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"I can't believe that we let ourselves be tricked into having Ichy kidnapped like that," Teryx fumed angrily to her friends when they were all back at the Lava-Dome.

"Hey," Sara said gently putting a hand on her friends arm. "Don't kick yourself over something you or any of us couldn't have known what was going to happen."

"Sara is right Teryx," Allo said in agreement. "We all thought the Sabretooth Pirates were just attempting to do a bit of looting like they did in the past. Even I didn't think it was anything to deceive us...until after it was too late."

"Well that's just it," Paul spoke up. "Just WHO set that plan up? It sure wasn't the Sabretooth's they're not exactly the brightest bunch to plan out such an operation."

"Well it sure wasn't the Tyrannos," Dimetro said with certainty. "The Sabretooth's are THEIR enemies as well as ours."

"Then it was someone ELSE who must have hired the Sabretooth Pirates," Paul said thoughtfully. "Someone who must have had a LOT of gold and stuff that they crave to make them WANT to work with them."

"So where do we start looking?" asked Bonehead.

Before anyone could answer him Bronto Thunder's voice came over the Lava-Dome's P.A system. "Allo could you come to the control room please? There's something you have to see."

Puzzled at the message Allo and his friends headed to the control room where they found Bronto Thunder and the other Dinosaucers waiting for them.

"What is it Bronto Thunder?" Allo asked as he walked up to the main console.

"We got this encrypted message sent to us a few minutes ago," Bronto Thunder said turning on the main screen. "Check this out."

Looking up the Dinosaucers and Secret Scouts saw the following message flash across the screen. 'WE HAVE ICHY,' the message read. 'HE WILL REMAIN SAFE AND WILL BE RETURNED TO YOU UNHARMED, SO LONG AS YOU LEAVE THE SABRETOOH PIRATES AND THE TYRANNOS ALONE.'


Back in his quarters at the Tar-Pits, Genghis Rex was meeting with Ankylo to discuss his recent plan. "Well Ankylo," he said to him. "It appears that your plan did indeed work."

"Of course it did," Ankylo said to him smugly. "After all it WAS a plan of genius."

"But WHY didn't you DESTROY the Dinosaucers when you had the chance? Why this elaborate scheme to JUST kidnap Ichy?"

"Everything will be made clear in due time your Scaliness," Ankylo told his leader reassuringly. "I need Ichy ALIVE to conduct an experiment and then return him to his fellow Dinosaucers."

"Return him?" Rex said in puzzlement. "What for? Are you planning a prisoner exchange? Ichy's life for Allo's? On a condition that the Dinosaucers leave Earth to us?"

"No," Ankylo said mysteriously. "Nothing like that. All I ask is that you TRUST me on this and everything will be made clear to you in due time."

"It better Ankylo," Rex grumbled. "Because I'm expecting BIG results from you to defeat the Dinosaucers."

"Believe me when I tell you that you'll GET them," Ankylo said heading for the door. "Now if you will excuse me I'll go attend to our prisoner."

Leaving Rex's quarters Ankylo made his way to the Tar-Pits main laboratory where he found Dei, Terrible Dactyl, Brachio, and Quackpot waiting for him. Also with them was Captain Sabretooth and Smilin' Don who were just finishing strapping Ichy to a lab bench.

"Ah good," Ankylo said in satisfaction as he joint them. "I see we're all ready."

"What are you going to do with me?" Ichy asked his captors fearlessly.

"You are going to take part in an experiment," Ankylo smiled as he saw Dei come forward. The Tyranno Princess was carrying a headset. Ichy saw that the device was connected with a cable that ran from the helmet to a portable console with a large Diamond wired into the centre.

"Hey," Don spoke up. "Isn't that the device which...?" He broke off with a grunt as Sabretooh nudged him to keep him quiet.

"What is that device for?" Ichy demanded to know.

"You'll find out soon enough," Dei said attaching the helmet to Ichy's head.

