Hi guys! So here's yet another new story I'm working on...'Wanted' is my priority still, but I'll be publishing other stories while I have writer's block for that story. For those who read my Teen Titans story, 'Trapped,' that one will be updated soon...I think...

Welcome to 'Pursuit,' my King of Dragons alternate ending. I took advantage of all the glorious whump opportunities in that episode and wrote this beauty last night... prepare for Hiccup!whump, Hiccstrid, and Toothless angst. This will be a multi-chapter story.


Summary: When Hiccup goes to retrieve the egg belonging to the King of Dragons, he is forced to fight two deadly enemies simultaneously. With Toothless separated from him by a wall of ice and rock, Hiccup is quickly defeated. Severely wounded and completely helpless, the young heir is captured by Krogan and Johann for some sinister purpose. An alternate ending to RTTE Season Six, Episode Thirteen.

Rating: T for violence, blood, and minor swearing.

Pairings: Hiccstrid, Heathlegs, and Dagla.

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Suspense

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Chapter One

Hiccup darted around a huge spike of ice, then stopped short as he saw what was in the next cavern- a single icy pedestal, on which lay a single spiked egg. "Oh my Thor," he whispered, before moving forward. He needed to make sure the King of Dragons - and Hiccup was sure that was what this egg belonged to - was evacuated off the island before the Flyers found it. Reaching out, he wrapped his hands around the egg, preparing to lift it into his satchel.

"Well now, what do we have here?" spoke a voice suddenly, making Hiccup jump, startled. Looking up, the heir froze as he saw Johann and Krogan standing on the other side of the cavern. Silently, Hiccup placed the egg back on the pedestal and stepped forward, between it and the two men.

"Well done, Mast'r Hiccup!" drawled Johann, voice dripping with mockery. "It seems as though you've discovered the King of Dragons at last...unfortunately, you won't be taking that egg anywhere. Surrender, Hiccup Haddock; we've won."

"You haven't won yet, Johann." Hiccup moved forward, grabbing his shield and igniting Inferno. "I won't let you get this egg."
Johann chuckled sinisterly. "Ah, Hiccup. You're always so predictable. So boldly heroic. I do wish I didn't have to kill you."

"You don't," Hiccup answered. "I'll take the egg and make sure it's safe. We'll save the King of Dragons, and you can watch from Outcast prison."

Johann laughed. "That's what I like about you, Hiccup. You're so innocent, so quick to assume you have won. On the other hand, you're so disgustingly sentimental it makes me sick."

Hiccup only scowled, keeping an eye on both Johann and Krogan as they spread out and began to approach him. This wasn't fair, he thought desperately. It wasn't a fair fight in the least. Gods, he could barely win a sparring match against his own girlfriend, let alone a two-on-one battle against two highly skilled grown men. He might not make it out of this one, he realized.

"You know this isn't a fair fight," Krogan called. "Give up, Haddock. You don't stand a chance."

"Maybe not," Hiccup replied grimly, readying his sword. "But I've beaten the odds before."

Krogan attacked first, swinging his weapon at Hiccup's head. The heir only barely dodged, rolling out of the way and firing a bola from his shield towards Krogan's legs. Yelping as he toppled to the ground, the man hurried to untangle the ropes. Hiccup quickly distanced himself from Krogan, turning his attention to Johann just in time to dodge a knife spinning through the air in his direction.

Johann chuckled, throwing another knife. This one only barely grazed Hiccup's shoulder, but the pain that exploded in the boy's arm was agonizing. Nearly dropping his sword, Hiccup used his shield to stop the next two daggers before being tackled from the side. He and Krogan both fell to the ground, as though in slow motion.

Air whooshed out of his lungs as his chest hit the ground. For an instant, Inferno was pinned beneath him as he squirmed under Krogan's weight, and Hiccup writhed as the fiery blade pressed into his arm, slicing and burning his clothes and skin. Indescribable pain shot through his entire right side, and yet another silent scream escaped his lips. His sight grew dim, and any noise sounded like it came from under water, muffled and distorted. Several agonizing seconds passed, and Hiccup thought for a moment that he might pass out.

Then, in a sudden, brutal instant, his senses returned in full force. The acrid smell of burning flesh filled his nostrils, and the sound of his own scream of pain filled his ears. Hiccup writhed and thrashed as the pain surged through his body, even though the sword was no longer touching him. Shaking and sobbing with the pain of his wound, he curled up into the fetal position, helpless.

"Ah, the irony," Johann said, chuckling softly. "Brought down by your own weapon."

Hiccup didn't reply, his cries echoing through the cavern. Krogan sighed in annoyance. "Are we taking him with us?"

"Of course," Johann replied ominously. "We have unfinished business to discuss. And besides, he'll make a prime bargaining chip against the other Riders. After all, they're all so very loyal. Just like their leader...isn't that right, Hiccup?"

Hiccup only moaned weakly, unable to resist as Krogan scooped him up. As his vision darkened, he saw Johann pick up the dragon egg. Then the world went black.

Toothless had only just resigned himself to being separated from his Rider. After pawing and scratching at the ice and rock, he huffed and plopped down, glaring at the wall as though it might wither and crumble beneath his gaze. When he heard Hiccup scream, however, he leapt to his feet and snarled. His human cried out again; the sound echoing even through the wall of rock and ice that separated Toothless from Hiccup. The scream was high and almost unnatural to Toothless, who had only seen his Rider in this much pain once before, after the battle with the Red Death.

Without further hesitation, Toothless fired a plasma blast at the wall, but the impact barely made a dent. Desperately, the Night Fury rammed his body into the wall, whining in pain as the maneuver failed. Despite his failure, however, he leapt back and slammed into the wall again.

Hiccup needed him. The boy was alone and hurting, and Toothless had to save him. The Night Fury attacked the wall a third time, one thought coursing incessantly through his mind. Hiccup. My human. I'm coming. Hiccup. Rider. I'm coming.

Again and again, Toothless crashed into the wall, calling out for his beloved Rider, before he stumbled and fell to the ground, dazed. Even as he fought to get back up, Toothless felt his legs give out, and he crumpled once more. As his toxic green eyes drifted shut, he heard his little human cry out once more, before all went dark.

Well things aren't looking too good for Hiccup or Toothless. What is Johann planning? Will Toothless be okay? And where the heck are the other Riders?

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