his hand. Sho flinched, thinking he was going to be punished when he felt a gentle rub to his head. Looking up, he saw Hongo smile.

"It's good to see you're safe," remarked Hongo with a smile, pushing on his nose out of habit before remembering his sunglasses had been shattered in the fight.

"He helped Kenichi snap out of the Demon God Fist's mind control," added Miu, "And he did it without trying to kill."

"It didn't seem right if he wasn't normal," mumbled Sho in embarrassment, "I want to beat him as he is, not under mind control."

"And for that, I am proud you kept your pride as a martial artist," complimented Hongo.

Before anyone could do anything, they all heard something loud rumbling closer and closer. Suddenly, tanks and well-equipped soldiers came pouring out of the forest. Lona immediately recognized them as the Tidat regular army led by Colonel Gaja.

"Now that Jenazad is dead and King Raden Tidat Jihan is currently not here, we, the Tidat army, will assume control for the safety of the country!" declared Gaja.

"Colonel Gaja! Dismiss your troops! This is an order from Raden Tidat Lona!" ordered Lona, only to be dismissed by Gaja.

"Please rest at ease and leave the country to me," said Gaja, "You're still too young to rule the country, and you don't have the governing ability as your late brother did."

Lona felt insulted but knew it was true. Her brother, despite his attitude, knew how to work through the streams of politics much better.

"Collect the corpse of the Demon God Fist! His body will be the symbol that will organize the people of Tidat!" ordered Gaja.

Immediately, the remnants of Jenazad's forces stood in front of them all, raising their fists and blades to stop them. Despite all his madness, he had their loyalty to the end due to what he did for Tidat.

Gaja clucked his tongue before ordering his soldiers to prepare to fire, and to never let their guard down.

Before the first shots were thrown, Lona stepped right in between the two forces. Then, without hesitation, she raised her kris and dagger up in the air for them all to see before dropping them to the floor.

"What good will more killing between countrymen do?" pleaded Lona loudly for them all to hear, "The evil god that has split the country and made us fight each other is dead. The darkness of Tidat is gone!"

Sadly, her words seem to barely faze them all. Gaja ordered one of his men to shoot at Lona, who looked at her shooter dead in the eye, never hesitating. Before the man could fire, a large body suddenly stood in its way. Looking up, the man saw Spartacus standing in front of Lona protecting her.

While Spartacus had spent almost his whole life chasing after freedom, escaping Fortuna for the chance to live, he found himself standing in front of a gun to protect Lona. He wasn't sure why, but he felt it inside his heart that he couldn't… no, wouldn't let any harm come to her.

Before the soldier could shoot though, his gun was grabbed by Sakaki, tossed up into the air, followed by two bullets from Jennifer, shooting it to pieces.

Gaja didn't seem phased, though, and ordered his men to shoot at the foreigners. Before any fighting or shooting could begin though, a loud voice could be heard that stopped them all.


The voice was so loud that almost everyone had to cover their ears to protect themselves. Not only was the voice loud, it created a shockwave that somehow sent some soldiers flying and even caused a tank to precariously balance on its side for a moment.

As soon as the voice was done, everyone looked up to the source of the voice to see not only the Elder standing there, but also a living Raden Tidat Jihan.

"Everyone, stop fighting! Your king has returned!" announced the Elder with his loud voice.

The citizens of Tidat, both from the regular army and Jenazad's forces, gazed up in awe at their king before cheering at his return. Despite their differences, they all served Jihan loyally.

Jihan flipped down to the ground floor, where Lona quickly dove to her brother's chest in relief.

"You dare still point a gun at me, Gaja?" asked Jihan sharply while comforting his little sister.

Gaja looked at Jihan in shock before realizing his crime before confessing that he merely wanted to protect Tidat. As punishment, he turned his pistol at himself, ready to commit suicide for his actions when Jihan slapped the pistol out of his hands.

"I know how loyal you are. The only real reason you began to slip was because I left the country, so I will forgive you," declared Jihan.

"Looks like everything's alright," breathed Kenichi, letting go of his tightly bound nerves. The moment he did though, everything became blurry.

"Kenichi!?" shouted Miu and the others as Kenichi collapsed on the floor.

Upon Jihan's words, Kenichi and the others were quickly taken to the palace to treat all of their wounds. Jenazad's body was buried in a private place where only Gaja and Jihan would know.

The Elder began to treat all of Kenichi's wounds, including balancing his ravaged Ki network thanks to Jenazad's abuse, using all the secret Tidat medicine he had once learned from Jenazad when he was still sane. Miu kept Kenichi company the whole time, refusing to leave his side.

