Basically- Glee did not disband after 100/New Directions- they were able to keep on. Everything is still canon, except Will is still at McKinley and the newbies were not moved. They will be arriving for their junior year, and the season 6 newbies are either already at the school/newbies.

Chapter 1

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz

Groaning, Rebecca Hamilton smashed her hand against the alarm clock. Rolling on her back, she brushed a hand through her messy hair as the ceiling slowly came into sharper vision. The alarm read 06:30 and as it was August, the sun was already streaming in. After a few moments of waking, she realised what today was.

William McKinley High School was founded, according to her Google search, as Lima High School but was renamed in 1903, two years after McKinley's assassination. Average high school, average town- average everything, far away from Central Spokane High.

Becca prided herself on being a relatively calm person most of the time. When she was focused, it was on three things: her looks, cheerleading and her perfect grades. Yet, when Andrew and Mona Hamilton had sat her down in their Washington state home to tell her important news, she was already on edge. She pooh-poohed getting a little brother or sister on two counts: she was pretty sure her parents had stopped having regular sex and well...the other reason upset her too much to think about. That left a family death, which she had estimated at about 25%. Her grandparents weren't that old and there had been no illnesses in the family, but she couldn't rule out an accident. That led her to her biggest fear- a divorce. Her parents seemed happy, but she knew that everybody had two faces and they could be hiding something. Could love be a cover for civility? She remembered wanting to run into the kitchen and throw up in the trash.

Then life had thrown her a curveball: they were moving to some place called Lima. In Ohio. Yeah, Spokane wasn't exactly LA or New York, but it was a city and at least it didn't rain like Seattle and other parts of Washington. Her dad had got a once in a lifetime opportunity and it was super good pay, so him and her mother had discussed it (apparently the sixteen year old didn't get a say) and had decided to move. Lima had good schools, not much crime and a better specialist for her mom. McKinley, they told her, offered her a great cheerleading programme and all the AP classes she would need for when she applied for the Ivies. Becca had the top grades at Central and was a shoo in for cheer captain, even though she admitted the McKinley Cheerios were legends in the cheer community. Sue Sylvester, the former captain was now principal and they say her replacement, some Olympian, had still managed to win them nationals.

Yet, Becca did not care. She was about to start her junior year, and had it not been for them moving, she would have easily been captain of Tigers. Her grades were perfect; she did her science extracurriculars and was on Honor Roll. Her parents had assured her that wouldn't change, but she knew her social life was. There was Casey, her best friend and Kyle, the hot boyfriend she'd swiped her v card to, as well as the masses of kids who saw her as Queen Bee- in- training. She went to the best parties, heard the best gossip...it was all there. Now she'd have to start again.

Andrew and Mona had been shocked by Becca's anger. After sulking for a week, she'd begged her parents to let her stay with her grandparents, who also lived within the Central school district. Mona had stood her ground, stating that she'd given birth to Becca and would be damned if she would let the family split apart when Becca was only sixteen. Eventually, her anger had been calmed when her father had got them tickets for Fleetwood Mac Live and told her to check out the cheer programme in more detail. The Ivy Leagues didn't do athletic scholarships, but if she didn't get into Harvard or Yale, she had back up options even though her parents had saved for years to get her to school, even if it was out of state. After tantrums, tears and crying down the phone to Casey, Becca agreed to not fight it anymore but refused to keep her displeasure quiet. She'd sniped her way the entire flight from Washington to Ohio before both parents put their headphones in to watch the inflight movie. Now, in August, she was waiting to start at her new school.

Roz Washington had sent out an email on the school intranet to tell auditionees for 'cheerios'- whether returning members, new students or anybody else to send in an audition video. She wanted to start the new season immediately and would be selecting members, promising a potential co-captain for the current girl. After working on it, she'd decided that it was great- she could do a standing double tuck after all, the only girl in her squad that could. She'd also been sent a 'bitch test,' whatever the hell that was, but had filled it in despite her confusion. Becca had heard nothing back so felt concern. She knew she could cheer well- she could dance and do every stunt all whilst maintaining that perfect smile.

Smacking herself out of her summer flashback, Becca decided that it was probably best that she get up. After showering, she arrived back to the clothes that she had left out the night before. God bless that liberal McKinley dress code, she thought as she looked over her short dress that showed her ass perfectly. Throwing the light jacket on, she floated downstairs to breakfast- her last bit of griping before she started. At least her car was new so she wouldn't have her status downgraded due to some old banger.

