Phoebe hurriedly walked around her room, glancing around to see if she had missed anything in particular. She stood in front of the mirror and smoothed out her dress as she gave out a breath as she examined herself. Tonight there was going to be a gala in her honor of not only five years of being a successful love columnist but as being the top advice columnist in all of Northern California. She couldn't help but feel nervous about it, she normally didn't like having the attention upon herself for too long. Behind her, she saw a faint pink glow appear as her husband, Coop, teleported into their room with a bouquet of flowers.

"Oh, my God!" She turned and smiled, "They're beautiful!"

Coop leaned down to kiss her, "Sorry I ran a little late, my charge was freaking out over her wedding"

"Oh… one of those ones tonight, huh?" Phoebe said as she took the flowers and sniffed them, "I assumed it went well"

"Wouldn't be here if it didn't" Coop smiled and winked, "I'll just quickly change"

"Okay" Phoebe said as she placed the bouquet on her desk as she pet one of the roses.

"Are the girls here yet?" Coop asked.

"Not yet, PJ says she'll be here soon but Parker already said she's on her way" Phoebe informed her husband.

"And what about Peyton?" Coop asked.

Peyton, the youngest, was in the living room flipping through a magazine as the TV was on set to her favorite channel. She was completely immune to everything that was going on around her, she's been going to these events with her parents for more than she could remember. Clunking shoes signified that her mother was coming down the hall as she appeared with flowers. Peyton didn't even look up as Phoebe passed but couldn't help to notice Peyton wasn't ready.

"We're leaving as soon as your sisters arrive" Phoebe informed her, "Don't you want to get dressed?"

"Already am" Peyton got up as the blanket fell to the floor to reveal a formal dress, "You make it sound like I'm PJ or something"

"Your sister is always on time" Phoebe then stopped, "Well, most of the time"

"Not when it's something that you actually have to tell her to get ready for" Peyton mentioned, "I bet you she'll beam right in complaining about how the GPS says there's too much traffic"

Phoebe chuckled, "Be nice, you're just jealous that you don't have teleportation abilities, everyone gets jealous of what they don't have. I was jealous of everyone's power because I was the only one with a non active ability"

"Yeah, you keep telling me" Peyton rolled her eyes, "You'll go on to say that neither has Parker have any teleporting powers too"

At perfect timing, the front door opened to reveal the middle child, Parker, as she made her way over to the family. She smiled to her mom and hugged her, congratulating her on the gala tonight. She turned to Peyton and gave her a wave as Peyton nonchalantly waved back.

"I'm so excited to see this!" Parker squealed, "I wonder what the Mayor of San Francisco will say about you"

Phoebe gave a half-hearted laugh, "Don't remind me"

"Dad!" Parker looked up as their dad walked in, "I didn't know you were coming today"

"What and miss your mother's big day?" Coop leaned down and kissed Peyton on top of the head, "Hey, baby girl"

"I'm glad you did, mom would freak out without you" Parker said as Coop leaned down to kiss her on the head as well.

"Remember that one time she actually had to vanquish the chairman who gave her the award?" Peyton brought up, "That was awkward"

"Yeah, I remember that because PJ smelled like demon blood throughout the rest of the night" Parker laughed.

A beam glowed in the center of the room as the eldest appeared with her husband, Mason right next to her. She smiled to her family as Mason gave a friendly handshake to Coop.

"Sorry, I'm late!" PJ said, "I would've drove but-"

"The traffic was bad" both Peyton and Parker finished for her.

PJ seemed stunned for a moment before she said, "Well, we do live in San Francisco"

"Unfortunately" Coop spoke up, "Which means we're going to have to leave soon if we want to get to the gala on time"

"I wonder where that limo driver is, he said he'd call the moment he pulled up" Phoebe mused.

"Actually, he's already here" Parker said, "I ran into him while I arrived"

"And you forgot to tell mom?" Peyton asked.

"I forgot!"

"Classic Peyton" PJ rolled her eyes.

"Okay, that's enough" Phoebe stepped in as she could feel a fight brewing, "Let's all just go down there right now"

Everyone seemed to nod in agreement but no one seemed to make a move toward the door.

Mason was the first to speak, "Somethings wrong"

"Can anyone move?" Coop asked.

"No" Parker answered, "What's going on?"

"What's going on is that I just performed a paralyzing spell on you" a young man said as he appeared in the room, turning the family to look at him.

"Who the hell are you?" Peyton demanded.

"Oh wow!" he let out a laugh, "Do you kiss our mother with that mouth?"

"Our mother?" PJ repeated.

"This has got to be some kind of sick joke" Parker voiced.

The man looked over to Phoebe, "You didn't tell them, did you?"

Phoebe narrowed her eyes at the demon, not knowing what kind of sick prank he was playing. It wasn't until she actually look at the man, did she see a similar resemblance. The dark hair, green eyes, and even the jawline matched only one person that came to mind. She quickly sucked in a deep breath as she realized who this person was. Her heart pounded out of her chest as Phoebe wanted to believe that this was a joke.


The man pointed to her, "And she's starting to remember"

"It can't be" Phoebe said, "I saw you die"

"Come on, how many times have you thought dad died but he really didn't" the man asked.

"Mom? Who is he?" Parker asked.

Phoebe couldn't bring herself to say it but the man threw open his arms, "I'm your brother!"



"Get out of here"

"My name is Demetri Turner" His face then fell into an evil mask, "And I'm here to kill you all"

He took out a potion from his jacket and threw it down onto the ground. The potion lit up as a whirlwind flew around the flat as Phoebe couldn't help but watch. All the sisters screamed out as the source of magic came closer and closer to them but no one could move. The last thing Phoebe could see was Demetri waving out his hands and laughing as he embraced the portal himself.