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This story will contain ddlg. If this is not something your interested in reading please do not continue to read this. Both Bella and Jasper are above the age of eighteen and are consenting adults.

If your unaware of what ddlg is I have provided a definition below

DDlg stands for Daddy Dom/little girl. DDlg or DD/lg is a dynamic in which one half of the relationship is the caregiver/dominant and the other is the childlike/submissive. It is considered a sub-branch of BDSM, agreed upon by consenting adults. The dominant role is called the caregiver while the submissive is called the little. Opposite gender roles can also occupy the caregiver or Little persona.

There are many misconceptions involving this branch of BDSM. It is not a relationship between an actual father and daughter/mother and son or any act involving a minor, incest, or pedophilia. A caregiver is a parental figure or an influence on the Little. While the caregiver may be the dominant one, relationships of this dynamic require more love, support, care, and guidance.

Everyone's dynamic will be different in some way. Some relationships are sexual, while others might not be; some dynamics involve ageplay while others do not.

Jasper Hale had been a bodyguard practically since graduating high school. This assignment though, seemed too easy for what Chief Charlie Swan was willing to pay. If he was truthful he hadn't been paid this much to watch a single person in over five years meaning the threats against the Chief must be real. He was so terrified for his daughter he had pulled no stops in making sure Jasper took the job. Pulling up to a modest house and stepping out he silently inspected his surroundings before knocking. Instantly the door opened and he felt the chief tugging him quickly inside. At Jasper's raised eyebrows he began to explain.

"I sent Bella out for groceries and wanted to talk to you before she came back home. She's not going to be happy about this and I hate having to do it to her after all she's been through."

Jasper remained silent waiting for him to continue. Looking around quickly he saw a small living room to his left and what seemed to lead to a kitchen on his right and a staircase in front of him leading to what he knew were three bedrooms upstairs. He knew the chief slept on the far left, his bodyguard Devin in the middle and Bella on the far right. He had read the file on Bella but besides learning the basics, it had said nothing else except that Bella was mute and very sick. According to the file an accident three months ago had added a whole new set of health problems that made her father keep her at home most of the time being to afraid to let her out of the house. When the threats started he'd been terrified and there had been incidents were they were in constant danger making him seek out help. After a moment of silence he spoke again realizing Jasper wouldn't.

"She has always been independent but a few months ago she was in a very bad accident that….."

His eyes clouded over and guilt clouded his vision instantly making Jasper's suspicions spike, before his voice got softer.

"She uses her phone or a white board to speak. She used to talk a little bit when she was a child and teenager but was painfully shy. Now she doesn't speak at all."

Jasper nodded having read that in the file and wondered if he'd be getting any new information before his charge came home. Seeing his silence the chief ran a hand through his hair before saying.

"She has pills that she needs to take and a lot of the time she doesn't like to do it. If she is in a lot of pain she won't go for a pain pill until its unbearable. She doesn't like to appear weak and she doesn't want to be dependant on the pills."

Here he stopped and there was a proud look on his face. After thinking for a second he continued.

"You'll be able to tell if she's having a bad day if she's really tired and doesn't want to leave her bed. It's usually because she's in pain but it's also because the medicine she's on have a lot of side effects but mostly they make her tired or nauseous. I keep her on a strict diet and since she's graduated I rarely let her out of the house. It's simply too dangerous. If we have a medical emergency we call Carlisle. He's been a friend of the family for years and Bella and his sons Edward and Emmett have been friends with her since birth. As has her other friend Alice. You'll see Edward and Alice later on today. Emmett is usually busy at work so he hasn't gotten to come around much. The only other friends she has are Jacob a boy from the reservation, I'm best friends with his father as well, and Angela a sweet quiet girl. She's off at college so they usually just text unless she's in town."

Jasper was quiet taking in the new information. This girl didn't have a life of her own at all. Her father seemed to dictate every facet of her life. From what he could see Bella had no say in anything she did. If that had been his life he would have bucked like a bronco and if that hadn't worked he would balk and leave. It must be Bella's condition that was keeping her from doing so. Hearing Charlie speak again he forced himself from his thoughts and tuned back in.

