CFB Base Borden, Canada

February, 2010

William was unsure as to why he was to report at noon on a tuesday, usually he would be in class as this time but because of family day the day earlier he was off for the week from classes. He is still a bit peeved at that, south of the border their spring break was actually in spring and not the middle of February, yet still he wouldn't trade his home country of Canada for anything, especially since he lived the first ten years of his life in Britain he knew it was less compared to Canada, he really can't say in what aspects but he just knew.

Yet he still had no clue as to why he is in the waiting room, he had clues. His two friends sitting to his left and right, both air force cadets like him, both in the same program as him, and across the rather large room is his commanding officer. Which scared him, and he could tell his friends as well, Why is the Major waiting with us he kept asking himself yet the only answer that came to him is that all four of them are waiting for people far far above the Major, and they are in the next room.

"Sir" said Mark to his left, this first one to hazard the Major's wrath "May we know why we were called in?" the Major looked up with a thinking look, he looked at all three of the cadets each before answering.

"No clue cadet, they took me from my family as well, only know General Maston called us up" replied the Major, causing confused looks from all three cadets then a slightly smug look from Jordan.

"Shouldn't he be in…"
"Washington" finished the Major. They all knew General Maston was the head of all research projects, including classified ones, a few years ago until he was transferred to the pentagon of all places. Rumor going around the air force is that he along with the Americans were working on the next generation of fighters. Jordan, the top marks on in simulators and a good pilot outside smugly thought they must be here to get new blood into the new fighters.

Then to the three cadets' right a Lieutenant-Colonel opened the door, whom was from the US air force of all places, William and the Major noticed. The three cadets stood and saluted the officer, because he wasn't a Canadian officer they didn't have to but William figured it was best to cover all bases as for Mark and Jordan they only figured anyone in uniform already outranked them. As for the Major he walked toward the Lt-Col and shook his hand.

"What we doing here... Davis?" asked the Major noticing the Lt-Col's name on his uniform.

"We're here for these three cadets mostly and you as their commanding officer is needed for any questions" Stated Lt-Col Paul Davis "Cadets. Major. Please follow me" as he turned around and entered the room followed by the Major, William, Mark, and Jordan.

What they found there threw all four of them for a loop. Starting from left to right was a man in a suit that no one knew, General Maston, General Michaels the Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the man in charge of the entire Air force, a blonde woman, who from what William recalls from the bird on her uniform is a colonel in the US air force, and then Lt-Col Davis who sat to the right of the full bird Col. All four walked forwards and offered a crisp salute mainly to the man who outrank nearly every person in the entire Country.

"Stand to gentlemen" Said General Michaels. The four relaxed, well the Major did, the cadets were still on edge.

"Now we are here due to a couple of papers that you three boys... let's call published, a few months ago" said General Michaels.

The three cadets were wide eyed they tried to suppress their surprise, but failed. The paper the the General was talking about was a fun side project the three had done. It started after a rather long night of drinking and a Star Wars marathon. It began as usual watching young Anakin and then by the time the Death Star blew up they were just drunk enough for Mark to say aloud "What idiots did they put in charge of defending it" in which William replied "I could defend that station better than they did!" and responding Mark said "And I could design something better than a god damn globe!" "Well why don't you?" asked Jordan, who was on the verge of passing out. And so they did.

By the end of the last movie Jordan was passed out, yet Mark and William were going over the basics of what they thought space combat in the sci-fi setting of Star Wars should really look like. By the time the two fell asleep it was five in the morning and they had a paper a little over a hundred pages long. When they woke up and realized what they did, they all read it and had a laugh. Then Jordan posted it on the internet for laughs, and it blew up. Over the next couple months whenever the three got together they usually had conversations about how a much better the paper could be and eventually they did another more refined, un alcohol influenced, paper. Then later just William and Mark wrote one up on space battles using technology either available or what they figured would be available in the next ten years, unlike Jordan, William and Mark were in line to get aerospace engineering degrees so they knew one or two things about orbital vehicles and bleeding edge technology. So they wrote how space battles and ships would be designed using the rather advanced technology they figured would be available in a few years. That one wasn't as well received as the previous two so they figured their five minutes of fame had run its course. Now they were here facing the highest ranking person in Canada and for a joke. They had no words.

