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" She left, Sarah! She left me in this all alone." Charlie Swan explained with rage. No matter the anger he portrayed, he was heartbroken, Sarah Black could tell. She knew that Charlie had loved Renée. Sarah loved Isabella, she loved her like her own daughter." Charlie, you're not alone. We're in this together."

Sarah Black is my god mother, but she's more like my real mother. I never knew my mom, and Sarah always treated me like I was one of her own daughters. My dad and I loved each other, and we got along fine, but I spent most of my time in the Black house. And while I was at the Black house, Charlie was at the station. He was pronounced chief of police for his hard work and devotion, but I think the real reason he spent so much time there was because he had no idea what to do with me. He was a good person, and I knew that he loved me, but he was out of luck in the parenting department. Seventeen years had gone by and poor Charlie still had no clue what the hell he was doing when it came to me.

I had woken up to the obnoxious beeping noise of my alarm going off. I groaned and rolled out of bed, sleepily stumbling my way into the bathroom. Mondays were the hardest day of the week. " Bells, you up?" I heard Charlie call from downstairs as he gathered his stuff for work. " Yeah." I shouted back before shutting the bathroom door and continuing on with my morning routine. I was out the door at the same time as Charlie almost every morning, which was convenient because then we could at least see each other in passing during the weekdays. Afternoons I spent down on the reservation. I made my way down the stairs and got a bowl of cereal, quick was good for a morning like this. I always seemed to move like a turtle on Mondays. " I heard there's a new family in town, they've got a bunch of kids around your age who will be going to the school. Their dads a doctor too, a really good one. We needed a new doctor around here, or at least one with some more experience." Charlie told me, spiking my interest. " We never get new families around here." I stated rhetorically, and Charlie shrugged his shoulders. " Yeah, I don't really know their story. I just heard the news from around town. You know how quick things spread around here." I chuckled at his very true words, gossip spread like wildfires in a small town. I finished up breakfast and headed out the door, being sure to grab my jacket on the way out. It was always cold in Forks. " I'll be home around dinner." I told Charlie as we both climbed into our separate vehicles. " Alright." he said before we slammed our doors shut, everything was almost in unison.

I arrived at school ten minutes before my first class. The normal group almost immediately made a beeline for me; Jessica, Lauren, Angela, Mike, Tyler and Eric all formed a little circle around me. " Bella, did you hear about the new kids?" someone asked. I almost laughed, of course that was their opening statement. "Yeah. I heard their dads a doctor..." I told them with my left eyebrow quirked up. They seemed a little bit overly interested in the new kids. There must be something to tell. " Well, he's not exactly their dad. They're all adopted. Every single one of them. And that's not even the weirdest part." Jessica pattered on, leaning in with obvious gossiping physique. Anyone not in the group still would have known exactly what we were talking about. " Yeah the weirdest part is that they're all together. Like, together together. It's probably like illegal or something...It's so weird." Lauren blabbed, and everyone in the group looked stunned. "That's so strange. Why would they all be together. They're technically siblings." Angela inquired, " Well, yeah but it's probably because they don't think anyone outside their little family is good enough for them. I got a good look at them this morning. They're all weirdly gorgeous, like to the extreme. And they're super pale, like they've never been exposed to the sun once in their lifetimes." Jessica told us. I felt a shiver run through me as the strangest feeling came onto me, I felt like someone was watching me. And not just watching, staring. I looked up, and caught the eyes of an unfamiliar face. Looking me dead in the eye with no trace of guilt for being caught. He was sheet white with bronze hair and dark eyes. Eyes that almost seemed to be staring into the depths of my soul. I felt a knot in my stomach building up and quickly looked away from his intense gaze. " Is he one of them?" I murmured to Jessica, and she looked around, catching him staring. " Yeah, I think his name was Edward...Why is he looking at you like that?" the group all non-discreatly turned and looked at him. " Yeah Bella, did you like, stab him with a pencil or something?" Tyler asked, laughing at his own humor. " No. I don't even know him." I said. " What a creep." Jessica stated and sauntered off, soon to be followed by the rest of the group. When we went into the building, I passed the boy and still felt eyes on me. I wasn't sure what his whole deal was, but before classes had even begun I was ready to go back down to the reservation.