"She has doctors appointments every week. I already called them and explained the situation. You'll obviously be accompanying her and I have special permission for you. This week she is getting an iron drip as she's severely anemic to the point where she has been hospitalized for it and then later this week….."

His voice trailed off and he looked uncomfortable. Waiting patiently for as long as he could Jasper finally prompted him.


Raking a hand through his hair he said.

"She has an endometrial biopsy. I can't go with her because I have work so you will have to go with her."

Jasper's face never changed and his eyes reflected nothing. He simply nodded accepting his duty and waited for Charlie to finish.

"She's in constant danger due to these threats. I can't even believe I let her out of the house today. I'll let you look over the tapes and letters tomorrow when she's asleep. Are the arrangements we made still acceptable to you or have you changed your mind?"

Jasper finally spoke and his voice was calm and he kept his tone respectful knowing that Charlie was under a lot of stress.

"The conditions of the job are fine sir. You have nothing to worry about."

After thinking for a moment he asked.

"Will I be explaining these particular arrangements to your daughter or will you?"

Offering him a silent look he knew he'd irritated him and fought the amused smirk threatening to form on his mouth. Waiting to see if he'd reply he wasn't surprised when he simply turned around and called for his own bodyguard. This was another fact that he'd found amusing. He had gone the basic route for his own bodyguard but hired a specialist for his daughter. This was interesting as most people didn't do that. Hearing footsteps on the stairs he saw a man in his late thirties coming down and stood next to the chief.

Charlie had mentioned that his guard's name was Devin. Devin instantly began sizing Jasper up making him roll his eyes. This had happened many times before and he was used to it but it didn't stop the automatic reflex to someone irritating him. Seeing Devin's blue eyes boring into his Jasper simply waited for him to finish his inspection. He was only slightly taller than Jasper but it was clear he wasn't as muscled or in better shape than he was. His brown hair was speckled with grey and his eyes had a squinty look in them from scowling. Seeing that he wasn't getting the reaction he wanted Devin spoke. Jasper took note that he had a city accent and his voice was gritty.

"Awful young this one. You sure you want him protecting your daughter Charlie?"

Exhaling slowly and looking over at Charlie, he spoke slowly.

"Charlie picked the best of the best."

Knowing that Jasper was more prestigious and skilled than he was and not letting the jab go Devin took a step forward making him raise an eyebrow before Charlie stepped between them.

"Enough boys. Your both professionals. Surely you can get along or at least pretend to because I do not want to see this crap in my house. Clear?"

Jasper inclined his head in acknowledgement before raising his gaze to Devin once more in a challenge. After swearing under his breath he nodded as well to pacify the chief Jasper was told to place his things in Bella's room. After doing so he came back downstairs to continue his converssation with the chief but didn't get the chance. All three men turned hearing a loud backfire in the driveway. Grinning Charlie said.

"Bella's home."

Watching silently as Charlie walked to the door and opened it he waited until he saw him enter his hands full of bags as a thin brunette followed him. Taking a long look to study his new assignment he noted that she was pretty. A little to thin, but that was to be expected since she was sick, but with pretty brown hair and deep chocolate brown eyes. Seeing her raise her gaze to his she frowned slightly and bit her lip before turning to her father questioningly. Folding his arms and fighting the grin he wanted to sport he waited for Charlie to tell Bella why he was here. Hearing an awkward cough he noticed Devin had stepped back to block the stairs which made Bella begin writing on her board. Jasper could see it clearly from where he was and realized Bella had a temper.

Did you get me a bodyguard dad? We talked about this! I don't need one and this is ridiculous!

"Bella this is for your own good and I told you it was coming. Jasper will protect you and keep you safe from harm. This is necessary and there is no way around it. Arguing will get you nowhere so you might as well get used to him being here."

Pausing he said.

"Jasper will be with you twenty four seven. He will sleep in your room and be with you when you bathe. When going to the bathroom he will stand outside and will knock at timed intervals to make sure your alright. If you don't respond I've given him permission to knock the door down."

