Room of Intimacy

Musically inspired by Ludacris ft. Trey Songz "Sex Room" ;)

Mid- Day Metropolis

"Back to Hades, foul beast!" Wonder Woman yelled as she stabbed a 3 headed demon.

Superman smirked. "That's my girl..." he said under his breath.

"So do we just let Wondy handle the rest?" Shazam asked.

"Yeah... I mean...we are just here for clean up and make sure no one gets in her way," Flash said taking a sip of his latte. "Did anybody else want one?"

"I can go for a pizza or popcorn," Cyborg laughed.

Shazam then looked at Superman who was mesmerized watching Wonder Woman's every move. "Supes is so whipped!" He laughed, patting his shoulder. "Smoochie! Smoochie."

Superman glared and pushed him. "Shut up."

"He's been whipped. The very first day we all met, dude was about burn a hole in the middle of my head for just saying hi," Green Lantern said.

"Uhh...from what I remember, you called dibs and was acting like a perverted creep."

Green Lantern side eyed Flash. "Not helping! You want this guy to go laser eye berserk on me!"

Flash shrugged. "You set your self up to getting you ass kicked."

"If you boys are done chatting, this demon needs to be transported back to which it came, Lantern."

"Really? I get singled out?"

"You are the primary clean up guy," Shazam snickered.

"Shut it, kid. You are taking a little field trip with me anyway. Now let's go."

Watch Tower: Briefing Room

As Batman and Cyborg were discussing...something Superman had no interest in, he stared over at Wonder Woman with a smirk. And it was if she knew he was staring and sexily crossed her legs. Yeah, the others were making fun of him but in all seriousness, he was in love and was proud.

He leaned over to whisper in her ear. "I have a surprise for you at the Fortress."

She smirked. "Really? Can't wait..."

Fortress of Solitude

"So I took a whole week off and I called Sharon to get the week off for you too. I also got the League to hold down for us."

"What?" Diana questioned surprised "Kal, what did you do?"

He smiled. "Come on, I'll show you."

He led her to a room she'd never seen before.

"You built another room? You are quite the handy-man, Mr. Kent. Very good with your hands."

The door slid open and they walked in.

"Surprise!" He said happily.

Diana tilted her head and slightly frowned confused. "Kal?"

"Yeah, Di?"

"Where is the surprise?"

"This is it."

Diana looked at him still with her confused look. "You are kidding, right? This looks just like our other room."

Kal smiled. "But it's not."

The door slid closed and automatically locked as the room started to change into a more romantic setting.

Lit candles appeared, the bed changed to burgundy satin sheets and a soft romantic melody started to play.

Diana gasped. "How? did that just happen?"

Kal chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind and kissed the side of her neck.

"Welcome to our Room of Intimacy, Diana."

She closed her eyes for a moment and moaned softly as he continued kissing her neck and shoulder.

" did you do this?"

"Well we can fly to anywhere in the the universe but I thought that maybe I should bring those places to us and we can stay in the comfort of our home." Kal smiled as the room changed in an instant to the setting of the night sky full of stars and the moon.

Diana smiled amazed.

"I have access to futuristic tech...a virtual reality that can stimulate all our senses and transport us anywhere in the universe. It changes to whatever we want. Whatever sounds we want can come from it too." Kal trailed his hands slowly down Diana's sides. "Smells blossoms or incense...whatever you want."

"Darling, you know not only are you quite the handy-man but it's so sexy when you get into your scientist mode." She turned around in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Kal smiled. "You've been looking amazing all day, and you really got me pretty anxious."

"I can see...and feel that," she smiled seductively.

"I have you all to myself, here for a whole week. I'm going to take full advantage making nonstop love to you."

Diana giggled. "A whole week? Non-stop? What about food?"

"Well...we will have small breaks. Keelex will have the food transported in from the door. Take a nap to get reenergized and there's a built in bathroom with a huge shower and tub."

"Wow, you've really thought of everything."

"Of course! Everything has to be perfect for my Princess." Kal reached for the zipper of her bodysuit. "Now let me get you out of this. You won't need any clothes for days."

Kal undressed her and himself. He picked her up bridal style and gently laid her down on the bed.

"I was wondering if you can handle what I have planned tonight...?" He asked jokingly.