After what felt like the longest biology class ever; sitting next to Edward Cullen, him glaring at me, me trying not to look, the lunch bell finally rang. I let out a breath that I didn't know I had been holding and stormed out of the classroom and straight towards my locker. I shoved my stuff away and almost sprinted into the lunch room. I had felt extremely uncomfortable in such close proximity to him. After I grabbed my lunch tray I hurried to sit down at the usual table. "Gosh Bella, you look like you just chugged a bunch of energy drinks." Tyler commented. " Or just sat through an entire class next to a complete stranger who was staring at you like you killed his best friend." I told him with a slight laugh. " He's so creepy." Angela stated. I definitely agreed. What had she done to make him hate her so much? She hardly even looked at him. " All of them are." Jessica said, and I turned to glance over in the direction she was looking. The whole family sat at a circular table, not eating anything, and barely talking. There were five of them, and all of them were completely gorgeous, not a single blemish lay on their pale faces. They almost looked like statues, and were completely unnatural.

The last bell rang and I strode out to the parking lot, hopping in my truck and driving away as quickly as I could. I hoped that eventually I would get used to the Cullens, with all of their anti social gloom and menacing stares. That maybe after a week or so it would become more routine and normal. If not I wasn't sure how I would be able to handle them. I drove down to the reservation, knowing that Sarah, Billy, and Jacob would be there waiting. They always were. I loved them all so dearly. Jacob was like a brother to me, we had grown up together, playing in the mud or on the beach basically our whole lives. I had spent the night at their house so many times as a kid, and eventually when the twins went to college Sarah made the room they had shared into my own. She had always thought of me as her daughter, and I had always thought of her as my mother. Even though I never called her mom, it went unsaid that she was.

As soon as I showed up at the Black house I was greeted by Billy walking out the door with a smile on his face. " Hey, Bella. Sarah just headed off to the store, she's making something good tonight, I think." he said. I chuckled, " She always makes something good, doesn't she?" he smiled even wider. "Yep." he stated before we both strolled inside. " Can you stay for dinner tonight, Bella?" he asked, " no, I told Charlie I'd be home around that time to make him some food tonight. Maybe we'll all get together later this week though." I told him." Is Jake here?" I asked as he folded himself into his armchair and went back to whatever game he was watching. " Yeah, he is. I don't know where though. He might be in the garage." I rolled my eyes with a smile, " of course he's in the garage." I told him before I went out the back door and into the garage. Sure enough, Jacob was in there working on the rabbit from underneath. It was his favorite thing to do lately, and he was at it all the time. Billy told him that as soon as he fixed the rabbit he could get a drivers license. " Hey Jacob." I said as I shuffled inside, " Heee...Ahhhhh!" I heard, and laughed. Jacob had smacked his head against the bottom of the rabbit. He rolled out from underneath, ( he was on his old skateboard) and rubbed his head. " Hey." he said, trying to act nonchalant and unfazed. I laughed again, and he just rolled his eyes. We immediately were back to being 'Jake and Bells'. Soon enough we heard a car pull into the driveway, and we went into the house. " Hey, honey. I was wondering where you were. I saw your truck outside." Sarah said as she scooped me up into a big warm hug. The Black's were the best huggers, especially Sarah. You could feel all of the love emitting off of her when she pulled you into her warm arms. I usually didn't ever feel like letting go. She pulled back and smiled at me brightly, lighting up her face with that glow of happiness that seemed to be omnipresent. I smiled back and helped her put away the groceries. I brought up the Cullens as we put away the food, and a strange look appeared on Sarah's face. She turned and gave Billy a not- so -subtle glance before sighing and turning towards me. " What did you hear about them?" she questioned with an indescribable look on her face. " Not much, just that they're all adopted, and that their dad's a doctor. And, I heard that they're all dating each other...If that's of any importance." I told her. " You should stay away from them, Bella. They're not any good." Billy told me sternly, and Jacob chuckled. " Okay, dad, let's not scare Bella away. We kind of like her, remember?" Jacob said, getting up off of the couch and heading for the gave me a smile and I patted his shoulder as I followed Jacob. We walked out the door and sat down in the garage. " What was all that stuff about the Cullens?" I asked him. He just rolled his eyes and sighed. " You know about all of the legends and stuff. Dad seems to strongly think that the Cullens are cold ones." He told her with a sarcastic smile. I raised an eyebrow, " cold ones as in vampires? Are you serious?" he chuckled, " dead serious, he's positive that they are. Which doesn't even make sense since he's never actually met him. He's just heard about them through Sam Uley." Jacob told me. Of course Billy was getting his bullshit off of Sam Uley. Sam Uley was a mystery gone unsolved according to Jacob, but I just thought he was a basic asshole. He had been dating Leah Clearwater, when one day he starts acting all funky and then a few weeks later goes off with her cousin ( whom he's engaged to now). And ever since he's been lurking around the reservation half clothed telling everyone to 'beware of the cold ones' or some shit. " And the weirdest part is that Sam's been lurking all around now, always watching me and some of my friends. Dad doesn't seem to care at all either, nobody does. They just let him basically stalk us." Jacob said, and I was angry by then. " Good lord. He shouldn't be allowed to do that." I told Jacob, and he nodded. " No, he shouldn't. It all feels super weird too, he's always watching."

