The world ticks around you.

It had been the best of three years since the rogues had broke out after the events on Halloween they hadn't been in the mood. Batman was gone, well their Batman was gone.

This new one was simply a baby bat in their minds. Young and obnoxious in many ways and they didn't like him because it just wasn't the same as the original.

Call them old fashioned or sentimental or whatever, they just couldn't go back to it, to the crime, not in the same way as before.

So, they broke out, but not to commit crimes, quite the opposite actually. They were getting old in the long run anyway and there were many to take their place and they welcomed them with open arms or at least their version which meant they stepped down and let their protogés take over where they had left off.

The rogues themselves on the other hand, took on new lives, some even opened up business of their own, while some used the money they had saved for their retirement over the years they had spent being criminals and committing their crimes.

Most of the money they had saved in their private and hidden bank accounts was actually stolen.

It was weird for most of them, they hadn't had their own shops some ever and others for a while.

Jervis and Alice had opened a book shop, just off in Miagarni island with Harley having a party shop not too far from it. The Black gate mall was in full swing and there was a brand new diner built which Baby Doll of all people ran and ran quite well, safe for the occasional hiccup.

Ivy had re-opened the botanical gardens and was quite happy there, still working with her plants and being close to such an old tree it was perfect. Better then she had hopped and with the money she had saved she was able to make it more modern and better for the plants around her.

But there was one thing that was as always off putting, well he was actually one person and that was Jonathan Crane, a man who had chosen to not open a shop at all and instead bought a nice home in the suburbs who he reluctantly shared with Edward Nigma and by god was the man a pain, so Jonathan spent most of his days out of the house and either at the diner and then he was in Jervis's shop, reading in the corner as per usual.

It was around this time of the day, when he arrived at Jervis's shop, coffee in hand, black as his soul not to mention bitter, that disaster hit. Well in his mind it did anyway.

He had been reading, nothing wrong there at all, someone had come in, all well and good and then Jervis had to say their sir name and Jonathan had frozen in place.

"Ah, so Miss Keeny, here is the psychology book you requested," Jervis smiled and handed it to the young woman at the desk who smiled back at him. "I hope it's everything you wanted."

"It's perfect, thank you," she smiled up at him before looking around the book store. "Is this place new? It seems new, I haven't been in Gotham long, moved in just before…" she paused a moment before carrying on. "Just before Halloween but then of course ya know what happened right?"

Jervis pursed his lips for a moment before smiling weakly and nodding. "Ah yes.. it's umm… hard to forget something quite like that."

"Yeah," the woman nodded. "I know, I know, but ah lets just say it hit a bit close to home."

That's one way of putting it Jonathan thought in his head as he glanced from behind the book shelf he was hiding behind and he calmed himself down. Ah that was not his mother.

Blond hair, his mother had black, like a raven's feather… or a crows.

It was then that Jonathan came out from behind the shelf and walked over to Jervis, the little man looking up at him and raising an eyebrow in slight confusion before a grin fell on his face.

"Miss Keeny, you're studying psychology, yes?"

"I am," the woman answered, but now on closer inspection she was actually a teenager, only just turned 19 Jonathan would guess. But there was also a slight twinge to her accent. Something… undoubtedly southern.

"Well my good friend here also studied psychology, top of his class non the less!" Jervis proclaimed as he gestured to Jonathan who stood staring at his friend, eyes wide and mouth hanging open ever so slightly as he stared at him.

The little man merely grinned back.

"Oh ya did, did ya?" the girl looked up at him smiling, a nose piercing clear as day on her face, in fact her whole look was a mixture of slight southern with browns and blacks and oranges in colours but it was put together to give her a punkish feel to her.

But it was her eyes. She had amber eyes, like Jonathan himself.

They were rare and barely anyone had them, but people did get them and it was very strange to see someone else, clearly from the southern part of the country, maybe it was just a southern thing.

"I did, yes," Jonathan answered clipped as ever. "Also, are you from somewhere in the south?"

"Georgia, like you," she smirked at his odd expression of bemusement and shock, something that rarely occurred if it ever appeared on his face. "Ya think I wouldn't no'tice someone try'na' hide their accent. It's obvious ta someone who's lived in Georgia or ne'ar there."