Bella's face had gone paler than Jasper had ever seen a palette go. He almost felt sorry for the poor girl before he steeled his emotions. It's not as if he wanted to be in the bathroom with her it was a job nothing more. He would protect her until the threat was gone because that was what he did. Seeing Bella write furiously and angling his head to read its entirety he internally sighed knowing he'd have to step in to help her father.

I will not have anyone in the bathroom with me! What the hell is wrong with you dad? You want someone perving on your daughter?! This is stupid and unnecessary and I won't do it!

Stepping forward and holding his hands up when Bella stepped back he said.

"Your bathroom has a window. On four of my jobs I've had attackers break the bathroom window and try to take one of my clients. Thankfully I was in the room and could protect them either before the window was shattered or in two cases before they could make it through the window and hurt my client. I have no desire to 'perv' on you or anything of the sort. I will not be looking at you. I will be protecting you."

His calm demeanor seemed to frustrate her and when she wrote they noticed her hand shaking as she wrote Charlie attempted to steady her hand only to have her jerk away from him in anger.

Board up the bathroom window then!

Pinching his nose between his fingers her father said.

"They could still get in Bells. This is for your own good. You need to accept it because its not changing. No matter what you say or do, Jasper stays."

Bella was silent for a long moment before closing her eyes in defeat. When she opened them Jasper could see unshed tears threatening to spill and try as he might not to he felt his heart soften for the girl. Guilt racked the chief's face and after a long moment Charlie spoke quietly.

"I'm sorry Bells. It's only for a little while. I've programmed your number in Jasper's phone and your's in his so you don't always have to use your board."

Bella didn't speak or make any attempt to respond so Charlie tried again.

"Alice and Edward are coming over in a little while."

Seeing Bella's eyes narrow Jasper knew her fire was back. Writing slowly she finally turned the board up at her father smiling sweetly.

Why? Because you think that they can handle me? Or because your still hoping I'll marry Edward because you insist on playing the bachelorette with your daughter?

Hearing a snort they turned to see Devlin laughing behind his hand and Jasper turned in time to see a small smile on Bella's face. Unable to look a way he kept his gaze on her for a long moment before blinking and forcing himself to focus. Charlie was sputtering in anger and finally snapped and Jasper was taken aback by the anger he heard. Clearly the file had left out a lot of information that would have been useful.

"I am not playing matchmaker. I want you to marry Edward because you've been friends since birth and he's been a constant in your life. He's been in love with you since he was fifteen and he's a good man who can take care of you. You'd be a good match together."

Jasper stood silently watching the exchange and knew instinctively Bella was about to blow. From what he'd just learned he couldn't blame her. It was obvious Charlie was dictating her romantic life as well. If he was in her position he wouldn't want anyone planning his life or choosing his mate. The audacity of her father was completely unrealistic. He may have good intentions at heart but at the end of the day he believed no one should force anyone to be with who they didn't want to be and he knew on some level Bella agreed. He was proven right at her next writing.

I don't' love Edward! Were just friends! And shouldn't Edward have a choice?

Charlie shook his head.

"Love will come later."

After pausing for a long moment he added.

"Edward has loved you for years Bella. I'm sure he'd be ecstatic to be with you."

Sighing in anger she quickly wrote.

Forgive me if i don't take advice from someone who's divorced and you shouldn't presume to know the feelings of everyone around you.

Charlie went silent and Jasper knew Bella had hit a nerve. This time it was Bella's face that held guilt but instead of writing anything she simply headed into the living room seeing Devin blocking the stairs. Plopping on the couch and seeing Jasper sit in the chair adjacent to her she rolled her eyes before leaning back and closing her eyes. Hearing Charlie and Devin putting groceries away he saw a small smirk form on Bella's lips before she winced and adjusted her position. She remained still for a moment before wincing again and this time she exhaled quickly. Watching her closely Jasper's eyes narrowed before he finally asked quietly.

"Are you alright?"

Opening one eye she glared at him angrily which made him shake his head and lean back in his own chair. Picking her head up she studied him for a long moment before picking up her board. After a second she held it up so he could see it.

Look I know it's not your fault your here, but I don't want you here ok? I am perfectly capable of defending myself and Charlie, which makes this whole thing even stupider, and I don't need you.

