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Chapter 1: Start Of Something New

"What do you think you're doing out here Naruto?" An out of breath and seemingly irate scar-faced, brown ponytail wearing chunin Umino Iruka asked rhetorically to a young blond boy with whisker-marks on his cheeks. They were in a clearing in the middle of a forest surrounding Konohagakure no Sato. Naruto was visibly ragged with a big scroll in front of him.

Said boy simply held his hand behind his neck, rubbing it while grinning sheepishly, "I found you Iruka-sensei!"

Iruka's eye twitched, "Idiot! I found you!" His expression then softened, "Naruto why did you to take the forbidden scroll like that? It's forbidden for a reason you know."

Naruto chuckled like a goof for a moment before standing up and looking proud of himself, "You are fast Iruka-sensei, I only had time to learn one jutsu from the scroll." That made Iruka's eyebrows rise in surprise, "But everything's okay now because I can graduate! That's how it works isn't it? I get the scroll and learn a jutsu from it and I can graduate even if I failed!"

"Naruto, who told you this? I have to tell you that it's not true. Someone lied to you." Iruka asked, seeing Naruto's face drop from one of triumph to disbelief.

"What?" He said in a panicked voice, "B-But Mizuki-sensei was the one that gave me the test. He said it was a make-up for the graduation exam." Hearing the despair in his voice worked Iruka's heart for the boy.

'Thank Kami, I was the one that found him otherwise the others would have destroyed him before he even knew what was going on. But why on earth did Mizuki...' Iruka thought to himself. Right at that moment, he threw Naruto out of the way as a barrage of kunai was flung at him. Most missed as he was forced back against the shed; however, one in his stomach, two in each leg, and one in his right shoulder.

The chunin instructor looked up and scowled, "I see so that's how it is." Mizuki looked down at the man and said in a mocking tone, "Wow you got here pretty fast!"

Naruto who had been staring at Iruka in shock with wide eyes, looked up to see Mizuki with a large grin on his face. "Mizuki-sensei, what's going on here? Why are you attacking Iruka-sensei?" Naruto mumbled, confused at what transpired in front of his eyes.

Hearing his voice, the two chunin turned their attention to Naruto. "Give me the scroll Naruto," Mizuki commanded, holding out his hand. "No Naruto don't give it to him!" Iruka shouted, with a slight hint of pain in his voice.

"W-what's going on?" Naruto asked, unsure what he should do. "Mizuki used you to get the scroll!" Iruka said, "That scroll contains Konoha's secret and forbidden Jutsu. He lied to you so you would do his bidding!"

"Oh I'll tell you who's lying Naruto," Mizuki said with a smirk that threatened to split his face. Iruka looked over at Mizuki and saw the smirk on his face, it was then he realized what the white haired traitor was going to say and his eyes widened. "No Mizuki don't say it, you know it's forbidden!" Naruto looked back and forth between his two sensei's in confusion. "What do you mean? who's lying?"

"They've been lying to you your whole life, ever since the decree twelve years ago," Mizuki looked at Naruto with an insane grin. "Twelve years ago?" Naruto shook his head, "I don't understand." "No! Mizuki don't!" shouted the scar-faced chunin with panic in his voice.

"Haven't you ever wondered why were you hated?" Mizuki questioned, making the blonds eyes widen. "Why you were ignored? Why people treated you like you were worthless! Like less then dirt!""Mizuki stop it now!" Iruka shouted to no avail. "I'll tell you why Naruto," Mizuki sneered, "you see what they don't want you to know, was that the Yondaime did not actually kill the Kyuubi. Instead he sealed it away inside of a new born baby…"

Naruto began to tremble, while he never paid attention and didn't like to study he had never been dumb. Maybe a little Stupid. But living on his own since he was four and have lived on street for six months before the Sandaime found him and lend him a house on rent, had forced him to develop a little faster then most. No, he wasn't the sharpest kunai in holster by any stretch, but he did have a decent amount of common sense and a keen ability to read others, something that had helped him immensely in the past when he had run into several drunken villagers.

He knew that Mizuki was telling him this for a reason, that the child who the Kyuubi was sealed into and he were in some way tied. Mizuki confirmed his theory a few seconds later, "you are the child he sealed the Kyuubi into! You are the nine tailed fox! You are the demon that destroyed the village and killed many people 12 years ago."

