There were some things, which we find ourselves trying to understand. Why is the world round? Are there really werewolves out there? Ghosts? Goblins?

Curiosity of humanity is like a cat curious about the birds. It was said once that a cat that lived on a big tall house caught interest in the flapping wings of pigeons. Hoping that if he studies the air and falling down is the answer on how cats could fly, the cat jumped out of the window, flapping its paws. It found out the hard way that flying was not meant to be.

It landed safely of course. The cat, being one, landed on its feet, but so hard that it broke it's left paw. It strives to never try flying again.

Humans are like that. Their curiosity overwhelms them that they do stupid things, and learn the consequences...

Like our hero Buds, who, although not out of curiosity, did something stupid, like beating a Senshi. Now, he has his ass full as the nine suddenly appears to try killing him. He learned the consequences, but will he live to avoid doing the same mistake?

-| Omega X Present |-

-| Omega |-

-| Chapter 09: Senshi Business |-

Keep your friends close, and your enemies... closer. –Blade

Buds was wounded... Normally, considering his life so far, was quite normal. Sakura wanted to almost spar with him everyday, hoping to keep up her practice to beat the guy with the same white bandana like hers, and would not hold back. So Buds usually comes home with some bloody bruises that just heal in time, and Lina would have fits. She really was worried about him, and Buds could tell that beyond Lina's angry posterior. She was just like that.

But right now, Buds had a fight for his life, literally, as a bounty hunter with a red hood suddenly popped out of nowhere firing guns, rockets, and throwing explosives at him.

He was able to beat her, but barely, as he felt like his body was screaming from the strain he was subjecting to it. Absorbing B. B. Hood's energy didn't seem enough to heal him, and right now, he had nine more problems to deal with.

Sailor Pluto smiled as she saw the posture of the young symb-demon. His arm was trying to support his other arm that was all bloody. She didn't know what happened, but she didn't want to waste such an opportunity. "Look around you, Senshis," Pluto declared, staring coldly at the wounded boy. "That is the destruction he can do. Look at the school! Half of it is destroyed!"

"You're right, Pluto," Uranus said. She brandished her sword in front of Buds. "Symb-demon, your life ends here!"

Buds looked around him. The nine Senshis were all in front of him. Pluto had her sold stare at him. Uranus had a fire gleam of satisfaction in her eyes...

(Probably looking forward in fighting me) Buds thought weakly. He looked at the others, and he saw that Sailor Moon had the same expression before she fights monsters, and the others looked a bit nervous. They seem to be reluctant in fighting him.

Buds gave Pluto a cold glare of his own. "What is the matter with you? You try to kill me, then if you can't, you ask for help. Nine against one isn't fair, you know."

"For a powerful demon like you, we will make a few exceptions," Pluto said coldly. "Feel honored, anyway, in being exterminated by us, boy."

Buds smiled weakly. "Oh, I'm honored already," Buds said sarcastically. "After you lost to me, I was given a pleasure to find out that green is definitely your natural hair color."

Pluto stiffened and became rigid, to Buds surprise. Her stare became twice as cold, and had her Time Staff in a tighter grip.

Pluto wanted to attack now, but she restrained herself. (He's goading you... calm down...) she thought. Staring at Buds, she counted silently to ten and calmed down. Still giving Buds a cold stare, she smiled. "Really? Then that means I have the right to intensify my treatment for you when we get you."

"If you get me," Buds corrected.

"Confident bastard, aren't you?" Pluto asked calmly.

Buds began to slowly bend down. "Yeah, because I'm going to copy Linkin Park..."

"Really?" Pluto asked, raising her eyebrows. "Me too. In the end, it doesn't really matter."

Buds blinked in surprise. "Well I'll be damned girl, you're a listener..." and he smiled. "But sorry, it's not 'In the End' but 'Easier to Run'... Ja ne!" and with that, he bent down to the fullest, and sprung his legs as hard as his muscles could do, and was launched in the air, towards the rooftops of the school.

The Senshis could only watch in amazement on how the boy jumped about 5 stories high in one bound. Pluto didn't seem to look impressed, but she was. Gritting her teeth, she bent her legs a bit and jumped as well, using the building's wall to jump higher. The other Senshis followed suit, and followed the green head Senshi, jumping from roof to roof.

Buds was being followed, and he knew that. He could feel some magical energies behind him, a few meters away, and gaining. He grit his teeth. With his injuries, he can't keep up the speed, and was slowing down. Trying to think what he could do, he didn't notice someone else joining the battle.