Diana smirked. "If that's a challenge, you know I accept without a doubt."

"Which makes me ask another question, should I be worrying about if I can handle you?"

"Well...Kal, there's only one way to find out and we have 7 days to do so."

Kal grinned cockily. "Damn right."

Kal kissed down her body, giving extra attention to her sensitive spots. Using his tongue to mark her, he left passion marks as if claiming his territory. Diana couldn't help but to let out a soft laugh and moan loving the feel, encouraging him on.

Diana was Kal's fire cracker and Kal using his tongue, sparked her up. It would take Diana being trapped at the center of the earth's heat for an entire day to make her sweat, but Kal was determined to push to their limits and make her sweat with their sexual work out tonight.

The room soon was filled with Diana's melodious voice as the moans constantly formed on the depths of her throat, her body squirming as Kal's fingers moved back and forth and his tongue lapped over her clit, sending the most delicious sensations through her body, sensations that were unknown to her mind, sensations that at that very moment she had come to love. Grasping a handful of the burgundy sheets as her toes curled, the beautiful Goddess arched her back up from the bed and shook her head, hopelessly.

So much heart was rising within, the knot in her lower stomach tighten as the fingers moving inside of her increased its speed yet everything collapsed as Kal's teeth slightly grazed over her bunch of nerves, making her throw her head back onto the pillows placed under her head whilst her orgasm sent a rush of pleasure through her entire body.

Kal ran his tongue along the moist slit, a hot quiet breath escaping from his throat.

Amazing? Pleasurable? Beautiful? Diana didn't know the exact words to describe the feelings waving through her blank mind, in fact feeling Kal's tongue entering her source of heat was making her sink her teeth down on her bottom lip. Soon enough a pleased sound slipped past Kal's lips, making Diana blush in process. Gods, how could he be so shameless?

Letting her body fall back onto the mattress, Diana parted her lips apart as from in between haggard breaths were released.

"Diana…" Kal whispered ever so low, as his eyes fluttered shut and for Diana's surprised she was completely loving the pleasure expression made by the latter. How could be a man so perfect?

"Kal…" She breathed out, as her hand pressed onto his chest, nails soon grazing over.

He moved gently, hands touched, and lips met. They let the heat increase slowly, wanting to drag out the moment until they couldn't take it anymore. Their bodies meshed, fitting together perfectly while chests heaved against each other. Friction increased tension, setting all their nerve endings on fire, every touch felt like a jolt of electricity.

Diana's eyes fluttered closed, wanting to feel nothing but him inside her. This wasn't want, it was need. She needed him.

Kal slowly slid inside her wet slit deep and hard. His lips found hers once again and she breathed a muffled moan into his mouth. She then threw her head back again into the pillow.

"Gods," she moaned.

She gripped Kal's back, digging her nails into his skin. Amazingly, he doesn't stop or even falter.

"Oh… my… Gods… Ahh…." she screamed, digging deeper.

When Kal plunged back into Diana's core, he couldn't help but feel it wasn't enough. So he adjusted himself, and slammed back into Diana, catching her by surprise once again.

Steadily Kal increased the intensity of his thrusting, knowing he's reaching her hilt at every thrust, making her climax time after time. He held his breath as he felt Diana's walls clench around him. Diana felt her toes curl, as Kal continued pounding through her orgasm.

Kal then put his hands around Diana's waist, flipping her over and entered her from the back. She moaned his name as he hits that sweet spot… over and over.

"Kal… Ka… Clar… CLARK… Oh, Beloved…" she moaned into a pillow, grabbing fistfuls of sheets and covers.

Her moans are soon drowned out by Kal and the sound of skin slapping repeatedly.

Kal smirked, relishing in this moment as he gripped her ass, ramming into her over and over, making her climaxes overlap each other. When Diana couldn't hold up her body anymore, she sunk to the mattress.

Kal flipped Diana back on her back and lifts both of her legs putting them on his shoulders. He gave her a mischievous smile, letting Diana catch her breath. Both their bodies now glistening in a sheet of sweat.

Diana now had a death grip of the sheets, her mind still blank, when Kal raised her leg higher and sped up. She felt herself come for what seemed like the millionth time. She didn't know exactly how long they had been going but it felt hours and Kal was still no where near stopping. He wouldn't stop until he had her in every position he could possibly think of...