"Yes I suppose it is," Jonathan nodded before he glanced over at where Jervis had been but seemed the little creeten had ran off somewhere and here he was left with this girl who he didn't know and strangely resembled him in odd ways but was obviously younger… oh no. Oh dear god please don't be who he believes it to be.

"I ah… you said you're name was Keeny yes?"

"Ah yes… it used to be Jarvis but… ah something happened so I- we changed it back, myself and my mother."

"Ah you're mother?" Jonathan tried a smile. "You never know I might know who she is."

"I doubt it, mister, she's older then you, but her name is Karen, Karen Keeny."

Jonathan paused. He was silent for a long time.

"Mister? You okay?"

He blinked and shook himself out of his stupor and nodded. "Yes, I am.. just trying to remember- I mean think if I knew her and I am afraid I do not."

At this stage the girl laughed. "Sorry," she laughed shaking her head. "I'm not really aloud to say that sort of thing round my house, it's ta do with my brother but that's a long story."

"You're brother?"

"Yeah," she nodded before giving a weak smile at him. "My Ma' always said that he was a brilliant but very troubled young man who didn't deserve what he got but didn't deal with it in the right way and not a day goes by when she don't feel half guilty but she can't change the past no matter how much she wants to."

He'd gone off into space again, he knew he had but with a shake of his head he glanced at his watch and coming up with the most stupid of all excuses he told her he had to leave because he was late and he raced out of there, taking his car and driving home only to be greeted with Edward sitting on the sofa changing channel after channel before landing on a game show.

"Rough day?" he called behind him at the sound of Jonathan lighting a cigaret, something the man of straw did on a very rare basis.

"Very," Jonathan mumbled before he looked over at the tv and frowned. "What exactly are you watching?"

"Game show."

"I can see that."

"Well then why are you asking?"

Jonathan quietly seethed to himself. Sometimes… oh sometimes he wishes he could just strangle Edward but unfortunately killing your roommate, no matter how annoying they were, was against the law, apparently.

"It's not fair."

"What isn't fair?"

"This!" Edward cried waving his hand in the direction of the tv. "This moron wins a million pounds, how come I don't win a million pounds?"

Because you don't enter the competing because you consider your intelligence far too supior for them to handle, Jonathan thought in the quiet place that was his mind before he replied with something better. "Well, I'm sure it's only a matter of time."

"It better be!" Edward declared as he went searching through the channels again. "Because I don't want to become a bitter jealous person."

Jonathan raised an eyebrow and gave the back of Edward's head a cold look before he shook it and decided that questioning Edward's logic would be like trying to ram his head through a brick wall and then some.

"What exactly has you in such a bad mood anyway?" Edward asked, finally, as he got up and walked into the kitchen to get himself another cup of coffee, Jonathan following him slowly as he tried to decided if telling Edward was a good idea.

"I met my half sister today," Jonathan stated as he stared at Edward who stared back at him with a look of shock, eyes wide mouth hanging slightly open. "Yes I held the same expression when I realised who it was I was talking to… I believe they call it a look of 'shock'."

Edward snapped his mouth closed and glared at him for a moment. "You met your half sister?! How on earth… what happened, you didn't tell her you killed half of her family off did you?"

Jonathan narrowed his eyes at him. "Yes of course I did what else was I possibly going to say to someone that is my family and I was going to kill when they were but an infant," Jonathan rolled his eyes. "No of course I didn't Edward! I didn't even tell her who I was, lord knows that would not of been a good thing. Can you begin to imagine how she would of reacted?!"

"She would of screamed?"

"Look, she was in Jervis's shop and the little midget introduced us! I wanted to kill him."

"Surprised you didn't."

"You're not the only one, I can assure you."

Edward smirked slightly as he began to make his coffee. "Anyway, what's she like?"

"Slightly arrogant but nice."

"My god!" Edward grinned at him. "A member of your family who is nice? Who'd of thought that would be possible?"

"Yes, I can see how this is slightly amusing."

"It's more then slightly."

"The point is!" Jonathan growled. "Is that she met me and thankfully didn't know who I was. That was good, though she did recognise that I was from Georgia. She could hear the accent in my voice even though I have mastered the art of hiding it wherever I go."