Hongo was in surgery without anesthesia out of pure stubbornness, much to the doctor's amazement and annoyance. Sho had been ready to make a show that he didn't need any painkillers for his injuries, only to be forcefully knocked out by Hongo before his own surgery. Just because he chose to forgo anesthesia himself, didn't mean he was going to let his disciple do the same.

"So, Spartacus, was it?" asked Jihan as they were all sitting at a dining room with an extravagant meal laid before them all, having just explained his story about how he had survived the avalanche and what he had been doing. He purposely left out any inclusion of the Shinpaku Alliance, as both to keep them hidden and also annoyed that he had been helped by them.

"Yes, your majesty?" replied Spartacus, who had been sitting next to Jennifer and Sakaki, with Lona across from him. He had been talking to Lona for a good few minutes.

"What brings you here?" questioned Jihan out of curiosity.

"The Shinpaku Alliance governor-general passed a message to me about Shirahama's situation. Knowing he played a key part in my freedom, I couldn't stand to do nothing. My brothers and sisters wanted to join, but I ordered them to stay behind. Jennifer, being my current guardian, decided to accompany me as I told her I was going whether or not she approved."

Jennifer huffed in slight annoyance at her inability to control Spartacus. If she couldn't control a brat, who was, granted, about 2-3 years younger than her, then how could she expect to raise her own child when it was time? Jennifer had still not given up on Sakaki just yet.

"I see," nodded Jihan, "In that case, what are your intentions to my sister?"

Lona had just taken a sip of juice when she heard Jihan ask this question, promptly spat her drink out in front of her in an unladylike and unroyalty manner. Spartacus was the unfortunate main target of all liquid, though he took it all without flinching.

"Brother!? Why did you ask that question?" cried out Lona as she frantically tried to wipe her mouth before noticing she had spat all over Spartacus.

"It's a brother and a king's duty if the princess of Tidat has shown more attention to a man than all the marriage suitors scrambling for your attention," replied Jihan solemnly, his face a picture-perfect of seriousness, but within his eyes, mirth and a troll face could be seen.

"I find your sister a very interesting person to talk to," said Spartacus with complete honesty, "Her desire to help her country, at the risk of her own life, is very refreshing. Fortuna would have never done something so noble as that. Her views about a few other subjects were very interesting to listen and discuss. When she chose to stand in between her countrymen and willingly dropped her weapon in front of a warzone, that was inspiring."

"Inspiring enough to take a bullet for my sister?" questioned Jihan.

"I felt like the world needed more people like her," answered Spartacus solemnly, "If she is willing to put her life on the line, then I can do the same for her. It would be a disservice to do anything less."

Lona could only blush while Jihan hummed in amusement. While he was thankful that Spartacus was so willing to stand up for his sister, he was troubled by Lona's possible interest in him. If Lona had a crush on, say Hongo, it wouldn't be something he'd be worried about. Hongo was not only too old, but he knew the man wouldn't show interest in her. Not to mention he was one of those 'chosen' few to become a king. But Spartacus was close to Lona's age, and was actually talking to her. Jihan wouldn't deny that Spartacus had charisma, but in his eyes, Spartacus was one of the commoners, the 99.9% of the world population. Having a princess dating a commoner would be outrageous. Granted, he didn't see commoners other than his own people as trash now, thanks to his adventures in Japan, but it still rankled him.

What also made him curious was that despite Lona blushing and wiggling in her chair, Spartacus showed absolutely no emotion that he believed a commoner would be having when a beautiful princess of his country showed interest in him.

What Jihan had forgotten was Spartacus did not have a normal childhood. Being raised under Fortuna, there was no time for a social life. Everything he studied under Fortuna was all related to war, from academics to fighting for his life. He and his fellow brothers and sisters had barely even been taught the birds and bees, only how there were some differences between a man and woman.

It had been awkward for Jennifer to teach them about that when she discovered they all took a shower together without hesitation or shame. So much so that she hired several sex ed teachers to take over explaining the birds and bees while fleeing to her room.

The result was that they were more aware of the opposite gender's body, but years of training under Fortuna were not so easily resolved.

"So, are you wishing to court Lona?" Jihan decided to ask bluntly, much to Lona's embarrassment.

Spartacus tilted his head in confusion at that question until Jennifer had to help translate what Jiahn meant.

"Ah," blinked Spartacus before turning to Jihan, "I apologize for the delay in your question. To answer, I was not aware I was showing signs of attraction to Lona and vice versa. I'm afraid my time with Fortuna has stunted my ability to read such social cues."

Lona found herself with mixed feelings about that. While she wouldn't deny Spartacus being rather attractive, she also felt a tick of anger that Spartacus didn't read her signs, even if she was doing it subconsciously.

Jihan merely hummed at the response. He was aware of what Fortuna did with his free time, but to have survived through it and become the leading son. Not only that, but he rebelled against him and lived. As a man, it was something admirable. However, it reminded him of a revolutionist and he hated those sorts of people, even if it was for a 'good' cause.

