016. Fight



Many years ago, Tomie remembers her gore-caked heart been tossed into a river. After getting sliced out of her ribs, while she was still breathing and screaming.

People loved her, worshipped, died for her. Men and women, and others regardless of what gender. Regardless of if they were willing to begin with. It's just how it has always been.

They love her, then they kill her.

Or be killed, by either jealousy or foolish, irrational human nature.

It's pointless to think anything could change.

She is not good. Men are wild, raging beasts. The sun will continue to rise, and her blood will taste metallic and warm on the surface of Tomie's lips.

"Miss Tomie!" One of her classmates, with the lumpy breasts and plain, dirtied smock, wails noisily and dramatically, scrambling for her hand. "Please don't die—you mustn't die, please—"

"Unhand me," Tomie mutters, her spine arching in.

She wheezes through the lifeblood collecting in her lungs. It expels violently onto herself and the gravel-crusted road. The driver of the car who struck her yells and yells and yells Tomie's name, manically laughing, slamming his head to the wheel, enough force to break his nasal bone.

Her classmate is a plain and unremarkable girl, but there's a loveliness to her glimmering tears. Tomie doesn't attempt to pull away, as she lays dying of internal bleeding and trauma to most of her vital organs.

The girl sniffles bravely, wiping her nose and squeezing Tomie's fingers. With her other hand, she presents out her silvery, thin nail-file.

Tomie feels the cold press against her wrist, digging into her flesh with an unbearable strain.

"Yes… Miss Tomie."



Junji Ito's Tomie is not mine. It's Femslash Friday in Femslash February! A very awesome day! And because we have a new episode of the Junji Ito Collection anime today, I'm putting up a Tomie style story for today! Hope you enjoy! Any comments/thoughts appreciated - and if you love Tomie, holler at me!