Naruto slumped to his knees. Everything made sense to him now. The glares, the hatred, the people muttering behind his back, telling their children to stay away from him. His birthday was the day of the Kyuubi's defeat, people hated him with a passion, whenever he went out during the Kyuubi festival because he wanted to celebrate his birthday he had been beaten by a group of drunken villagers within the inch of his life.

All of it made sense. 'So I'm a demon then…?' he thought in despair.

Naruto was so caught up in his turmoil that he did not even see the giant Fuuma Shuriken heading his way. A second later Naruto found himself staring into Iruka's tear streaked face, he looked over to see a giant shuriken sticking out of his sensei's back. "Why?" Naruto asked, his voice cracking with emotion. "Because we're the same," Iruka said with guilt lacing his words. "I was just like you, back when I was in the academy I was so lonely, so I played the fool. I know what it's like to feel that kind of pain, it hurts doesn't it? I'm so sorry Naruto, I should have done more to help you."

"Hahahaha!" Mizuki laughed behind them, "that's a good one Iruka! But we both know you hate him more then anyone! After all, it was the demon who took your parents away!" Naruto's eyes widened when he heard that. Naruto did the only thing he could do given what he was being told, he grabbed the scroll and ran. "Naruto!" Iruka's voice sounded after him.


Naruto continued jumping through the trees as fast as he could to get away from the two chunin. "Naruto!" Turning around the blond saw Iruka coming towards him. "Naruto! Mizuki was lying! He was just saying that stuff to confuse you!" The chunin instructor held out his hand. "Give me the scroll so we can keep Mizuki from getting it!"

However, Naruto merely spun around and launched himself back at Iruka, smashing his head into the chunin's gut. The two tumbled down the trees and onto the ground. "How?" Iruka questioned as he held onto his stomach, "how did you know," there was a puff of smoke. "That I wasn't Iruka?" asked the Mizuki. Naruto smirked, "because." There was a puff of smoke, when it cleared it revealed Iruka. "I'm Iruka."

Mizuki scowled, "why are you protecting that demon anyways? You know what he'll do now that he has his hands on the scroll. Naruto is just like me. He'll use the power that's inside the scroll to destroy Konoha! That's what demons are like." After a little pause Iruka started again "Your right," surprising Mizuki. "That is what a demon would do…"

Naruto who had taken to hiding behind a tree as he listened in, froze at those words. 'I see…' he thought in despair. 'So Iruka sensei only see's me as a demon too…' his heart ached to know that the person he became so close to saw him as a demon. His eyes were flowing with tears of despair, the one thing he thought that he would never do again and remain strong, he would never cry again.

"But that's not what Naruto would do," Iruka's words caused Naruto and Mizuki to snapped there attention back to him. "Naruto is not the demon. He's my student and a proud ninja of Konoha! Sure he made not always get things right and he's a little… well he's really clumsy and doesn't act all that smart. But he's nothing like you! Naruto is a one in a million kind of person that give it his all in everything he do and I believe in him!"

Naruto went from depressed to elated, Iruka believed in him. Having another person who believed he could succeed was an elating feeling. The tears were still brimming his eyes but now they weren't tears of pain, they were tears of happiness. Now he has a reason to live, he had to live for the people who believed in him. He have to protect the people precious to him.

"You know Iruka I was going to save you for later, but I've changed my mind." Mizuki sneered as he began spinning his shuriken on his arm as he got ready to launch it. "Die!" Just as Mizuki got ready to throw his Fuuma shuriken at Iruka a blond and orange streak crashed into him, launching a foot into his face. The Chunin traitor scowled as he landed several feet back, glaring at the person who had hit him.

"If you lay one hand on my sensei, I'll kill you!" Naruto declared, giving his opponent a defiant glare. "Hah! I'd like to see you try demon!" Mizuki shouted with an insane grin. Naruto put his hands in a ram seal and began amassing his chakra for another jutsu that he had seen in the scroll. "Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu(Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu)!" Both Iruka and Mizuki gaped as nearly three to four hundreds of Naruto's appeared within the forest. They were every where, a literal see of orange that almost blocked out all of the green of the forest.

"What's wrong Mizuki-teme? I thought you were going to kick my ass!" one of the clones shouted. Another cracked his knuckles, "well if your not coming to us, I guess we'll just go to you!" The clones all jumped up and headed towards the terrified traitor.