"Morning dad, morning mom," she kissed both of their cheeks before heading over to the fridge to grab some juice.

"Morning sweetie," Mona Hamilton glanced at her husband with confusion, frowning at her daughter's suddenly pleasant hello. She thought Becca would come down with a grey cloud over her head and a metaphorical storm brewing.

As Becca busied herself with her juice, her parents had a silent conversation before taking the plunge.

"Are you looking forward to your first day?" Andrew asked.

"Looking forward to? Questionable. Tolerating it? Yes."

"Becca, you'll have to make the best of it. I know that you aren't happy..."

"Understatement of the century," Becca grumbled in her interruption.

"But you'll have no choice. Hopefully they've accepted you into the cheer squad and if not, then you can make friends in other ways- I'm sure they have a dance squad or something for you to do all your old moves. Make sure to talk to people in your homeroom and in your classes, don't do what that girl did in that film you like...Mean Girls, that's the one, where you sit in a toilet stall at lunch. It's gross and frankly sad, I don't want you coming back all upset on your first day..."

"Then you shouldn't have pulled me away and shoved me in some crappy Ohio school for the most important years of my high school life. What if the upset makes my grades slip and Harvard doesn't accept me?"

Andrew let out a breathy sigh.

"Becca, you haven't dropped below an A since you were in eighth grade, I doubt you'll start now," Mona stood up, putting a hand on her daughter's shoulder, "Please, please, for me and your dad just get on with it and at least try to enjoy yourself."

"Ugh fine," she threw her hair back, her blonde locks falling behind her. After a quiet breakfast, she headed back upstairs to finish her make-up and pack her things. Once she was ready, she stared at herself in the mirror, reflecting to herself.

Becca Hamilton, you are hot and popular and take nobody's crap. The second you walk into this school, you don't show an ounce of fear. You walk down those halls as if you already own the place, which, if all goes according to plan, you will soon enough. Hold your head high, walk with poise and everybody will start to pay attention. Own it, own them.

Heading back downstairs, she bid a dejected goodbye to her parents before heading to her car. Pushing the radio button, she waited a few minutes before finally driving down the road. She'd memorised the route via Google maps, knowing the main routes to the school, supermarket, gym and mall. Whatever song it was, she was barely listening. As much as she loved her parents and didn't mean to take out her anger on them, but she was still pissed. Becca should be in Spokane, flirting with boys and practicing cheer moves with her girls. Eventually, after what seemed like an age (and was more likely ten minutes), she arrived at McKinley. Luckily finding a good parking spot, as she'd arrived early, she slipped in.

Give it to the end of the song, she told herself, and then you can get out and walk in.

Her mom had offered to go in with her, help her find her way, but she wanted to be brave- she was a junior and more importantly, she wanted to look cool in front of everyone. Right now, however, she felt absolutely sick. She'd moved from elementary to middle to high school, but she'd never been yanked from her home in Washington and pushed into another state. To Lima, Ohio, she'd had to do some research online to find out where the hell this place was and what it offered. She missed her old city, her old home, with the bustling of the crowd and all the culture. This place was so small, so different to her old place. She just didn't want to be here.

Crap, the song had ended.

Again, that sick feeling hit her stomach. Grabbing her backpack, she launched it up to her knees and checked that she had absolutely everything, consciously taking her time. Phone, money, books, everything she needed for her very first day at William McKinley High School. Checking herself in the mirror, she looked back determined at her reflection.

Becca Hamilton, you can do this. You're going into school, not jail. You were the popular cheerleader in your last school, you can do it again, I know you can. You never had any problems in Washington so there are no reasons that you should have them in Ohio. Make friends, get up the social ladder. Becca, it will be easy for you. You can do this. Just breathe, just breathe.

Before she could change her mind, she opened the car door and exited, slipping her backpack over her before she could change her mind. Breathing deeply, she put one foot in front of the other and started walking out of the junior parking lot.

As she walked, she took her first look at McKinley High.