"What paper?" asked the Major looking at the boys with the confused look.

"Care to explain?" asked the US Colonel

Hesitating at first, and looking to his friends William was the one to respond first, and the two others were relieved. "Three papers we wrote... six months ago and posted to the internet for fun"

"Go on son, what was in the papers?" said General Matson

"Sir they were a detailed list on what space battles should look like and how spaceships should be designed… in Star Wars" replied William

"We're here for Star Wars?" asked Major even more flabbergasted

"Sort of, Major we were hoping for you to answer a couple of questions about your cadets here before we get started with them" said the US Colonel again

So they did. A couple questions about how they were in training, and how they are as soldiers. What messed with the people from the US a bit was how both William and Mark were in a program that got them a fast track for aerospace engineering from the University of Toronto and not a military college. But after it was all done the Major was thanked and dismissed, then the three cadets answered questions for half and hour about themselves and their life.

"Well now we were wondering who wrote what in the paper exactly" said General Matson coming back to the paper.

This time is was Jordan who ventured out first "Well I helped out in the second papers for the suggested designs for fighters and pointed out any problems when these two had questions of what a pilot might need"

Next was William "I wrote mostly about how battles should be carried out, the use of fighters and different classes of vessels, I also helped in vessel designs" Said William trying to make it seem more professional by excluding it was about space combat and even more so it was fiction.

"And I mostly split the designing of vessels and fighters with Wil… Cadet Cole. And also wrote it up" said Mark slipping with saying William instead of using his last name. mainly to the fact that they are talking about a fictional designs for a fictional universe.

"Alright Cadets can you give us a minute to discuss this?" asked the suited man. So with a crisp salute the three left the room and collapsed into the waiting room chairs.

"What the hell are they talking about the papers for?" asked Jordan, William and Mark only looked at each other, each knew what the other was thinking.

"You think?" asked Mark

"There's no other explanation…" replied William

"You gonna tell me or keep it to yourself?" asked Jordan

"They is a small chance that we may have stumbled on something classified when writing our paper…" said Mark

"Star Wars?" said Jordan dumbfounded

"No the one without you"

"What you actually think you used classified tech when you were designing your space ships?" said Jordan

"Overlord…" mumbled William


"Operation Overlord was the name of D-Day in WW2 a few years before actual D-Day a teacher who wrote crosswords used words like Overlord, Utah, and Omaha all names for beaches on D-Day and the name of the operation itself. Leadership thought espionage but it was just a coincidence…" explained William

"Some bloody coincidence. How exact were you with your future technologies?" said Jordan

"Nowhere near close actually" came the voice of the US Colonel who they found out was named Carter, the three rose quickly and saluted her.

"Now I want to thank you Cadets for being quite forward. However after deliberation all we were looking for was Cadet Cole, and Cadet Campbell, Thank you Cadet Fergeson you may go home to your family" said Colonel Carter looking to Jordan who peaked at his friends before walking away.

"Can you two come back in" said Carter when they both entered General Michaels was gone and Davis was also missing.

"I need you two to sign these non-disclosure agreements and we can get started" said the suited man, who they found out was a representative of Canada working at the Pentagon, a Mr. Jack Harp. William and Mark looked at the hundred page non-disclosure agreement and signed it where ever Mr. Harp said to. They figured why not, they were going to be lifelong air force so they knew if they ever said no they wouldn't get another chance for a long while.

After it was all signed and done Colonel Carter smiled and took out a radio and said a few words. A beam of white engulfed the two Cadets and they were in a different room with only Carter in front of them. Surprised they looked around and when they turned around they saw the planet Earth below them. They were in space.

"Cadets welcome aboard the USS General George Hammond and it is time for you to learn about the Stargate"

USS General George Hammond, Geostationary Earth Orbit

A few days later...

William and Mark were in a conference room aboard a spaceship. That fact didn't go unnoticed by them but it was but a single microcosm of a massive division they they had learned about across their spring break, it was friday now and they only had two days before returning to class.

