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VIRAL ZONE By InsaneGenius

Chapter 1.  Grocery Stores

            "Achoo!"sneezed a girl of about five years old into the face of the last person you'd expect to see at a public grocery store:  Johnny Smith.  The little girl looked up guiltily at first Johnny and then her mother.  The mother shot a quick glance at Johnny before recognition dawned upon her.  She then tugged her daughter forcefully away.

            "Sorry about that mister.  She didn't mean too," she said abruptly.

            "Mommy, can I have one of these please?" asked the little girl, "you promised me that I could have whatever I want since I got sick."

            "No sweetie put those up."

            The little girl obeyed and it wasn't long before the little girl and her mother were out of sight.  But they weren't out of mind, or at least not out of the mind of Johnny Smith.

            Johnny stared ahead at the spot where the five year old had sneezed into his face.  He hadn't budged much.  Anyone who knew him well might have though he was experiencing a vision of some sot, but if truth were told he was just lost in deep thought.  Thoughts that didn't require the use of his Dead Zone.  He had once again been reminded of why he had a grocery boy deliver groceries to his house every now and then.  The people in his own hometown treated him like some sort of freakish, smelly animal you didn't want to get too close to for fear of catching something horrible and contagious.  He would almost give anything to not have an extra part of his brain working just to avoid the sneers and skepticism he had to endure on a daily basis.

            He was jerked out of his momentary reverie when a voice on the intercom announced that the store would be closing in fifteen minutes.  He limped over to his shopping cart full of food and started to push it in the same direction the girl and her mother had taken previously.  He stopped when he noticed a jar of Chef Boyardee Ravioli lying on its side.  Thinking back, he concluded that this must have been what the little girl had begged her mother to buy.  She hadn't been thinking about who Johnny was.  Maybe that was who is new best friends would be: little five year olds who didn't know any better.

            Without really paying the action much thought, he grabbed the can of Ravioli and was suddenly warped into a vision.

            *He watched as he saw somebody lying on a couch eating chicken noodle soup and sneezing ferociously.  He was taken aback when he saw the man dash to the nearby bathroom door, and as the sick man did this he realized that the man was himself.  He glanced around for some sort of clue as to when this would happen.  He looked down at his vision self's watch as he was throwing up in the toilet.  The date read March 29.*

            And then as if it had never happened, he was back in the grocery store, the Ravioli can clutched firmly in his hand.

            "March 29," he thought out loud, "That's only three days from now.  Well, I guess it's time for me to answer the age-old question.  What happens when you Dead Zone gets sick?"

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