It was no different to the average high school, the name of it as well as its founding date written up above the huge double doors, steps leading up to it. So far, so good. Two jocks in letterman jackets strode past, oblivious to her presence, laughing and talking about some event they went to in the summer holidays. Just near the start of the steps stood a blonde cheerleader who was talking to a mixed race boy. She looked carefully at the uniform- red and white with WHMS on the top with a flowy skirt, quite different to her old uniform. Her old one had been dark blue and white, with a short skirt that didn't go out, with a more fitting top.

Great, that was another thing she had to get used to. New school colours, woohoo.

Gingerly ascended the steps, she jogged up them slowly, passing the people who were chatting outside the exit. A couple of cheerleaders passed her, in mid-conversation, laughing softly as they confidently entered the hallway.

Here it came.

Becca took her first steps into WMHS, nervously treading the shiny ground. So far, so good, it seemed like a nice place, just like her old school. She continued looking around nervously, taking in the people that would be her schoolmates. Some stood alone, others in pairs or small groups, talking or taking things out of her locker. Freshmen huddled together for protection, probably even more scared than Becca was. At least she had experience in high school; she could navigate herself around with ease, whereas they hadn't a clue. Even though she wasn't entirely sympathetic with their plight, she felt some of it for them and resolved to at least be moderately helpful towards them.

As she walked, she was very nearly knocked to the side by a tall guy, but managed to maintain her balance after wobbling slightly to the side, nearly crashing into a group of freshmen. The guy ignored her- either that or he didn't notice her, it could have been both- waving at someone ahead and dashing up to meet them. It was junior year; everyone would have their friends and cliques already. She was already the outsider looking in at the friendships people had made. Nerves hit her once again, like a ton of bricks.

Ok, so she had to head to the guidance counsellor, Mrs. Pillsbury's office, as the principal was apparently 'too busy' for the new kids. She'd heard of Sue Sylvester, as she was quite the big-shot in the cheerleading world, one of the champions who headed a squad that rarely ever lost. Two years ago, in her freshman year, she'd been at a championship and had seen Sue there, yelling at two of her cheerleaders. Becca had been terrified and the thought of meeting her now scared the living crap out of her. She didn't know who the current cheerleading coach was but she knew one thing- there was no way that they could be worse than Sue. She was just on a whole other level.

Problem is she had no idea where to go.

"Glee club?"

Placing a hand to her chest, she had been scared by the tall brunette in a newsboy cap holding out a white leaflet with black lettering and two golden treble clefs on each side at the top.

"What's a glee club?"

"Oh, are you new here?" the girl asked.

"Yeah, just transferred from Spokane. Isn't glee club like that Pitch Perfect thing?"

"Kinda," the tall girl shrugged, "We sing and dance to songs, though we have instruments and backing vocals and all that so no acapella, though some groups do. We go around the country doing competitions- we've even been to New York and LA. Most of our members graduated so we're hoping to get some more people- might be a great way to make friends if you're new."

Becca bit her lip.

"I don't really sing...erm...so yeah, I dance though."

"That's ok; we have plenty of room for backing vocalists and dancers."

"I'm not really sure it's my thing."

"That's ok, perhaps take a leaflet?"

Not wanting to disappoint the girl, she gingerly took one.

"Perhaps you could tell me where Mrs. Pillsbury's office is?"

"Oh right, sorry," the girl turned around and pointed up the corridor, "Ok, just walk as far up the corridor as you can, take a left and there is a giant room with glass windows and doors. She's young with red hair."

"Right, thanks."

She left the girl, reading the leaflet as she went:

Join McKinley High's Glee club 'The New Directions.'

We're a mixed gender group that performs songs in competitions, with a mix of all genres and singers. You don't have to be a seasoned vocalist to apply, just come along to meet new people and have fun. We've competed in New York City and Los Angeles and are aiming to reach our second Nationals victory. Anyone who is a student is welcome, whether a freshman or senior.

If you want to apply, come to the auditorium from 3-5 on Thursday 22nd,. Signup sheets on the extracurricular boards- please prepare a song no longer than three minutes. Hope you see you there!

Rolling her eyes, she threw the leaflet in the trash. Eventually, she found herself at the counsellor's office.

There were quite a few people in front of her, so she again spent her time looking around the hallway, seeing what was in store for her for the next two years. Across from her was a hand-made poster with 'MCKINLEY PRIDE' painted on it. Back in her old school, the cheerleaders had helped make some of the posters and she'd actually really enjoyed that. She was terrible at drawing and painting, but she had some craft skills and it wasn't difficult to do that kind of thing. She hoped that if she was a cheerleader here, she'd get to do some more of it.

