The morning after her husband's return from the Peak Province, Zelda woke up a little sore and dazed, and upon realizing her state of undress and recalling what had happened last night, she came to one conclusion:

Worth it.

She got up, put over her bare body Link's discarded shirt, and walked through the sea of clothes to the cart with tea and pastries that had been left in the room last evening, and munched on a piece of lemon pound cake, eyes focusing on something on her desk.

The case with art supplies she had gifted Link for his birthday last year. He probably had left it there while she was too focused - or turned on - reading his letter.

Out of curiosity, she opened it, it's contents neatly ordered inside, a weathered hardcover notebook catching her eye. Upon opening it, she found a sketch of her, braided hair, simple dress, like the cute little portrait he had made her after that birthday. Zelda flipped pages, with annotations and other random sketches. And then, after some blank pages…

Her. Naked, mostly. Asleep. Face partly covered by some strands of hair.

A tiny note on the bottom corner of the page. "Mine", it read.

Definitely me, Zelda thought.

'Ain't ya a cute lil' snoop', a voice and a pat on her rear startled her. 'I drew that out of memory one day'.

'It's good'. She blushed embarrassed. 'I'm sorry'.

'Nevermind, love', he pecked her cheek, pulling an undershirt over him. 'I don't mind my Muse finding my drawings of her'.

'There's more?!', she almost dropped the notebook.

'Keep lookin', love'.

And there she was: in simple clothes, the elegant dresses she wore daily, her riding clothes, and in nothing at all, smiling with mischief while reading a book lying on their bed in Ordon.

He truly carries me with him wherever he goes, Zelda said to herself while her eyes wandered through the drawings' details, all blushed at the love put in them.

'I always draw you from memory… can I draw you now?', he asked.

She nodded with a happy grin.

'I like how you look like this', he tucked her hair behind her ears.

'Sleepy and disheveled?'

Link shook his head.

'Absolutely sexy'.