"Look at this, the Asgard are still alive" said William turning an issued laptop for Mark to see

"They are Vanir, I read it, they are abducting humans in Pegasus they're the bad Asgard. Have you seen what kind of power these plasma beams put out?" said Mark

Since they came aboard and they realized the massive undertaking that it would take to read through everything they decided to split it up, William would look over all the races, planets, and factions that the SGC had come across and Mark would look into the technology available and known to humanity or rather Tau'ri.

"Yah... these Asgard really gave us amazing things, I hope we don't screw ourselves with the tech we got" said William

"I say the same thing to myself nearly everyday" came the voice of the commander of this vessel, Colonel Carter. The two Cadets rose and saluted her it had been the first time since coming aboard that they were in the same room as the legendary Carter now that the two of them realized how many times she along with General Jack O'Neill, an archaeologist of all things Dr. Daniel Jackson, and an alien Jaffa Teal'c have saved Earth and the Galaxy at large, the two Cadets knew they were in the presence of a legend.

"Please sit" said Carter sitting at the head of the table

The two Cadets sat down and attempted to clean their admittedly messy clothes, they were very much focused solely on reading reports the past few days.

"Now any questions?" asked Carter

"Ma'am I was wondering why we are here. I am aware we had done a good job at thinking things out in terms of space battles and spaceship design but I'm sure you have tonnes of people a lot smarter than us" said Mark with William nodding his head

"Well you give yourselves to little credit, while we are aware in how our ships can be upgraded, quite a bit of your suggestions in design for fighters and ships have made us reconsider how we build our ships, an example is right behind you" said Carter pointing to William who was at the other end of the table, turning around they saw the window and looking down, the Earth

"Windows" said William remembering how he wrote extensively in the papers how actual windows on military spaceships was an idiotic move and if they wanted to see anything outside they can use a monitor instead of having a weak point in the armour.

"Exactly while our shields are of the second most powerful known we have had multiple times when they were either close to collapsing or have gone completely, we are looking into adding battle mode shutters on all our current windows and replacing the tactically important ones with holograms which will give us the same thing. Also given that our fleet will be expanding greatly soon due to the Beta site coming online with its seven Daedalus sized ship construction bays we will need people who can use large ships in a three dimensional battlefield instead of the usual two we have had on Earth" Said Carter looking to William with a smile.

"forty-five , seventy-three long" said Mark referring to the possible coordinate system that William suggested in all three papers in how to determine where in space an enemy ship is compared to your own. The basics of this is based on straightforward being 0 degrees and straight aft being 180 degrees on the level the ship is built in, then finding where the ship is in the up or down directions is determined the same way, then a third word is called, incoming for a ship being in optimal weapons range, short for being close to entering optimal weapons range, and long for being really far our and the chance of a weapon hitting before they could take any action being basically zero.

"Exactly currently we only say a ship is entering weapons range when it is at optimal range and not when we could really fire and possibly get a hit. Said range really only is determined by the sensors officer, Marks the sensor operator on the Hammond currently has it at around three hundred kilometers, yet the one on board the Daedalus who usually battles Hive ships has hers at over five hundred. While its a mixed bag depending on the enemy and I am sure after you are acquainted with the possible enemies we will be fighting we can come up with an even better designation system than Cole here has come up with" said Carter

"So what will happen to us? We got class starting up in two days" said William looking to Mark then Carter

"Well really designing aircraft to work in atmosphere is all well and good but when a ship two miles long can easily enter an atmosphere and just float there it kinda doesn't matter unless we're building actual fighters" said Carter

Doing a quick conversion to kilometers, like a civilized person, Mark said the first thing coming to mind "An Aurora Class Battleship" he said. Turning to William who had a confusing look on his face "An Ancient Warship" Mark clarified "if I remember correctly you've only come across a couple of them intact" said Mark looking the Carter

"Yup the Aurora was beat up however we had the Orion, we know the Travelers have one, and the Tria, who we are currently in the middle of salvaging" said Carter

"Wait you actually have one of these ships?" said William

"Well the Hammond is currently taking on supplies for the long haul to the void, we will be taking a piggy back with Atlantis when it returns to Pegasus, We will be fixing her up and hopefully bring it back to the Alpha Site for a full study" said Carter

"Your gonna tear it apart?" said Mark with an accusatory tone until he quickly got ahold of himself and added a "Ma'am"

