Later that evening

The evening has begun as Enjolras started to prepare for their next protest. Despite many people were against activists, he still wanted to be the voice of the people who weren't heard. Unfortunately, there are people who were dismissing their plans, as both Eponine and Grantaire were just slacking at the back-room couches.

Meanwhile as Enjolras were addressing the Amis for their next plan for the strike, the drunk Eponine blurted out that will surprise most of them.

"Your plan stinks!" Eponine shouted at their leader. Enjolras whipped his head at Eponine, glaring daggers as no one has ever dared to say that to him except for Grantaire.

"What did you just say?" he just stared at Eponine, despite at the middle of his speech for their next protest. Eponine just laughed with Grantaire as they both have their bottles of beer on their hands. Jehan shushed them as both of them, still chugged the beer.

"Why are they so drunk at this hour? It's just 7 pm?" Enjolras then now looked at Jehan. Jehan just shrugged at their leader's question, prompting him to get the bottles out of his friends' hands. Many bottles of beer were scattered on their table. But still, Jehan tried to get the bottle held by Eponine.

"No— Jehahhn," Eponine lazily getting the bottle despite her drunken haze. Unfortunately, she just slumps her head on Grantaire's shoulders, while Grantaire still nursing the bottle of beer in his hands.

"How many bottles did you drink? Grantaire?" Jehan asks politely to the two. Grantaire just counted numbers in his hands and showed his two hands. The blonde man just shook his head at his disbelief. He thought to himself, why did he have these two in the Amis? He just motioned Jehan to get back to their meeting when suddenly, Eponine stood. To their surprise, she walked towards Enjolras. She put her hands on her hips and pointed his finger to Enjolras.

"You need someone who really is part of the underprivileged," she says, they were in awe, especially Enjolras, since he never expected her to be in her senses despite being drunk. "I am part of them," she added as she manages to stood straight but Combferre assisted her to sit on a nearby chair.

"Then what do you imply? Miss?" the blonde asks, walking towards Grantaire's friend.

"It's Eponine, blondie," she grins as she points her thumb on herself. "I can help-" she almost said something but pukes in front of Enjolras. Luckily, he was not too near on Eponine's puke.

That's the day, where Eponine and Grantaire won't remember, when Eponine has slightly cracked the marble man.

The Amis just hid their laughter but Courfeyrac laughed so hard he can't hardly breathe, while Bossuet bit his tongue while laughing next to Courfeyrac. Enjolras just shook his head in his disbelief. He almost chuckled but Combferre looked at him as it was not common to him to be laughing at these certain situations.

Returning to his stoic stance, he hid his smile with his hands. "I'm out of words." Enjolras thought to himself. Looking at Grantaire, he was still succumbed in his sleep. Not disturbed by the sudden commotion. That man he is, he muttered to himself. Walking towards the drunk man to wake him up.

Marius rushed beside Eponine as Jehan assists Eponine towards the washroom. They heard sermon from Jehan as a doting motherly figure to Eponine. "Eponine, what were you thinking?" Marius brings out a towel as Jehan washes it with water. Jehan did not mind where did Marius get the towel but still he squeezed out the excess water, he damped it to Eponine.

"You shouldn't be drinking at this time, Eponine," he worriedly says as he carefully damps the towel on her face. "You reek, Ep." Jehan jokes at Ep as the woman was slumped helplessly on the floor. She's enjoying her sleep, he thought.

"Hey, Marius, do you know where Ep lives?" Marius was startled with Jehan's question, pocketing his phone.

"I think I know it somewhere since I've already been there," he said. "I've resided there not for a long time. It was a nasty place, to be honest," he added. Not long after his explanation, Enjolras then peeked in the washroom. "I know it's so rare to be doing this but, I can walk her on the way home as long as you help me Jehan with Grantaire," Enjolras offered, placing Grantaire in a nearby chair.

"I can help too!" Courfeyrac answered followed by a series of Me, too from the Amis.

Jehan was confused with his sudden request. However, this was really a rare sight for their marble man to be like this. "I think it's better that it's just the five of us." Jehan decided. "You've brought your car, Marius?" he then asked the preoccupied man focusing on his phone.

Marius bobbed his head on Jehan's question.

"Let's go Ep, we're getting you home," Jehan put Eponine's arms on his shoulder as they went outside of Musain.

Eponine has slightly regained her senses, but when she heard the word 'home', all she wanted is to fall asleep forever and never go back to her so-called home.