Title: Of Arrows and Curses
Author: TrinityTheSheDevil
Rating: PG 13-ish
Summary: This story is MOST DEFINITELY AU. For one: Elrond doesn't have a wife in this fic. Nada attachments. :D And two: nothing that happens in this fic could possibly happen in a real LOTR universe! LOL. Okay, on with summary. Aragorn, Elladan, Elrohir, and Legolas all go on a hunting trip. When something goes wrong, they manage to tick off a wizard, and have a curse put upon them! Will they survive?
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Day One! -

Aragorn looked over at his companions as they closed in on their prey. After being cooped up because of the rainstorm for the past week, Elrond had finally ordered them out of his house. For some reason, their Ada could not put up with the four of them for more than a few days at a time. Aragorn could not think of a reason why, since he, his brothers, and Legolas never directly involved Elrond in their pranks. Well, unless you count the fire incident.......or the red ants......or the chicken. Aragorn chuckled over that. The chicken incident was something he would never forget, and he doubted the rest of the elves in Rivendell would stop talking about it any time soon.

So, having nothing to do, the four of them decided to go on a small hunting trip. Their food stock was getting on low anyway, but not so low as to have a full hunting party.

Hearing a small whistle, Aragorn looked up as his brother pointed to the deer in the clearing. Elladan was motioning for Aragorn to take the shot.

Grinning to himself, Aragorn brought his bow up, and aimed for the deer's heart. What he didn't notice was a squirrel slowly making its way up the inside of his pants leg.

At the same time Aragorn was going to let go of the arrow, the squirrel bit the tender skin of his leg. Screaming like a banshee, he accidentally let the arrow fly. The arrow had veered off course, and the four of them heard a yelp and a muffled "thud".

"OW! OW! OW! OW!" Aragorn danced around beating his pants, as the squirrel rolled out dazed and chittering at him angrily.

Just as Aragorn was about to strangle the squirrel, his brother yelled at him to follow them to where the arrow had flown.

"Aragorn, come!" Elladan yelled as Aragorn had taken out his sword and was pointing it towards the small animal.

Growling to himself, Aragorn followed his brothers while rubbing the bite mark on his leg. The squirrel would pay for that if he ever saw him again.

"Estel, I think you shot someone!" Legolas said, marching over to him.

Aragorn paused and looked up at his friend. Forgetting the squirrel, he ran ahead towards where they heard the sound.

Arriving at a small patch of trees, Aragorn spotted an old man with a flowing white beard leaning heavily against a tree. His arrow was sticking from the mans leg.

"Oh no." Aragorn rushed over to the man to help him, all the while cursing himself for the accident.

The man looked up as he heard Aragorn running towards him.

"I'm so sorry, sir. I didn't mean for this to happen. It was an accident, you see, me and my brothers were hunting, and there was this evil squirrel-"

"BE SILENT!" The old man yelled. This human rambled on worse than a hobbit.

Aragorn snapped his mouth shut at the loud command from the angry man. Come to think of it......the old guy looked like Gandalf a bit. He had long flowing white robes, long white hair, and a white beard. He also carried a staff like Gandalf.

Aragorn was jerked from his thoughts when he heard a familiar ripping sound. It was the sound of an arrow being pulled from flesh. His butt hurt just thinking of it again.

He started to walk forward again when a white light surrounded the man, and brightened so much that none of the four could look upon him.

When the light finally faded, Aragorn lowered his hands from shielding his eyes, and gasped. The arrow wound was gone, as was the blood that was covering the robes.

"You're..you're....you're....-" Aragorn's eyes widened.

"....a wizard!" Legolas cried.

"Yes, that I am. Now, which one of you shot me?!" The wizard advanced on them

Elladan, Elrohir, and Legolas all backed away and pointed at a baffled Aragorn.

"I...it...I...er....it was an accident! I swear, that evil little squirrel ran up my-"

"SILENCE!" The wizard yelled again, causing Aragorn to jump back into his brother Elladan, who shoved the human forward.

Aragorn gulped as he took in the angry wizard. This was NOT good. There were a few people in Middle Earth you should not make angry, and they were your parents, your mentors, and wizards. So far in Aragorn's short life, he had accomplished the first two. Now, he had provoked a wizard. Swallowing hard again, he only hoped his father could undo whatever spell the wizard inflicted upon him.

"Wait just a second. It WAS an accident! He did not mean to shoot you, and besides, he had no way of knowing you were anywhere around here!" Legolas jumped up to Aragorns defense.

The wizard turned to glare at Legolas, then at Elladan and Elrohir.

"So...you were all hunting together?" He asked.

"Uhh....yeah.." Legolas slowly backed away again. Aragorn was a big boy, he could defend himself.

"Uh huh. Well, young ones, I will teach you a lesson you will never forget!" The wizard raised his staff, and started mumbling a bunch of words that none of the four could make out.

When the wizard finished, he lowered the staff, and laughed lightly. "Well, I bid you good day, fare thee well." And disappeared in a poof of smoke.

"What just happened?" Elladan asked, checking himself over for anything unusual.

"I have no idea. Maybe we should......leave....incase he comes back." Legolas said, also checking himself over, and making sure he still had his hair. Valar forbid anything should happened to his perfect hair.

"Right." Aragorn took off in the direction of the horses, with the three elves trailing after him.


Aragorn sighed in relief as Rivendell came into view. He was worried they would meet the wizard on their way back.

"What do you think he did to us?" Legolas said from Aragorns side.

"I don't think did anything. I think he was just trying to scare us." Elladan turned a bit so he could see the others faces.

"I don't know. I did shoot him after all. He's a wizard, he wouldn't have done nothing. We know that much from Gandalf and the shoe incident." Aragorn scratched his chin. He knew the wizard did SOMETHING, he just had to figure out what.

"I would be less worried about the wizard, and more worried about what we're going to tell Ada. We have no deer with us after all, he will begin to think that we were up to something." Elrohir looked at the others. HE wasn't telling Elrond, that was for sure.

"Aragorn can explain. It's his fault we have no catch, after all."

"I agree." Legolas snickered a bit at the horrified expression on Aragorns face.

"Now wait just a minute! It was NOT my fault, it was that bloody squirrel. That thing's evil I tell you, pure evil!" Aragorn said.

"And do you actually thing Ada will believe that?" Elladan laughed. He felt sorry for any squirrels that got in Aragorns way for the next few weeks...or months.

"No..." Aragorn mumbled.


The conversation trailed off as they entered the stables, and put the horses up. For Aragorn, it was going to be a long night.


"A.....squirrel..you say?" Elrond arched an eyebrow while watching his youngest son squirm under the piercing gaze of his father.

"Yes. An evil squirrel." Estel mumbled.

"Uh huh. So, after the squirrel....bit you.....you decided to come home and not continue hunting?" Elrond could barely contain his laughter.

"Well, it was getting late, so we figured we'd better head home before you got worried."

"Really." Elrond said, not believing a word of it. Since when did they care how much Elrond worried? Whatever happened, he knew he would not find out at the moment. Perhaps he could wiggle it from Legolas later.

"Well, since you've had a...busy day....why don't you go ahead and get some sleep."

"Yes Ada." Aragorn quickly walked out of the room, and headed for his bed. He had a nagging feeling that his father knew something was up, but he was glad that his father didn't press him for information. Ada would be seriously angry if he knew that Aragorn had accidentally shot someone. A wizard, no less.

Flopping down into the bed, Aragorn sighed and drifted off towards the dream realm. He couldn't shake the feeling that the wizard HAD done something to him, but it was no use thinking over it. It would most likely only leave him more confused.


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