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Tags: oral sex (cunnilingus), masturbation, cumming on/outside vagina, drawings of naked body parts, voyeurism

Some time ago, Ga Eul had gotten the bright idea to ask Yi Jeong if he would draw her portrait.

So, of course, he had taken that as a challenge to draw her in the nude at every opportunity. At this point, she'd seen everything from the erotically beautiful to the downright perverse.

She'd never admit it, but she liked all of it.

Though she wondered if it made her too vain of a person—that she liked it because it made her feel like a sexy goddess or one of those Greek heroines whose bodies were carved in marble...

She liked feeling like a sexy goddess.

Today, Yi Jeong was reclining on a chair at the foot of his bed, sketching a close-up of her vagina.

As such he'd been making her spread her legs for far longer than she was used to and holding the lips of her labia apart at intervals.

Every part of her lower body ached, some from actual pain and others from...well…

"Sunbae?" Ga Eul raised herself up on her forearms to get a good look at him.

"Hmm?" Yi Jeong murmured, ridiculously focused on the pussy he was drawing instead of the real one in front of him.

"Um...I'm getting kind of dry...down there. From the air, you know. Could you help me, please?"

"Don't you know models are supposed to remain perfectly still and silent?" Yi Jeong continued moving his pencil. "You're breaking my concentration."

Ga Eul glared at the hint of amusement on his face.

"Aren't models also supposed to be compensated for their time and effort?" she muttered.

Yi Jeong raised his eyebrow at her. Setting his sketchpad down, he remarked, "Hey. What did I say about being quiet?"

Raising her bare foot, Ga Eul pressed her toes into his chest, pushing him back a little.

"What did I say about compensation? You're supposed to at least make me wet." She dropped her voice to a sultrier tone on the last statement. Dropped her foot as well.

"You have your hands."

"But your tongue is wet already. I need to be really wet."

Yi Jeong gave her a smoldering look as he got up from his chair and leaned over her.

"Be careful what you wish for, Ga Eul-yang." He blew over her folds, and she shivered.

Looking him in the eye, she replied, "I know what I wish for. Now hurry up before I start telling people you leave me unsatisfied."

He scoffed.

"Liar. Do you even talk about our sex life with Jan Di?"

"Well, n-no. But—"

"If you don't say anything to your best friend, I doubt you'll be saying anything to anyone else."

"I'm going to post it on a forum. Anonymously."

"Then you'll be vehemently attacked by my fangirls."

"Only the ones who haven't slept with you," she quipped.

"Hey. Quit saying nonsense."

"Then quit teasing me. Please, Sunbae," she pleaded. "I need you." Pouting, she brought her leg up again but this time pressed her foot right where she knew his member to be beneath the layers of his dress pants and boxers.

"So needy," Yi Jeong reprimanded and carefully removed her foot, but he lowered his head and gave one long lick upward through her folds. Then another, then another, mercifully. Ga Eul sighed from relief and laid fully back down on the bed as his mouth dove into her pussy, his tongue massaging her walls thoroughly. She couldn't stop her hands from automatically tugging on his hair as he covered every inch of her mound with his tongue, then circled her clit slowly but firmly a few times. Her body grew hot despite being completely exposed to the cool air in his bedroom. She wanted him to keep going and going and going, drawing be damned.

Pulling back, he commented, "I'm almost done." She thought he sounded out of breath—regretful—but maybe that was wishful thinking.

A few more laborsome moments passed by.

Finally, Yi Jeong appeared satisfied with whatever he'd set down on paper and flipped the drawing around so she could see.

It was, indeed, a very detailed sketch, no crease in her folds unnoticed it seemed. A faint patch of the hair she kept neatly trimmed was visible surrounding the fleshy opening.

"I like drawing you," Yi Jeong remarked, though she couldn't be sure if he was talking to her or her vagina.

"That's nice. Now I demand payment." She kicked her foot out again from where it rested on the edge of the bed. "You tease me too much."

"Oh, don't worry. You will get paid," Yi Jeong said, wrapping his forearms around her legs and pulling her bottom to the edge of the bed. "Time to eat my favorite pussy." Kneeling down, he slid his hands up to her naked breasts and immediately set to work kneading them. He dipped his face down until it disappeared between her thighs, and she felt the slow roll of his tongue against her clit. She clenched her legs around his head, desperate for the sensation after an eternity of him staring at her and doing nothing.

"Mmmm...Sunbae...oh...oh...oh...ahhhhh..." Ga Eul moaned as her body slowly built up to its peak.

She'd been such a good model.

She fucking deserved this.


Clasping his hands in her own, Ga Eul rubbed his face harder. She gripped his hands tighter and tighter as the tension in her body burned her up.

She was sweating by the time she squirted in his mouth, and when he lifted up his face to rest his chin on her abdomen, she could see the evidence of her arousal dripping from his lips.

He took a few deep breaths before wiping his mouth on her stomach. She liked how he basically used her as a towel for her own juices.

"How was that?" He gave her a cocky grin. "If you need more, just tell me. After my tongue's rested a few minutes. Your pussy's very demanding."

"Modeling is hard work, Sunbae," Ga Eul mumbled. "I have a right to be demanding."

