Has minor Inuyasha elements to this, but is primarily a KHR fic. Also, "Tsukiyo" means "Moonlit Night".

Tsukiyo Sawada absolutely horrible day was about to turn into something amazing. She just didn't know it yet.

She spotted several of her usual tormentors, all of whom were waiting to ambush her. Not that they really knew Tsukiyo was a girl...she had taken great pains to hide her gender for good reason.

Tsukiyo ducked past some brambles, not really caring about the fact it caught on her clothes. She was used to worse and her mother wouldn't ask. She never did, even when she came home with obvious bruises.

She cared more about her brother Tatsuya than she ever had her eldest.

Hearing voices behind her, she moved faster, until she suddenly tripped on a root she didn't see...and crashed right into an old forgotten well that was hidden. She braced herself for the inevitable crash...only to blink after several seconds passed and she didn't feel anything. Not even a thin layer of water or debris, which she had been expecting.

She dared to look up, and was very surprised to see a clear blue sky above her. Listening carefully for voices, it took her a moment to realize something was very wrong.

The constant background noise of cars, electricity and other signs of modern life were missing. All she could hear was bird song and the wind, and in the well she should have been able to hear something at least.

Seeing a nearby vine, and hoping that the bullies weren't waiting outside the dry well for her to come out, she slowly began to climb up. It took her several tries, since she kept slipping, but eventually she managed it.

Only to stare in shock when she realized the brambles were completely missing and she couldn't see a single house in the area.

Further inspection via taking out her phone revealed that she had absolutely no cell signal, not even a blip on the WiFi.

Which was impossible because she had full bars when she found the well and there were at least three protected WiFi signals in the area.

What was going on?

Carefully getting out of the well, she put away her phone in the secure pocket she had sewn inside her pants. She slid it back into the protective casing that looked quite battered and had more than a few dents on it.

The foam inside the metal box was snug against the cell phone which insured that no matter how bad a fall it's owner took, the device wouldn't break. Her mother had bought it the first chance she could, since her daughter was so 'clumsy'. Between that and the hidden pocket, she had actually managed to keep a cell phone for a little over a year. It was a record, considering her bullies thought it great fun to damage her things simply because they could.

She had no idea where she was... this wasn't the Namimori she knew and she instinctively knew that in this place she couldn't rely on Hibari-san to appear like a vengeful demon if things got out of hand.

Walking in a random direction, after discreetly marking which way she had gone with rocks she found on the path, she started to become concerned.

It was as she contemplated heading back to the well when it happened. Several thugs wearing period clothing (all patched and dirty) appeared and spotted her before she had a chance to duck out of sight.

"It's the fucking gaijin!"

She started at that... why on earth were they calling her a 'foreigner'? More to the point, why did they seem to recognize her when she had absolutely no idea where she was?

Recognizing the danger level was higher than normal, she bolted. She could hear the thugs behind her, and she had absolutely no doubt that if she was caught it would only end very, very badly for her.

Without warning a larger thug appeared before her...she couldn't stop in time, and ended up almost knocked out by a minor blow to the head. Considering all the hits and bruises she had taken over the years, it nearly made her pass out.

She made sure to go limp, as if it really had knocked her unconscious...she wasn't an idiot and she needed information. Not for the first time she was glad that puberty had yet to hit her with any real force. She could still be mistaken for a boy, unless they removed her pants.

From what she could make out (their Japanese was odd and very archaic for some reason) they believed her to be some "foreigner" by the name of Ieyasu that had recently moved in with one of the more prominent samurai families. The current head of which had brought his "foreign friends" to live with him despite the fact no one in town really wanted them around.

For the most part the "obvious gaijin" stayed out of everyone's way, but there was still a lot of friction.

Apparently they were going to rough her up and then ransom her to the family, since the clan was rather well off.

Tsukiyo kept quiet and did nothing to indicate that she was fully awake, though her head was still throbbing. She had worse aches before, so she knew if push came to shove she could easily bolt.

Keeping silent was her best course of action, though apparently the 'lead thug' was a bit unhappy that she was still 'out cold'.

She did wake up when her stomach started to growl, but they didn't bother to feed her anything. Not that she would have eaten it. She managed to sneak some of her snack from lunch behind their backs, glad that it was something she could eat quietly, even if she had to hide the wrapper.

It was around that time that she heard people talking. Someone sounded both confused and very angry. Oddly, she felt a weird sense of safety and protection coming from outside.

There was a loud crash, followed by shouting.

She wanted to hide, but the way the thugs were positioned made it impossible to do so...they'd only drag her out if she did, she could tell.

The ramshackle door slammed open, revealing a man in yet another period outfit but this one far better made and wearing an odd straw hat that hid most of his features. She could tell he wasn't from Japan though... it was a rare person indeed who had naturally blond hair in Japan and was usually a sign of mixed blood.

The man was fast, and didn't have any mercy for the thugs.

"Are you alright?" he asked, in accented Japanese.

He carefully tilted the hat long enough for her to get a good look at his face...and she promptly fainted from shock.

Because the man who had rescued her...looked almost identical to the face she saw in the mirror, save a few bits and pieces.