I headed home at around dinner time like I had told Charlie I would. He was home when I got there, watching the same game that Billy had been. " You should really go over to the Black's and watch with Billy more often, he was watching the same thing earlier." I told him as I put my stuff away and started dinner. " I just got home, actually. Otherwise I would've come over." he told me. " So, how was school today? Did you get to meet those new kids?" he asked. I sighed, this was the one question I didn't really want to answer. " I saw them, but they sort of just kept to themselves. They were a little bit creepy. Plus, Billy and Sarah told me that I should probably stay away from them." he frowned, " why would they tell you that?" I bit my lip, " it's about the legends." I could feel him rolling his eyes from behind me. " Just because some new folks who happen to be extra white come into town doesn't mean he can go telling everyone they're some mystical creatures. Vampires my ass." he mumbled. This was the one thing that Billy and Charlie could never agree on. Charlie wasn't very religious, and Billy believed the legends through his heart and soul. " So, did you get to meet the new doctor?" I asked him, " No not yet, but I heard from around town that he's very nice. Not just a gentleman but a gentle man too. At least that's what I heard. I wonder why his kids would be creepy if their dad is so kind." he told me. I wondered about this too, how can he be very nice and have children that could probably kill a bug with just one look? " They're all adopted, so maybe that's one reason." I told him, " really? All of them?" I finished up dinner, dishing it onto the plates, " yeah. And they're all dating each other. It's pretty strange." He sat down at the table and rubbed his mustache with a frown. " Isn't that illegal?" I asked him, " Well, since legally they're siblings, they can't marry each other, but since they aren't technically siblings they can do whatever else they want. If they technically weren't, they would have to go to jail for ten years and pay a $20,000 dollar fine if they had...well...intercourse. That's in Washington, though, in other places it's less or more." he told me in his cop voice which he used whenever I asked him about laws and things like that. Anything technical I asked sent a spark into his eye and he would start talking more than he had in a while. " oh." I said, and sat down, setting our plates out. " It's still pretty weird." I commented, and he nodded, " Yep, it is." he said with a mouthful of food.

I finished my homework and went to bed early that night, but I didn't get much sleep. I felt like someone was watching me all night long, and it unsettled me enough that I couldn't sleep at all. I would turn on the light and look around, but nothing was there.

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