"Meaning you're not going to tell me," Ichy said as Dei finished her work.

"Indeed," Ankylo said going up to the console. "In no way will this experiment harm you Ichy," the Tyranno said as he prepared to switch on the machine. "In fact," he went on as he activated his device. "You will be quite invigorated!"

Ichy gave a convulsive jerk and passed out as a sudden jolt of energy from the helmet surged through this head.

"I don't get it Ankylo," Brachio said in puzzlement as they all waited for the machine to do its work. "Why are you increasing Ichy's intelligence? He's a smart enough Dino already."

"That he is," Ankylo nodded in confirmation. "However he is not smart ENOUGH for my purpose which is why I'm boosting his mind to MY level."

"WHAT?!" All the Tyrannos and Sabretooth's cried out together with the exception of Dei.

"Are you insane?" Terrible Dactyl exclaimed. "Why are you doing this?! Genghis Rex will go ballistic if he finds out what you're up to!"

"Just relax," Dei said calmly to her panicked friends. "There IS method to Ankylo's madness."

"I sure hope so!" Quackpot said nervously.

"Well let me explain the WHY behind my actions," Ankylo said taking up a lecturers tone. "It is indeed true that my mind is now advanced enough to easily defeat the Dinosaucers, heck I can bring destruction around on them at any time I choose. HOWEVER as you all know if things are ALWAYS so easy there is no challenge in ANYTHING you do, life becomes dull and boring.

So in order to avoid this problem I am CREATING a challenge for myself, I NEED a challenge for myself. The challenge will come with Ichy on MY level of intelligence, with him as smart as me. The threat of an equally intelligent enemy will force me to think even SMARTER, for this war against the Dinosaucers is like a chess game you know. I NEED a perfect rival, to counter all of the weapons and plans I intend for us and the Dinosaucers."

"I hope you're right about this Ankylo," Brachio said nervously as he watched the machine working away at the unconscious Ichy. "Because Rex is going to be REAL angry if he ever finds out about this."

"He won't be angry," Dei reassured him. "For we will keep SILENT about this what my brother doesn't know WON'T hurt him."

"Indeed," Ankylo said in agreement. "Now then," he went on. "Once the machine has done its job Captain Sabretooth, I want you and Smilin' Don to take Ichy BACK to his friends. With his mind up to MY level he'll understand the how and why behind all this."

"But he'll tell his fellow Dinosaucers," Don protested.

"Exactly," Ankylo nodded. "Once he has told them everything about me, we can begin planning as no doubt THEY will with Ichy's help."


"Oh it's been HOURS," Teryx grumbled to herself as she paced up and down her quarters in the Lava-Dome. "What are they DOING with Ichy?"

"Just take it easy Teryx," Sara said gently as she sat on her friends bed. "You're wearing out the floor with your pacing. The message said they'd return Ichy didn't they?"

"So long as we leave the Tyrannos and the Sabretooth Pirates alone," Teryx added bitterly. "Its obvious THEY have them, I mean why else would the message say that?"

"What I don't get is WHY they're working together," Sara said thoughtfully. "I thought the Sabretooth's were the enemies of all Dinos."

"They are," Teryx said in confirmation."Which is what's puzzling me as well as everyone else."

Just then there was a urgent knocking at the door of Teryx's quarters, which then flung open to reveal a breathless Bonehead. "Sara! Teryx!" he gasped breathlessly. "Ichy back!"

"WHAT?!" the two friends exclaimed together in disbelief. "Are you serious?"

"I'm VERY serious!" Bonehead said in confirmation. "The sensors indicated a disturbance near the main entrance, we went to investigate and we found Ichy laying there alone unconscious!"

"Where is he now?" Teryx asked urgently.

"He's being examined in the medical unit," Bonehead reassured them. "Come on and see."

A few minutes later Teryx, Bonehead and Sara had joined all their friends in the medical unit, where Ichy was sitting on a bunk being examined by Dimetro.

