Violet Haired Teachers

Protagonist: Ayane Kakinozaka

Guest appearance: Rin from Senran Kagura

Genre: Romance/Drama

Disclaimer: I do not own Asa Made Jugyou Chu (See Me After Class) or Senran Kagura or any of its characters.

Ayane Kakinozaka. 20 something years old and working as a teacher. She's been working for quite a while, getting along with the other teachers and such. She lives a happy life doing her job properly.

One day, it's break time and most of the teachers are in the break room and Ayane is on her way to get her lunch.

The other teachers are sitting down, eating and chatting while Ayane is serving herself some food. However, when she turns around, she accidentally bumps into a woman that has the same colored violet hair, but has a bit sexier office lady outfit that consists of a white buttoned shirt, short blue skirt that shows off her legs more, black thigh high stockings with garter straps that are attached to a garter belt around her waist underneath her shirt, plus some red high heels.

She watches the female teacher's back and then goes back to the table eating her food.

What's with her? she thinks to herself. Maybe she's in a bad mood?

She can't figure it out, but whatever it is, maybe that female teacher is just having a bad day.

The day goes by without trouble, which is normal, but surprising for Ayane. She has never seen that woman during the rest of afternoon. She decides to talk to one of her colleagues to see if they know that woman. However, just as she is about to turn a corner to the teacher's lounge, she hears some female teachers talking and decides to hide to listen in.

"Oh, her?" one woman says. "You mean, Rin-sensei? Yeah, I know her. She's usually in a bad mood after going out drinking late at night."

"Really? Oh, how'd you know?" her friend asks.

"She never tell this but...lately, she's been going out with only women," the one woman whispers to her friend. "I know this because there aren't any men that she's with whenever she goes out. It's strange, but true."

"How many do you think she's been hanging out with?"

"Lost count."

Ayane looks down at the floor, clutching the class log in her arms. Only women? She must love women very much then. Considering that the mystery was solved on why she's in a bad mood today, she wonders if Rin would ever lay eyes on her? By the looks of it, she looks about 10 years older than her. But then again, age might not matter to her since she's been going out with women young and old it seems.

After getting everything done, she packs everything and heads toward the girls' dorms. It's been a long, but wonderful day for her, except for bumping into Rin and then finding out her interest in women. Surely, she has got to make up her mind somehow. For all she knows, this teacher rejects and then finds new women to hug and kiss all day if she wants. And probably...make love?

"Wh-why am I thinking of those things!?" Ayane whimpers, shaking her head roughly. "It's not like...I love her! I don't even know her!"

She starts running towards her room, however, she comes to a halt as she sees a bag near her door. A briefcase to be exact.

"Huh? I don't recall someone coming in my room," she says. She opens the door and her baby blue eyes widen at the sight of the same exact woman sitting on her bed, reading a book. "Eh...EEEEEHHHHHHH!?"

"Geez, so loud," Rin says.

"Wh-wh-wh-what in the world!?" Ayane points a shaky finger at her.

"Hm? Oh, yeah. I requested to move in with you," Rin replies.

"And why!?" the younger violet says. "I hardly even know you! Is that why, uhhhh...y-your bag is out there?"

"You could've brought it inside."

"More importantly, why would you even make such a crazy request!?"

Rin puts the book aside, stands up and casually walks closer to her, making Ayane back away a little until she bumps into the wall.

"Wh-what is it?" the younger violet haired woman asks. "I asked you..."

"I know," Rin says, smiling for the first time. "The reason why is...I like you. And...I want to go out with you." She tips her chin to her level, making Ayane blush heavily.

"W-we just can't just go and confess something like me!" Ayane protests.

"And that's a problem because~?"

"Y-you weren't being very nice earlier."

"My apologies," Rin says. "I'm sure you've heard from some people, but hangovers from me drinking result me in a bad mood."

She leans over to kiss Ayane, but the younger violet quickly pushes her away, shocked by her advances on her.

"Wh-what are you doing!? I...I just said we just met!"

"Ah, yes. I haven't gotten your name, yet, cutie~!"

"C-cutie!? Now you're calling me cute!?" Ayane exclaims.

"May I have your name please?"

"It''s Ayane Kakinozaka! Now get off me!"

Rin does so and giggles. "Then, Ayane-sensei. My name is Rin. Pleased to meet you."

Ayane pants as she just looks at the older teacher, standing in front of her, who has now become her roommate. How and why does it have to happen to her?

