Chapter 12

Is This For the Best?

A couple weeks went by. I still kept my feelings to myself as I watched Rin-sensei and Kenichi-san bond. Little by little. Though, she's hard to read from her stoic expression, I felt she was trying to force herself. Her mother must have been very specific on that engagement. But…after all this time of trying to be away from her…her mother "found" her by sending this man over to confirm the engagement. I don't think…I can take much more of this…

"Ayane-chan, are you okay?" Suomi asks as she leans in close to the younger violet.

"Eh…?" the younger violet lifts her head up from it resting on her hand with her elbow on the desk.

"You're spacing out again," Hiroko says as she comes to the other side of her junior. "Is it about that Kenichi guy?"

"No, no, no," Ayane says, shaking her head. "I'm fine, really. It's totally okay."

Mizuho comes out to check on her senior as well. "If you need anything, let us know, okay?"


I can't tell them. It'll hurt even more if I reveal to them about what I'm about to do. At least…not yet.

Love is a wonderful thing. But being forced to fall in love with someone else is wrong. Ayane knows that and so should Rin's mother. But…in this situation, it's like there's nothing she can do. If she were to do this, then she'll have to figure out how to overcome it.

**Rin's P.O.V**

I hate it. Hate it. Hate it….hate it all. Kenichi, you're so kind, yet…how can I explain to you that I'm already in love with someone else? Especially if it's the same gender? I still can't believe Mother would even do this, after what I told her and did to get out of her life. Now, she lays this on me?

Rin's mother is very selfish. She can hardly stand her making decisions for her ever since day one. And now she made her do this in order to properly replace her mother to lead the company, "Suzune Industries". Manager and Assistant manager. And since she refused for so long, her mother decided to take the last resort: set up an arranged marriage. And there's no way she can talk her out of it.

"Who cares if I'm a disgrace to the family if I refuse?" Rin says to herself. "I'm also human. I can make my own decisions."

"So why don't you?" Jun says as he walks over with two drinks in his hands, and sits by her on the bench.

"Mother's a very, very strict person," Rin says. "She'll have anyone do her bidding."

"So?" the handsome man says as he sips on his drink. "It's not like she'll be in your life forever."

The older violet sighs. "Why did you agree to this? If you didn't want to marry me, then you should've told Mother yourself."

"She insisted on it. She told me she'll reward me with all the money she could give me if I marry you. Which will lead to us being able to pay for the wedding and honeymoon. And moreover, manage her company."

Rin lets out another sigh. "That's a stupid reason. Which is why I wanted to get out as fast as I could so I could avoid her. I've been ignoring her calls and texts all these years, to avoid her demands for me to manage her company if she's unable to."

The two fall silent for at least 5 minutes, looking up at the clear sky at the courtyard they are in. Jun smiles a gentle smile and puts his hand on hers.

"Listen, if things don't work out with your mother, I'm still happy to marry you," he says. "Besides, you've opened up a little during those couple weeks. And we're like a couple too."

"Yes, but I'm still not…feeling it."

He raises his hand to gently caress her cheek to turn her head to face him. "I'm sure whatever your heart tells you, you should go for it. There will be a time when you need to stand firm. I don't agree to this whole thing either…but for now…let's just play along…okay?"

Rin sighs. "If it's for the best…"

The two lean in and share a kiss.

I'm sorry, Ayane. But whatever happens…I'll always love you.

**Ayane's P.O.V**

Ayane sits alone at the teacher's lounge that afternoon. She's still as spacey as ever. Grading some worksheets slower than usual, being slow at teaching homeroom and so on. She's just a mess. And to make matters worse, Rin hasn't been showing up to their shared dorm room more than she could count. It's been 2 weeks and she's still seeing that Jun guy. Maybe Rin's mother IS pretty strict about it. No questions asked.

Suomi and Hiroko have been worried about her. Every time they ask her if she's alright, she'll say she's okay. But deep down, she's not. Ever since she found out about the engagement, she's been acting really depressed. They tried to cheer her up, even with Suomi's cheerful personality, but none of it seemed to work. Ayane is still out of it.

And now they are hiding behind the doorway, seeing the younger violet have her head down on the desk, her face not showing.

"I'm really worried about her, Hiroko-chan," Suomi says.

"So am I…" the redhead sighs. "But…there's nothing we can do to lift her spirits. She's really loves Rin-sensei and I don't blame her."

"Jun-kun isn't an evil guy, it seems." Suomi says. "But why would Rin-sensei want to take him? Doesn't she love Ayane-chan?"

"I'm sure she does," Hiroko says. "But remember: her mother. If she ever finds out about it-"

"Screw that!" Suomi shouts. "Screw all of it! Her mother is a joke! That's all I got to say!"

"I wish I could say the same…" Hiroko sighs again.

Just then, they see Mizuho walk over toward the younger violet and gently shake her.

"Oh, I didn't know Mizuho-chan is still here," the blonde says.

"Maybe she decided to stay as well. Let's go, Suomi. There's no helping Ayane right now."


The two wives walk away, hand in hand. Hiroko looks back with a worried expression and then turns straight ahead.


Ayane scoots back and stretches out her arms. "Thanks, Mizuho-san. That was tiring." She looks out the window to see the sun is already setting. "Oh, my! I didn't know it was this late."

