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The end

He smiled and it warmed her entire body. It was a different smile than she had seen before and she leant forward to hug him. They embraced each other and held the other close as if to never let go.

Eventually Aragorn came into the room and smiled as he saw his two best friends so happy together. He guessed that Legolas had told Novavar how he felt and she had said that she still loved him. Novavar noticed that Aragorn was stood watching them and she lay Legolas back down on the pillow. Legolas too noticed that Aragorn was here and smiled to say Thank you for giving him the courage to talk to Novavar.

The three friends sat for a while talking but the afternoon's events had tired Legolas out and he soon fell asleep. Novavar and Aragorn left him for a while and went for a walk around the grounds.

They returned before supper time and went to see if Legolas was yet awake. If he was then Novavar would fetch him some food, if not then she would have her supper and bring his later. Novavar and Aragorn crept silently into the room to check on Legolas. He was lying peacefully asleep so they crept out again and went to have their own supper.

Novavar returned shortly after supper with some food for Legolas. He had been growing strong these last few days and he had begun to eat more now. When she arrived at the room, she was not prepared for what she found.

Legolas was lying on the bed, his chest heaving as he gasped for air. He was hot and shaking; clutching his chest with the pain of not being able to breath. Novavar yelled down the corridor for someone to come quickly and then ran to Legolas' side. His face was very pale and his breathing was hoarse and rattling.

Elrond arrived at the door to the room followed by Aragorn. They ran to the side of the bed and looked at Legolas.

"What is wrong with him?" Novavar asked, tears running down her face. "I thought you said that the poison was all gone now."

"I do not know." Elrond replied, a very worried look on his face.

It took what seemed like an eternity to Novavar for Elrond to whisper an elvish cure to Legolas. It didn't make any difference though. Legolas' breathing was getting worse and his body was tense. Novavar had been holding his hand and as his body tightened his hand gripped hers. She stroked his face and whispered to him but it didn't help. Legolas began to relax into the pillows and his eyes were beginning to close despite his efforts.

"No." Novavar shouted at Legolas. "You can't give in now. You have to fight it. I know its hard but don't leave me Legolas."

Legolas couldn't fight it. The pain in his chest was unbearable and his head was light because he couldn't breath. His grip on Novavar's hand relaxed and his eyes closed.

"No!" Novavar repeated. "Don't leave me Legolas please?"

Elrond placed a hand on Legolas heart and tried desperately one last time to save him.

"I am sorry Novavar." He said after several minutes.

"No. He can't be dead. He can't have left me." Novavar refused to give up. "I love him."

Aragorn placed a hand on her shoulder. She dropped forward, lying over Legolas body, and cried. She sobbed and although her chest hurt with each sob she didn't care. Legolas had just told her he loved her. After years of keeping it a secret from him, after years of thinking they would never be together, they were together for one brief moment before being torn apart again.

Elrond and Aragorn left the room. Aragorn had tears freely running down his face and he wanted to stay with Legolas but he knew that Novavar needed to be alone with Legolas more than he needed to be. She lay there for hours crying. Her and Legolas' hands were still tightly gripped together.

Novavar was alone. She didn't want to be alone, she wanted Legolas back. She thought of what it would be like to join him. To kill herself now and no longer be alone. She could join Legolas and they could be together forever as they had planned. Legolas wouldn't have wanted that though. He would want her to carry on. She looked at him lying in the bed. He looked peaceful, just asleep. Maybe he would wake up and tell her that he loved her and everything was going to be all right. But it wouldn't.

Novavar thought of him. She pictured him stood in front of her. His long blonde hair flowing behind him, his strong body tall and straight. Then she thought of the lonely immortal life she would lead alone. She could never love anyone else the way she had loved Legolas. She would be alone forever.

"I love you Legolas." She whispered.

Novavar took Legolas' face between her hands and kissed him. Then she stood up and walked from the room. Never again would she enter that room and never again would she sit on the bed where her love had died.

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