Author's Note: Well, this will be my fourth story so far, and I've been thinking. What if you, a normal boy, no special talents, and going to a normal school and find out you are the 'one' which will decide the fate of the earth? You, a boy with no magical capabilities, who will face demons, gods and other supernatural humans because they fear your abilities that you never know, what will you do?

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Three friends walked over a busy street in Rabiah [pronounced as Ra-biya], thinking where to go next. They just finished going to a gaming place called Cosmos, where they spent about two hours playing Counter Strike and Warcraft 3, and now they were on their way to a place where they can play billiards.

Buds, also known as Salvador, was in between his two friends, Basel and Ziad. They both were also his classmates. He had a fairly long hair, but not to the extent that he needed a ponytail, with chocolate brown skin, and he wore his favorite clothes. Red shirt with a V-neck cut, and baggy pants.

Basel Noubani had short dark brown hair, fair skin, wore his favorite clothes. Dark blue pants and dark shirt, with a black jacket over him.

Ziad Tuffaha, on the other hand, had a crew cut black hair, small oval glasses and tanned skin preferred purple pants and white shirt which was covered with a blue jacket.

They were unusually quiet. Ziad and Basel avoided talking to Buds because of grievous circumstances. Buds avoided talking because he wanted to keep peace and quiet during his night out. His dad agreed for him to stay out late because of all the things happening to Buds, he needed fun at least for tonight. But, either because of a bad junction in the stars, or because it was intended, a voice spoke behind them.

"So, Salvador, enjoying life?"

The three friends turned back and saw a girl with shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and very fair skin. She wore a nice white T-shirt which clung to her chest nicely, and the pants she wore were flare, tight in the hips, loose in the feet. And she wore an evil smile.

"What the hell do you want, Dema?" asked Buds the girl, the person who brought him hell in a wrapped parcel.

"Who are you gonna rape next?" she asked.

Buds' eyes narrowed.

-| Omega X Present |-

-| Omega: Chapter 01-Part 01; The Beginning, by Buds |-

=Makai Realm=

Lina Aensland stood up as she awoke from a short slumber. True, demoness like her doesn't usually need sleep, but nonetheless, she enjoyed savoring things that her mom picked up during her trip to the mortal realm.

Her mom was Morrigan Aensland. Yes, also known as Lady Morrigan, a feared and respected succubus. She traveled towards the mortal realm alone, to ensure the safety of Makai. That's when she also visited Lina's father. Demitri Maximoff.

Ah, yes. The famous Demitri, once considered an outsider and a rebel, and the marriage between him and Morrigan caused such sensation in the House of Aensland. And Lina's birth seemed to cause more chaos. Understandable though.

Lina Aensland, first born of Morrigan and Demitri, was the first ever demoness who was a succubus and a vampire at the same time. And a powerful one, one can say. It is because of her, the Makai realm was safe again from 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'.

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was a Symbi-demon, a new breed of demon which was created by the Dark Order of the Phoenix, a separatist function that the Aensland House never quite forgave, as they were the source of many epidemic outbreaks.

The Dark Order specialized in soul engineering, and their latest creation was nicknamed Omega. A powerful Symbi-demon with no emotion, just a killer instinct, and that killer instinct was the edge it gave for it to kill Demitri.

Lina killed it, but it's last statement horrified her.

"I'll be back..." it said as it's mouth was swimming in blood. "I'll get you..."

So after that, Lina was treated as a hero of the Present Day, destroying Omega, or as the people would say, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, or You-Know- Who. Well, it may seem that they read too much Harry Potter, but they saw it was an appropriate name, as they fear his return.

Lina looked at the mirror, and saw her cute face stare back at her. She had green hair like her mother's, although it was short as her Auntie Lilith's, she had her innocent face. But she had a body of her mother. Cute face, sexy body. What more could a guy ask for?

But it was her teeth that Lina was so proud about. Perfect white and some long fangs, teeth of her father. She was very proud of it.

She stretched, and carefully brushed her teeth, and dressed up. It was more of getting her bats around her and mentally told them to morph into different outfits. She liked the white polo shirt with black pants and high heels, black.

Smiling, she went down the stairs, and saw her mom. "I'll take a few hours, mom! Don't wait up!"

Morrigan just smiled at her daughter. "Just be back soon..."

=Back to Buds=

"Who are you gonna rape next, huh?" she asked Buds again.

"Fuck... you, okay Dema?" Buds said nastily, turning his back on her.

"I can sue you for that..." Dema sneered as Buds walked away.

"Sue me for what?" Buds sneered back. "I already did fuck you, and I was acquitted. Leave me alone now."

Buds called his two friends to walk away from her, and as they increased their distance from each other, Dema whispered, "I will see you soon..."

Basel looked back after five minutes. "So, that's Dema," he said to Buds. "No wonder you had to 'do it'. She was so pretty."

Buds just scoffed. "Basel, you don't know what she hides under her clothes."

Ziad looked up. "What does she hide?"

Buds grinned. "Well, beyond those perky mounds in her chest, she is more hairy than a gorilla that Gillette needs to make a Mach4 for her."

Both friends laughed heartily, and Buds joined in as well, and about a block away from the billiard place, Buds felt something. Pricks of his hair in his back stood straight up as he felt something cold wash over him. He turned his head, and saw a girl, with shoulder cut green hair, full red lips, and a body almost any man would die for. She smiled at him, and licked her finger seductively.

"Salvador, what's wrong?" asked Basel, shaking Buds out of what seemed to be a trance.