Tuxedo Kamen, after recovering from his injuries did seethe being beaten by a boy, and found himself getting even angrier when he found out that the boy rescued the Senshis, ruining his image. So you can see how happy he was during the last meeting when Setsuna called him. She said to him that the boy was dangerous and must be eliminated... which was what he was going to do right now. Positioning himself in front of Buds, he aimed so surely and correctly, and threw his rose towards the boy.

Buds' guts began churning as the rose went towards him, and with a simple glimpse, his mind didn't even order the body to move as it did it by itself, and Buds found himself slowed down by twenty-fold. His body stopped a step, and jumped up in the air, rolling forward, letting the rose pass through where his head was a minute ago.

Pluto smiled as she saw what Tuxedo Kamen did, and how his attack has affected the symb-demon. Fixing her staff at where he was supposed to land, she screamed, "DEAD SCREAM!"

Buds' eyes glazed as he felt a great magical ball, and Pluto's scream was a dead give-away, that he knew he was in trouble. Thinking quickly, he decided to hang up in the air much longer by taking one of his tentacles and hit the roof with it. When his tentacle hit the roof, he extended it that his body was levitated higher in the air, and he took back his tentacle.

Pluto's eyes widened as he saw the boy extend his stay in the air.

Buds saw the Dead Scream pass through him, and with a twist, he righted himself, and unleashed another tentacle towards Dead Scream. His tentacle broke to five little ones, and went towards with fast speeds at the magical projectile and attached themselves at it.

Screaming as he concentrated, Buds felt the energy of the Dead Scream forcing itself into his system. It was unstable, not suitable in healing him. Cupping his other hand, Buds began to let the energy flow to it, and with the energy build up done, Buds unleashed his own Dead Scream.

Pluto narrowed her eyes as she saw her weapon coming back towards them. "GET AWAY! The symb-demon is using my attack against us!"

"It can do that?" asked Uranus worriedly.

"Yes it can!" Pluto shouted back, moving towards her left, taking evasive action. The other Senshis did the same. Jumping either left or right, the nine Senshis were able to dodge the projectile coming towards them.

Buds was given a small boost as he launched the weapon, prolonging his stay in the air. Trying to right himself again, he positioned his body to be able to land and run without a pause.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" shouted Tuxedo Kamen, throwing another rose towards Buds, and this time, it hit its mark as it grazed through the boys shoulders. Unbalanced, Buds slipped in the air, and landed hard on his back.

Grunting weakly as his whole bruised body seems to suddenly show pain, Buds tried to recover. Standing up, he tried look out his surroundings. Pluto didn't let him though. Landing on a house behind Buds, she shouted, "ATTACK!" and the Senshis, following her orders, unleashed their own attacks at Buds.


Buds rolled to his right, dodging the flame attack, then slammed his hands down on the roof hard and flew through the air, dodging the electrical attack, and rolled while in the air, dodging the last freezing attack. Righting himself again, Buds landed neatly in the on the roof with two feet spread apart, ready to spring in action.

"SILENCE GLAIVE SURPRISE!" Saturn shouted, unleashing her beam attack towards him. Buds nimbly jumped to the left, dodging it.

"DEEP SUBMERGE!" Neptune said. Buds ducked to the ground and dodged the attack again by inches.

"If those won't work, take this! WORLD SHAKING!" Uranus shouted, forming an energy ball in her hand and threw it to the floor of the roof. Buds was about to jump when the attack just followed the outline of the roof, which consequently followed the outline of the wall of the house, and was racing towards the ground. The attacked missed Buds completely and hit ground with a very fiery explosion.

Buds blinked in surprise. "That was unexpected..." he muttered. Looking at the disbelieved face of Uranus, he finally realized what he was doing. With the distraction of the failed World Shaking, he was able to buy time to run. Running at a steady pace, Buds cocked his arm as he was in range and gave Tuxedo Kamen a good fist in the kisser, which sent the young man flying. "HA! TAKE THAT YOU STUPID PHEDOPHILE!" Buds shouted.

The shout brought back the senses of the other Senshis. Sailor Moon looked shocked, seeing her lover hit. Mars, Mercury, and even Jupiter followed suit, and Uranus and Neptune couldn't do anything as Buds seem to move much faster now. Pluto narrowed her eyes as she trained her staff on the boy, trying to calculate where he might jump off next. Seeing on how his movements were random, she cursed. "Damn it. I can't aim at him!"