The teenager poked her head out in front to see how long she had before she got to go in. The students weren't taking too long. A quick hello, giving them their papers, that was it. Speaking of papers, she was hugging them tightly against her chest. All she had were her transcripts and the list of instructions of what to do when she got there. Tapping her feet against the flooring, the clock on the wall across from her seemingly dragged as she waited. Finally, the boy in front of her went in and she soon realised it was soon to be her turn. After a couple of minutes, he exited, indicating that she entered. The door swinging to a close behind her, she hurried over to the desk.

The woman looked up.

"Hello there, I'm Emma Pillsbury, welcome to McKinley," she smiled, "Take a seat."

Becca silently sat in front of the woman.

"So," she shuffled some papers around, "What's your name?"

"Rebecca Hamilton but everyone calls me Becca."

"Ok then," Emma shuffled through the papers, "Did you get here ok?"

"Some girl showed me.

"Do you know who?"

"Some girl handing out leaflets for a glee club, whatever that is."

"Oh, good Emma beamed, "Found your papers. Let's see then, your transcripts. Excellent grades, I can see that you're mainly in AP classes, which is always good if you're aiming for colleges that are harder to get into, presuming that you want to go?"

Becca nodded, "Yeah, I want to medical research."

"That's definitely an interesting career, very competitive though, you'll have to look into some programmes or work placement, especially if you're planning on going into an Ivy League school. You've got Mr. Schuester for History- he's an excellent teacher, but I guess I am biased as his wife and you'll also got some other lovely teachers. Mrs. Brien is really lovely; you've got her for Calculus. As for extra-curriculars, you have quite a few- mainly things like dancing and cheerleading. I don't think you've been told, but you've been accepted to the Cheerios- we've been asked to notify all new students who got in. So congratulations, we have a lot of competition for them. We have a very wide range of clubs- from sewing to Student Government and beyond. Whatever your hobby, there's probably a club and even if there isn't, you can probably request something. These are probably one of the best things you can do to make friends here; people will be more welcoming in their clubs, more willing to talk to people. Have you made any friends yet?"

"I've not talked to anyone yet. I went straight from my car to here."

"No worry, as soon as you get to homeroom, I'm sure people will start to talk to you. I can imagine that you'll find somebody to sit with at lunch; we won't let you be alone. Don't be afraid to ask people where to go to lessons, no one will have any problems with pointing you in the right direction. Your locker is 225A, which is just near the staffroom, someone will show you, and it's not difficult to find once you know where to go. Here are your things, now don't remember to go to the cheerleading office. Just turn right then turn left, it's just a second away. Any questions?"

She almost asked about the pamphlets but did not and just shook her head.

"Great, that's it then. I'll call you back in about a week or two to see how you're doing but if you have any problems before then, come back and have a chat, my office door is always open."

"Thanks," Becca took her things and shuffled out of the room, holding the door open for the next person before going on her way. Remembering Emma's instructions to go left then right, she finally found what she thought was the right door. Knocking, she waited for instructions.


She poked her head in the door, "Erm, hi, I was told to come here."

The woman with the short blonde hair and tracksuit, with a bronze medal around her neck, looked up and glared at her.

"Rebecca Hamilton?" she barked.

Becca nodded nervously as the woman indicated she enter and sit down. Unlike Emma, whom she felt comfortable around immediately, this woman made her nervous simply by her demeanour. The death glare she gave was one thing, but her aura was another thing completely. Sitting down, she tried to avoid the glare.

"My name is Roz Washington; I'm head of the Cheerios and a goddamn Olympian, so don't you forget that when I'm instructing you, Blondie. Sue Sylvester tells me that you come from one of the best cheerleading squads in the USA and she wants yet another winner on her winning squad. We've already got a captain but honestly, she's got too much attitude and even though I usually like a strong-minded girl, she is somewhat unlikeable in my eyes. This is where you come in, Blondie. What this team needs is a co-captain to rein her in and considering that you come from a good squad, Sylvester supports having you in that role. I've got to listen to the principal and I want you in. Got it?"

Becca nodded eagerly. She wondered what kind of squad accepted a new member as co-captain, but she'd heard of squads who had freshmen as captains so she wasn't going to question. Besides, she had the qualifications for it.