"Uh... nothing..." Buds said as he turned to Basel, and he turned his head again to the girl. She was gone. "Did you see a girl there?" Buds asked his friends.

"Salvador, you already have women trouble," Ziad said, shaking his head in disbelief. "You want another one?"

Buds kept quiet. He couldn't tell his friends, but he felt something odd about the girl. Sighing, he caught up with his friends to the billiard place.

=Later, a block away from Buds house=

Buds had a small smile in his face. Ziad and Basel took Buds as partners in turns, since he was no expert in billiards. They all laughed when Buds tried to make the ball jump to hit the 9 ball, when it did jump, all the way to the other table, hitting the 8 ball in the other table, shooting it luckily on the hole.

They all laughed about it almost the whole hour, when Buds looked at his cellphone and saw the time. He said his farewell, and Ziad and Basel joked about it, saying that he might go to jail because he had 'extra-curricular' activities on pretty girls, where Buds flipped his index finger, pretending that he flipped the bird on them.

Taking the taxi home, he found out that he was short on funds, and had to make a stop about a block away from his house, where he took his time in going home.

"Hello, cutie," said a feminine voice behind him. He turned around to see the exact same girl he saw on Rabiah.

Buds was taken back as he felt another cold dread creep up his spine. "Hello..." he said, almost huskily than he wanted as he felt the cold sensation turn to heat at once.

"Where you going, sugar?" she asked, blinking sexily. Buds was taken back more. Sure, he found himself nice looking, but this girl was acting like he had a body that any female would die for. She was acting like Dema when they were at her house.

Buds did what his gut told him to do. He turned on his back and ran for it, his house getting closer in view, but the clammy cold feeling never left him, and he found out why.

The girl appeared in thin air in front of him, and Buds didn't have time to react as the girl pinned him down on the ground, pressing her body so close to him. Her breast felt nice on his chest, but Buds didn't care. He tried to get away from her, but she held him down with inhuman strength and she was moving up and down in his body, making him feel hot.

"Hmm," she said, as she felt his erection. "You are ready..." she whispered. She opened her mouth and started licking his neck and she felt him shiver. She smiled, and opened her mouth again, revealing long fangs, and bit him in the neck.

Buds felt pain and ecstasy at the same time, a feeling that he never felt. As she sucked in more blood, a voice sounded inside his head. The voice of the girl.

{Let go... Stop fighting... Enjoy}

He felt himself weaken as more blood was taken out from him, yet he felt like he was in heaven. He followed the voice. He relaxed, he enjoyed... but something awakened in the back of his head. A voice, strong voice, started to fight the words of the girl.

{I won't! I'll fight! I'll never give up!}

It awakened something inside of Buds, as the girl backed away in shock. The blood tasted differently this time, and he was standing up, like her hold on him was nothing. She jumped back and her eyes widened in horror. His hands, his opened hands, had something wriggling out of him. It was like a metallic rope, or more accurately, a tentacle in each hand. It began elongating and spinning around him like he was surrounded by snakes.

Buds somehow knew what to do. The tentacles in his hand elongated at his will. He put rushed his hand forward, palm open to the girl, and the tentacle f that hand rushed with unbelievable speed towards the vampiress [female vampire].

The girl jumped out of the way, and her clothes transformed, from the simple black pants and white shirt, to purple stockings with bat pictures on them, black boots, and a vest which didn't reach her shoulders, and her back transformed to like what seemed to be a jet pack. She dashed straight to him, and hit him before Buds could do anything.

An identical girl seemed to pop out of Buds' back, and he stared in shock as he was fighting two females now. He was outmatched, as the two figures pummeled him to unconsciousness.

=Somewhere in a dark place=

"You called," asked a voice. A voice of Dema.

"Yes..." said another feminine voice. "It seems that 'he' has awakened..."

"But it's too early!" Dema blurted out. "How can our plans be fulfilled if he..."

"I know... we had a problem," answered the voice. "You are to find him, and do what you need to do..."

"Yes mistress..."

=Somewhere in the Makai realm=

Lady Morrigan, one of the most powerful and recognized demon in the Makai realm, was in her castle grounds, tending on the roses which she just planted last year, and waiting for her daughter.

{She's gone awfully too long...} she thought as he gently inspected the red flowers.

"Lady Morrigan," said a voice behind her. She turned around and faced an elder, the same one who was first to protest against the marriage between Demitri Maximoff, a rebel of the house of Aensland, and herself. "You're daughter... has returned..."

Morrigan nodded, and walked back to her castle. "Greetings... Lina?" she asked, eyebrows raised.

Morrigan approached her daughter. "What's the meaning of this?" she asked, looking at the mortal beside her daughter, apparently unconscious. "Why did you bring a mortal here?"

Lina, still grinning, said, "Hey mom, take a look at him closely..."

Morrigan gazed at the young man. Teenager, she judged, dark, a bit overweight... but then something caught her eye. There were tentacles in her arms. "The Omega!" Morrigan whispered.

"Yup... I kinda ran into him today..." Lina said. "He put up a fight to..."

"You are lucky you survived..." Morrigan said. "With his power, he could've killed you."

Lina just shrugged, and sat down. "He just awakened..." she said, like it explained everything. "And I thought, why not? Such power he had, maybe he could be in our side."

Morrigan frowned. "He's dangerous... He killed your father, and nearly you..."

Lina smiled. "I know... That's why I want to keep him alive..."

To be continued...

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