Chapter 1: 625

"625!" I hear blubber butt shout. I grumble and pull my pillow over my head. "625! Did you not hear me?!" he called out with his booming voice. "Oh no, I heard ya, I just chose to pretend I didn't" I reply. He growled and picked me up. "Hey, Hey, Hey! I'm trying to sleep here!" I yelled at him. "I don't care, you need to start pulling your weight around here!" He ordered at me. He dropped me to the floor and handed me clear container. "Follow me! We're going hunting".

"Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! You expect me to win against 627?" I said, a bit fearful. Trust me when I say he's the last experiment that I'd like to dance with. "I expect you to help. Or else no sandwiches for a month!" I froze. "What! For a month?! Now that's just cruel!". I watched as he put on his blaster belt. "Cruel or not, I haven't been paid for a month. And I can't lose another job". I threw the container on the floor. "Trust me, big guy, your career is the last thing on my mind!"

"Then how would you feel if I kicked you out if you couldn't help me further on with my job? Would save me the trouble. And money!" he argued. "You're not going to kick me out! Then you'd really be a loner. Besides, you like my egg salad sandwiches too much". I finish smuggly. "Maybe. But if you don't help me catch an experiment by the end of the day, then it's your career that you should be worrying about". He walked past me towards the elevator. "Wait, your serious!" I said. "Well, look at you! Finally getting things done!" I said, trying to get on his good side.

"At least when you get fired, you won't go down a complete moran". He growled again. I yawned. I followed behind him as we headed towards town. Low and behold, guess who's already there? "Gantu!" the little girl called out, pointing at blubber face. "Sorry stupid head, we beat you to her!" 627 said. "Oh well, you heard the guy, now let's go.." I began to say before I was interrupted. "No! We're taking that experiment!" Gantu said shooting at 627.

"625! Make yourself useful for once!" He shouted. 627 gave me an evil smile and took a breath. "Oh no! I'm not getting into this!" I shouted. Too late. He was already breathing fire at me. I look to my left and quickly grab a nearby table and use it as a shield. I felt the heat, but the table was working. When it stopped I looked up, and dodged a punch. "Hey! Leave me out of this!" 627 just laughed and kept trying to hit me, being his evil self.

Gantu chased after the little girl who ran off with the experiment. I dodged another fire blast and jumped on a nearby building. 627 followed in suit. 'Man, this is getting annoying!' I thought. I ran as he kept trying to take me down, I yelped as a ice blast nearly hit me. "Awe, come on! That's not fair!" 627 just laughed. I ran until I bumped into Gantu. The little girl ran past us as 627 froze us together. "Ya!" she shouted. They left us with a wave after that. Gantu hopped us home, as one leg was caught in the block of ice.

"So, that went well. What do you say you go back out there and show them who's boss, eh?" I asked. He didn't answer. I reached for his blaster in his pocket and began to blast the ice. "AH!" he screamed. The ice broke, but we both were covered in soot. "Eh, I can always take a bath. I'm going to go make a sandwich" I said. I reached for a knife, but was picked up. "What, hey!" I was carried to the door and thrown to the ground outside of the ship. "625, I have no more patience for your games. Unless you have an experiment, you're not allowed back into my ship!" "Wha.. Hey!" I called as the door slammed shut.

I banged on it a few times, but only heard him walk away from the door. "Great. Just great. Was made purposely by a mad scientist, seen as a failure at birth, and get thrown out onto the streets!" I ranted. "You know what? I don't need you!" I shouted "I can live happily and have a good job without you!" I called out. "Just me, myself, and I! Do you hear me?! Me, Myself, and I!". There was a bang at the door. I huffed and turned away. I don't know why I felt so crushed by this, but I didn't care. If he wanted to throw me away, I'll do the same to him! Just like I did to Jumba.

I walked through the forest until I came upon a small stream. As much as I hate baths, I stepped into the cold water and cleaned the soot out of my fur. "Stupid blubber butt. Who needs him anyways! He snores like a hurricane!" I muttered to myself. When I was finished, I shook the water from my fur and continued towards the town. "Ok, now no one's going to accept a yellow gofer at work, so I'll need a disguise. I could probably nab something from a store or gift shop" I said out loud.

