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Spending the Summer with Seto

Chapter Sixteen: The Promise

*Serenity's Pov*

Mai carefully eyed my reflection in the mirror, she bit her lip debating to add just a touch more.

"The make up looks terrific Mai, it's perfect. Thank you so much.

Her expression relaxed and she picked up a wide tooth comb. She sprayed healthy amounts of spray into my damp hair and the gentle mist hovered around my face. I hissed as she swiftly combed through my tangled mane. To my right, my clocked beeped, stating that it was 6:30.

"It's getting late Mai, why don't you get yourself ready and I'll finish up. You've already done so much."

"Are you sure? After all, I did promise."

"Absolutely sure, now go on." I stood up and ushered her to the door.

"All right, all right, I'm going. No need to go Joey on me."

I smiled and was about to close the door behind her when she tossed a final comment at me."

"Make sure you look gorgeous, tonight is going to be something else." She winked and walked towards the bathroom.

Pressing my body against the door, I racked my brain for an explanation. Absolutely nothing came to mind. I sat back down and started doing my hair, wondering what on Earth she could possibly mean.

At 7:30, Joey started banging on the bathroom door.

"Mai, it's been an hour, get your ass out here. We can't be late for-"

She swung open the door, shutting him up in the process. She darted her eyes towards me and than back at him.

I gave her a questioning look.

"Late for what? We're not meeting them till eight."

"It's nothing," she replied hastily. "She helped Joey get to his feet. "Come on lets go."

I smoothed out the new wrinkles in my pink kimono and adjusted the mother of pearl combs in my hair one last time. I smiled at the both of them and Mai and I went out the door. Joey turned out all the lights and locked the doors.

We reached the apartment parking lot and piled into Mai's car. Joey drove as Mai sat in the front with him.

When we arrived my eyes lit up with excitement. Even though it was the same every year it was always exquisite. Glowing lanterns hung around absolutely everywhere, and the Japanese crafted decorations were always unique in design. The smell of freshly cooked festival food wafted from every direction. Children were running around with puffs of cotton candy and carrying large stuffed animals twice there size.

We wandered around the crowded streets, taking everything in. We went in search for the others and almost immediately found them. Ryou had somehow convinced Bakura to hold onto his giant panda for him, the ex tomb robber looked quite out of character wearing a blue kimono and carrying a panda under his arm. Yugi and Yami each had a candied apple and Yugi was clutching a rather large Kuriboh plushie. Malik was frantically trying to calm down his yami, trying to convince him not to use his shadow powers against some of the clowns that were mocking his hair.

"Hey guys, having fun?" Joey shouted.

They all smiled and bobbed there heads.

"Hey Serenity! Want me to win you a bear," cried out Otogi, who was seated at a game booth a few feet away.

I shook my head and he started to play again. Tristian, I noted was off trying to impress some 10th graders. Joey was already giving him a hard time and causing all the girls to laugh. Mai sighed and went off to discipline her boyfriend.

We all wandered the streets for quite some time, stopping to play a game, retrieve one of their Yami's or riding the rides. My heart felt considerably lighter, it was a very fun filled night. I brought my camera with me, so far I had taken five shots. One of Joey and Mai on those dove shaped boat rides. One of Ryou sitting on Bakura with his vast army of newly collected stuffed animals around them. One of Marik and Malik fighting over a new gun toy, with a few clowns alight with fire behind them. One of Yugi smiling brightly on the roller coaster with a pouting Yami beside him. Lastly, one of Otogi and Tristian attempting to look macho.

Mai pointed at a fortune telling booth. "Here Serenity, why don't you get your fortune told, you haven't really participated in anything tonight."

"We'll meet you at the cotton candy stand okay?" Joey winked at me and than pushed me towards the booth.

I nodded and stepped into the small booth. The was a tanned skinned woman with a exquisite head piece, with translucent scarves attached to it. She had another scarf covering her face. Her eyes were very large.

"Hello Serenity."

"Wow, you know my name. Did you read my mind?"

"No," the girl laughed and pulled the scarf away from her nose and mouth.

"Isis!" I cried. "Your using you Sennen Tauk to read people's fortunes?"