Lowering the board she raised her gaze to his again and when he didn't respond she exhaled noisily trying to prompt him to speak. Rolling his eyes at her actions he granted her unspoken request.

"Regardless of whether or not you need me, I'm staying."

No matter what right? I really don't have a choice do I?

Shaking his head in the negative he saw defeat crossing her features again. Looking thoughtful for a moment she began to write again finally asking the question that he had known she would.

Why do you have to sleep in the same room as me and be with me 24/7? Devin doesn't watch dad pee and poop and bathe?

Fighting the urge to snap at her he said calmly.

"I said this once before. I will not be watching you go to the bathroom or bathe. I will be protecting you but rest assured my eyes will not be on you. I have no desire to watch you do any of those things."

Meeting her eyes he saw an unreadable look pass over her face before he noticed a flicker of what looked like hurt. Ignoring it he continued.

"Your father thinks you are not well enough or strong enough to face the threats against your family and you need protection. He is making sure nothing can harm you so he wants me by your side so nothing will. As for why Devin doesn't do it for him my guess is Charlie thinks himself capable of battling off whatever may come."

Bella's eyes held fury and he wondered what he'd done now. He understood temper tantrums but she was beginning to irritate him. It wasn't as if he wanted to be here any more than she wanted him to be. It was a job nothing more. He saw her anger fade after a moment before she held up her board once more.

He's wrong you know. I protected him from danger but since it's been made clear I have no say over anything in my life and this isn't your fault, I'm sorry if I was rude.

A look passed between them and he saw a faint pink begin to reach her cheeks before he finally acknowledged her.

"Thank you. Apology accepted."

Nodding as if that settled things Bella leaned back only to exhale in annoyance and grab a nearby pillow. Placing it between her ribs and the couch, Jasper watched her annoyance fade and she closed her eyes again seemingly comfortable at least for a moment. After a long moment of silence Jasper spoke and though she didn't open her eyes he knew she was listening.

"Charlie wanted me in the bathroom at all times. I was the reason that I'll only be present when you bathe. I explained my case well and pleaded for you. He caved on the first, not the second."

Feeling a beep on his cell he saw she'd texted instead of writing. He had seen her arm wiggling and assumed that's when she'd done it.

Thank you.

Leaning back in his chair once more he remained silent. He normally didn't talk this much to his clients preferring silence and just getting the job done but he had felt bad for her once he heard how much control Charlie was exerting over Bella. Or was trying to. Although he had just met her he had the feeling she didn't cave easily to his will. Hearing his phone ping again he looked down.

You really won't peek?

Feeling another spike of irritation go through him he tramped it down and said.

"I won't."

Opening her eyes she looked at him for a long moment before nodding again before they both turned their heads toward shouting coming toward them. Instantly Jasper was in front of Bella and had one hand on her wrist as he placed her protectively behind her and kept his gaze on the door. He could feel Bella's fingers digging into the hand on her wrist but ignored her. Seeing a teenage boy around Bella's age with two duffle bags in his hands and a short girl who had a pixie cut he eyed both warily. They both looked back at him confused and the room was quiet until Charlie and Devin came in. Immediately seeing the offensive pose Jasper was in and Bella behind him he rushed to explain.

"This is Edward and Alice."

Turning to Bella for confirmation he saw her shaking with silent laughter and nodding at her father's words. Releasing her he moved aside before pointing to the bags and asking.

"What's in the bags?"

Looking offended Edward asked what was going on and again Charlie rushed to explain. After introductions were made, Edward began to explain what they had brought.

"We know Bella's got doctor's appointments this week and we won't get to see her much so we've got a ps4, and xbox, we got movies and snacks. Charlie said we could spend the night and Carlisle agreed."

Looking over at Jasper he said.

"Nothing dangerous. Promise."

Jasper didn't laugh as Edward obviously thought he would and he fell silent before joining Bella on the couch. Alice had followed and done a high jump on the couch jostling both Edward and Bella and though her friends were oblivious to her pain, Jasper was not. Moving to his original spot he watched the group and it didn't take long to see that Charlie was right. Edward clearly had feelings for Bella and wouldn't mind a little matchmaking. Bella on the other hand just as clearly was coming from a place of friendship. Seeing them setting up the game Alice leaned toward him and asked sweetly.