"Don't nod like that, Blondie, you look desperate and the one thing I don't want is a desperate wannabe on my squad, especially if she's captain. I expect you to always be on time, go to every practice, be a good example and not act like a stuck-up bitch. I despise that. If not, I won't hesitate to bring you back down to earth. I don't act like I'm perfect and I don't want any members of my Cheerios acting the same, that is the one thing I don't like. Understood, Blondie?"

She nodded again, this time a lot more calmly.

"Any questions?"

"Erm, yeah- why me for co-captain?"

"Sylvester brought in a lot of new students for teams, she wants an emphasis on athletics and you were one of the few on the shortlist. Your old squad was one of the best in the country and she likes your grades, we contacted your old cheer coach and she agreed you had talent. Make no mistake- I'm giving you a trial period, if you're crap, I will kick you off the squad faster than you can say Cheerios."

She was about to agree when there was a knock on the door and a cheerleader entered.

"You wanted to see me, coach?" she asked in a very bored tone.

"Bree, meet Blondie, she's your co-head. Take her to a bathroom to change into her uniform then take her to her locker and show her the ropes and everything."

The Bree girl looked over at Becca as Roz shoved a box and backpack into her arms. The blonde stumbled slightly before walking over to the door and following Bree out. Once they'd exited and started walking the corridors, she turned to Becca.

"Please tell me that your name isn't actually Blondie."

"No, it's Becca."

"Thank God, I was worried then. Becca, I hope that you're going to be a suitable captain that keeps up with me easily. I'm kinda glad to have someone, so you better deliver! Other than that, it's good to meet you Becca and as long as you don't do anything that shows you as a stupid ass, then I'm sure we'll be good friends. I honestly need some good friends and you don't look too bad. You can promise me that you won't do anything stupid, can't you?"

"Scout's honour."

Becca smirked at the joke before leading her into a bathroom. Two girls took a look at the cheerleader and scampered.

"Give me your things and I'll hold them. We have to wear our uniforms every school day and every practice and if you have long enough hair, like you do, we wear it in a high pony."

Becca took the box but left the others, entering the stall. Placing the box on the toilet seat, she admired the outfit, shoes and socks that had been place for her. Slipping off her jacket, she dressed herself in her Cheerios uniform and rearranged her hair so that it was in the high pony that Bree had instructed her to put it in. Gathering everything up, she immediately dumped her clothes in her backpack that Bree had opened before going over to the mirror, hands on hips as she admired it.

"You look fierce!" Bree looked her up and down, "Cheerios uniforms are the best cos damn near everyone knows who they're dealing with. Now, what's your locker number?"


"Ok, I know where that is. Here's your stuff and follow me."

Becca threw her Cheerios backpack over her shoulder and gathered everything else, following Bree out of the room, immediately walking into step with her.

"Ok, here's the deal Becca. We Cheerios are the most popular girls in school, no one outranks us- we're number one and that's a stone cold fact. You were a cheerleader in your last school, right? Good, you know how important it is then to keep up a good reputation. Do not mess this up, because you have basically got to top spot, next to me and I do not want to see a popular girl like you be dragged down into the depths of Loserville. It would break my heart into a million and one pieces. As your co-captain, I am going to ensure that you do not do anything stupid and I'd like to think that you're smart enough to stay on the right track. You still with us, with the jocks too and you'll be fine. Your social standing is essential, got it? I want to like you, Becca; I want to like all my Cheerios because I should. Don't bother trying to lower yourself to 'be nice' or whatever- that simply won't do and I won't let it happen. There are certain things you just don't do and I'm going to make sure that you know what those things are so you can avoid them. Here's your locker."

They stopped in front of it and Becca pulled up the paper so she knew her combo. Twisting the lock, she found the right combo and it pulled open. Taking the backpack with the old clothes, she threw that in the back and placed all the important items- books and such, at the front. Checking herself in the mirror, she turned back to Bree.

"So, any questions?"

"Yeah, what clubs do I need to avoid and which people?"

Sounded simpering, but Becca was not being a loser- being popular was goddamn important to her.