"That being said, I would postulate that I have… an attraction to her?" confessed Spartacus, putting his hand under his chin to think, "I do feel admiration and the sense to protect her just like my brothers and sisters."

"You didn't need to say that out loud," hissed Jennifer, hoping they didn't offend royalty while Sakaki was laughing out loud.

Jihan merely nodded in acknowledgment, pondering on what to do when the Elder came in, telling them all that Kenichi was currently stable. Jihan, even with his position as king, bowed to the Elder, Sakaki, Jennifer, and Spartacus, his subjects quickly following suit.

A few days later, Kenichi and the other members and allies of Ryozanpaku left back for home while Hongo and his disciples went back to Yami. Lona shyly exchanged numbers with Spartacus before he left with Jennifer, making him promise to at least exchange emails and texts.

Lona hummed happily, wandering down the halls of the castle before noticing the lights in Jihan's study was on. Taking a peek inside, she saw Jihan working through some paperwork. Deciding to help him, she had a servant bring some tea that Jihan had become partial to at his time in Japan. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door before walking in.

"Is there anything I can do to help, brother?" asked Lona as she set the tea down for him.

"No, not with this," replied Jihan as he absentmindedly sipped on the tea, "I already finished up with most of the paperwork for the country. I just have a few loose ends to tie up."

Lona looked down at the document Jihan was working on, noticing the Shinpaku Alliance logo, but had no idea what it was.

"Weren't you interested in that Miu girl?" asked Lona, changing the subject, "What happened there. You suddenly seemed interested in keeping your distance from her."

Jihan calmly put his tea down, as if ready to answer, but inside he had choked on his tea and was frantically trying to clear his airway without making a huge scene.

"I was too hasty and blinded by her ability to use Supreme Silat," said Jihan after a few seconds, "After thinking about it some more, I decided it was not meant to be."

While Lona observed her brother, Jihan couldn't help but flashback to when he was on the plane with the Elder.


"Hmm, at least the alien provides suitable transportation," said Jihan as he sat on a private airplane with First-Class amenities.

Jihan could easily have made his own arrangements with the wealth he had back in Tidat as well as the wealth he earned with the family that had taken care of him. However, if the other person was offering transportation with the Invincible Superman himself being his bodyguard, he had no reason to disagree.

'Speaking of which, how does he have enough wealth to afford this?' thought Jihan as he looked around, remembering a giant Shinpaku Alliance logo on the airplane. Before he could question further, he heard the Elder clear his throat.

"So, while we're flying, I have a few things to ask you, if you don't mind," asked the Elder politely.

"Hmph, of course not. I wouldn't want to offend the famous Hayato Furinji," replied Jihan whimsically.

The Elder's first two questions were merely polite ones as if to break the ice, to which Jihan answered without much thought.

"Now, I'm hoping you'll answer this next question seriously," stated the Elder before his eyes began to glow with Ki.

Jihan was not foolish enough to ignore that and immediately sat up straight, wondering what it was about.

"I've heard that you wanted to take my beloved granddaughter, Miu, as your wife despite already dating Ryozanpaku's disciple. Without consent, I might add."

Jihan gulped as cold sweat began to pour out of his body. Scratch that, he really should've made his own private arrangements. He had completely forgotten about that, and now, he was trapped with the Elder at 35,000 feet in the air.

"Umm, I was a rash young boy who thought everything revolved around him and have learned my lesson since then?" gulped Jihan.

As a king he shouldn't grovel. But as a man facing the Elder whose granddaughter he had tried to put his moves on… he was willing to compromise.

"Mmm, it's good that you learned your lesson, but you still need to be punished. Kano Sho willingly took his punishment for his actions, so it's only fair you do the same," declared the Elder, his towering figure slowly towering over Jihan, "That being said, I won't do anything to your face as you do need to look pristine to your subjects. But there is another appropriate punishment. Now then… get over here."

Jihan could only obediently obey. After all, even his master, the Demon God Fist, said he had trouble fighting the Elder and told him that he acknowledged the Elder as his equal.

Flashback ends

"Wow brother, you're so wise," smiled Lohan, looking up and down at her brother's posture before noticing a certain object that her brother was sitting on that didn't belong to Tidat.

"What's this, brother?" asked Lona curiously.

"Oh, just a gift from the family that housed me," said Jihan evasively.

In truth, it was an item he had ordered via express delivery. It was a gel enhanced memory foam cushion for his buttocks. The Elder had given him quite a spanking, and it was very tender at the moment. He had purposefully been standing for the most part back when they were heading to the palace, and before the feast, he had gotten several ice packs to numb his buttocks before sitting for the feast.