"Unless Music Meister and Harley started singing in the rec-room or Ivy threw you around like a rag doll," Edward mumbled, a smile twitching at his lips as he sipped at his warm coffee, ignoring the fierce glare his roommate was giving him.

"Besides the point, she is also studying psychology," Jonathan laughed slightly and shook his head before giving Edward a crooked grin. "I guess it runs in the family."

"Probably," Edward nodded. "That and snide remarks and comments."

"You are only saying that because you're around me more then the others and that makes me annoyed."

"No, Jonathan I'm saying that because the snide comments and remarks are usually directed at me."

"Have you ever wondered why that might be the case?"

"I have come to the conclusion you are intimidated by my intellect so decided to attack with harsh comments to try and put me off."

"How can you call yourself a genius when you come up with an answer like that?" Jonathan shook his head and nudged Edward out of the way as he made his own coffee.

"Quite simple really, I open my mouth and it just comes out."

"You ever considered shutting your mouth?"

"Why would I when nothing but brilliance comes out?"

The retired scarecrow gave a tired eye roll before he began to finish off his coffee. "I'm going to need more coffee for this."

"Anyway," Edward grinned at him leaning against the table. "Guess who has a date with their beloved mystery?"

"I'm going to go out on a whim here and say you."

"And you would be correct!" Edward grinned at he leaned back. "I knew there was a reason I was friends with you, must be because of that ever so slight intellect you have. Above average of course but as always, below my own."

"Wow, Edward, whatever would I do if I didn't have a friend like you?"

"Probably not cope with the idiots in the world."

"Yes, because I cope with you."

Edward nodded in approval before he turned and walked off into the living room again, fiddling with the tv remote leaving Jonathan to stand in the kitchen with a concerned look on his face as well as a face that showed deep thought.

If his sister was indeed in Gotham then that meant only one thing, she would know about him, about the Scarecrow. But why would she come here if that was the case?

Surly her mother told her how dangers her half brother was? Apparently not.

"Jonathan have you seen my shoes anywhere?"

Jonathan blinked before he smirked slightly. "Why yes, I saw them on your feet."

Silence was his only reply and he chuckled slightly before he turned to look over at his coffee taking a tired sigh he guessed that going to Baby Doll's was the best option, he couldn't deal with Edward right at this moment in time, in fact if he was being truthful he couldn't cope with Edward most of the time. But that he kept it to himself.

Carefully avoiding making any sound he snuck out of the house, taking his car and driving to the Black Gate mall, trying avoid the many stares he got because of his face, it still had scars stretching across it.

If anything, his sister was nothing he had to worry about. It was simply a one off that he met her, a simple coincidence that was all, what else was it to be?

Taking a seat in the booth at the back he waited patiently for Baby Doll to come over to him, with his usual, which just so happened to be pumpkin spiced latté as well as pumpkin pie.

Sure she came over and she looked slightly concerned at his odd look of deep thought, well more so then usual.

"Everything okay Professor?"

"Everything is quite alright thank you Mary," Jonathan smiled as he took his usual, smirking as she stared at him. "I am quite alright, simply thinking on some old capers, things I could of done differently."

Like not going down to the sewers of Arkham for one.

"Past is past, Crane," Mary shrugged at him. "Ya can't change it."

"I have realised as such," Jonathan deadpanned before he sighed and ran a hand down his face.

"You sure you're alright?"

"Like I said, thinking is all I am doing."

"Isn't that all you ever do?"

"I read too."

"Yeah, how could I forgot the reading?" Mary shook her head as the bell went and she turned back to him and shrugged. "Well, gotta go serve another customer, funny thing is she has the same order as you. Heh, guess it's a Georgia thing."

Jonathan froze before he sighed and began to eat his pie, sipping at his drink every so often. Glancing up he spotted her again, sitting in the corner of the room, eating the same as him, reading through the psychology book as she went, glancing threw the pages and occasionally looking up at the people around her.

Ah that was another thing that must run in the family. Jonathan himself did it, always keeping an eye out for his fellow rogues, they often came in here.

He supposed he should keep an eye out for his sister from now on too.

A smirk fell on his face.

Yes, he looked up at her and smiled, I think that would be a very good idea.


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