Naruto grinned as he looked down at the mass of black and blue flesh that had at one point been Mizuki. "Hehe, I think I went a little overboard" the blond said with a sheepish grin.

'Unbelievable', Iruka thought in awe. 'To be able to have learned such a powerful jutsu in less then an hour… and the number of clones. He said that he wanted to be surpass the Hokage's and I'm beginning to believe he just might do it.'

"Naruto," Iruka said, getting the blonds attention. "Come here, I have something I want to give you." Naruto blinked before walking over to him, "what's up sensei?" "Close your eyes for a moment," Iruka said. Naruto did so and as he did felt a weight being removed from his head before a new one took it's place. "OK, you can open them now." Naruto did so and his hand went to his head, feeling the cold metal and notched grooves of a Konoha head band. Iruka had his goggles in his hand.

"Congratulations! You graduate!" Iruka said with pride. "And to celebrate, we're going out for ramen tonight!" Naruto smiled and was hard pressed not to cry. He decided to hide his tears by jumping on Iruka in a hug. "Iruka-sensei!" "Owowow, Naruto that hurts!" Iruka said, though he was pleased to see the boy so excited.


Sometime later

(Hokage's Office)

"Thank you Iruka-kun, you may leave for now," Sarutobi said with a pleasant smile as Iruka escorted Naruto to his office. It was late and Iruka and Naruto had just gone out for some ramen after a clone had given Sarutobi the forbidden scroll. However he had wanted to talk to Naruto and make sure he was alright. "Um… sure Hokage-Sama," Iruka said, "I'll see you in a week Naruto."

After the chunin was gone Naruto's head went down looking towards the ground. "Jiji," Naruto said in an abnormally quiet voice. "Is it true? What M-Mizuki said?" Sarutobi sighed, he had known this was coming at some point and had hoped to have some time to prepare for it. "It is…" "So I am a demon…" Naruto said, looking down at the ground, tears forming in his eyes.

Sarutobi grabbed Naruto by the shoulders, making the blond look up at him. "Naruto, I want you to listen carefully. You are not a demon. When the Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi into you, he had made it his dying wish for you to be seen as a hero."

"A hero?" Naruto questioned, getting a nod from Sarutobi. "Why?" "Because Naruto, it is only thanks to you that the Kyuubi is safely locked away. You are the entire reason that Konoha is still standing today," Sarutobi said. "Really?" Naruto asked, his voice a little hopeful. "Yes," Sarutobi said, "you are the hero of Konoha."

"Then, how come every one hates me?" the blond asked. Sarutobi sighed, "They don't hate you Naruto… They just don't understand, fuiinjutsu, it is one of the most intricate ninja arts there is, and the hardest to master. Very few people understand this, and so when something like a demon gets sealed into somebody, they are unsure whether the seal can really hold something like that, a being of such power in. you have to understand that when the Kyuubi attacked, many good ninja died that day, and because of that they are unwilling to accept you, fearing that you are really just the Kyuubi in human form."

He now knew why he was hated, but that doesn't give them the right to treat him like that. 'But maybe if I show them that how good a ninja I am, and that I'm willing to protect the village, maybe I can change their minds.' Naruto thought to himself. He looked up at Sarutobi with determination, "I'll show them that I'm not the Kyuubi, that I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Future Hokage of Konoha! I won't let this get to me, ever! Dattebayo!"

The old man chuckled thoroughly pleased by the fact that the boy didn't hate the villagers and ready to prove himself "Yes Naruto-kun if you do that I'm sure they will start to look at you differently." Sarutobi said, although he was little hesitant but he did not want to crush boy's spirit.

"But for you to become strong and learn advanced stuff you have to learn the basics first. And you also need to be smart other than being strong to become Hokage. So you need to read books and scrolls on everything you can. Especially the ones given you at the academy." Sarutobi said smiling at the new developed frown on the blond's face.

"Oh yeah and speaking of which, you remember that jutsu you learned today." "The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu(Shadow Clone Jutsu)." "Yeah, do you remember something that was written in the description about memory feedback?"

"Oh yeah! The scroll said something about memory feedback, and that it was really dangerous for some reason. But… I don't even know what that is." Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Sarutobi looked at Naruto "Memory feedback is the memories of the clones life returning to the user," Sarutobi answered. "Whenever a clone is dispelled, whether on purpose, by accident or running out of chakra, all of it's memories are given to the person who created them."