"It's alright our best experts in Ancient technology will be taking it apart so hopefully we can put it back together and use it after we learned everything we can from it" said Carter

"So if our aerospace engineering degrees don't mean much unless we're working on fightercraft we have no reason to go back" said William looking at Mark

"Yes while you have done all of the theory work behind airplanes, dynamics, fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics your pretty much got what is really needed when designing fighter craft now that we have all new engines and technology which makes things like inertia irrelevant. Which is why we're giving you the chance to either continue your education or come work for Homeworld Command we really have no actual qualifications as long as you can deliver we are happy to have you, as well as since your officer training only has flight coordination left and I'm sure none of you were ever in it for actually flying airplanes we can quickly graduate you and give you the ranks of Second Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Air Force as well as a commission" said Carter

Giving a quick look to each other they both said "we're in" to a smiling Carter

The Tria, Galactic Void


After a quick trip of ten days Atlantis arrived at where the Tria was cataloged to have been set adrift after the Ancients aboard left for Atlantis and subsequently died. With Carter, Zelenka, and Mckay the Tria was going to be strapped with an Asgard hyperdrive built solely for this use, the design of the hyperdrive was meant for the O'Neill class battleship and as such it was designed for a ship half the size of the Tria and a quarter of the mass. So through rough estimations it would take a month for the intergalactic hyperdrive to bring the goliath that is the Aurora class battleship to orbit over the Beta site where a specialized dock was being prepped, and by specialized dock it means a flat landing pad with equipment on all sized to take the Tria apart and study the most advanced warship in millions of years of known history.

"Im telling you we need to remove sections 15 and 16 to get the drive to fit" said McKay to the gathered people on the bridge of the Tria

"And what? remove hundreds of tonnes of a perfectly working warship, what if we lose something valuable" said Shepherd

"We're not gonna just toss it we're gonna load it up on the Hammond to bring it back with the ship" replied McKay

"And why don't I just toss you" said Ronon walking in front of McKay with his imposing figure

"Why do you care if I remove some of the ship?" said McKay

"This is an Ancient Warship if your people can understand everything that makes it tick we can really whip the Wraith around" said Ronon

"Which is why we are not gonna remove anything from the ship we just need to work around systems and sections we know nothing about like sections 15 and 16, and we either remove sections with technology we know about or have back ups" said Carter bringing up an internal view of the Tria and highlighted an area at the back of the ship but opposite to 15 and 16

"The stasis pods" said Zelenka seeing the writing in Ancient, they had yet to setup the program that turned all the Ancient into English onboard the Tria

"What that's only half a section we need at least one and a half sections to get the thing to fit" said McKay

"Why can't you just let some of it stick out?" ask Teyla

"And what remove dozens of square meters of hull?" replied McKay

"Look here right at the back" said Carter manipulating the console to show the back of the vessel "We can scrap out this drone bay and expose it to space, they were empty to begin with and it won't matter in the long run we got twenty more such drone bays across the ship"

"That may work…" said McKay going back to his tablet manipulating the simulations on it and ignoring the rolling eyes of everyone else in the bridge.

Elsewhere on the Tria

"This is amazing" said Mark looking around him

"It's another corridor we've seen plenty aboard the Hammond, then Atlantis, now here" replied William walking next to him looking down at his tablet. The two have been thick as thieves since they came aboard the Hammond, they were the youngest people on the Hammond crew and because of that only a few onboard really decided to hang out with them, then when they got to Atlantis they were the youngest there as well, asides from Teyla's son.

"You have become so jaded to this it is still amazing" said Mark

"Yes the largest and most powerful warship in unknown millenia and yet it didn't stop the loss of the war for its builders and plunging an entire galaxy into a ten thousand year dark age"

"What has gotten you all sad?" asked Mark

"This ship I've been going through its capabilities since we've come aboard, it should be able to take on dozens of Wraith Hive ships and their Cruisers alone, yet the ship in its forty year history only managed to nab a little over a hundred ships" said William

"A hundred ships?"