"Would you like to play too Jasper?"

Shaking his head in the negative and seeing her look disappointed he said.

"I'm on duty to watch for threats."

Seeing her face scrunch he waited to see if she'd further the argument and wasn't surprised when she did.

"But Devin drinks with Charlie and watches baseball."

Jasper couldn't stop his trademark smirk from sliding over his face and he didn't miss Bella's eyes sweeping over his mouth.

"I'm being paid to guard Bella. Not play games or watch baseball."

Catching the dig Devin growled low in his throat and the group turned to see him and Charlie in the doorway. Jasper turned his head pointedly ignoring him and he heard Charlie remind him not to start anything in his house. Seeing Bella reach for a bag of chips, Charlie was instantly by her side snatching it away from her making Jasper raise an eyebrow. Handing the chips to Edward he said.

"Bella you know you can't eat that. I'll make you a salad if your hungry."

Her friends instantly looked apologetic and Edward moved all the snacks into the first bag before zipping it so that no one would eat them. Bella had closed her eyes for a long moment before opening them again and Jasper could see that she looked like she didn't care anymore. The light was gone and she just seemed defeated.

"Bella do you want a salad?"

She shook her head and picked up a controller. On hearing Charlie try again she turned up the television to drown her out making Jasper silently shake his head. It wasn't visible to the rest of them and wanted to keep it that way. He didn't want them seeing that this conversation was making him angry. He could understand how Bella felt and how Charlie felt, but the blatant temper was getting on his nerves. They heard Charlie sigh and move into the other room with Devin on his heels and Bella turned the television down and they started their game.

Jasper could tell right away that the pixie was not the greatest player but had enthusiasm and enjoyed yelling at the screen as if it could hear her, the boy Edward was a terrible shot and Bella had exemplary skills with weaponry. She obviously enjoyed gaming. Hearing Edward swear and wanting to scoff, he saw Bella shake her head in dismay before reviving him for the fourth time in less than twenty minutes. Seeing Edward's gaze flicker over to him, he adopted a blank expression. Feeling the boy's ire, he continued to be silent for two reasons. One, he knew it was annoying him, and two, he didn't have time for his antics. Following Edward's gaze, Alice looked between the two of them as if trying to assess the situation. Finally getting bored she tugged on Edward's sleeve and said.

"You just let Bella get attacked by zombies."

Turning back to the game they played in silence until Charlie announced it was time for dinner. Jasper followed the group realizing as he walked that they ate later than he would have expected. Looking at the table he realized Charlie had placed him between his daughter and Alice and noticed right away that Edward was not happy. Internally rolling his eyes at his behavior, he sat thinking this was going to be a very long job if he was going to have to deal with a jealous teenager along with everything else.

Hearing Alice speaking to him he tuned into her realizing she was asking his age.


It was Edward that spoke next.

"Kind of old to be guarding a nineteen year old."

Jasper didn't bother replying to his asinine comment instead cutting his meat and placing a bite in his mouth. It hadn't been lost on him that everyone was eating a pork dish but Bella had a bigger portion. Charlie was trying to get Bella to gain weight and to get her iron level up. The table continued to eat in silence, and Jasper was the first to finish. Sitting back in his chair after wiping his mouth he noticed Charlie watching him with a puzzled look on his face before saying.

"I've never seen someone eat so quickly."

Feeling eyes on him now he answered.

"I'm supposed to be with Bella at all times. If she leaves the table I do as well finished or not. My job has taught me to eat quickly so that I can remain on guard and make sure my needs are met while taking care of the client."

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Bella writing on her board. After a moment he read.

So if I was finished before you, you wouldn't get to finish eating?

He nodded not speaking. Her face looked guilty and Edward glared at him seeing Bella's expression.

"The clients needs come first."

Alice popped a mushroom in her mouth and chewed quickly before saying.

"Thats real dedication. I bet your an amazing bodyguard."