"I'm glad you asked. Ok, so there are the obvious ones- the computer club and this weird superhero club that was started last year, don't ask me what that was about. Then there's the Glee club- singing, dancing, bunch of losers. No one really likes them; we just accept them politely when they perform at assemblies and dancing. They're not winners, not like the Cheerios. I kinda had a fling with one, Jake, but I ended it when I realised what he really was, he fancies himself a bad boy. Some Cheerios have done it and they're just betrayers, the worst kind."

"Like I'd bother with them anyway," Becca rolled her eyes.

Bree laughed again but then stopped when she caught sight of someone, "Speaking of betrayers- there's one now."

She pointed across the way at a short, blonde Cheerio who was placing stuff in her locker.

"Who is she?"

"That is Kitty Wilde. She used to be Head Cheerio, a girl that knew the score and valued her popularity and the reputation of the squad. Then she went in the school play and joined the Glee club and if that wasn't bad enough, she dated this kid called Artie. He was such a nerd; I don't know that she was thinking. Out of all the guys in Glee club, she had to date the worst. I mean, I wouldn't date any of them, even though one of them is on the football team, but she just went wrong. Kitty then basically committed social suicide- everyone thinks she's a freak now and we on the team don't bother with her, she's a bitch anyway. The only reason she's on the squad is because she's easily one of our best and she's a valuable asset, at least skill wise."

"What happened? Why isn't she Head Cheerio anymore?"

"I'm not really sure. She was temporary after this other cheerleader was kicked off the squad but the cheerleader came back and then this other kid took over. It was a very confusing time. Just after prom, I was promoted."

"So we drop captains like flies?"

"Recently, yes, but before then, it was pretty consistent."

"What are the other cheerleaders like?"

"Some of them I don't like, if I'm perfectly honest, they're just super annoying. I think they did viral auditions instead of face ones because Sylvester and Washington want to get practice started straight away, but believe me, there will be a massive reshuffle because they are super strict with people- you better be on your best behaviour, we'll all be. Anyway, what's your homeroom?"

"Mr. Cameron," Becca squinted at her schedule, "Room 4B."

"Awesome, that's with me," Bree nodded, "We've got Jordan and Aimee in there too, and they're probably one of the cooler cheerleaders- they actually know what they're doing. I had Mr. Cameron for English last year, he's not bad, I suppose, a little boring but still."

The bell rang and Becca awaited further instruction.

"Grab what you need and let's go."

She slipped some more books in her Cheerios backpack, threw it over her shoulder, closed her locker and joined Bree in walking the corridors. As they strutted, people immediately moved out of the way for them, parting so that they had a clear path. It didn't even seem unusual, like it was the natural response to the co-captains walking down the corridor. She kinda liked it, actually.

"In here," Bree instructed and led Becca into a room. The other cheerleader immediately headed to a seat at the back, leaving Becca to walk over to the front desk. There was nothing remotely unusual about Mr. Cameron- a regular guy with balding hair and glasses perched at the end of his nose, which nearly slipped off when he looked up at her.

"New student?"

She nodded and he held out his hand for her transcripts. She handed them over and he skimmed through them briefly before handing them back.

"Welcome to McKinley, Miss. Hamilton," his tone was dreary, "I know this may be a change for you, but I'm sure you'll be made welcome, you're already a cheerleader, I see. Go find a seat and I will talk to you later."

She nodded as she was handed back her transcripts and went back over to where Bree was. Bree pushed the chair out with her leg, resting her elbow on the table as she watched Becca sit down before turning to the other two cheerleaders who were also watching her.

"Guys, this is Becca. Becca, meet Jordan and Aimee."

They both gave her a shy wave and smile but the first thing noticed by Becca was the neck brace.

"Hi, nice to meet you all. Quick question- are you safe to cheer with the neck brace?"

She felt kinda mean asking straight away, but she was kinda curious.

"Totally, my neck's totally fine with it on. I had an accident at practice when I was dropped at the start of the previously school year and my physiotherapist said that I need to wear it until at least next year, it was pretty nasty."

"I thought you were supposed to get it off this summer," Bree interjected.

"Yeah, well, what can you do?" Jordan shrugged.

"So where are you from, Becca?" Aimee asked her kindly.

"I'm from Spokane, Washington."

"I imagine that's quite the change," Bree told her, "God, I'd much rather live in a city than Lima, cannot wait to get out of there."

"I'll hopefully get used to it. Bree's been a good help, told me what to avoid and who to avoid."