Jihan did not want anyone to know the humiliation he suffered then. Luckily it was only the Elder who knew, and he had no plans to ever expose that he had been spanked.

"Kekekeke," laughed Niijima as he received confirmation that Kenichi and Miu had been secured safe and sound. Kenichi was currently undergoing some more treatment but was expected to make a full recovery.

Looking through his PDA, he noticed Jihan had gone through with his deal, and would be supplying the Shinpaku Alliance Tidat's special medicine. With that route secured, he checked over his stocks a bit more. He had earned quite a substantial amount ever since he decided to stop holding back. Not only that, but he was slyly undercutting Yami's funds, slowly but surely dwindling their financial power.

Breathing a sigh of relief that his fellow time-travelers were safe, Niijima began focusing on a new project.

"Urrrgg, my head," groaned Kenichi as he slowly opened his eyes, looking around to see he was back in a familiar location.

"Excellent, you're awake," smiled Akisame as he took Kenichi's pulse, "You certainly had us worried there."

"It's good to be back," breathed Kenichi, stretching his body, trying to feel if there was anything wrong.

"Nothing serious could be found inside your body," explained Akisame as he took a seat, holding a chart up, "Your Ki network has thankfully recovered, your tendons and muscles are healing, and Kensei's serums drove out any remaining drugs that Jenazad used on you. Overall, almost everything is normal."

Kenichi raised his eyebrow at the last part of the statement before grabbing a hand mirror that had been left on a table nearby. Quickly looking at himself, he didn't see anything different on his face until he got to his hair. Messing around with his hair, he saw a small streak of white hair. Luckily, it was covered by the rest of his hair, but evidence of misusing Seidou Goitsu was there.

"That won't remain for long," stated Akisame as he began to clean up, "You'll regain your natural hair color in a year or two. In the meantime, you can dye that strand brown if you're worried about your parents judging you."

"I might just do that," frowned Kenichi, "I'll probably need Miu's help." He didn't want his parents to worry about his choice, especially his father.

"In the meantime, you have visitors," said Akisame as he opened the door to reveal the whole Shinpaku Alliance.

They all shouted Kenichi's name before rushing in, gathering around his bed, breathing sighs of relief that he was fine. It took a good hour before they were finally satisfied that he was back safe and sound.

"So, you discovered a new Ki, one unique to you?" asked the Elder as all the masters of Ryozanpaku sat in the main dojo hall, with Miu sitting next to Kenichi.

"It was kind of a last ditch effort," confessed Kenichi, "Jenazad had me abuse Seidou Goitsu while he trained me, so everything was sort of in a wreck."

"Understandable, but it was very risky to do such experimentation without anyone to help you," lectured the Elder before sighing, "Granted, under the circumstances, you had no choice. Either suffer a complete body shutdown with your Ki network ravaged, or try to subdue those waves. In any case, it's good to see you were successful. From what I felt when you first used it, it's different from my Ga Ki. I'm assuming you decided to follow your own path to create this Ki, so what are you planning to call it?"

Kenichi closed his eyes, letting his new Ki type circulate through his body. A mixture of 80% Sei Ki and 20% Dou Ki flowed through his body while Kenichi slowly breathed in and out, creating a special breathing technique for his body to adapt to it.

Kenichi opened his eyes, glowing with Ki, as he answered, "Zen Ki."

Kenichi was given permission to head back home to spend time with his family for a few days. Akisame warned Kenichi not to do any heavy training nor use his Ki too much, as it was still recuperating. So he decided to use this time to spend some more time with his family, to which Mototsuga was very happy about.

Seeing as Kenichi was staying at home, Honoka invited Kaede to play at her house, who dragged Natsu with her.

"So, you're back safely," whispered Natsu as Kaede sat on his lap, playing the latest Sega Genesis game with Honoka mirroring Kaede on Kenichi's lap.

"Thankfully. I didn't want to worry my parents. It was a miracle that Koetsuji-sensei was able to convince Mom and Dad that I was out on a scholarship trip for the whole time I was missing," whispered Kenichi back.

Though Akisame disliked fabricating stories, he did so out of necessity, writing and pulling up 'official' documents so his parents would be none the wiser.

"Nii-chan, help us pass this level," whined Kaede as she raised her controller to her brother.

"We keep dying to this boss, and we don't know how to beat it," complained Honaka as she raised her controller to Kenichi.

Both Natsu and Kenichi could only smile at their respective little sisters as they grabbed the controllers.

At the dinner table, Mototsuga could only smile at that scene while sipping on some tea Saori had prepared.

Just as the two of them finished off the boss, the phone began to ring. Kenichi volunteered to get it, as he knew who it was likely going to be, while passing the controller back to Honoka.

"Hello," answered Kenichi, waiting for a reply.

