It's been five long years since I joined this site, and I can't begin to describe how much it helped me. It was my escape from the worst time (emotionally and mentally) of my life. It was my outlet for letting myself be who I was when I was just accepting that I was gay, and allowed me to make a (disgustingly Mary Sue) character that was open when I wasn't. I think I projected a character in my first story having such a bad temper and being so emotionally abusive (let's admit it, he was) from my family, who often said things of the same caliber to me whenever I screwed up or whenever they just weren't having a great day. I made the character's siblings probably a bit too nice because that was what I wanted in siblings.

But I always had a flaw, and that was that I had a lot of ideas that were half-baked. Well, to be more accurate, they were put in the microwave for about ten seconds and then served. I rarely ever knew where a story was going, and almost never even had an ending planned. I think my writing suffered (and still suffers) a lot from that. But The Blood Wraith (probably my pride and joy as far as my writing goes, and even then I recognize its flaws, especially early on) probably ended on the strongest note in the history of all my stories in that it was both one of the few that had an ending, and that I actually managed to plan most of it out, which helped the ending both make sense and leave no loose ends that can't be answered by its sequel.

But finally, what I'm building up to with this speech: I'm permanently leaving FanFiction. It's been some of the best times I've had here, but it's time to move on.

I'll still be writing, as I'm just moving to AO3, but unfortunately I won't be taking any stories other than The Blood Wraith with me. I won't be deleting what's left of my writings, but only so that others will be able to see this and find my account if they want. I'll leave a link here to my account, and then I'll be exporting The Blood Wraith there. I've also made a resolution to plan out stories chapter by chapter instead of going on the fly with them.

Thanks to everyone who has stayed with me (I honestly doubt there are many, if any, of you left), and to all of the friends that I made through here (especially my unofficial co-author that kicked my lazy ass into finishing Blood Wraith and had a hand in the final chapter).

Goodbye =)

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