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Somewhere deep in space Princess Dei, the sister to the Tyranno Leader Genghis Rex, sat in her spaceship heading back to Earth. The trip from Reptlion and Earth was halfway done but there was still a few hours before she arrived. But the Princess didn't mind, unlike her brother she actually HAD patience. As she waited Dei reached into her pocket and produced a Black Queen Chess piece. She had had that piece for an entire year now she had gotten it off the first true love of her life…the 'Brilliant Ankylo.' Dei sighed to herself as she closed her clawed hand around the chess piece remembering how she came to claim it for herself.

****** Flashback ******

In his base of operations, which was a perfectly constructed replica of the Tyrannos Tar-Pits II base, Ankylo was teaching Dei how to play chess. As he had already planned out his traps to ensnare the Dinosaucers, he had nothing to do but wait till his fellow Tryannos reported back to him on his enemies' activities.

"You know before I got my new intelligence," Ankylo said to Dei as looked over the chess board contemplating his next move. "Games of skill and chance where quite BEYOND me. But look at me now," he said with a chuckle. "In an amazingly short time I've managed to master these games to perfection, its why MY plans will work where Rex's plans FAIL. Your brother my dear lacks two things needed in his plans against the Dinosacuers patience and planning. His BIGGEST problem is that he just ACTS blindly, he never plans and NEVER strategizes." As he finished speaking Ankylo made his choice and moved his next piece putting Dei into check.

"Yeah, it's true you know," Dei said as she looked over the board thinking of a way to get herself out of check. "From what you've taught me my brother is to dumb for his own good," after a moment of deep thought Dei made her choice and moved her Black Queen to counter Ankylo's move.

****** Flashback Ends ******

Snapping out of her thoughts Dei put her chess piece away, there was no point dwelling on the past. It was time to think of the future, which was the whole point in WHY Ankyo had taught her how to play chess in the first place. In the off chance Ankylo SHOULD lose against the Dinosaucers which he sadly had, INCLUDING his intelligence, the Tyranno had prepared a future plan for his 'comeback' as it were.

With this in mind Dei activated her monitor revealing all the help she'd need to get her beloved back. The person on the monitor wasn't a fellow Tyranno or an enemy Dinosaucer, he wasn't even a reptile. He was actually an evolved Smilodon, a Sabre-Toothed Cat/Tiger that had lived during Earth's Ice Age 1.806 Million Years Ago. This was Captain Sabretooth, a commander in charge of a group of Sabre-tooth Space Pirates. The Sabretooths, despite being pirates, had advanced weapons which rivalled those of the inhabitants of Reptilon. This was because the Sabretooths had claimed at one point in their history they had been the original inhabitants of Reptilon and were driven off their home by the Dinosaucers and Tyrannos. This had forced the Sabretooths to become Space Pirates and ever since then they had been trying to retake Reptilon without success.

Captain Sabretooth was a tall and imposing figure. He had green feline eyes, black nose with matching whiskers and light brown fur. He was dressed like an old fashioned swashbuckling pirate but with a more...'space age' look to him. He wore black pirate boots, a black spandex with a brown belt complete with a white Sabretooth skull buckle. On the left side of the Captain's belt was a large and powerful looking sword with a four-clawed paw on the end. He also wore an orange spandex top with no sleeves, a large black shoulder armour with spikes sticking out of them and brown pirate gloves with metal studs sown onto the knuckles. Completing Sabretooth's outfit was a yellow head band tied around his head and a yellow cape draped around his shoulders.

Standing next to Captain Sabretooth was a shorter and stouter Smilodon, who was his first mate known as Smilin' Don. Like his Captain, Don had feline eyes however one of them was covered in an eye patch and the other was black. His nose and whiskers were black too however unlike Sabretooth, Don's fur was a dark brown colour. Like his fellow Pirates, Don was dressed up in an outfit for pirating in space however it wasn't as impressive as his Captain's. Don was wearing brown pirate boots with black pants held up with a brown belt complete with a white Sabretooth skull buckle. He also wore a light green button up shirt with a red medal on his right pocket, covering this shirt was a large black coat which had white sleeves and white edges around the base. Completing Don's outfit was a black pirate hat with a picture of some crossbones in the middle.

Although loyal to Captain Sabretooth, Smilin' Don was a bit of a clumsy First Mate who received a lot of clouts on the head or pulled whiskers from his leader. This tended to happen mostly when things didn't go in Sabretooth's favour or when he was frustrated on how things were turning out. However, DESPITE all this Smilin' Don was loyal to his Captain and prepared to back him up always to the best of his abilities.

"Well if it isn't the sister of Genghis Rex himself 'Princess' Dei," Sabretooth growled menacingly, "What do you want Tyranno?"

"Believe it or not Captain Sabretooth," Dei said with a sly grin. "I need you and your crew's help to perform a kidnapping."

At this statement both Sabretooth and Don burst into hysterical laughter, it took them several minutes to stop and compose themselves. "You want US...to help YOU...a Tryanno. One of the enemies of our people who drove us from our own planet, to assist you in a kidnapping?" Don spoke up with a final chuckle. "Are you nuts?"