"...Hey Ken-chan. I heard you managed to be saved from the hands of the Demon God Fist, along with Miu, right?" said the voice.

"Ryuto-kun," smiled Kenichi.

"Keen ears as always," nodded Ryuto, "Any lingering effects? I heard the Demon God Fist had you abuse Seidou Goitsu."

"Almost no real aftereffects thanks to my teachers," replied Kenichi, "My masters are the best in their field, and the Elder knew how to help me with my Ki, and not to mention there were some top-notch medications to help me that the Elder knew how to use."

"I see," nodded Ryuto, slightly relieved his 'friend' was alright.

"Ryuto, I want to meet up with you. Is there any way we can meet up to have a proper talk?" asked Kenichi.

Ryuto was silent for a good minute before responding, "This evening. Let's meet up at the aquarium your father brought us to last time."

With that, Ryuto hung up as Honoka dragged Kenichi back to his seat.

"You're meeting with Odin?" asked Natsu as Kaede began to jerk around her arms in hopes the sudden arm movements would improve her gaming.

Kenichi merely nodded, supporting Honoka as she began to move violently in her seat too.

Natsu frowned for a bit, raising his hand up to protect Kaede from hitting his chin, "And that top-notch medication. It was from Tidat, wasn't it?"

Natsu had heard rumors about Tidat's medicine surpassing all others, and could only assume it was due to the environment the plants that Tidat harvested was the reason. Yami, of course, had tried to procure a good supply of this through Jenazad and Jihan, but even then, they were stingy about it. They received only a crate of raw materials every few months without instructions on how to use them. None of the Tidat natives were willing to teach their medical staff how to use it either, leaving Yami to slowly experiment on the stuff. When the king of Tidat went missing, the Tidat kingdom cut off supplies to Yami. The fact the Elder knew how to use it made him more dangerous.

"Yeah, and somehow, Niijima told me he managed to secure a supply of Tidat's medicine for the Shinpaku Alliance," nodded Kenichi.

Natsu, who had taken a sip of tea from the platter Saori had left for them, almost spat it out in shock.

'How did that damn alien get such a valuable thing for his group? And knowing the alien, he probably managed to wrangle a better deal than Yami. Does it have to do with the 'timeline' that he and Kenichi mentioned I overheard?' thought Natsu.

One way or another, he was going to force the issue soon.

Since Kenichi had been home for a few days, his father and mother were more than willing to let Kenichi go out to meet an old friend. Besides, they had Kaede accompanying them for dinner. Surprisingly, just as Kenichi left the household, he met Naoki and Chikage right outside his house. Honoka and Kaede had invited the two of them to dinner, with Saori's permission of course. Mototsuga had been agreeable to the fact he would be meeting Naoki with Sebastion in hand, making sure the boy had no ill intent towards his daughters. Yes, he did consider Kaede as his own daughter, and no, he didn't consider Natsu as his son. For Natsu, he was more of a… distant cousin, one he could trust not to do anything bad to Honoka, but not enough to trust as he did with Kenichi.

Kenichi soon arrived at the aquarium, noticing Rimi's presence before she tried to hide it. Chuckling, he decided to nip that problem in the bud.

"Kokorone-san, I'm going to see Ryuto. Do you want to come down and not hide?" shouted Kenichi, causing Rimi to jump in shock.

"Oh no, what should Rimi do?" whispered Rimi to herself, "Rimi only wanted to follow Ryuto-sama to make sure he was safe, even though he said he wanted to be alone. Rimi doesn't want Ryuto-sama to know, otherwise he might get upset with Rimi. He might punish Rimi with spanks and gropes and…"

At this point, Rimi's mind began to trail off to dangerous territory before making up her mind.

"Hai, Rimi is here!" stood up Rimi, "I'll come with you so Ryuto-sama can punish me accordingly!"

Kenichi sweatdropped at her confession but decided not to argue. Mere seconds later, Miu appeared in front of the two. Rimi had to bite her tongue at the sight of Miu. She had been ready to accuse Miu of trying to steal Ryuto out of habit but knew better. Exploits of these two as a couple were already very well-known in Yami.

Still, Rimi glared at Miu. She still remembered her humiliating defeat back at the mountains, where she had been assigned to steal the data Niijima had kept as backup. Miu had not only beat her in speed, but completely read her moves and disabled her before taking her golden shoes as prize. It was very displeasing to explain to Ogata why she had come back without her shoes, even if he did take it well and laughed.

The three of them entered the aquarium, where Miu became distracted by all the sea life swimming about. Discounting the old timeline, this was the first time she had been to an aquarium. Rimi was soon pulled along Miu's pace, where they began to explore some more.

