I got inspire for another story.lol..I don't think anyone used this idea yet so I'm realllyyy happy!! N I got inspired from my friends n teachers who keep on calling Goku a girl.so I was like.y not try it as a girl? I dunno..I was first thinking of a one-shot...but now I'm trying for a whole story line/plot thing.
A girl?!? NO WAY!!

Goku yawned and woke up as the first ray of sunlight attacked his face. Stretching he got up and went to the bathroom making sure the door was lock. He giggled as he undress and un-wrap the bandage around his chest giving them a budge no guys have.

She looked at herself in the mirror and sigh as she remembered her hair. After getting lock up in the mountains and having Sanzo rescue her, she realized that it wasn't going to be safe walking around as a girl. So she changed her name and cut off the hair that made her feminine. It took her months of observation of how a guy acted and what she should do to avoid conflict about her body.

She sighs as she re-wrapped her chest tightly; after all she has gotten use to the pain of having her chest squeeze tightly.

A knock on the door made her hurry up and finish the last touches before breakfast.

"Goku?" a muffle voice from outside answer her thought.

"Hai" she said deepening her voice.

"I'll be there in a sec," she said putting on her clothes.

"Breakfast is ready downstairs," Hakkai said as he went to wake up Gojyo and Sanzo.

Opening the door she peeked outside and hurried down the stairs, starting another day of acting.


Whatcha think so far?? Is it good?