017. Naked



Her people — Grounders, she heard Clarke speak the word once before — thrived during war and conflict.

Bloodshed was never the answer for her.

That's why it was best to remain neutral, living in the trading post with her father, being emotionally distant at all costs. Niylah didn't plan for Clarke Griffin — the girl who fell from the very stars.

(And she doubted the Commander had either.)

Crevices of light slit through the woolen material draping over Niylah's makeshift window. She feels a light nudging of Clarke's fingertips down her back, over the black tattooed patterning.

"What's it mean?" A hoarse murmur.

Niylah's teeth sinks into her bottom lip, her stomach roiling. She rolls over determinedly, facing the other woman and kissing her, licking in a slow, sure pace into Clarke's groaning mouth.

Her red-tinged hair smells and tastes like dirt. But the hair below Clarke's waist, covering her mound comes off as a pleasant, strong musk of a scent, as Niylah lowers herself between Clarke's bare legs, smiling thinly and licking deeper into her.

Grounders understood the tattoos. And Clarke Griffin is not of her people.

At least, not yet.



The 100 isn't mine. I won't lie... my heart will forever be Clexa, but I like how the show doesn't force Nilarke to be Clexa's replacement. Niylah completely respects the love Clarke has for Lexa, even after she dies, and is there for whatever Clarke needs. JUST BECAUSE SHE CARES THAT MUCH! It's so sweet. They're their own ship! And I'm a multishipper so I don't have too many NOTPS to be honest. Anyway, any thoughts/comments would be deeply appreciated! Thank you!