019. Alive



The slide of the angel-blade into Claire's gut leaves her with a ticklish, overwhelmingly hot-icy sensation. It floods quickly within her own body.

She gasps out, bending in as Dark Kaia roughly grips onto her shoulder, holding her up.

"You promised me."

Off towards the far-end of the corridor, Dean Winchester lies in a pool of his own blood, his eyes half-mast and a precious glassy-green. His breathing shallow, becoming irregular.

Claire's lips shakily press together.

She's been in a lot of tough situations, scarier than the werewolf in Las Vegas jonesing on LSD, scarier than the demon possessing Amelia Novak.

This just isn't fair.

"Isn't that what you said? You promised to protect me in the end, didn't you?" Dark Kaia hisses out, hovering her face into Claire's and snarling through her teeth. "And then you left me to die."

"I… no, I …"

"You, what? Thought I was dead, Claire?" There's a void immersing Kaia's eyes, as Claire weakly groans through the agony and stares up at her. It's full of decay and emptiness. Not an ounce of fear or longing or joy. "Do I look dead to you?"



Supernatural isn't mine. I KNOW THIS IS SUPER ANGSTY FOR THEM, BUT I LOVE THEM FLUFFY TOO! It's a really good and new femslash ship, and should totally be canon WINK WINK WINKWINKWINK anyways hope everyone enjoyed this and thoughts/comments are welcome!