"Like when I created those ten in the forest and saw ten different sides of myself and my clones," Naruto mumbled to himself though Sarutobi still heard it. "Yes, the Kage Bunshin No Jutsu(Shadow Clone Jutsu) is a powerful technique that way," Sarutobi said. Naruto looked up and tilted his head in curiosity, "How so?"

Sarutobi tapped his chin, "Well originally the clones were created because they were the perfect spying tools. You could have one of your clones infiltrate a base without any danger to the original and when they dispelled, they would give you the information you needed without risking yourself." "So its used to memorize things?" asked Naruto, scratching the back of his head.

Sarutobi nodded, "Yes. However, the Kage Bunshin(Shadow Clone) can be used for more then just that Naruto-kun. In fact that jutsu is an excellent method to learn new things with. You can learn just about anything from your clones, from chakra control and jutsu, to the books you read, writing and even taijutsu since muscle memory is a mental faculty."

"That sounds almost like it can be used for training!" Naruto exclaimed, excited by the prospect of what he could get his clones to do. The old Hokage nodded, "It can indeed be used for training. Though I suspect, that only you will be able to use this jutsu to it's full potential."

"Why is that?" asked Naruto, excited at the prospect that there was something only he could do. "Because you're the only one who has enough chakra to make the clones tough enough for them to go through a whole training regime." Sarutobi answered.

"I knew I was the most amazing shinobi." Naruto exclaimed excitedly. "Also, might I suggest some new clothes" the old man suggested. Naruto tilted his head in confusion "Huh, why? What's wrong with these clothes? These are orange and comfortable and orange and warm... and did I say these were orange?"

Sarutobi chuckled at the blond's antics "I know Naruto-kun that you love this mons... color, but this color is not practical for a shinobi." Naruto still had a confused expression on his face, so Sarutobi tried to add some incentive "beside if you wear something shinobi like, it will add a mysterious side to your character." Now this hooked Naruto pretty good "Alright old man! I will do it." But then he frowned for a moment, remembering that every shopkeeper kicked him out the second he sat foot in the store.

"Now Naruto-kun, I want you to promise me that you will go and catch up with everything you missed at the academy." The whiskered boy's excitement turned back to a slightly dejected one. But he knew the old man was saying this to help him.

"You got it ojisan." Naruto said. "Now why don't you go and rest for the night and then you can start tommorow early." Naruto nodded and headed towards his house with a new found determination.


Next Day

(Naruto's Apartment)

The blond boy woke up feeling fresh, despite the fact that he was helping deal with a traitor with shocking revelations in the mix up late last night. As he made his way towards bathroom all of yesterday's memories came back to him. 'So its because of the Kyuubi that everyone hates me eh?!' he thought frowning 'No matter, I will show them the awesomeness that is Uzumaki Naruto. Dattebayo!'

But he still had questions, some of them old that resurfaced like, who were his parents? or did they die or just left him for dead?

Some of them new like, why it was him that the Yondaime Hokage choose to carry this burden? or were his parents were still alive and abandon him because of the Kyuubi? But as far as he knew no one has answers so he ignored the questions formed in his head, which he had long since learned how to do.

After the bath he put on some err...clothes?! Then he proceeded to make use of the instant ramen in his cupboard by adding hot water and then waiting three minutes before eating. And then he proceeded to head towards one of his training spots with scrolls from the academy. He got stares from the people. But he paid little mind to it, years of practice in that department.


2 Hours Later

Somewhere in the Forest

Many blonds can be seen training in the basic katas of the academy taijutsu, and he had to admit he did not learned much. He did not know how to evade or block to minimize the damage, he only knew how to punch, kick and even they were sloppy.

Some more clones can be seen reading scrolls on history, politics, and other subjects that were taught in the academy, just not to him. And the original was doing stretching to cool down.

After he cooled down 'I think that should be enough of that for now.' He then proceeded to go where his clones have been doing the stuff they were told to. "Alright you guys I think that would be enough for now. Dispel yourselves then I'm going to 'Ichiraku's' to get some ramen."

And the clones dispelled as they were told, and the information hit him full force. It was too much for his brain to handle at ones so he blacked out.