Kenichi could only chuckle before walking a little aways to where Ryuto was waiting. Kenichi was happy to see Ryuto still with purple hair and no damaged scleras, though still confined to a wheelchair.

"Hmm, I had planned to be the only one here," murmured Ryuto as he spied Miu and Rimi walking a little aways.

"Miu wanted to come with me due to that incident, and I noticed Rimi trying to hide her presence here," said Kenichi, "Plus, Miu always wanted to go to an aquarium."

"Atlantae did hear my conversation earlier," sighed Ryuto, "I suppose she was too curious and wanted to come."

The two of them looked out to the water tank, the blue light refracting off the glass covering them a bit.

"You said almost no after-effects. What happened?" asked Ryuto, referring to when Kenichi was forced to abuse Seidou Goitsu against his own will.

Kenichi sighed as he pulled his hair back a bit, pulling a lock of hair out for Ryuto to see. Ryuto's eyes narrowed as he observed the lock of hair. Overall, it seemed no different from the rest of his hair. Before Ryuto could comment anything about it, the light shined over the hair, giving it a different shimmer than the rest of his hair.

"Hair dye?" questioned Ryuuto as he traced the hair to its roots to see it was white.

Kenichi nodded as he let the lock of hair fall down, the rest of his hair naturally covering it up, "I didn't want to let my parents worry, so I had Miu dye it. Freya and Kisara were helpful in choosing the hair dye."

"I see," hummed Ryuto, "I supposed if you hadn't helped balance my Ki network when we were fighting, all of my hair would've turned white."

"Are you able to walk?" asked Kenichi curiously, looking down to Ryuto's legs. Ryuto had been controlling the Ki that wrecked his body enough to walk, but this time Kenichi had helped guide it better.

Ryuto looked around, straining his senses to see if anybody was spying on them before glancing at Kenichi. Kenichi shook his head, confirming that he couldn't sense anybody either.

"Yes," replied Ryuto, "Though it's easier with crutches, I can walk."

Ryuto raised his legs a bit, lifting the blanket off his legs to reveal some weights attached to his ankle, showcasing he had been training in secret.

The two of them decided to observe the girls walking all around the aquarium, following them from a fair distance.

"So how is Berserker doing?" asked Kenichi, breaking the silence.

"How do you know he's in Yomi?" asked Ryuto suspiciously.

"Niijima had him monitored after our fight. He suddenly disappeared one day, and through his network, he found him training with you," said Kenichi with a half-lie. Niijima did track Berserker down to Yomi, but whom he trained hadn't been found. It was only thanks to their knowledge of the future that they knew.

"So the alien freak managed to somehow hack his way into Yami," frowned Ryuto, "He better be careful. I know that he's not a fighter… unless that's changed?"

"He's not," denied Kenichi, "He can run away really fast though. It's also how Miu and I knew that Kokorone had followed you. Apparently, she has a blog and she posted how 'R-sama' was going to have a secret meeting at the aquarium tonight. Niijima forwarded me the information, and it wasn't hard to put it together."

Ryuto stared at Kenichi in disbelief for a good second before deciding that he needed to confirm that information for himself. Who knows how many leaks there had been, and if Rimi was responsible for it, she would be in trouble.

"Your parents are still doing well? Is Uncle still hunting?" asked Ryuto, changing the subject.

"Yea, dad's considering a fourth rifle for some reason, but other than that, nothing's changed much. Natsu and his little sister visit every now and then because of Honoka," acknowledged Kenichi, "Speaking of parents, what about yours? There's no way they would've let you go to Yomi without their approval. And the same with Berserker."

Ryuto looked away for a bit, coughing into his hand while Kenichi's gaze was on him until he cracked.

"They don't know about this at all. They've been overseas for about a year and a half, and I was supposed to 'live' with my grandma. She's a bit crazy, and her eyesight is horrible. So I had someone hired to pose as me while living with her. She doesn't have any form of electronic communication, so everything gets forwarded to me. From there, I've been telling them that everything's fine."

"What did you plan to do if your hair did turn white and they came back?" asked Kenichi.

"... Say it was a fashion statement?" replied Ryuto weakly, "Berserker's a trust fund kid, so his parents don't care too much as long as he gets good grades. He does actually attend a private school online and gets good grades."

The two made some small chat some more while enjoying watching the girls pointing out at some more fishes.

Later that evening

Ryuto, in a rare moment alone, opened up a computer and typed in the web address Kenichi had mentioned. There, in front of his eyes, was Rimi's blog detailing her personal life, including how she was so much in love with R-sama, which was him.

While Ryuto could only take off his glasses to rub his nose to stave off a headache, he did notice that the blog attracted a lot of people. Why though, he couldn't understand. He had heard of internet idols but didn't think they attracted this much attention.