"I don't think we have to aim at him..." Venus said, her finger in her chin.

"What do you mean, Sailor Venus?" Pluto asked.

"Watch..." Venus smirked. "VENUS LOVE ME CHAIN!"

Like Buds, a long weapon came forth out of her hands and sped towards Buds' general direction. Looking behind him, Buds gasped as he saw the long glowing chain going towards him. He immediately quickened his pace as he jumped into more random directions.

The chain followed him, as Venus was concentrating really hard on moving her long chain. It was not easy, and she had to jump roof after roof, shortening her chain to make her swinging more effective. Finally, after a grueling moment, the chain finally caught Buds right in the ankle, and he cursed as he felt his elevation sink. Venus didn't seem to be finished though, as she did a complicated circular movement with her arm, the whole chain began to wrap around Buds' body.

Buds shouted as he felt the contact of the magical chain in his body. Granted, it was not like Sakura's I attack, or maybe even Pluto's, but still, having magical chain wrapped around him was having like a thousand needles sticking on to him at once. With that much pain, he lost control of his air-time and began to fall.

"I GOT HIM!" Venus shouted proudly. "Now we can finish this!" and taking out her own sword, she dashed towards Buds.

Buds struggled to free himself, but he knew it was futile. The magic in the chain prevented his escape, and with Venus' shout, he knew they were coming. Taking his tentacle out and splitting them again, he absorbed the magic energies in the chain desperately. When he was done absorbing, the chain significantly slackened. Landing on the ground on his front, he cursed as his body once again registered pain. Suddenly, a shadow, which covered the light, made him roll around and look up. His eyes widened as he saw Sailor Venus coming down towards him with her sword raised.

Raising his hand, he took the energy he absorbed and quickly let it flow in his now cupped hand. Seconds were ticking, and buds knew his life was now decided on this shot. He didn't know what it might do, or if it might kill her. All he knew was he wanted to live, and to do that, he must do this.

"Sorry," Buds muttered, and shouted, "LOVE ME!"

Without the word chain, the energy came out with a blast of pure yellow gold and Venus suddenly covered her eyes as the beam went towards her. It was it... Instinct made her body cover itself futilely against the attack...

Then something happened. The beam hit Venus, Buds was sure of it, but she didn't seem to look unharmed. She looked so like nothing had happen to her... Not moving quickly enough, Buds grunted as Venus landed painfully on top of him. Surprises didn't stop until then though, as Venus suddenly stared Buds in the eye, and she moaned loudly.

(What's happening to me?) Venus thought as she suddenly felt... bliss. "OH!" she moaned again loudly as she continued staring at the boy that she landed into, and suddenly felt like she was exploding.

Buds, partly wrapped in a loose chain, was quite surprised by the way she was acting. She moaned quite loudly and erotically, and quite disturbing actually. Trying to free himself, Venus didn't seem to allow him to escape though. She held him hard with both of her arms, crying. Buds didn't know what was going on, and felt her body close to his. Sweat and perfume, and even female smell began to intoxicate Buds. Something was definitely wrong...

Touching her face, Buds finally realized what has happened. As soon as his finger contacted her cheek, Venus moaned a lot louder than before, and a sudden form of wetness came from Buds legs. Blinking in surprise, he noticed after the sudden wetness, Venus loosened her hold, and with that, Buds was able to break free and run for it.

Venus could only watch helplessly as the boy freed himself. "No... please... wait..." she whispered weakly. She felt like her body was suddenly exhausted, and she held her hand trying to stop the boy... and her visions faded...

=Lina's House=

"MEOWY!" Felicia shouted in surprise as a man appeared in the room. It was stalking towards the young girl in the kitchen. The guy had a big knife. "LOOK OUT LEENA!"

"Look out for what?" Lina said, turning around, looking at Felicia. "What the hell are you watching?"

"It's my favorite series of all times!" Felicia purred. "Its called 'True Love'!"

"Isn't that a hentai game?" Lina asked.

"No!" Felicia replied. "It's a love story. A normal boy finds himself situated in romantic situations with other girls that he doesn't know which one to pick. It was rumored that he will one girl in the end, and that girl would be his true love!"

"Whew, so how long has the series been going?" Lina asked.

"It's been on the run for two years now," Felicia replied. "The boy can't seem to make up his mind."

"Well, don't watch it, Felicia. If you do, you'll get a phobia that Buds might not want you and wont decide who between the two of us he likes more," Lina teased.