He woke up after an hour or so. "Man, that was so not cool." 'Next time I will dispel them in groups of five.. or ten.. or...' "HA!" the blond screamed at the extremely complicated err.. calculation?!

"Whatever, next stop 'Ichiraku Ramen'." And with that he ran towards the people who he considered to be like his family he never had.


1 Week Later

Naruto's Apartment

Naruto woke up even before the alarm went off. He was excited by the prospect that today he will officially become a ninja and that will be his first step towards becoming Hokage. "YOSH! I will be Hokage in no time. Dattebayo!"

This last week was good for him, in fact more than good. He met this young kid named Konohamaru, who was his one day apprentice before becoming his rival. 'He is a good kid.' Well duh! If he calls you 'Boss', why wouldn't you think he is good.

And he finally found a store that won't outright kick him out the minute he entered and sell him things at the right price and also he made friends with someone.


Naruto sighed as he was kicked out of yet another store. He was feeling dejected when he saw another store. Thinking of making a final try, he went inside the store and was greeted by a girl. "Welcome to Higarashi store. How may I help you."

He looked down waiting for the moment when they will just yell at him and kick him out of store. "Hello! Do you need something or are you just here to look at the store's marbled floor." The girl said again giggling.

This caught his attention and he had the grace to blush when he finally noticed the girl in front of him when he lifted his head. The girl had brown hair put up into two buns with brown eyes. She had on a sleeveless pink Chinese top and dark green pants. The thing that got Naruto's eyes was the headband she had on her signifying her as a ninja of the village.

"Hellooo?" Naruto blinked as she waved a hand in front of him. "Um... what" Naruto said as he blushed in embarrassment as he put a hand behind his head.

"I asked if you need something?" "Um... yeah, I need some new clothes."

"I can see why," the girl said with an amused smirk "your clothes are hideous."

"Hey!" Naruto said feeling the need to take offense on his clothes behalf. "These clothes are orange, and warm, and comfortable, and..." "Ugly." the brown eyed girl finished with a huge grin on her face. "Seriously, who wears orange?"

"I like Orange!" Naruto shouted. Seriously why did all the people hate Orange? Orange was the best color in the world. "Okay, okay! But still Orange is not the best color for a ninja." the girl replied finding the boy's defensiveness amusing. "Especially when its so... err... bright." she added further resisting the urge to laugh.

Oh that was it now she was in for it. 'Oh just you wait, I will be pranking your ass to next week.' But now was not the time to piss her off. "Will you help me or not?" Naruto asked when he felt he calmed down enough.

"Sure, so what do you want." The girl asked. Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly "Well, I don't know, can you help with that too. You see, I have never went shopping before, uh..." Okay, now he have to reconsider the pranking option. "Tenten, Higarashi Tenten." she helped. "Right Tenten-san"

The girl now identified as Tenten started to help him. After half an hour of changing and changing and changing they finally came to decide on a dress. Now he was wearing black pants with bandages on the right thigh where the kunai holster is placed. on upper body he was wearing a black full sleeve shirt with a skin tight vest with orange trims. He also had black shinobi sandals on him. And a scarf like thing, white colored with red flames at the bottom towards his left shoulder.(See the story profile pic)

"There, now you look like a real ninja." Tenten said smiling. "Really, you think so Tenten-san?" Naruto asked a little self-conscious, as he was not wearing much orange. Tenten smiled and nodded. "Now, do you need anything else or is that it."

Naruto thought for a second and then replied "Yes, I will have kunai and shuriken." Tenten did as she was asked. While she was retrieving the said things, Naruto took his tis time to look at the other weapons in the store. Tenten noticed this and asked "Do you need a special weapon?"

Naruto snapped in her direction "Maybe." As he thought about the payment. He still needed money for essentials. Tenten noticed what was the problem and asked "How much can you spare? Your total up to now is 10,000 ryo." Naruto's eyes widened at the price. That was way lower than what he expected. "Oh, then I have plenty."

Tenten nodded and thought for a moment "I think I know what will suit you the best." Naruto raised an eyebrow "You do?" Tenten nodded as she led him to another part of store and pulled out an 11 inch tanto "This is a special tanto. You see, it is made of a metal that can conduct chakra through it to make it even sharper.

Naruto eyes were glistening at the prospect of that. He than purchased that and she stored everything in a storage scroll and handed it to him.