Yi Jeong laughed, his chin trembling against her stomach.

"Do you wanna model some more?" Yi Jeong kissed her hip bone.

"Right now?"

Yi Jeong rubbed her tingling nipples with his thumbs.

"I wanna watch you touch yourself."

"I don't think I can cum again so soon."

Yi Jeong kissed her belly button.

"It's so I can cum, silly."

Ga Eul's cheeks burned.

"Oh...Oh, okay."

She let Yi Jeong remove her legs from around his neck and watched as he further removed his pants and his boxers, revealing his half-hard cock.

Instead of laying down on the bed as she thought he might, however, he remained standing at the foot of the bed.

He fondled his ball sack with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. The veiny member grew before her eyes, and despite being completely sated, her mouth watered.

"Touch yourself," Yi Jeong reminded her. "Touch your breasts."

Ga Eul circled her fingertips around her nipples.

"Like this, Sunbae?" she asked, unsure if he wanted her to do something specific.

"Yeah. Like that. Now pinch your nipples. Good."

Ga Eul pinched and squeezed her nipples. She trailed her fingertips up and over and around her breasts. She cupped and massaged them, growing more bold with each encouragement from Yi Jeong that what she was doing was so good or so hot. Then she drew a line from her clavicle down the valley of her breasts down to the fringe of hair directly above her pussy. She stopped at her clit. Even though she was still pretty sensitive there, the look on Yi Jeong's face when she pressed into her clit with her index finger spurred her to keep exploring herself.

"This is really, really hot," he said as she dipped one finger into herself and traced her own swollen lips. She brought the finger up to her mouth and sucked on it.

Yi Jeong kept stroking himself. He looked to be fully erect now.

"Keep sucking your fingers," he implored, stroking faster when she did so.

She took the fingers of her right hand out of her mouth and stuck the fingers of her left hand inside. She circled her nipples with her right hand's wet fingertips until they grew to hardened peaks again.

Yi Jeong's cock head was an angry reddish-purple; she wanted to thrust it inside her mouth instead of her fingers. Glossy beads of pre-cum leaked from the tip.

"I want to cum on your pussy," he said.

"You're not inside m—

"Not in your pussy. On it. Is that okay?" Yi Jeong grunted, his face taking on a pained expression. He was rubbing himself in a strained motion, like he was holding back for her now.

"Yes, it's fine." She spread apart her pussy lips with her fingers. Spread herself wide open for him. She hoped he could see her hole. "Just aim it right there, Sunbae. I'm ready for you."

"Okay. I'm...I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna...fucking cum all over your c-cunt." Yi Jeong stuttered over the last words as his ab muscles tightened, then convulsed. He sprayed ropes of hot, sticky cum onto her skin, aiming so that most of it landed on her cunt. A few drops shot onto her lower abdomen; the rest of it clung to the trimmed tufts of hair that were already damp from her own juices.

Yi Jeong leaned heavily against the bed when he finished, his eyes closed, his breathing erratic.

Ga Eul thought she should feel disgusting covered in the sticky mess, but she actually liked being covered in Yi Jeong's cum. It gave her a power trip in an odd way.

"I'm going to, um, get cleaned up," Yi Jeong announced when he'd recovered somewhat. "Just stay there a minute. Don't move."

"Oh. Can I—"

"Don't move. Just don't move," he said, giving her a hand motion to stop, and disappeared into the bathroom.

So much for her power trip.

Now there was nothing to do but lay there in Yi Jeong's sex juices.

Though, again, that made her feel oddly...sexy.

Bad. Like a true bad girl.

Like Yi Jeong had merely ogled her breasts and her cunt, and it had caused him to cum.

He had masturbated to her.

Okay, now that gave her another power trip.

"Great. You haven't moved," Yi Jeong said, nearly stumbling over an armchair as he rushed back in, wearing a clean pair of underwear. He snatched his sketchbook back up and settled himself into the chair at the foot of the bed once more. He pulled the chair closer to the bed so he could see her private parts more clearly.

"What's happening now? I thought you finished your sketch," she said.

"I did. I'm doing another one. In fact, I just got an idea for a series. Now hold still." He moved his pencil over the page, and she guessed he was sketching an outline.

"Well...how long is this one going to take?" she asked. Power trip aside, she honestly did want to clean herself before everything dried.

"However long it takes," Yi Jeong said in that distracted tone he had whenever he'd hit upon some glorious new idea that made him oblivious to his surroundings.

Well, maybe this was her fault for dating an artist.

The following week, Ga Eul sat between Yi Jeong's legs on his bed, studying the new drawing he'd just handed to her. Well, three drawings really, meant to be viewed in a certain order of succession and all on the theme of her pussy.

'Ga Eul's Pussy in Three Parts: Before, During, and After' was the name of the series.

One like the drawing from the previous week; one with the lower half of a penis inserted, it's balls half-hanging off the edge of the picture; and one stretched wide with a trickle of cum dripping out of it.

"Sunbae, aren't you supposed to be working on pottery?"

"I have to draw whatever my muse tells me to. Can I help it if that's what she makes me want to draw?" Slipping his hands under her t-shirt, he cupped her breasts and squeezed them. "I can do these next."

"Only if I get paid again."

"I think that can be arranged."