Long story short, Dr. Jumba Jookiba was put up for trial for Experiment 627! The same scenario happened with Stitch, but with 627 instead. But, 627 never learned the whole meaning of Ohana. He still stayed the same, only his evil side mellowed out thanks to Lilo. He's still evil, but Lilo can tame him when he gets too bad. The two are friends, but not Best Friends. The story goes 627 was evil, but some part of him liked Lilo, and she grew on him during what would be the first movie.

He saw that she needed him, so he made a deal with the Grand Councilwoman to be good if his Exile was moved to Earth. She saw the change in him, and agreed. Lilo called him Charles at first, but now calls him 627, or 7 for short. Pleakley is still the same 1 eyed, Earth obsessed noodle from the first movie and Nani is still the same worried and protective older sister. We all know Bubbles is the same. Jumba, on the other hand, was always drifting of into his mind. His humor never died, but he never had that same smile or spark as he did in the first movie. Almost as if there was something he was missing dearly (Hint, Hint).

The 2nd movie, where Stitch glitched never happened with 627. 627 was fully charged, and then caught (You'll find out why in the story). That leaves the 3rd movie, where all of Jumba's other Experiments were discovered. The same things basically happened, only Sparky watched from the sidelines and didn't rescue 627, and 627 busted Lilo out before he could be cut in half. 625 was activated, and will play as one of the key Experiments in this revision, along with 626. This story starts when Lilo and Stitch the series starts, only instead it's Lilo and 627.

I hope you enjoy the story that is to come, and if you don't, there's other stories to read. Now, turn the page to the first chapter on the story of What if?