(Flashback end)

He then got out of bed and freshened up then he wore his new clothes and tanto at his lower back, so it can be easily pulled out when needed. He then proceeded to eat his ramen and checked on the expiration date of milk before drinking. He had already fallen victim to what expired milk had in store for him this week and he didn't want to experience that, especially on a day this important. Then he locked his room and head out for the academy.


20 Minutes Later

Konoha Ninja Academy

He reached the academy early and went inside. He found Iruka sitting in one of the rooms and decided to greet him. "Hey Iruka sensei!" Said chunin looked up from whatever he was doing and blinked before surprise and realization hit him. "Naruto!" "One and only. Dattebayo!" Iruka still surprised with the new appearance "You look... different." Then he smirked "Now you look like a real ninja." Naruto grinned at that before he frowned "Hey! You mean I didn't look like a real ninja before."

Iruka chuckled at the boy's expense and ruffled his blond hair with his hand. This calmed Naruto down. "Now, why don't you go and wait in the classroom. I think there is still a little time left." Then he turned towards the clock. "Hey, you are really early today for someone of your... stature."

"Well... uh..." how was he supposed to tell him that he did not want to be target of hatred early in the morning on such an important day. "Well I am very excited I suppose. I have been waiting for this day for the whole week." Iruka smiled and nodded.

Naruto then went to the class to find it empty, so he strolled forward and sat on the bench at rear end of class close to window from where he can see everything. He had read in a book that said 'you should always have everything in front of your eyes if you can help it.' So he decided to start to apply it.

Soon the class began to fill but no one bothered to try and recognize him. Then there was a loud noise at the gate. He turned his head just in time to see two familiar faces. Yamanaka Ino, a girl with long blond hair done up in a ponytail and bangs on right side of her face and blue eyes. She had purple sleeveless shirt, purple arm warmers, and a purple skirt with cuts on the side and bandages covering her legs from mid-thigh, which moved down to a pair of blue shinobi sandals.

Ino was not only a member but an heiress to the famed clan Yamanaka. The other girl was Haruno Sakura, she had pink hair and green eyes.

"I'M FIRST" both girls shouted at the same time, both out of breath.

"Hah! beat that Billboard brow. I win again." Ino shouted with a smirk.

"What are you talking about Ino-pig" Sakura shouted with a sneer. "My foot was at least tenth of an inch ahead of you." Then she turned and headed towards th object of her affection, before she was intercepted by Naruto "Hi there, Sakura-chan!" Sakura blinked before she realized who it was and her once she did she sneered "What are you doing here Naruto. This orientation is for those who graduated, gra-du-at-ed. Not failures like you. Now get out of my way." And then she punched him in the head as the remaining class laughed.

Naruto stood up with a scowl on his face 'Was she always this mean.' He got frustrated as it hurt more than normal, maybe because he found out about Kyuubi. Then he pointed towards his headband "See this Sakura-chan, I graduated too, or are your eyes not working correctly today." Then he turned and went back to his seat. The class became deathly quite as Naruto never, means never talked to Sakura like that. Even Sasuke turned his head and lifted an eyebrow before he went back to what Naruto described as brooding.

Sakura blinked and was about to go and hit Naruto again when she heard a voice. "Good morning, Sasuke-kun!" Ino said smiling at Sasuke, who ignored her. "Can I sit next to you." He ignored her again before Sakura shouted "Can't you see, he don't want to sit next to you, you pig." Then she turned to Sasuke and smiled "You want for me to sit here, don't you Sasuke-kun."

As both girls continued to bicker, much to the annoyance of the boy in question. Naruto sat back and thought 'What was that just now? Why did I say that to Sakura-chan?' but his thoughts were interrupted when the gate of the class opened and the chunin instructor Iruka entered the class and shouted "Alright enough everyone now shut up and sit down."

As the class sat down in silence the scar-faced chunin told them about the harsh conditions and difficulties in life and that they were still at the bottom of food chain. "Now today you will be assigned to three-man squad and you will perform all your mission together under a jonin instructor."


At The Same Time

Hokage's Office

All the would-be jonin sensei were 'Hokage's Office' err... except for one. They were all looking through the crystal ball that the Sandaime had. Hiruzen then turned to his son Sarutobi Asuma, who had forgone his cigarette due to two reasons, one due to the crowd in room and other... well lets just leave it with a glance towards red eyes.