He said nothing but inclined his head letting her know he heard what she said and appreciated the compliment. The table fell silent again until everyone was finished and Charlie and Devin moved to the sink to do dishes after the younger group had cleared the table. Alice had grabbed Bella's hand and told Edward they were going to change into pajamas and meet downstairs and Jasper silently followed them ignoring Edward's protests about him being in the same room as the girls. Seeing Alice's shocked look as he budged ahead of them, he opened Bella's door and made sure it was clear before stepping aside and letting them in. When they had their clothes in hand he turned his back to them and faced the door but remained hyper aware of every sound and shadow.

Hearing Alice whisper to Bella if he was really going to stay in the room he knew Bella must have nodded as he heard her sigh and then heard the rustle of clothing that signaled them changing. After a long moment he heard more rustling and then Bella and Alice appeared in front of him with pillows and blankets. Reaching into his duffle bag and pulling out shorts and a black t shirt, he grabbed his sleeping bag and turned to follow the girls down the stairs.

He heard Alice whispering in Bella's ear and he wondered how hyper the girl was. It was as if she was on a sugar high or something. After arranging themselves on the floor Jasper laid out his sleeping bag before sliding under it ignoring the looks of confusion he was getting. After shuffling about for a few minutes he reappeared after a moment effectively changed and set about folding his clothes next to the bag before placing himself in the seat across from Bella. He had arranged himself carefully so as not to alert them of the fact that he had a weapon on him but he quickly noticed that while their gaze was on him it wasn't on his torso. Both Bella and Alice were eying his arms.

He was well muscled and had seen many women stare at him before but he noticed Bella's cheeks were bright pink and she had looked away first while Alice was blatantly staring. Eventually he cleared his throat and Alice squeaked before looking away. After deciding on a movie and arranging themselves on the floor inside their blankets, Bella ended up being between Edward and Jasper with Alice on Edward's other side with her feet near Bella's face. The movie eventually faded and Jasper looked around to see the group asleep. Quietly standing up and turning off the television he heard a scratching sound and turned toward the sound. After a moment it passed and he laid back down only to hear another sound. Quickly texting Devin he pulled out his weapon. Approaching the curtains silently he slid it a centimeter out so he could peer out but not be seen and pulled back right away when he saw two men approaching the house. Hearing footsteps behind him and seeing Devin he relayed what he'd seen.

After a moment of silent deliberation Devin admitted that Jasper should stay inside with the group and Jasper had agreed knowing that was what he was going to do anyway. Readying himself by the door as Devin went to the backdoor he heard knew movement and saw Bella sitting up and looking at him wide eyed. Locking eyes with her he whispered.

"Get down. Right now and stay down."

She started to shake her head and he told her again between clenched teeth only to swear when he heard the back door slam open. Knowing it wasn't Devin he quickly ran toward the sound now hearing Edward and Alice's frightened voices as well. Turning back only for a second he hissed at them to get down and they instantly complied. Feeling a body slam his and silently swearing at the fact that if he hadn't turned back it wouldn't have happened he threw the body off of him and began to fight his assailant. Quickly standing up he aimed his gun and fired. Knowing it wasn't a kill shot but knowing that it would stop the attacker he spun again hearing the front door come off the hinges and instantly dove for Bella when he heard a gun cocking.

He felt their bodies slam into the ground as shots rang past them and he swore feeling the bullet graze his upper arm. Feeling her clutching him for dear life he knew she was terrified but when she attempted to touch his arm he couldn't help hissing in pain and she instantly withdrew her fingers and looked at him apologetically. Hearing new shots behind him and Devin shouting he whispered.

"Stay down. Do you understand?"

Bella nodded and he stood up quickly and ran into the fight to help Devin who was struggling against a man twice his size. Aiming his gun once more he saw the man go down instantly, but still hadn't fired a kill shot. Killing was something Jasper had never had to do and would never do unless absolutely necessary. However, that didn't mean he was leaving his charge unsafe. He made sure they wouldn't be able to move or fire again. He took down another and then spun and fired again. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Charlie on the floor with Bella and her friends and knew they would be safe. Spinning again and not seeing anyone else he moved to the door with his weapon still in hand. Ignoring the blood seeping down his arm he scanned the front yard. Seeing nothing he instructed Devin to stay in the living room as he inspected the backyard. The older man nodded and he moved quickly only to internally swear when the back door slammed open as well and two more men came in.