"How are you feeling?" Teryx asked Ichy in concern.

"Oh I'm fine," said Ichy. "However we're all not going to be. It turns out Ankylo got his his superior intelligence back."

"Oh no," Bonehead said worriedly. "THAT'S not good!"

"But it WOULD explain that well thought out plan the Sabretooth Pirates executed to kidnap you," Allo said thoughtfully. "However he must have offered them a REAL big promise of some treasure and loot to get their co-operation."

"He did," Ichy said calmy. "It turns out Ankylo designed a machine to RESTORE his intelligence in the off chance he might lose. He used that same machine to make the Sabretooth Pirates SMARTER."

"What you mean he made them geniuses like him?" Ryan said in horror terrified at the thought of Captain Sabretooth and all his crew as smart as Ankylo.

"No he saved that honour for just me," Ichy replied casually. "He just gave the Sabretooth's collage grade intelligence."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Paul cut in suddenly. "Hold the phone for a minute there, you're telling us Ankylo kidnapped you to make you as smart as HIM?!"

"He's telling the truth," Dimetro spoke up looking up from his examination. "I just scanned Ichy brain here. The production of neurotransmitters in his brain has jumped by over five hundred percent! His pre and postsynaptic membranes have ALSO increased their permeability to match it. According to the medical scanner here he's now got an I.Q of 1,500!"

"But that's NUTS!" David exclaimed. "Why would Ankylo want to make you as smart as him? That makes no sense."

"Actually," Ichy said gently. "When you think about it, it makes perfect sense."

"I see what you mean," Allo said in sudden understanding. "Ankylo wants someone to be his opposite for the challenge of his plans."

"Precisely," Ichy nodded.

"So what do we do Uncle Allo?" Bonehead asked worriedly.

"There's nothing we CAN do Bonehead...but wait until Ankylo's ready to make his move against us."

"In the meantime," Ichy said getting up off his bunk. "I'd better start making some changes and improvements to all our equipment. Because you can bet your life Ankylo will be doing the same thing to all the Tyrannos equipment."

"Are you sure you're up to it?" Teryx asked Ichy in concern. "How is he?"

"I've done a complete medical scan on him," Dimetro replied. "Apart from his increased brain power he's perfectly fine."

"Well then Ichy," Allo said cheerfully clapping his friend on the back. "Welcome back home and active service."

"Thanks Allo," Ichy smiled. "Now..." he went on. "We've got a lot of work to do."


Back at the Tar-Pits Ankylo, along with Princess Dei, their fellow Tyrannos and the Sabretooth Pirates were conferring in the main laboratory. "You and Don did well Captain, to return Ichy back his fellow Dinosaucers as I told you to. Everything is proceeding according to plan."

"To your plan maybe," Terrible Dactyl said worriedly. "But not to Genghis Rex. He'll want RESULTS from you Ankylo you know he's not the patient type."

"Genghis Rex will indeed GET results," Ankylo said calmly. "They will come SLOWLY and gradually. First we must start making alterations to all our equipment, that will pacify him in the long term."

"Why alter our equipment?" Brachio asked in puzzlement. "Isn't it good enough?"

"Not for the purposes Ankylo has in store for it," Dei informed him. "Besides with Ichy now as SMART as Ankyo he'll do the same thing for the Dinosaucers."

"Indeed," Ankylo said in confirmation. "So let us to work! The sooner we are done, the sooner...the REAL game can begin!"


It sounds like Ankylo REALLY did do his homework huh? He restored his lost intelligence, roped in the Sabretooth Pirates to help him, tricked the Dinosaucers and kidnapped Ichy! Good thing he just wanted Ichy to be his EQUEL opponent for whatever he has planned next huh? As for whatever Ankylo DOES have in mind for his enemies you'll find out in the sequel story, in the meantime don't forget to read and review like always, cheers!