"Atlantae," sighed Ryuto, wheeling his wheelchair towards her room, "We need to talk.

"MMMMFFF!" was a reply, leading Ryuto to wonder what was going on. He politely knocked on the door, which was unlocked, before going in. There, he found Rimi dressed up in a tight leather latex bondage suit with a gag on her mouth as well as being blindfolded. It didn't help that it really pushed up her chest to make it seem bigger.

Ryuto took a good minute to process this before sighing, "Atlantae, take off the gag so we can talk appropriately. And why are you wearing that?"

Rimi obeyed as her hands hadn't been fully locked in yet. She had been hoping for Ryuto to do that part.

"Rimi has been a bad girl," confessed Rimi as she took off the gag, "So Rimi was hoping Ryuto-sama would punish her, and wanted to dress up for the part!"

Ryuto took it in everything before deciding to just wheel himself back to his room. He didn't want to deal with this at the moment.

At a hidden Yami base

"Among us, the One Shadow Nine Fist, there is a certain non-aggression pact," began the disguised Senzui, "But in this incident, the Demon God Fist was the first to make the move. And he did so before I was informed. Do you agree with the evidence laid before us that the God Hand is innocent of breaking the pact?"

All attending members of the One Shadow Nine Fist didn't really care, but agreed to that fact.

"Very well, then we are all in agreement. God Hand has done no wrong and followed the proper procedures." declared Senzui, dismissing any charges on Hongo as well as the meeting. He had a meeting with logistics and finance anyways. Apparently, their funds were being undercut slowly without having any idea who was responsible for it. Though he did notice something about Kushinada, he couldn't exactly tell. Her face was neutral as always, but his gut feeling told him otherwise. The masters that had been sent to her place came back reporting they had no idea what had happened. Although suspicious, it wasn't enough to question her.

Hongo merely marched back to where his disciples were, though his mind couldn't help but ponder. The man that had tackled Jenazad, despite wearing a mask, was obviously someone connected to Ryozanpaku. For a moment, he thought it was Saiga Furinji. But if that was so, then who was the one sitting on the chair right now? Deciding to shelve those thoughts away, he focused on making sure Sho was recovering

Kushinada, after her little talk with Ogata, came to a stop in her room. Looking around to make sure that nobody was spying on her, she pulled out a photo. Inside the newly-printed photo was Miu and Kushinada, wearing the same style of clothing.

Her mind still thought back to when Miu had called her 'grandmother' and shivered in delight. Not to mention her little 'romp' with the Elder certainly brought back some feelings as a woman. Taking a moment to let her mind wander, she placed the photo back into a hidden compartment. She then looked for Chikage before remembering her arrangements for tonight.

'That's right, Chikage should be having dinner with some people her own age. She mentioned how two of them were savants at Mah Jong and Othello and the reason why she's been reading about those two games so much,' thought Kushinada, who had finally wheedled out an answer from Chikage. Perhaps she could take some time off to play against them, to show them a true master at work.

"So…. a double date," blinked Takeda as he sat on a bench waiting for the other couple.

"The plan was to make Ukita and Kisara feel more comfortable with each other to stop skirting around each other, so we're there to help support that," replied Freya, sitting next to him.

Interestingly enough, the two couldn't look at each other's eyes.

They would keep glancing at each other, but that was all they could do. Things had taken an interesting turn for them lately. While they were comfortable with each other, when Ukita had mentioned a double date, they became hyper-aware of each other.

Takeda could freely admit that Freya was indeed a very beautiful woman, but to date her… it made him nervous. He had noticed that the two of them had been spending some more time together, whether it be sparring or just hanging out, but hadn't really thought about it.

Freya looked at her fingers, wondering what to do. Though she had been originally attracted to Ukita, it was obvious that Ukita liked Kisara, and Kisara staked her claim on him. So she quite easily left it at that. In return, she found herself hanging out with Takeda more, who had the free time as he was currently a ronin. She especially felt for him when he told her his story about his seemingly best friend betraying him.

'Not to mention he willingly faced off a master to help rescue me,' thought Freya.

"Umm, Freya?" asked Takeda, causing Freya to jump a little, "Weird question for you."

"Yes?" asked Freya.

"Do you consider this… an actual date?" asked Takeda cautiously.

Freya was silent for a good few seconds before replying, "Do you want it to be?"

Before any answers could be given, Kisara and Ukita showed up, forcing them to abandon that line of questioning for a while.

In the background, two certain masters were cackling once more as they spied on the couple

"Oh, it's good to see my granddaughter interested in another boy," cackled Daiki.

"Hmph, no wonder my disciple asked for a break in training," grinned Shiba, "Taking some time to woo her some more. Looks like our little plan worked."

The two of them spied on them as the four went to go bowling and karaoke, with the disciples never noticing them at all.