"I don't have to worry. Buds will readily choose me!" Felicia said proudly. "I have much bigger breasts, and a much more curvy body!"

Lina grunted. "I got my body from my mom, and insulting me insults her, you know, Felicia?" she said calmly. "If she hears this, no more milk and cream drinks for you back in Makai."

Felicia froze and her eyes went big. Her mouth twitched a bit. "Uh... I wasn't insulting you Lina... Ha, silly me! Of course I wasn't!"

Lina didn't answer, but her smile knew that she won the battle. Felicia, accepting her loss for now, went back to the TV. "Well, it seems that the robber with a knife was actually a kidnapper..." Felicia frowned. "He kidnapped Leena and sent a message to the boy... and..."


"AAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!" Felicia screamed. "Why do they cut only on soap operas?"

"News Flash!" the female announcer said. "I'm Pu Bic Hair and I bring you some startling news! Today, a demolition happened. Quite normally on abandoned buildings, but when it happens to a school during dismissal?"

"Huh?" That caught Lina's attention.

"Today, some witnesses say that they saw an unknown girl with dangerous weapons was trying to kill a student," Pu said. "Here are some footages!"

[Television news show some footages where B. B. Hood was firing at...]

"That's Buds!" Lina exclaimed.

=Juuban Streets=

"Venus!" shouted a voice in Venus' head. "Wake up, Venus!"

Sailor Venus began to stir, her visions from black to blurry, then to clear, as he saw who was shaking her. It was Sailor Jupiter.

"Venus!" Jupiter asked. "Are you okay?"

"Huh?" Venus asked. "Hey... what happened?"

"You just jumped at the boy, and when we caught up with you, you were unconscious..." Jupiter said worriedly. "We thought you were hurt... Tell me Venus. Did he hurt you?"

"No..." Venus said, shaking her head. "He didn't even try to hurt me at all... What happened to him?" she asked worriedly.

"We don't know. When Sailor Moon saw you like that, she got angry and threw one of her Moon Spiral Heart Attack to the boy," Jupiter said. "We don't know if the boy was hit. Pluto is inspecting it now."

"NO!" Venus shouted. "IT CAN'T BE!" and she jumped up to the roof, leaving Jupiter behind. Using the walls, she jumped up to the roof, and saw all her surroundings.

The building she was standing on had its roof blown apart. It might have been where the Moon Spiral Heart Attack might have been hit... Venus noted that carefully. Pluto was going around the building, looking for the boy. Uranus and Neptune were also searching.

After a few minutes, Pluto grumbled. "Damn it," she said heatedly. "He escaped."

Venus suddenly felt relieved. Looking around her, she tried to see where he might have gone.

"Pluto, do you think you have an idea where he might have gone to?" Uranus asked.

Pluto put one of her fingers in her chin. "We got here as soon as the explosion subsided, leaving with him a little time frame. I know he was hit. Blood is all over the place... Must have been the shrapnel..."

(So where could he have gone?) Venus thought, and closed her eyes to think. (Where... wait a minute... what was that sound?) Venus opened her eyes and followed the source of the sound. She stopped when she saw it. The building they were standing in was very close to a river... (Could it be?)

| Flashback |

Buds scrambled out of Venus' hold, and jumped away again. He was hurt all over now, and his muscles were now screaming for rest.

(No... I can't give up now. I need to get away!) Buds thought as he increased his speed. Jumping again from building to building, he felt something very big in his back... Looking back, his eyes widened.

A few minutes ago, Sailor Moon just saw her friend on the ground, unconscious. Thinking the worse, her anger gave her the focus to use her heart crystal and unleash her Moon spiral Heart Attack.

Buds could only watch in horror as a big heart began to approach him... Waiting for the last moment, he let the heart get closer and closer, then finally jumped before it could hit him. The explosion was immense, and Buds didn't know if he screamed or not as his body felt a thousand stabs. His visions were fading, and he didn't know where he was flying. In the air, the wind in his face, his thoughts were clouded... and he could only see a clear sky blue, above and below. He closed his eyes before he hit the water.

| End of Flashback |

Buds suddenly opened his eyes as he felt the wind blew on his face again. The river water seem to hit him in the face, and Buds suddenly realized how cold and freezing it was.

His wounds were no help either. It was all sore and painful...

His memory suddenly came back to him, and he realized what he was doing all afternoon. Standing up quickly, he just groaned as his body complained from the sudden movement, and he promptly fell down again face front.