"In the first place," Dei said calmly. "You Pirates were NEVER the true inhabitants of Reptilon, you just tried to plunder it for your own greedy causes. In the second place," she went on. "I'm not mad, I AM asking for your help in this matter."

"Why should we bother to help you at all?" Sabretooth sneered. "You have NOTHING that can possibly interest us."

"Oh but I DO," Dei said confidently. "I have the one thing that you Smilodon Pirates would KILL for."

"Don't listen to her Captain," Don said warningly to his leader. "She's trying to trick us into helping her!"

"No I'm not," Dei said getting out a small box from her pocket. "Let me show you." Opening the box, the Tyranno Princess removed a small shapeless piece of iron. "You see this?" she asked holding it out so the two Space Pirates could see it.

"What is it?" Don asked curiously.

"It's a useless piece of metal stupid!" Sabretooth snapped to his first mate pulling his whiskers in irritation at his stupidity. "A worthless piece of iron!"

"That's exactly right," Dei nodded in confirmation. "A piece of ordinary metal of very LITTLE value weighing about five or six pounds shall we say?"

"Yeah so what about it?" Sabretooth said dismissively.

"For CENTRIES now on Earth," Dei said putting the metal back in the box. "Humans have searched for the GREATEST secret of them all. Some of them say it WAS known to their ancient alchemists, some say the secret never existed at all. But still the stories, the rumours and the search goes on."

"WHAT secret?!" Sabretooth yelled his patience reaching its end.

"The Transmutation of metal into GOLD!" Dei said dramatically. "Changing metal into Gold...now surely THAT must be of interest to you Smilodon Pirates. After all it's what you live for isn't it? The pursuit of gold."

"You mean to say..." Don said slowly. "That you KNOW how to turn metal into gold...and you'll TELL us the secret if we help you?

"I myself don't know the secret," Dei said admittedly. "However, the person I want you to kidnap DOES. If you do this for me I can persuade him to give you the secret as my way of thanking you for your services."

"You've got to be kidding if you think my Captain will help you Tyranno!" Don exclaimed in disbelief at Dei's offer.

"We'll do it!" Sabretooth said much to the surprise of Don.

"We are?!"

"Don't you see Don?" Sabretooth hissed excitedly to his fist mate. "Metal into GOLD! To possess such a secret will mean, power and influence beyond ALL imagination! Nothing could stop us...NOTHING and NOBODY!"

"That's right..." Don said in slow realisation his single eye starting to shine. "We'd be RICH! MORE than rich! We'd be set up for life!" He turned back to Dei. "You got yourself a deal!"

"I knew you'd see reason in the end," Dei smiled in satisfaction. "Now to business," she went on getting serious. "Sabretooth I need you and Smilin Don to get some of your fellow pirates to meet me in one hour outside the Tar Pits II base on Earth.

"Why there?" Sabretooth asked in puzzlement.

"All your questions will be answered when you get there," Dei said reassuringly to him. "I've sent you the co-ordinates to find me. Just TRY and be discreet when you land, don't let my brother's scanners pick you up!"


An hour later on Earth a short safe distance outside the Tar-Pits II base, Princess Dei watched the Sabretooth's spaceship land. Like all the Tyranno and Dinosaucer spaceship's the Sabretooths spaceship was in the shape of a giant Sabre-tooth Tiger. The ramp opened up and Captain Sabretooth strode down it.

"Welcome to Earth Captain," Dei greeted the Space Pirate Leader. "Did you bring your crew with you?"

"Of course I did," Sabretooth said confidently turning around to his open ship. "Don!" He yelled commandingly. "Get yourself and the rest of those sorry excuses for Pirates out here at the double!"

"Aye, aye Captain!" Smilin' Don said rushing out of the ship and stumbling down the ramp. As he got halfway down Don tripped himself up and fell down the rest of the way. Behind the clumsy first mate several Sabretooth Pirates followed him down the ramp and stood in line. Like their Captain and First Mate they were all dressed like traditional pirates but with a 'space age' look to their clothes.

"We're all here and ready to do some looting and pillaging Captain!" Smilin' Don said getting to his feet and standing to attention.

"Good!" Dei said in satisfaction. "Now to the business at hand Captain Sabretooth, as I told you before I need you and your fellow pirates to perform a kidnapping from the Tar Pits Base." The Tyranno Princess handed Sabretooth a large cylinder with a hose attached to the end. "That cylinder is full of sleeping gas which you'll pump into the ventilation system of the Tar Pits knocking out all the Tryannos within without hurting them."

"Got it," Sabretooth said handing the Cylinder over to Don. "We'll have to use gas masks so we don't get knocked out ourselves."

"Also taken care of," Dei said handing over a large storage box filled with gas masks as well as a map of the Tar Pits Base. "You can use this map to find your way in and out of the Tar Pits before the gas wears off and you don't get lost in there."

"You're making real sure we don't mess up in this kidnapping for you," Don said as Sabretooth took the masks and map.

"You'd better not," Dei said sternly to him. "If you do, you don't get your reward!"