(A/N: I realize that she gave the Tauk/necklace to Yugi but not in my story okay)

"Well, I know it's not using it's power to the full potential, but since the shadow games are no longer a threat I might as well right? It's also a good excuse to practice my magic."

"Well, I suppose.." I replied unconvinced.

"Lets see what the fates have in store for you."

She closed her eyes and a bright light was emitted from her Sennen item. When she opened her eyes again she looked rather surprised.

"Well Serenity, all I can tell you is this piece of advice. Try to forget what has happened in the past and let your heart take control once in a while. Your caring nature has drawn a prize to you worth keeping. And when you do get there, have fun with him all right?" She smiled at me. It may not make much sense now, but you'll know when you get there. It'll happen sooner than you think.

"Thank you Isis."

I stepped out of the booth wondering what she had foreseen. I cleared my head, if her predictions were true, than I would know soon enough and that was good enough for me. Now, which cotton candy stand had Joey meant? I found a worker and they sent me in the direction of the closest one. As I made my way there I hadn't seen where I was going and I bumped into something furry and black.

"Sorry," I cried out, helping this person to their feet. "Mokuba!"

"Hey Serenity, can't talk right now." Quick as anything he dashed off.

My mind clicked, if Mokuba was here, surely..


I looked up and there he was, as handsome as ever, Seto Kaiba. We just looked at each other for a few moments and he broke the gaze.

He offered a extremely big cloud of soft pink cotton candy to me.

"Do, you think we could talk?"

I was about to shake my head, when I remembered Isis's advice. If anything, it couldn't hurt to hear him out.

I nodded and we started to walk.

"I wanted to apologize for some of the things I've said. Work was hectic, it's a poor excuse but you think you could forgive me? Don't answer me yet all right. How about we spend the evening together and than answer?"

"Well, Seto..I think Joey and the others are looking for me."

He shook his head. "I saw him a few minutes ago, he was trying to win something for the blonde girl.

'No, I thought. 'It wouldn't be right to intrude on their date. I might as well make the best of this evening.'

'Hmm, he wants to apologize, I won't make him do it if he really doesn't want too, but there are other ways of making him pay.' Serenity snickered evilly to herself.

She quickly put two and two together. So this was what Isis meant by having fun.

*Normal Pov*

You see to a normal fun loving girl such as Serenity, she's had experience at these festivals. This wasn't just any festival, there were carnival rides and traditional Japanese festival games. Of course at any festival, it's traditional to stuff yourself until you can't take anymore food, than wait five minutes and have another go. To one as inexperienced as Seto, as brave as he is, would experience the horrors of carnival rides.

A small smile formed on her lips as the silk clad girl squealed with delight and pointed towards the swings.

"Come on Seto-kun! Please." She gave him a heartwarming smile and studied his eyes, and gave him her cutest expression.

Seto stared at her, his mouth slightly open, he was quite tempted to twitch. What was the point of sitting on a swing and getting spun around in circles with lights flashing around him? He certainly wasn't eight anymore, about to protest, but silenced by the infamous puppy eyes she flashed at him. He stared at her, not ready to back down.

"Please Seto, pretty please?" She raised his hand to her cheek. "Just this once."

"No," he replied.

She started to rub his hand across her cheek.

"Are you absolutely sure?"

She leaned in and rested her head on his shoulder and started to gently clutched his back, sweeping him into a soft embrace.


She gave him a small, barely there kiss on the cheek.

"Fine," she replied simply.

His expression relaxed and he looked rather smug and relived at the same time.

"I'll go by myself," and with that she untangled herself from his arms and strolled to the ticket booth.

His mind told him to just let her go, but his body missed her warmth and her gentle touches. A war waged on, his mind against his body but with male hormones his body won out. His body betrayed him, he quickly caught up with her and muttered

"I'll come with you."

Serenity's eyes brightened up.

"Really? I mean you don't have to.." she trailed off.

He grumbled inwardly and bought tickets.


After they had finished with the swings, Serenity seemed a lot happier. She wrapped her arms around him and murmured a thank you. The CEO in question was having troubles standing properly, trying to keep balance he collapsed on a bench. A few minutes later, Serenity tugged at his sleeve and pointed to the 'Drop of Doom'.

