Chapter 1, All Your Faces.

'You what?!' Bonnie urgently asks through clenched teeth, which she hopes sensors her rising incredulity.

She doesn't know if it works, because her eyes blaze at Damon, trying to find a flicker of a hint of what in the world happened that made him give the ascendant to Lily for safe keeping. It's that she can't begin to understand how that happened, when she clearly gave it to him, because she trusted him to keep it safe.

She almost wants to push past him and walk away from him, but there's a little space inside her that wants to believe that he has a good reason for trusting Lily with something as fragile as the ascendant. That little space inside her, keeps her standing where she is, waiting to hear his explanation.

Apparently seeing the waiting expression on her face, Damon looks around them on the one side and then urgently takes her by the elbow, letting out a slightly exasperated, 'Come here,' before pulling her with him, in through the door on their side.

'Damon,' she starts as soon as they are in the room, 'you were the one who said her friends are vampires who can do magic.'

He better start explaining himself, she hotly thinks, because she won't take any excuses. To think that she'd smiled from her heart when he cut across her with a cup of coffee, a shining smile and a smoothly warming greeting!

'I think the-' he starts to casually say, like he can't tell that she's annoyed with him, but then she holds up her hand to motion for him to stop talking.

She felt, for one short second an impressive wave of energy suddenly burst to life. The shoot of magic disappeared just as suddenly disappeared, but the way she felt it, she can't ignore that she felt it.

'What was that?' she asks him, all of her annoyance with him suddenly gone.

She looks at him, waiting for him to tell her what other surprise he brought with him. The first red light, went off when his true reason for showing up poked out through his pretence. Considering that, that burst of energy, could easily be the second red light surrounding his presence. With the way Damon is, especially considering this new development with Lily, it won't really surprise him that he might have something to do with the magic that she just felt in the air.

'What was what?' he asks her in turn, frowning for effect.

Whether he's playing dumb, or he genuinely doesn't know what she's talking about, Bonnie can't consider it, because she needs to know what that was.

'I felt incredible magic just now,' she tells him, unaware that her eyes are shining with curious wonder, 'but I-'

She doesn't get to finish her sentence, because once again, like he did around a minute ago, Damon urgently takes her by her forearm, consequently cutting her words off, and nearly has her spilling her coffee onto the floor, as he pulls her out of the room. The way that he pulls her with him, though, is almost to say that he knows something that she doesn't, and he wants to protect her from whatever it is that he knows.

'Damon, what are you-' she tries to protest and pull herself free, but they are already out through the door that they came in and in the hallway that they just left.

Out in the hallway, quite close to the door they just exited, is a group of children that stands out for her, because none of them look even near the age of being college students. Apart from that group of children, nothing else seems to have changed, or responsible for the burst of magic that she felt a minute ago.

She almost ignores the group of children as Damon pulls her past them, when out of the blue, one of the children, a little girl, screams, 'Mommy!' before jumping to her and attacking her leg with her small arms. At the same time this happens, a little boy, does the same thing, only, he screams, 'Daddy!' before jumping to hug both of Damon's legs.

Huh? She blinks once, keeping her eyes closed just a tad longer than they are supposed to be for a blink.


Unfortunately, Bonnie doesn't even get to time to catch up, or begin to wonder what it is that's going on, because the two remaining girls step to them. With her own eyes, Bonnie watches the shorter of the two girls step even closer to her and Damon, and then just like that, for no reason at all, winds either arm around her and Damon.

'I'm so glad to see you guys,' she quietly says, but sheer relief and happiness can be heard in her voice. At least, Bonnie can hear those two things in the girls' voice.

Huh? She blinks again. This time however, she doesn't keep her eyes shut for longer than a split second, because she doesn't want to miss a thing.

What's going on right now, she wonders, why can she see and hear everything that's going on, but her mind refuses to take it in and react… or something at least?

'Uh…?' Damon questioningly gets out of his mouth.

Even without looking at him, she can tell that he's turned his head to her, to look and direct the question at her. She turns her head to return his look, only, she hopes to communicate to him that she doesn't know a thing of what's going on. She sees the children, she hears their words and she even feels their arms, but that's as far as her mind is able to process.

Okay, maybe her mind is also able to process that she feels a little trapped. What with Damon's hand still on her forearm, the little girl's arms around her leg and the short girl's arm around her waist, she wishes that she could use her hand to push herself free from all the people attaching themselves to her. Except, her other hand is still holding the coffee cup, and she can't use it.

'What's going on?' he mouths to her, urgency on his facial expression.

What does he mean what's going on, she wonders, creating a concentrated frown for him to read that she's doesn't have a clue. He's the one who suddenly showed up with a surprise, so how is she supposed to know what's going on?

'I can explain,' a voice breaks through their glaring at each other.

As they both turn to face the voice that spoke, the tallest of the girls takes one last step to them, and it's only then that Bonnie notices that the girl has a baby cradled in her arms.

'Hi,' she smiles at them.

Her smile looks a little familiar. It looks like a smile that Bonnie once saw in a photo, but can't seem to place at the moment.

'Hi,' Damon answers tentatively, following it with, 'Who are you, and why are they hugging us?'

'Oh,' the girls softly exclaims like she's just realising something. 'Come on, you guys, let them go.'

'Aw,' simultaneously leaves three mouths, but it's followed by the three letting go and stepping back.

To avoid looking at the three that just released her from their arms, Bonnie keeps her eyes on the girl with the baby in her arms. Still, she can't process anything other than the relief that she's now free from the unwarranted embraces.

'Please don't freak out,' the girl speaks calmly, maturely for how old she appears even, 'especially you, Mom,' -she looks at Bonnie- 'but we're your kids. You're our parents.'


This time, she doesn't blink and from the corner of her eye, she barely manages to vaguely see Damon turn to look at her again, but her mind is at a complete standstill.

'Kids?' Damon asks with something that sounds like wonder in his voice.

'You guys died two weeks ago in the past,' the taller girl evenly narrates, 'and we all used our magic to make it here to you.'


They're kids, Bonnie thinks as she stares at the speaking girl. How can they all use their magic at such ages? That magic that she felt was way too powerful to have come from kids.

'Your magic?' it's Damon who asks again.

Before giving her answer, the girl smiles, no, she gives off a dazzling smile that's more pride than anything else. 'Yeah, we're first generation Salvatore witches with Bennett blood. That's what you always say, Dad.'

'Yeah, the whole Dad thing…' Damon says testingly, 'can that stop?'

Bonnie can almost see the strange expression on his face, through his words, and she doesn't blame him for looking like that, even though she can't see him. It's all those faces... she can't blame Damon for being the way that he is right now.

'You're our dad,' she replies simply, clearly stating that she's not going to stop calling that. 'Anyway, that's Ethan and Nice, they're five,' she points at the two little ones. 'That's Flora, she's ten, and I'm Mia. I'm thirteen.'

After the introduction, she steps back to Bonnie and then presents the baby to her. 'And this is Dean, he's two months. Mom, can you take him?'


Chapter 2, Believe.