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Chapter one- How all hell broke loose

It was the last day of school and my life was finally starting to fall into place. My mother had finally relented and decided to let me live with my brother again. School was out and I would get to spend the whole summer relaxing, or so I thought. My name is Serenity Wheeler and this is how my whole life changed.

I was leaning against a large oak tree, grateful for the shade it provided underneath the blazing sun. I patiently waited for the bell to ring, declaring the fact that the year had ended. Eventually it did and it wasn't long before I saw Joey and Tristian skipping down the steps with glee, shouting for joy that school had ended. Yugi, Anzu and Ryou all followed behind closely all looking relatively happy as well.

We all sat down on a large patch of green grass discussing our plans for the summer.

"Me and Serenity are gonna live down by the beach, ain't that right sis."

I nodded smiling.

I loved to play at the beach, at times it could be noisy but at other times it was so calm and serene basically, the perfect place to crawl up with a book.

"You won't have time to look after Serenity. You'll be to busy checking out the girls. I'll take care of Serenity," Tristian replied smuggly putting one arm around me.

'Ugh. Am I twitching?'

Yugi seeing my discomfort came to my rescue.

"Maybe Serenity would like to spend her summer swimming and having fun, rather than being tied down by us. Not that we wouldn't love to have your company," Yugi said flashing me that famous cheery smile of his.

'My saviour.'

I nodded my thanks to Yugi as he passed me a soda. We just sat there in the shade making small talk until that imfamous, arrogant bastard Seto Kaiba crashed the scene. He came strutting down the side walk as if he owned the place, and to tell you the truth I would be surprised if he did. Well today he look surprisingly smug.

"The hell do you want Kaiba," Joey snarled.

"Settle down mutt, haven't you learned your place yet. I suppose not the way your friends are letting you run around with out a leash and collar."

"Fuck off and get the hell outta here. I'm not going to let you ruin my summer," he barked out.

"You know mutt, help around the office is surprisngly hard to find these days. One of my ally companies needs a new assistant. Fetching coffee, running faxs, basically obeying their bosses every whim and command. I thought the job would be very suitable for you."

"Why the hell would I do anything for you."

His smirk widened and the malicous look in his eyes multiplied.

"I think it would be in your best interest to do so."

"What makes you say that."

"If you don't, this" he waved a yellow envelope in the air "will be on the front page of the first edition of the school newspaper when we get back. Oh and don't bother destroying it, I have copies, many copies," he added looking very satasfied with himself.

He dropped the envelope onto the concrete. Joey ignored it but Ryou picked it up and opened it.

"Oh my." he sheepishly passed the picture over to Joey not daring to look him in the face.

Joey promptly snatch the picture up and paled instantly.


"My company was doing a photo shoot all around Domino city for one of our newer projects. This shot happened to fall into my possestion."

As it turns, a few weeks back Joey and Tristian got together to play a game of truth or dare. Why they did is beyond me. Any ways Joey had choosen dare and Tristian dared him to streak through the neighbourhood wearing a curly strawberry blonde wig, pink heels and make up. Because of his *ahem* pride he accepted and Kaiba's men just happened to be there.

"Now than, I wouldn't be wasting a great piece of black mail like this for such a stupid job but the business world is getting restless. Being an assistant to such a high mateineced boss is definetly a dogs work. I'll let you have every single copy of these pictures as soon as you've completed your work according to the contracts. Agreed."

"There must be another way," Yugi butted in.

"Stay out of this Yugi, unless you or your stupid friends are willing to put in a summers worth of labour keep out of it."

"I'll do it," I said abrubtly.

"Serenity, No." Joey said, shocked at my loyalty towards him.

"Joey, if it wern't for you, I would have my eyesight. The least I could do is spend a summer making it up to you."

"Fine, thats acceptable. You will come with me."

Silently I trudged along, Joey was making unintelligible noises in the background.

I followed Kaiba into a luxerious car and we drove downtown into the business sectors. We had finally arrived and I followed behind him through the crowds of people. We took an elevator up and walked through endless hallways until we had finally reached an office. He impatiently knocked on the doors and waited to be sent in.

"I have your assistant," he shouted at the woman and started to leave.

"One moment Mr.Kaiba. You and"

"Serenity," I added. "Serenity Wheeler."

"You and Serenity must go through the proper paperwork before this is over. Please sign these in triplicate."

I signed my name into the blanks as did he.

"Thank you," she said looking over the forms.

"Now don't get angry Mr.Kaiba but due to the lack of help at Kaiba Corp your business team thought it would be best for you to get an assistant. And er.. as you wouldn't have liked to go through the interview process we thought it best if he decieved you into hand picking out an assistant. This summers schedule is extremely busy and we needed you to find someone to tolerate for the next six weeks. After all theres so much work you guys would probably have to spend the entire summer together."


She chose to ignore this. "The strain is extremely hard on your employees. You need a new assistant desperately. Contracts are binding Mr. Kaiba."

Kaiba was beside himself with anger.

And I, well I was frozen with shock. I would have to spend the next six weeks of my life, nearly twenty four hours a day seven days a week with Seto Kaiba.

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