Okay everybody, in this story Sarah Black is portrayed by Melissa Ponzio, Bella Swan is portrayed by Nina Dobrev, and other characters remain the same as original cast. This is just the images of people I have in my mind when I write, and the image that I will be describing in my story. I changed Bella's look for my story because I personally just don't think that Kristen Stewart suits Bella Swan. If you are attached to Bella looking like Kristen Stewart, of course, I'm not forcing anyone to imagine her as Nina Dobrev, but that's the image of Bella I will be describing in my story. Just letting you all know this so that there isn't any confusion...If any new characters come up and you would like me to tell you what they look like, I will.

Summary: Bella Swan was abandoned by her mother when she was a baby, and her father was left to take care of her alone. Charlie knows that Bella needs a mother, so he takes it upon himself to ask Sarah Black to help him out. This story will eventually lead to romance between Bella and a certain werewolf. Bella is strong, confident, and beautiful in this fic. Thanks for reading everyone, now you can finally go onto the story. :) Please review by the way!