"We won't fail," Sabretooth said confidently to the Tyranno Princess. "We go in, grab your brother Genghis Rex and bring him to you so you can run all Tyranno operations here on Earth."

To the Sabretooth's astonishment Dei burst out into hysterical laughter. "You think I want you fools to kidnap my idiotic BROTHER?" she laughed to them. "I don't want him at all, I want you to grab his assistant Ankylo!"

"Why Ankylo?" Smilin' Don asked in puzzlement.

"Never mind the WHY," Dei said calming down at last. "Just do your job CORRECTLY and you'll get your reward. Clear?"

"Crystal clear!" Sabretooth said with a salute before turning to his crew. "Alright lads the sooner we get this done the sooner we get RICH!"

"Aye, aye sir!" Don and his fellow pirates chanted together obediently.


Inside the Tar-Pits base Genghis Rex, the leader of the Tyrannos, was having a meeting with his followers discussing their next move against their enemies the Dinosaucers. "If we are to defeat Allo we need to keep a twenty-four-hour watch, on not only HIM but ALL the Dinosaucers AND the Secret Scouts!"

"Oh absolutely Bossasaur," Ankylo snorted loyally to his leader.

"If our enemies are up to something I want to KNOW so we can be ready for ANYTHING they want to throw at us!"

"You can rest assured that we WILL your Scaliness," Terrible Dactyl spoke up, thinking they'd all be ready a lot sooner if Rex would LET them get on with their tasks. It was then he noticed a thin wisp of what looked like smoke coming in through the nearby wall ventilator. "Hey what's that...?" he began to say, then his eyes glazed and he fell across the meeting table.

Genghis Rex stared at him in utter furious disbelief, not having noticed the gas wafting out of the ventilator yet. Sleeping during a meeting was unacceptable in itself, but to actually drop off under HIS eye was INSUFFREABLE!

"Terrible Dactyl!" the Tyranno Leader yelled smacking his fist on the table. "How dare you go to sleep like this during an important meeting! Do you see anyone else here..." his voice trailed off. Ankylo was also lying unconscious across the meeting room table. In fact, ALL the Tyrannos were asleep-and it was now that Rex noticed the thin smoke like mist seeping through the ventilator and spreading through the meeting room. Rex rushed to the door coughing and spluttering as he did so and flung it open. Only to be enveloped by a thicker cloud of the same gas which had been filling up the entire Tar Pits Base, Rex's eyes glazed over and he slid to the floor fast asleep.

For a few minutes the meeting room was silent, except for the sound of the Tyrannos heavy breathing, the occasional snore and Ankylo's snort. Then the gas-masked figures of Captain Sabretooth, Smilin' Don and their crew appeared in the doorway carefully stepping over the unconscious Genghis Rex as they entered.

"The gas worked Captain," Don said happily. "They're out like lights!"

"I can see that you fool!" Sabretooth snapped irritably to his first mate clouding him on the head with his fist. "Now let's grab Ankylo and leave before the gas wears off and all the Tyrannos wake up."

At a gesture from Sabretooth two of his crew moved over to the sleeping Ankylo and carefully picked him up between them, then carefully carried him out of the meeting room.

"I still don't know why Princess Dei wants Ankylo instead of her brother," Don said to his Captain as he watched his fellow pirates at work.

"Me neither, but who cares? We get Ankylo to Dei and she gives US the secret which will set us up for life! Then when we have our reward..." Sabretooth said rubbing his hands together with glee. "We shall take Dei hostage and the Tyrannos will HAVE to do what we want if they ever expect to get her back! Now let's get moving!" With that Sabretooth and Don left the meeting room leaving the Tyrannos fast asleep where they had fallen.


"Well?" Dei said impatiently as she swung her chair around to face the Sabretooth Pirates as they entered her ship.

"Relax," Sabretooth said confidently to the Tyranno Princess. "We got your precious Ankylo." He snapped his fingers signalling for Smilin' Don and the rest of his crew to bring forward the unconscious Ankylo they were carrying.

"Excellent!" Dei smiled in grim satisfaction. "You did well Captain."

"What about our reward?"

"You'll get it," Dei said reassuringly to Sabretooth. "But Ankylo is the only one who can give it to you, in order to do THAT I have to restore his intelligence."

"How do we do that?" Don asked curiously.

"Take Ankylo to the medical unit of my ship then follow me to the Sonoran Desert.

"The what?" Don said in puzzlement.

"The Sonoran Desert is a North American Desert here on Earth" Dei explained to him. It covers large parts of the south-western United States in Arizona and California. It also extends into north-western Mexico in Sonora, Baja California, and Baja California Sur."

"How do you know all that?" Sabretooth said in amazement.

"I actually pay ATTENTION to the planets I visit," Dei snapped to him. "Unlike YOU pirate louts! Now let's move out there is much to do."

Obediently the Sabretooth Pirates deposited Ankylo then quickly went back to their ship and followed her to the Sonoran Desert and their reward.


And that's the first part of the story done dear readers! Just HOW does Princess Dei intend to restore Ankylo's lost intelligence? WILL she actually give Captain Sabretooth, Smilin' Don and the rest of their crew the secret of turning metal into gold? CAN they be trusted?

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