i know i've been promising WC for a while and here it is! chaps will be extremely short, and updates will be sporadic (read: when i have nothing to do)

hope you enjoy :)

. . .


It's in New York that he meets her and it's in New York that he loses her.

Neal is enamored with Kate Moreau — has been since the moment he met her. It's almost like magic, the way her eyes light up and the way she smiles at him.

He shows her magic and she offers some in return. Of course, the magic is not the same, but it is magic nonetheless.

"Remind me again why I let you make my favorite necklace disappear?" she mutters endearingly.

"Because," Neal whispers, showing her the necklace, the sapphire stone gleaming on its surface, "you like magic."

Then he is gone, and then she is gone, and then she's there again for a while — only a moment.

Then the plane explodes, debris falling everywhere, Peter's shocked face, the force bringing Neal to his knees, the only thought through his head Kate, Kate, Kate

There's gray everywhere and there are sparks, orange-red, bright and blinding, a fire and ashes and a body somewhere.

She's gone again. It's just like magic.