"No,' he stated, but it didn't take a genius to figure out he was fighting a losing battle.

So for the rest of the evening a stunning brunette had forced a rather tall, dignified, sought after CEO to come ride every single ride with her. There was a rather large protest at the Merry GO Round, but eventually she wore him down. Oh and if you think Mokuba didn't get a snap shot of Seto riding a blue horse with wings, your mistaken. Actually by the end of the night, he had twenty copies, a double for everybody.

Of course, Serenity was far from finished, there was still dinner and games. Actually, Seto found the games to be quite enjoyable, though he did hide this by muttering how easy they were to win, while the rest of the world was grumbling about how each and every single game was rigged. This of course does not apply to our current king of games, who was currently making off with most of the prizes. Each prize brought a smile to Yugi's face, so Yami decided he wanted to keep it there.

By the end of the night, Seto had a rather large, fuzzy brown bear around his back, which Serenity insisted was the most darling thing she had ever seen.

While they were walking by more game stands, they had past by even more food stands. Candied apples, cotton candy, popcorn, donuts, ice creams, snow cones, pizza and onion rings, were an absolute must. After all, she was Joey's sister. No, she certainly couldn't eat all the food by herself, she merely sampled some of each. Her normal routine as her brother did usually eat most of it. With this taken into account, she still showed a huge expression of surprise when most of it was left after she had finished. Not wanting to waste any food, guess who persuaded a person with very sophisticated eating habits, to scarf down the rest? You can also guess who would up with a tummy ache the size of China. The thing that brought the most amusement to her eyes, was Seto trying to act tough and failing miserable, as he dealt with his tummy ache.

Seto was not to do all this without his rewards. Through his immense displeasure and torture he had after all,survived the night. The only thing that kept him going were the infinite amount of hugs and little kisses she gave him. Even her laughter and delight brought a smile, a rather small one mind you, which he had desperately tried to hide, to his face. And if you looked carefully enough, one might be under the impression that he was happy.

It was about 11:50 when the two of them had collapsed defeatedly against a large Sakura tree. They were both stuffed and tired out. Seto protectively put his large trench coat over the sleepy girl. She rubbed her eyes and pulled the jacket tightly around her body, looking like an infant with daddy's clothes draped over her.

Mai had often joked about joked that Seto would need a strong back for whenever they kissed because of the difference in height. Serenity was considered average for girls her age, but Seto was well above average.

Bursts of light filled the star lit sky. Fire works began to explode left and right, illuminating the little town of Domino.

"There so beautiful," she whispered softly. After a few minutes, she spoke again."I want to stay in your arms like this forever."

The space between them was already minimal, so she positioned herself onto his lap.

"Serenity, he mumbled. ""I wanted to give you this, consider it an apology and a new start." Reaching into his pocket, he produced a tiny, blue velvet box.

"Oh, Seto. It's too much, really you shouldn-"

She was silence by his lips on hers.

"No, I wanted to. Open it,' he urged.

Still slightly shocked, she slowly opened it. Tears came to her eyes. There sitting in the soft velvety cushion was a small silver ring, centered by a dazzling sapphire, with a diamond sitting on each side of it.

"It's a promise ring," he stated simply. Carefully studying her expression. "I know your to young to marry me, but I thought this would be the next best thing."

All she could go was simply nod as the tears flowed down her face.

He placed the ring on the quivering girl's finger. Once in place she kissed him fiercely, and he returned the kiss, pressing his lips roughly against hers. The fireworks continued to explode and the cheers seemed so much closer this time. Clapping filled there intimate moment. The couple looked up and there stood all of there friends, Mokuba, Mai, Joey, Yugi.. and basically everybody, clapping and cat calls. Even Joey looked happy for them.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him another kiss. There were cheers for more.

Seto stood up suddenly and helped Serenity onto her feet.

He narrowed his eyes. "I suggest you all get out of here before I go medieval on all your sorry asses."

An exchange of eye rolling was displayed as they all went to watch the fireworks.

Seto took her into his arms as they watched the fireworks light up the sky, holding on tightly and never wanting to let go.


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