"So, you have a title match soon, don't you Takeda?" asked Ukita as he scrolled down the playlist of songs.

"Almost. I'm currently in the Class A tournament, but we're almost to the finals. Just need to beat the last one, then I'll be ranked one in the JBC in time for the Champion Carnival," replied Takeda.

"Does that mean you'll be fighting the current lightweight champion?" asked Freya with curiosity tingling her tone.

"If he defends his title," nodded Takeda.

Freya's mouth began to form a smirk before leaning over the table, putting her head on her hands as her elbows rested on the table.

"Does that mean you'll fulfill that promise you made to me about that belt?" asked Freya.

Takeda felt his lips curl to a smirk, "Only if you want me to."

Kisara and Ukita both blinked as they looked at Takeda and Freya back and forth, wondering if the two knew they seemed to be flirting with each other.

Few days later

"Kano-san, you're back!" smiled Izumi as Sho popped into the club room, quickly putting the watering can down to meet with Sho, only to pause, "And you're hurt!"

"Nothing much to it. Just took a nasty fall," coughed Sho as he scratched the back of his head, "I'm almost completely healed up. This is just a precaution my guardian thought was needed."

While Kano always preferred to wear his uniform shirt open, bandages could be seen wrapping around his torso.

"What sort of fall caused that?" asked Izumi innocently, getting a closer look at the bandages.

"A very harsh one," lied Sho, "But enough about that. Anything interesting happened to you?"

"Mmmm, nothing much," said Izumi, but something in her tone made him doubt her sentence.

As Sho walked out of the clubroom, he went directly to where the kendo club met up, singling out Makoto.

"What do you want?" asked Makoto, surprised at Sho suddenly appearing in front of her.

"To talk," grunted Sho as he quickly pulled her aside, "What's going on with Izumi? I could tell she's hiding something."

Makoto was silent for a few seconds before sighing, pulling out her phone from inside her chest.

"While you were gone, someone's been sending some weird letters," answered Makoto, flipping it open and scrolling through some photos, "And not only that, but it looks like someone's been through her locker."

Makoto flipped her phone over to Sho to reveal Izumi's locker open while contents all rifled through.

As Sho took in the scene, Makoto continued, "Izumi's a petite girl, but even so, her bra has gone missing a couple of times. She's able to cover it up with some chest bindings, but even then, the disgusting pervert must like her body type."

As Sho passed Makoto's phone back to her, Makoto could only sigh, "This was a pretty recent development, too. Izumi doesn't know how to react, and she's too nice to do anything about it. The only thing I can do is make sure that pervert doesn't attack her on her way home."

Sho could only nod as he walked away a fair distance. Once he knew he was isolated, his hand quickly struck out on a tree with an open hand strike, hitting the trunk with such force that the leaves began to fall.

Without hesitation, his hand gripped the trunk with such force that a good chunk of it broke off.

"Who's the asshole? Is he looking for death!?" growled Sho in anger that he didn't know he could even summon.

Quickly taking a few deep breaths, Sho's mind began to calm down as he formulated a plan. He had sent a copy of the photo to his own phone so he could begin his investigation. But with this, he would need help. He needed someone that had been in the school for the days he was out, had sharp vision, and whose locker was located near Izumi's own locker.

His mind began to narrow down the candidates until he was left with just one that could help him out. Though he despised the thought of asking that certain person for help, he was willing to ask.

Marching right towards the archery club, he found Elfreda just finishing up, ready to meet up with Hayase.

"I need to talk to you right now," said Sho, pulling a surprised Elfreda.

"Whoa whoa, what does the Unarmed Division of Yomi need me for?" asked Elfreda as she jerked her hand out of Sho's grip.

"I need your help tracking down a certain idiot," said Sho, showing a photo of Izumi's locker, "If I remember correctly, your own locker is close to this one, if not next to it. Not sure if the idiot was looking for your locker instead of Izumi's, but I'd rather make sure he doesn't try this shit again."

Elfreda took a look at the photo, her mind quickly running through the location. She remembered a rather petite girl with glasses that would change next to her.

While Elfreda didn't really care about anyone going through her locker as she preferred to go all-natural, she rather nobody touched her stuff. But it didn't mean she had to help Sho.

"What do I get out of this?" questioned Elfreda as she circled around Sho, "What possible reward could you offer me?"

"Information about Ryozanpaku's Strongest Disciple. Where he learned his talent in archery and when," replied Sho.

Elfreda's eyes narrowed at that information, letting it toss around in her head for a bit.

"Deal. I'll find out who's breaking into Izumi's locker, see if they're doing it on purpose or not, and tell you later," agreed Elfreda.

With that, the unarmed sect of Yomi and the armed sect of Yomi were working together… to take out a pervert.

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