Full Story Description

When Galvanax, cruel champion of Galaxy Warriors, claimed the mighty Power Stars, Earth's greatest ninja sacrificed himself to keep the universe safe. 10 years later, a new generation of warriors rises up, to protect the Ninja Power Stars. They are Power Rangers Ninja Steel!

Stella Romero is the youngest daughter of Dane Romero and the youngest sister of Brody and Aiden Romero, she was kidnapped along with Brody by Galvanax, a cruel champion who wanted to claim the Ninja Nexus Prism to become invincible, but Dane had shattered the Ninja Nexus Star into eight Ninja Power Stars. Now ten years later, Stella, Brody, along with new friends: Mick Kanic the shapeshifter from the Lion Galaxy and Redbot, a red robot who is Mick's robotic assistant escaped the Galaxy Warrior Dome along with the Ninja Nexus Prism and returned to their home planet Earth where they meet three new allies: Darwin Maxwell, Sarah Thompson and Preston Tien. There, they gained the Red, Pink, Silver, Black and Blue Ninja Power Stars by becoming Power Rangers. But what happens if Darwin falls in love with Stella, will she reciprocated his feelings for her? Find out what will happen next...





Note: My Redux Ninja Steel Fanfic Story.