I whacked a branch in frustration, which broke from the tree. "Who am I kidding! I'm a failure that no one wants. Not Jumba, not Gantu, not even the girl whose job is to find people's one true place!" I sat on a rock and crossed my arms sadly. "Is that what you think of me?" I heard a girl say. I looked over to see the same girl who 627 helps. "Well you haven't made any efforts to try and help me, so you can't blame me if I feel a little abandoned!" I say bitterly. She looked genuinely guilty.

"I'm sorry. You're right, I have kind of left you out". I threw the branch with all my might at a tree, breaking the stick, and knocking the tree over. "It's fine. It's not the first time it's happened". She walked up to me and sat down. "Yeah, but it's no excuse for ignoring you. It's my job to make sure all of you find your place". I huffed. "Not to be a negative Nancy, but as you can tell I'm a failed experiment, so good luck".

She just thought for a second. "Well, what do you do instead of what you were created to do?". I just shrugged. "I don't know, make sandwiches?". She snapped her fingers and said "That's it! I know a shop in town looking for a chef!" I looked at her. "A sandwich chef?" she shrugged. "There's no harm in finding out". I sighed and slid off the rock. The girl just stayed there. "Well, are we going or not?" She smiled and followed me. "My name's Lilo, by the way".

"625" I replied friendly. She 'hmm'ed. "So you like to make sandwiches, right? How about I name you...Patty, short for pattymelt?" I reeled back a little. No. "..or, Monte? Like a montecristo?" I plugged my nose, meaning that they stank, and I didn't. "Or Pita-Pita-Sandwich Eat-a! Haha!" she laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, I don't think so!" I replied. "I know! Reuben!". "Huh, the classic corn beef, sauerkraut on rye. Reuben! Oo, I like that!" I said.

We walked into town and people gave me strange looks. "So, uh, should I disguise myself, or?" "Just don't worry about it. If you start to get nervous, people will start asking questions. I don't know why". We continued on until we arrived at a small cafe called "Bret's Lunchtime!". She took us in and asked "Hello, are you Bret?". The cashier smiled. "That I am, now what can I get you?". "Actually, I just saw your hiring sign and have a friend who wants to apply for the job".

She pointed at me. "This is Reuben. He's really good at making sandwiches". I waved. "Uhh, hi?" he asked. I hopped up on the counter. "So, what do I do to get the job?". He seemed surprised that I talked, but didn't go on about it. "Well, the job requires you to be available from 8 in the morning til 3 in the afternoon. You need to be able to cook and clean, and work fast pace". He said. "Well, I'll need to know what I'm cooking, but otherwise I'm open all day".

He looked at the empty cafe and took me to the kitchen. No one was in there and the place seemed dirty. "Alright I'll be honest with ya kid. I'm running this out of my own pocket and have no staff. If sandwiches is all you can make, then I'll take it as long as their good. So, make something that'll wow me". I gave a thumbs up as he went back out to the front. I hummed. "Well, I'm not working in a dump, so I'll clean up a bit" I said to myself.

For the next half an hour I cleaned the kitchen, and made 3 sandwiches. A Reuben, because why not, a BLT, and a Tuna sandwich. I carried the plate out and set it next to him. Lilo was sitting at a nearby table. "Sorry it took so long. I cleaned the place up a bit. Alright, I made a Reuben, a BLT, and a Tuna sandwich. Take your pick!" Lilo came up and took the BLT. Bret took the Tuna. I took the Reuben.

"Wow! This is great!" Lilo said. Bret seemed pleased. "Wow. That's better than my mom's! You're hired!" I smiled for the first time in a while. "I'll need to make changes to the menu, though. What kind of sandwiches can you make?" "Any kind. I like to kind of experiment sometimes and make new kinds". He took note of that. "Well, my work here is done. Let me know if you need anymore help Reuben!". I nodded. "Thanks Lilo!" She waved and left.

I still felt sad, though. I really thought Gantu sort of liked me. So much for that.