Due to her fainting spell she missed an identical look of shocked disbelief on his face.

Giotto was having a very weird day.

It had started out normally enough. He had gone out with the hat Asari had firmly suggested they all wear to hide their features to make the villagers tolerate their presence a bit easier, along with his favorite outfit.

Then around lunch he heard a weird rumor that the 'blond gaijin leader' had been captured by a local bandit gang that he kept meaning to deal with. Naturally the rumor caught his full attention so he went to investigate.

Apparently the idiots had caught someone who bore a resemblance to him and decided to hold them for ransom. He wasn't about to let some poor villager suffer as a hostage.

The thugs were very surprised to see him, and he made quick work of them since he was already annoyed that they had a hostage.

One look at the person they kidnapped had him really pissed though. He could tell they were just a kid, though their outfit was a bit closer to what he used to see in Italy.

Probably why they assumed it was him in the first place.

"Are you alright?" he asked the kid, tilting his hat up to get a better look at their face...only to gape in shock when he registered what he was seeing.

The kid looked almost identical to him, with a few minor details. For one thing they had caramel colored hair instead of blond, and they were much younger than he was. Barely in their teens if he wasn't mistaken. They were also skinny, almost painfully so and barely able to reach his chin. Their skin tone was closer to the locals, but there was a clear hint of mixed blood. Their eyes were a warm brown that bordered on amber.

Their clothes though... they were both familiar and strange. The pants were a bit closer to what he used to wear before coming to Japan, and the shirt looked more like something he wore under a jacket complete with tie. Except if he wasn't mistaken he could clearly see the barest hints of a possible bust, meaning that this was a girl wearing men's clothing. The teen was feminine looking enough to be either a girl or a boy with very effeminate features.

Seeing the poor kid faint from the same shock he was experiencing...and probably from relief at the rescue, Giotto didn't even think twice. He picked them up and carried them out, and quickly revised his thought about their gender.

Definitely a young girl. One just becoming a young woman, from the looks of things.

What the hell happened to his ordinary day?

An hour later...

Giotto eagerly awaited for the girl to wake up. It seemed her day was just as trying as his own.

Fortunately she didn't faint a second time upon realizing they had almost identical faces.

He smile at her and gently wrapped a little of his Sky around her body...only to fight back a frown when he felt something blocking it. Was it possible she had a seal on her Flames or something? Asari had mentioned it was possible after he discovered how to create the Zero Point Breakthrough, but never went into details.

"Who... who are you?"

"Ieyasu. Sorry about that mess...those idiots thought you were me. Though now I can see why."

"T-Tsukiyo," she said shyly.

It took every ounce of manly willpower not to hug the stuffing out of her. She was too cute!

"So how did you end up here?"

"I fell into a well. Well, tripped, really. I thought I was going to hit some debris or water, but found myself in a dry well with a clear view of the sky when I had to go through several brambles to stumble across it, with trees blocking some of the view."

"An old well? You mean that one that is made from some special wood that has no water in it?" said Giotto incredulous.

Supposedly a soothsayer told Asari's clan to build it, despite the fact it wasn't anywhere near water, around twenty years ago and it had sat there ever since to trick travelers.

Tsukiyo could only shrug helplessly.

"So why is a cute girl like you wearing boy's clothing?" he asked, changing the subject.

"I'd rather not talk about it," said Tsukiyo.

She really wouldn't. After making the mistake of looking up what "whore" meant shortly before puberty finally started to kick in, she had become extra paranoid of being alone around her bullies. Considering the general level of apathy when it came to the amount of harassment and bullying she endured from the adults, it was simply safer to run the risk of what Hibari might do to her for deliberately wearing the wrong uniform than what could happen if her worst bullies got ideas simply because of her gender.

As a result she never went anywhere that wasn't regularly patrolled by the Disciplinary Committee or had plenty of witnesses.

Giotto gently patted her on the head.

"Would you be freaked out if I hugged you? You look like you really need it."

"I don't mind, since you asked first."

She wasn't quite prepared for the glomp, but there was a weird sort of furry feeling, like she was hugging a bit cat that wrapped around her. It was really nice and she found herself relaxing into it.

Giotto helped her up and walked her back to the well to see if they could find answers.

She looked down and thought she saw something of hers at the bottom.

Carefully dropping down, she was completely unprepared for the odd rush through her veins and the sudden return of sounds she had taken for granted.

Baffled, she found her bag on the ground and picked it up. Seeing a vine nearby, she went to climb it...and almost made it to the top before it broke off and she was sent tumbling back in.

Once again the familiar background sound disappeared, except this time she found a sturdy rope hanging from the side of the well.

"Are you alright?! You disappeared for a moment there," said Giotto in open concern.

Tsukiyo blinked, before realization hit her. Then she facepalmed as she realized what the well actually was, or at least what it did.

She climbed up and looked at the well warily for a moment.

"I think this well allows me to travel between here and where I live," she said after a moment. Or more precisely when she lived.

Giotto looked hopeful at that.

"Does that mean you'll come back?"

"Considering I have zero friends and very little reason to avoid this area, I would say so," she replied.

Giotto perked up hearing that. He was interested in finding out why she looked so much like him.