"In forty years Campbell it's ridiculously sad" said William, now that they were commissioned officers and on an actual assignment they gotten use to using their last names to address each other, especially because Marks is the name of a senior officer on the Hammond and William was to tired of being directed to the bridge whenever he asked where Mark was.

"So what? This ship is a battleship, battleships are meant to be escorted by dozens of other ships" said Mark

"Actually it's official class is a Command ship" said William turning to his tablet which was connected to the Tria showing the Ancient writing to Mark

"I can't read that!?" said Mark "You can read Ancient?"

"Spent the days on Atlantis figuring it out, they have got quite the teaching program in there, meant for kids but still. The problem is conversions of units and different names for different technologies" replied William

"Ya well whatever" said Mark as the came to the makeshift cafeteria onboard the Tria. Getting their lunches the two sat at an empty table.

"What differentiates a Command ship from a Battleship?" asked Mark digging into his blue jello

"No clue, all ship captains are Commanders even if they are responsible for only their ship or an entire fleet which is weird" said William still going through the database on the Tria, specifically the warship sections

"Well what else other than this hulk do they got as ships?" asked Mark

"They got the Battleships, Cruisers which from what I've read we actually seen one of em built by the replicators" said William "A destroyer, a science ship, an exploration ship…"

"Really? Only three different classes for war?"

"Well they didn't have the population to waste for fighter pilots after the plague nearly wiped them out and I can see how they wouldn't want to use automated fighters due to the Wraith getting one" said William. "On Earth, if we exclude carrier ships we really only have cruisers and destroyers, battleships were a long ago decommissioned classification"

"Hu… any other ships?"

"Well they got city ships and… Jesus"


"I need a better translation this transport ship is apparently an average of 6 kilometers long" said William

"Jesus why would they need a ship that big?"

"No clue, they probably use it to store stuff they don't want stored on a planet"


"I don't know man your trying to make me try to think like a race millions of years old, could be just extra resources, could be tonnes of antimatter, no clue"

"6 kilometers full of antimatter?" asked Mark wide eyed

"Now that would be an interesting explosion" replied William with a smile

"Howdy Cole, Cambell" said a man as he walked up to the two friends with his own tray of food

"Crater, how's it going?" said the William calling the 302 pilot by his callsign. Something to do with a missile not being attached right during one of his training flights, it had nothing to do with him but the crater in the runway still got him in the end.

"Goin good nothing really to do but workout" replied Crater

"And you will be working out for the next week as you head back to Earth on the Hammond" said Mark

"Ya really hoped we gonna be heading to Pegasus, always good dog fighting against Wraith so I'm told"

"Always with the hot shots these pilots, hopefully Jordan can get in" said William referring to their friend who had not been privy to the truth about the Stargate.

"Ah yes this Jordan, I'ma hope so too, so I can shoot his ass down in simulators and show him hes got nothin on us" said Crater pointing to his pin showing the words F-302 with the fightercraft above its name.

"Well let's hope so, someone eventually needs to shoot him down, his ego just keeps getting bigger" said Mark

"Well getting our commission before him sure knocked him a few notches down" said William smiling still looking at his tablet

"What you looking at there Cole?" asked Crater

"Going over the Ancients idea of a battleship" said William with distaste in his voice

"What it's not a powerful ship?" asked Crater

"No it is, can take anything we probably could throw at it head on, but when Daedalus and Apollo were fighting the Asurans getting one of these things caught with its pants down was a death sentence" replied William

"Well they still got the drones so that's a plus" said Mark

"Ya well I'm still not sure where they get the drones it's like the ZedPM's we have no clue how they built them and sadly they are the most advanced tech the Ancients had" replied William

"Well eventually we will figure it out, we always do…" said Crater who had been with the SGC before it was Homeworld Command

"Hopefully soon these things are amazingly useful, with enough ZedPM's we can get a supply chain to the Dest…" trailed William

"What you find something?" asked Mark

"I need a better translator for this" replied William getting up and heading out the cafeteria in a run/walk.

Well that was the first chapter of hopefully a good story. Really I'm picking somewhere in the middle of the 1st season of SGU I won't be changing anything about SGU and focusing mostly on what else is happening with the SGC. My OC will be having an equal amount of writing with everyone else after this chapter, I'm just setting him up here. So let me Know what yall think.