"Well…we did work our butts off," Mizuho says as she picks up her bag. "Anyways, we better get to the dorms before it gets too late." She turns to the side, blushing. "But…if you don't mind…"

"Hm? What is it, Mizuho-san?" Ayane tilts her head in an adorable confusion.

"Well, I've been seeing you not looking well." the younger red-head says. "So, I thought maybe…I can invite you…to my room?"

Ayane hesitates for a moment. She doesn't want to be depressed forever. She has to get over it somehow. And Mizuho seems to be the right person. She doesn't know why. She's been coming to the dorms alone almost every day and Rin hasn't been showing up.

"I would…love to," Ayane replies with a smile.

The next thing I knew is that I found myself in Mizuho-san's room and being told to wait a bit. And then…it seemed as though a goddess has come down from the heavens…

Mizuho comes out of the closet, wearing a pink short night gown that shows her bare shoulders and long legs. Her hair is also let loose from her usual pony-tail. The younger red-head blushes and rubs her thighs together while fiddling with her hands.

"S-so…um…how do I look?" she asks, shyly.

"You look wonderful," Ayane compliments. "That actually suits you, Mizuho-san."

"Thanks…" Mizuho softly giggles.

"I think I'll go get changed as well." Ayane says as she stands up to go to the door when she is stopped by Mizuho gently, but firmly grabbing her wrist.

"Y-you don't have to. I mean, we're in this room right now. So…you can just go in your underwear if you wish…"

Honestly, that's not a bad idea. Ayane nods as she begins to strip off her office lady outfit until she is left with her pink underwear. Mizuho is amazed by how large Ayane's breasts are compared to hers. They were enormous!

"Something the matter, Mizuho-san?" Ayane asks.

"O-oh, it's just….y-your chest…"

"What about my chest?"

Mizuho looks again to see those melons jiggle at every movement. "N-nothing…" How in the world does she have a body like that? Moreover…how does Rin get that body as well?

The two walk over to the bed. They aren't tired just yet, but it's nice to sit next to each other in silence every now and then. Mizuho looks over at Ayane. She's so cute and beautiful it's hard to ignore her. Her long beautiful violet tresses, that perfect curvy body and that cute face of hers. It's been a while since Mizuho first came to the campus. And being with her senior gives her confidence in teaching. Since then…she developed a crush on Ayane. It's true. She didn't want to admit it earlier, but her first love is with Ayane Kakinozaka. She can't help herself, really. And now that they are alone, she wonders if it's alright to outright confess to her. She keeps glancing at the younger violet, wondering whether or not she should tell her.

"Something the matter, Mizuho-san?" Ayane asks as she brushes her hair behind her ear.

The younger red-head takes a few deep breaths and looks up at her with determination. "Ayane-sempai…I-I have a confession to make. Ever since I transferred, you've been capturing my heart over and over again. It's just…so wonderful." She gently takes her senior's hands in hers. "What I'm trying to say is…I'm in love with you, Ayane-sempai!"

"E-EHHHHH!?" Ayane squeaks.

"It's true! I didn't want to admit it until I was sure of my true feelings. And then…I wanted to find the right time after I confirmed them. So please…will you go out with me…Ayane-sempai?"

The younger violet just stares at her junior with her mouth open. This is…not real, is it? Mizuho-san really…loves me? Ah, that's right…she didn't know about Rin and I's relationship when she transferred. But….

Ayane looks at her again after glancing at the floor. Mizuho is waiting patiently for her answer, giving her a little smile.

But I'm in love with Rin-sensei. So, should I reject her? No…wait… A flash of Rin being with Jun appears in her head. Flash after flash of her being with the handsome young man, and Ayane looks down at the floor again, head hanging low. Rin-sensei should be with the one she should love. After all…her mother ordered her to. And there's no way for me to convince her to call off the engagement…let alone reveal our secret. And if that happens, I'll never see Rin-sensei again. So…maybe it is for the best…

"Ayane-sempai? Are you…crying?" Mizuho asks.

Ayane sniffles and smiles weakly. "I'm just…so glad you feel that way about me. Yes…let's…let's go out together…."

The next thing I knew…we kissed. Sure it's different than Rin-sensei's but…I have to do this. For our sake of our relationship…and for my depression to go away.

Mizuho lies down on the bed when the lights go out and Ayane is on top of her, caressing her cheek. They are nervous, but…they know they have each other's consents, nodding to each other and then going at it.

It feels like time just flew by…or maybe it just stayed the way it is. But we touched each other like we've never touched before. It feels wrong…it's so wrong, but…I…I can't bear to see Rin-sensei go with Kenichi-san.

After what it seems like hours, they are fully naked, under the covers, hands intertwined. Ayane looks at Mizuho and both teachers share loving gazes. They nuzzle each other's noses and share a brief kiss.

That's right. If Rin-sensei's mother insisted on this engagement…then, there's no hope for me. All I got to do is…move on. And find someone new to love. And that person…is Mizuho-san.

"Are you crying again? What's the matter? Did I hurt you or anything?" Mizuho quietly panics.

Ayane doesn't say anything. She shakes her head and hugs her tightly. She wants to forget about this whole thing already.

I'm sorry, Rin-sensei. I'm sorry…Mizuho-san. But…this is definitely…for the best.

A/N: PLEASE don't be mad! Please don't be mad at this! Ayane and Rin WILL remain a pair! Sure it's a bad decision on Ayane's part, but I thought it would work for the drama. Plus that, Mizuho hasn't had a huge role in there, so I thought I might do it here.

H-have a nice day!