Then he addressed everyone "Now go and meet up with your assigned teams after the lunch."


Konoha Ninja Academy

Iruka continued listing off names on his clipboard, "Team 7 will be Akimichi Chouji, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke. You will have jonin Hatake Kakashi as you sensei."

"Shannaro!" Sakura exclaimed as she heard the team "Take that Ino-pig! True love conquers all." She then turned toward Sasuke with hearts in her eyes "We are on the same team, isn't that great Sasuke-kun."

"Hn." Well that's all. Naruto had to resist the urge to laugh out loud at the predicament of Sasuke. And he was a little worried about how Chouji was going to deal with them. Chouji was always nice towards him and they spent a lot of time together when they were at the academy. He was a little fa.. err.. pleasantly plump, and always kept eating chips. He also offered him to eat always. He was the heir of Akimichi clan.

"Team 8 will be Aburame Shino, Hyuga Hinata, and Inuzuka Kiba. You will have Yuhi Kurenai as your jonin sensei."

Aburame Shino was a very mysterious figure for everyone he was as stoic as they come. He always wore glasses and a high collar jacket that hid his mouth. All in all he was neutral towards Naruto as he was towards anyone. Maybe all Aburame clan members were like him. And he was the heir of Aburame clan.

Hyuga Hinata on the other hand was... weird, yeah. She was a shy person and always turned red whenever he talked to her. But she was nice. Also she was the heir of Hyuga clan.

Inuzuka Kiba was loud and brash and boisterous just like him. They were bunk buddies, whenever they bunked class many times they were together. He was the little brother of the heir of Inuzuka clan.

Iruka continued further "Team 9 is still active, so we will move on." He turned towards Naruto and proceeded "Team 10 will be Shikamaru Nara, Uzumaki Naruto and Yamanaka Ino."

Shikamaru was the heir of Nara clan, he was very lazy, and he was also Naruto's friend with Akimichi Chouji.

"Aww." Ino said before her head slumped to the desk "I've got the lazy-bum and the dead-last on my team... why me?" Naruto rolled his eyes on that comment. And Shikamaru groaned an muttered something about troublesome blonds.


After Lunch

Iruka entered and with him entered several other ninjas. "Alright everyone your jonin sensei are here to pick you." One by one every jonin sensei from team one to six picked up there teams and left. Now there were only to jonin remaining remaining one a lady with raven colored hair and red eyes and other with a beard and a cigarette in his mouth as the lady spoke up.

"Team 8 with me." Kurenai said. At this Sakura spoke up "wait a minute, where is our jonin sensei." At this the chunin and jonin sweat-dropped and Iruka spoke up "Um... why don't you go somewhere and come back here in three hours." At this every student in class sweat-dropped except for Shino who was still stoic as ever, Sasuke same as Shino and Shikamaru who thought it was too troublesome to sweat-drop.

As team 8 left with their sensei Shikamaru notice that Asuma was looking in Kurenai's direction but he shrugged it off. "Alright, Come on Team 10, let's go."


10 Minutes Later

Training Ground 10

They all reached training ground 10 and the jonin told them to sit down near a tree on the ground. As soon as the words left Asuma's mouth Shikamaru plopped down on his back, much to Ino's ire, but she did as she was told but reluctantly. And Naruto had no qualms to sit there. "Okay first lets introduce ourselves." Asuma started. Ino spoke up "What are we supposed to say Asuma sensei." Asuma turned to her "I was getting to that, things like your name, your likes, your dislikes, your dreams for the future. I will go first." Asuma took the initiative.

After everyone's introduction Asuma took out a cigarette much to the annoyance of Ino "Those will kill you, you know." Asuma just chuckled "Wait till you get to live the life of a ninja, you will find that the risks to your life are huge. This little cigarette is not even worth mentioning as life threats."

Then he lit the cigarette and began smoking as they sat in silence for some time. Ino was not having a good day, first he have a lazy-bum and the dead-last in her team and now there jonin sensei. Shikamaru didn't care either way, this kid seriously needed some motivation. And lastly Naruto, he was way too excited at the prospect of learning new thing from his sensei. 'Okay, enough contemplating' Asuma thought 'time to drop the bomb.'

Asuma tapped the ashes off the end of cigarette "From this day forward, you will train under me, take missions under me and I will be responsible for your well being." Then he smirked "That is if you pass the final test."