"Ow... Damnit..." he complained. Gently rolling on his side, Buds reversed his body, and took a look on the now-night sky. Up there was the moon, glowing brightly in the sky. "Damnit... I was being nice... I hate you."

Buds stayed there for a while, fixing his thoughts, and getting some rest. No way they could follow him, as he didn't even know where he was. The river took him and spit him out like it was saving him. (Maybe it was... Thanks, Kami-sama.)

The sky seem to smile at him, the stars glittering, and the lights around him seem to be so bright that he assumed correctly that he was not very far from where he came from. Buildings were near proximity, so all he had to do was heal to be able to get home, right?

"Buds?" a voice called him from behind him.

"Hey Lina," Buds replied, tiredly, not bothering in facing her. "You were looking for me? I'm touched."

The footsteps grew closer as Lina approached him. "Touched? I didn't know how much you miss me."

"After fighting a red-hooded maniac with guns, and then running away from the Senshis makes you miss someone," Buds replied. "How did you know where I was?"

The girl's face suddenly appeared from Buds' view, and he gasped. "I got lucky," she said.

"Dema?!" Buds said, shocked.

Dema nodded. "I don't know how you could have mistaken my voice, but that just means you are exhausted, right?"

Buds grit his teeth. She was right.

Dema laughed. "It worked. Having a bounty hunter after you proved to be very useful... and if I heard correctly, the Senshis were after you as well." She smiled happily, stretching her arm. Buds saw a glint of metal, which made him nervous.

"What are you holding?" Buds demanded.

"This?" Dema asked, holding out her arm nearer to Buds. She was holding a dagger. "This is the one who will puncture your heart."

"Why?" Buds demanded. "What the hell do you want from me?!"

"I want you to awaken," Dema said, smiling. "You are imperfect, and the real Omega will resurface, and the Dark Order can now rule the world of Makai and the human world! No one can stop us!"

"There is someone yet, bitch," Buds spat. "Me!"

"Really? Not for long!" Dema exclaimed, raising her arm to stab him.

Buds forgot pain and exhaustion. Survival instincts kicked in, and his feet pumped up and kicked Dema hard in her chest, and using her body to propel himself backwards. Rolling on his back, he tried to get on his feet desperately.

"OH NO YOU WON'T!" Dema shouted, recovering, and jumping after him. Buds extended his tentacle towards Dema. Dema just dodged it by sidestepping, and continued her way towards Buds. Her arm is cocked to her back for full strength, and was about to strike at him.

Buds had a few more tricks in him though as he rolled to the right, barely dodging the stab, and kicked her in the face, hard.

Dema was taken aback, and fell backwards, clutching her face. Buds used that as an advantage, and stood up finally. "Take this, bitch!" he shouted, and unleashed two of his tentacles towards Dema.

Dema deftly caught the two tentacles with one hand before they could wrap around her body, and she smirked. "Too slow, Buds. I win!"


Dema backed away from Buds, her dagger flying through the air, and landed on the ground a few meters away from her. She had a shocked look on her face. "A-Aensland?!"

"Well, if it isn't an Agent of the Dark Order, like Buds said," Lina exclaimed angrily. Lina had her battle suit on [the one Morrigan wears at every fighting game] and spike were coming out of her clothes, waiting for the girl to attack. "Buds told me about you, Dima, or whatever your name is. You won't get Buds. Not while I am around!"

Dema grit her teeth. "You don't know who you are dealing with, Aensland! Buds will be ours. His powers are growing each day, and I'm sure you noticed. He will fully awaken, and you can't stop him," she said. She put out her hand. "Join us. Join the Dark Order, and we will allow the Aensland family to share the conquests with us. Buds is the key to ultimate ruling. No one would dare oppose us!"

"I'm sorry Dema," Lina said, smirking. "Buds is mine, and mine alone. He wont be a tool, or a weapon. You can have him over my dead body."

"You'll pay for this Aensland!" Dema declared, sinking in her shadow. Little by little, her form disappeared and then, after a few seconds, she vanished completely.

Buds looked at Lina helplessly. "Jeez, Buds, can't keep my sights off you?" Lina asked, as she approached him.

"Sorry," he muttered.

Lina took Buds to and used her shoulders to support him. "Don't be. Next time, tell me if you can have eaten more than you can chew."

"I will, las," Buds joked weakly. Lina just used her left foot to kick Buds in the shin.

To Be Continued...

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