After a few minutes of regaining her composure, she and Rin work together to unpack a few things from Rin's brief case and a few boxes that Rin packed. Thankfully, there weren't a whole lot, but it was still work and Ayane is exhausted right after. And just in time, it's supper, so Ayane rushes toward the door when Rin takes her by the hand, surprising the younger violet.

"Why don't we go to the cafeteria together?" she offers.

Ayane feels like she has no choice and nods reluctantly. "I guess so..."

"Great, let's go."

Leading the way, Rin takes Ayane, holding her hand gently and firmly all they way towards the cafeteria. But when they step foot inside, every girl and woman's eyes are on both of them, making Ayane blush in embarrassment. She turns toward the older teacher.

"Th-they're staring. Let's just go eat!" Ayane whispers loudly.

"Hey, I know that teacher!" one student says. "It's Rin-sensei, right?"

"I didn't know she's with another woman. Do I know this young woman?"

"It doesn't ring any bells. She's not my teacher."

Ayane looks around nervously as Rin links arms with her. "Wh-what are you doing!?"

"Sticking close to you," Rin replies. "There a problem?"

"Yes there is!" Ayane says. "We barely know each other!"

"We can if we stick together like this~"

"Th-this is even more embarrassing!"

The two teachers get their food and head over toward a table that's completely empty, making it satisfying to Rin. Ayane's face is tomato red for at least the rest of supper, stealing glances at the older violet and eating quickly because this is so new to her. First she becomes her roommate, then she gets really clingy with her. Has she done this with the other women she went out with too? Why would she be so carefree and have so very little regard for the women that came before Ayane?

By the time supper ends, the two teachers head back toward their dorm room. Ayane still cannot get used to the fact that she now has a roommate who is 10 years older than her, and is a teacher too. She has to let off some steam somehow.

"I'm going to take a bath!" Ayane says as soon as they head inside.

"Oh, okay." Rin says as she sits on the bed. "I'll be waiting."

The younger violet haired woman quickly strips her clothing and heads to the bathroom, closing the door behind her. She quickly fills up the warm water and gets in as soon as it's filled up and washed her body with the hose. She hugs her knees as she looks up at the ceiling. She still doesn't understand anything about this woman, mostly about her and those women she supposedly dated in the past. Most of the questions that are on her mind are floating around like a river as she keeps on staring at the ceiling. Then, she lets out a soft sigh as she slumps down just a little so that her mouth is in the water. This is just too much for her. She really needs a rest to think things through.

When she gets out of the bath, she wraps a towel around her, dries off her hair and opens the door to see Rin sitting on the bed, reading a book again.

"Hey…the bath is ready," she calls.

Rin closes the book and looks in her direction, her eyes looking up and down at her appearance. Ayane's hair, her magnificent body and her I-cup breasts just half-exposed. The young violet haired woman realizes this and covers her chest.

"J-just where are you looking!?" she whimpers.

Rin just smirks and she stands up and walks toward the younger violet with Ayane backing away a few steps.

"I haven't gotten dressed yet," the younger violet haired woman says. "Take a bath already."

"I will in a second," In an instant, she gently wraps an arm around Ayane's waist and pulls her closer. She could swear her towel is slipping right about now.

"What are you doing!?" Ayane squeaks.

"What's it look like?" the older woman says. "I just can't help but get attracted to your good looks." She tips her chin to her level. "And besides, we're roomies now, so I can look at you all I want~" She gives Ayane's breast a good grope. "Oh, my~! So big and soft! They may be slightly bigger than mine, but I could care less. We're about the same in breast comparison anyways."

"R-Rin-sensei…" Ayane shuts her eyes tightly at the groping, but the older woman pulls her hand away and peers closer to her, her red beautiful eyes gazing at her baby blue ones.

"I won't let you get away this time," Rin coos.

Ayane opens her mouth to speak, but is silenced by Rin pressing her lips against hers. Her baby blue eyes widen in shock as she can no longer move for a second just from the surprise attack. The kiss is somehow passionate and gentle as their lips brush against each other and keep on kissing until Rin pulls away, leaving Ayane falling on her behind, panting in exhaustion to catch her breath. She slowly raises her hand to her mouth as Rin just grins at her.

"Thanks for the treat~" she says.

The older woman then leaves for the bathroom with Ayane just sitting there, still shocked about what happened.

"What...was that!?" she gasps.

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