One had a knife he was swinging and one had a gun. Opting to go for the gunman first, he shot twice rapidly and saw the body go down but not before he felt a knife slicing across his ribs. Remembering his training he moved quickly ignoring the blood before kicking the knife out of the assailants hands and shooting him as well. Scanning the backyard and seeing nothing but darkness he quickly ran back into the living room where he saw Edward holding Alice who was crying her eyes out and Charlie holding Bella who was shaking like a leaf. Seeing Devin looking over at him he said quietly.

"We need to get out of here now. Is there a safe place we can go?"

It was Charlie that answered.

"Carlisle's. I'll call him on the way."

Nodding Jasper laid out the plan and after both men agreed Devin moved to Charlie and after hearing Jasper instruct them to pack a bag and get Bella's medication, Jasper walked over to Bella. Helping her stand and feeling her clutch him he bent his head down to look her in the eye and ask softly.

"Did I hurt you?"

She shook her head slowly still shaking. Knowing they didn't have time to waste he waited until the men were back and he quickly moved toward the door instructing Edward and Alice to follow. Doing so silently Jasper stepped out first after disengaging Bella from him. After giving the clear they piled into Jasper's van after he explained all the precautions it had. Charlie had run upstairs and grabbed Jasper's duffle bag as they were going over the plan thinking he'd need it and Jasper quietly thanked him before starting the vehicle. Once they were on the road Charlie called as he promised and Jasper could hear the man's terror through the phone. He had called the police the second they had gotten in the car and as they pulled out of the driveway he already heard sirens coming their way. Feeling blood seeping through his shirt he ignored it and kept driving scanning the roads and his mirror every fifteen seconds to make sure they weren't followed.

Finally pulling up to the house and being ushered inside, Carlisle instantly went to his son and held him tight. Asking if everyone was alright Edward said softly.

"Jasper and Devin saved our lives."

Turning to Jasper they noticed he was flashing a light in Bella's eyes and had handed her a blanket and water bottle from the van. Carlisle chuckled at their confusion and said that he was checking for signs of shock. Bella shook off the blanket before covering her mouth and pointing a shaking finger at Jasper's shirt. Covering the brunt of it by wrapping his arm around himself he turned away and Carlisle quickly took everyone upstairs to a another living room and told Jasper to wait while he got his medical bag.

Turning to Devin he asked.

"Are you injured?"

Devlin shook his head.

"Couple knocks to the head. I'll be alright."

Coming back into the room Carlisle attempted to help Jasper only to have him jerk his head to the older man knowing at once that he'd lied. Sighing in frustration at his stubbornness Carlisle began inspecting Devin for injuries. Bella had moved next to Jasper and grabbed his arm to try and see the damage but he simply disengaged again and moved her hands away. Seeing her grab her phone he heard his ping seconds later.

You could have died saving my life! Please let me help.

Shaking his head he reiterated that he was fine and walked her over to the couch that her father and friends were on before rejoining Carlisle and Devon on the other side of the room. Charlie's phone went off startling the group for a second and he moved away from the couches to take it quietly. Finishing up with Devin, Carlisle turned to Jasper and said.

"Alright son take off your shirt."

Hearing a deep suck of breath both men turned over to the couch where Alice was blushing and Bella was glaring at her. Rolling his eyes, Carlisle turned back to Jasper before noticing his shirt was sticking to him because of the blood and furrowing his brow began to help him slowly. Jasper didn't utter a sound or give any indication that he was in pain. He'd dealt with worse. Staying calm and silent he looked over Carlisle's shoulder to see Edward, Alice and Bella watching then looked to Charlie who was still on the phone but he had glanced over as well. Hearing Carlisle speak he turned to him and told him.


Looking confused at his words Carlisle explained that pain medicine would help him and again Jasper said.

"No. Pain medication makes you sleepy and leaves you impaired. I need to be alert and ready for danger."

