Woody was now in a great depression. It wasn't funny, he was crying and ordering pizza alone and shit. He watched golf, that's how bored he was. The other toys weren't much help. I mean Etch a sketch would draw him a beer but that wouldn't help. It was that go-karts fault! It wasn't like Woody could just forget about it. Andy rode on that kart 24/7 and you could hear it from anywhere in the house. Andy's mom was ran over by the go-kart and now was stuck in hospital. Andy was the man of the house now and no matter how much I told him he was a piece of trash and so was his go-kart he would just run me over. Bo peep said it's just a phase, what does she know. Me and Andy actually had something. We would spend the summer eating ice lollies and spray water on the dumb neighbours dog, it was perfect. The best part is when he went to school and I was his show and tell project. I would dance and get drunk in the teachers lounge and get totally wrecked. Now that I think about it that doesn't have much to do with Andy... but still life was great. Now all I hear is VROOOM. By far the worst part was that the go-kart is technically a toy so it also TALKS to me! It goes "Hey Woody, want some fun? Have some super duper fun and ride on my back." Andy's also tempting me. "Come on Woody, it's so much happy snappy fun." I couldn't, I'm not riding on another toys back.

I've spent the past few days depressed. However I soon reached my limit. I packed my bags and moved out. The other toys tried talking me out of it but my mind was set. I tried saying my last goodbye to Andy but all he could hear was VROOOM! I left ready to make something out of my life. First things first was finding a new home. I went to the first guy that I could potentially crash with...Sid. The only problem is that Sud isn't the brightest of guys. He's a stoner and he makes it painfully obvious. He offers me a joint but I pass. I tell him how long I intend to stay at his place and that I need a loan of some cash. "The gangs asked me for money too!" Seems that Sid here has a loan shark problem so he's not gonna help with that. But at least now I have a place to stay. Plus I can spy on Andy and make sure he and his go-kart don't destroy the house. Sid's living room is pathetic with his box tv and ripped up house. The dog died do it's now Sid's rug. He asked me what kinda job I was trying to find but if he thinks I'm working with him as a garbage man then he's sorely mistaken. I applied for a multitude of jobs including an accountant, political, swimming instructor and a school janitor. Unfortunately while working as a school janitor I spotted Andy. I had pretended that he didn't exist and turned my back against him. It was awkward since I was a toy and he was way taller than me so there was just this big tall dark shadow behind me. I quit due to being called a pedo. At this point it seemed nothing worked out for me, until I got an idea. I decided to join the army. It was something I always considered but never fully realised. Andy was always against it but that I don't live with him anymore I can achieve my dream as a general. Sign up was simple enough, they'll except anyone. I gave my farewells to Sid and went my own way...my way. I got on the bus to area 49.5 where the train the newbies, and thats where I met him, my new trainer and commander...Buzz Lightyear. "Who are you strange little man?" He called out at me from the crowd. "I'm Woody, and this is my spot." I showed my commander the floor, I made it clear that I belong here.