"So basically Glee club? Bree really hates them," Jordan heavily emphasised the really part of that statement, "We all know to avoid them and most are just indifferent but Bree just hates them. Thing is, she's kinda right though."

"I don't hate them," Bree flicked her ponytail backwards, "They're just losers and I don't want my winning squad associating themselves with those lot. That's why I dislike Kitty. That and she's an evil bitch who's out to get me to gain popularity."

"There's always been beef between them," Aimee explained for Becca's benefit, "Even when Kitty wasn't in glee, there was always that animosity."

"Imagine if they were co-captains- there would be a bloodbath."

"Damn right, I'd put her in her place" Bree agreed with a smirk, "So, let's look at your schedule, Becca, I wanna see if we have any classes together."

She handed it over and the others poured over it.

Homeroom: Mr. P Cameron, Room 4B

1st Period: AP History with Mr. W Schuester, Room 7H

2nd Period: AP Chemistry with Mrs. J Jones, Room 6A


3rd Period: AP Biology with Miss. A Peters, Room 1A

4th Period: AP English Lit with Mrs. L Clark, Room 2D


5th Period: AP French with Miss. M Herriot, Room 7A

6th Period: Calculus with Mrs. G Brien, Room 8C

7th Period: (Mon-Wed) Health with Mr. D French/ (Thur-Fri) Phys Ed with Coach S Beiste

"You've got a fair few AP classes- the only ones that aren't are Calculus and Health."

"I didn't want all of them to be AP that would just put loads of pressure on me," Becca shrugged, "To be honest; I wanted to focus on other things apart from my academics."

"We have French together," Bree noticed.

"We're in the same History together, which is great," Jordan smiled kindly at her, "It's next as well, so I can give you a tour on the way. You're also in Aimee's Health. There's quite a few Cheerios, so I'm sure you'll have classes with at least one of us. We usually all just hang together but most of us have a few non-Cheerios friends, from classes or before we joined and stuff. Sometimes the jocks join us, but quite a few of them are jerks so we don't tend to sit with them, we just hang with them at parties or date them. We all sit together at lunch, that's the norm. We try to avoid dating the jerks- they may be cool, but they're also some of the biggest assholes you'll ever meet."


"Truly is," the Neckbrace cheerleader smirked, "I'm sure you'll find somebody- you're head Cheerio, they'll all like that."

"So, not for the content of my personality?"

The four cheerleaders burst out laughing as Mr. Cameron's voice filled the room, encouraging them all to be quiet. The homeroom was not particularly interesting- just the teacher talking about how they all needed to 'work hard' this year and that there was 'no room for slacking.' He also introduced Becca briefly, who was relieved by the fact he hadn't made her stand up and talk about herself. She had received a few stares though, which made her feel slightly uncomfortable.

No, Becca, you have to deal with it. You need to be popular, you need everybody to know your name, know who you are.

The bell rang for the first lesson. Becca scooped up her bag and shoved it over her shoulder, following the girls out of the room.

"Ok, meet me by your locker at the break, yeah?" Bree turned to her.

"Got it."

"Ok then, hope you have a great first few lessons. See ya."


Bree strutted away, head held high. Becca admired her confidence. Aimee gave them a wave before yelling over at a girl in jeans, jogging to catch up with her and walking away in conversation. Becca and Jordan started walking the corridors, the latter giving the former a quick tour, pointing out people and places, indicating short cuts in order to get to class quickly, especially with a new girl with no idea where to go. She was grateful for all the help she was getting- they were all being so nice to her and she felt so lucky. Soon enough, she would have enough knowledge to make her social status even higher.

The pair took a swift turn into the History classroom. Jordan headed into a seat whilst Becca went over to the teacher's desk. Mr. Schuester looked up and smiled at her.

"Hi, you must be the new student."

"Yeah, that's me," she handed over the transcripts.

"Do you prefer Becky?"

"Becca, please."

"Ok, this all looks great- we're doing the French Revolution this semester, have you studied it before?"

She shook her head, "I've read about it but not done it at school."

"Great, go sit with Jordan or something and I will come over later to talk to you. Hope you enjoy the class."

"Thanks," she went over to Jordan and sat beside her. Taking out her things, she listened to Jordan babble on about some house party. Letting out a smirk, she decided that perhaps this wouldn't be so bad.

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