Ino looked at him with a cocked eyebrow "Didn't we already passed? We just got through graduation exam right."

Asuma chuckled "Come on. Anybody can remember few set questions and perform the most basic jutsu that all shinobi could right?" Naruto and Shikamaru sweat-dropped at that. "Anyway, I don't want to babysit three snot-nosed brats. I will take one of you as my apprentice. You have to impress me for me to take you as apprentice. I will be back in an hour."

All three genin in question looked at each other.


1 Hour Later

'Alright, time to crack some genin.'Asuma came to training ground to find the three genin sitting there. As he came into view all of them stood up dusting there pants. As all of them charged at Asuma 'Just like I thought' Then he engaged with them only to be trapped by the shadow of... Naruto. 'Naruto' smirked then there was a poof of smoke, when it settled there was Shikamaru standing "Kagemane no Jutsu(Shadow Possession Jutsu) complete."

Ino took out what looked like a... camera. 'Okay so they do understand the importance of teamwork. So essentially they pass, but lets just see what they have in store.' Asuma thought 'And why the hell does Ino have a camera in a fight.'

Then 'Shikamaru' turned back into Naruto who had a large grin on his face. Then Ino walked forward toward the now standing jonin. Ino spoke up "Asuma sensei, you should pass either all of us or none of us." Naruto chimed in "I would seriously recommend the first option."

"Oh yeah and why is that." At this Naruto formed a hand seal "Oiroke no Jutsu: Kurenai Style(Sexy Jutsu: Kurenai Style)" there was a naked Kurenai that proceeded towards Asuma who now had eyes the size of saucers. Then Shikamaru stretched his hand and Asuma have no choice but to mimic the action. This brought Asuma's hand to one of Kurenai's, ahem... assets. Asuma then grabbed it. Asuma couldn't hold it any longer and his nose began to bleed.

Then there was a click and Asuma's head snapped towards a livid looking Ino. Then Naruto turned back to his original form. And Shikamaru said holding back his own nosebleed "Good work Naruto." There was a puff of smoke and from the forest they heard Asuma's voice. "You paaass." But then he snatched the camera and destroyed the image. "If you ever do anything like that again you will pay dearly" But how was my clone able to touch it? Henge no Jutsu(Transformation Jutsu) is just an illusion but that was actual mass." Naruto shrugged "I don't know."

"But for all intents and purposes you passed because of your teamwork, not because of your little, ahem... prank." Asuma told them on a more serious note. "Meet me here at 7 am sharp here. We will start your training and after that we will be taking on missions."

Everyone nodded, then Ino turned towards Naruto with a sweet smile "Never use that jutsu in my presence or else..." She left the threat hanging. Naruto shuddered at that, and nodded dumbly.


Somewhere Else In Konoha

"Why do I want to cause bodily harm to that blond genin Naruto" Kurenai mumbled to herself. "K-Kurenai sensei. I-I-Is there anything wr-wrong." Kurenai shook her head "No, don't worry about it. By the way you all pass."


Sometime Later

Hokage's Office

One Sarutobi Hiruzen, the 'Kami no Shinobi' was sitting in his chair facing the bane of his existence, Paperwork. Then a knock came at his office door. "Come in." The door opened and in entered the jonin sensei of team 10.

"So, whats the report." Hiruzen asked as Asuma sat down. "Team 10 passed, I didn't even need to give them a second chance." the older man smiled at that. "Good, so you like your new team I take it." Asuma replied "Sure do."

"Speaking of which, I wanted to ask you something about Naruto." "Ask away." "That jutsu of his Oiroke no Jutsu(Sexy Jutsu), how did he do that? Isn't Henge supposed to be an illusion."

The Hokage thought for a moment before he replied. "Yes, I know what you're talking about. Of what I understand thats like Kage Henge no Jutsu(Shadow Transformation Jutsu)" The younger Sarutobi raised an eyebrow for him to elaborate and that the older man did "Well you see, just like the Bunshin is an illusion, but the Kage Bunshin is the real thing. So he can deposit mass on his body to create the extra parts with his chakra."

Then Asuma realized what he meant by that previous statement. "Then that is a perfect tool for infiltration." Hiruzen nodded at the notion "Yes, if the enemy do not have a sensor type among them."

"Man that kid is already scary." Both son and father laughed at that.

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