Seeing the group ready to protest he stared them down before saying no once more and Carlisle sighed before saying he'd need stitches. Having already anticipated that he said nothing but closed his eyes feeling Carlisle cleaning his wounds. Breathing slowly and deeply, jaw clenching and unclenching tightly he exhaled sharply as Carlisle moved over his ribcage at the deepest part of the cut. The room was silent and even with his eyes closed he could feel eyes on him and it bothered him. He knew that the women would be staring at his chest because it was muscled and well defined and he didn't like the scrutiny. The men would probably assess the injuries and realize just how bad tonight could have been.

Edward's voice broke through his thoughts and he bit his tongue against his natural sarcasm hearing the innocence with which it was asked.

"Does that hurt a lot?"

He shook his head no. This time Alice spoke.

"You bled so much I thought you were going to…"

Jasper opened his eyes and said quietly.

"You don't need to worry. I didn't lose nearly enough blood to die."

Hearing Charlie close his phone Carlisle ended up wiping his arm too hard as he got startled and Jasper bit his cheek hard to keep his mouth shut as pain shot through his arm. After he had finally finished Jasper looked down to see a huge white bandage over his stomach and the top of his left arm wrapped up. Standing slowly and attempting to stretch ignoring Carlisle's loud protests, he began to move his arm as well testing his mobility. Once he was satisfied he looked to Charlie who immediately pulled him and Devin aside to let them know what happened.

"The police showed up about five minutes after we left. They will be in custody and questioned of course. We got all of them and thanks to your quick work they won't be going after anyone for a while. After combing the neighborhood they found their vehicles as well. You both did a good job in keeping them safe and.."

He trailed off for a moment and when he spoke again his voice was full of emotion.

"Jasper thank you so much for saving Bella's life. I've never seen anyone move so quickly in a dangerous situation."

Jasper nodded and Charlie spoke again.

"Its not safe to go home and I don't want to put Carlisle in danger here so I don't know what we will do."

"You'll stay here."

Carlisle said softly as he had been eavesdropping. Charlie shook his head and said that he didn't want to put him in danger and he quickly reminded Charlie that they were probably in danger anyway and they had a better chance of being safe if they were together. Finally relenting he looked around before asking after Emmett and Carlisle explained he was staying with his girlfriend for a few days. Nodding at the information the room fell silent again until Carlisle and Edward said they were going to get sleeping bags and Devin asked if it was alright to get the bags they'd managed to get in Jasper's van. Tossing him the keys, Jasper thanked him before turning back to the women.

Seeing Alice staring again he met her gaze and stared at her pointedly until she let out a small giggle and turned away. Shaking his head he turned to Bella and sat down before studying her face and holding out the water bottle to her again along with her medicine. After frowning at first but seeing his expression she took them silently and drank a little before setting it back down. Charlie had moved over to Jasper's other side and asked.

"How are you feeling kid?"

Ignoring his choice of words knowing it wasn't meant in a bad way he replied.

"I'm fine chief."

Studying him for a long moment the chief responded.

"Well if anything your not going to tell me if you weren't would you?"

For the first time Jasper felt a small smile grace his face before turning his head to the older man.

"I don't lie sir. I have no need to."

Charlie nodded understandingly and they heard the men returning. Reaching for his duffle bag, Jasper quickly replaced the magazine in his gun noticing that Bella was watching him to Edward's chagrin, and after making sure everyone was alright they placed air mattresses on the floor while Carlisle and Charlie took the couches. Seeing a third smaller sofa Devin claimed that while Bella and Alice opted to share a mattress which left two small ones for Edward and Jasper. Setting up next to Bella's side again he began setting himself up seeing Carlisle turn off all the lights. Ignoring the throbbing coming from his rib cage he settled himself carefully before pulling the blanket over him and readjusting his weapon.

Looking around him in the dark he saw everyone in place and turned his gaze to the ceiling simply listening to everyone fall asleep. After looking around and seeing the quiet room he nodded to himself before laying his head back down only to feel a pillow being shoved under his head. Without moving he knew it was Bella. Turning to face her as best he could he said very quietly.

"Thank you Bella."

She nodded and picked up her phone typing quickly before holding up her phone so he could see it to avoid pings that would wake the group.

Thank you for saving my life.

Looking her in the eyes he answered softly.

"Your welcome."