Rivaled Love

By Shi-koi

There is a sequel/prequel in the works called 'Isolyre's Tale'. For best effect please read this story first before my other one. Things will be a bit clearer. Both fics can stand alone but they are part of the same universe and my other story explains a bit about the rivalry between Kaiba and Yami, as well as their respective pasts. Not cannon, but tied in to this fic. There are also two other fics about the relationship between Jounouchi, Ryou and Bakura and one set at the same period of time as 'Isolyre's Tale' about Jounouchi's past life as Janaka and his past with Yami Bakura known then as Roban called 'White Shadow'. The title for the fic about Jounouchi, Ryou and Bakura which runs alongside 'Rivaled Love' is called 'Shattered Souls'

Series Order:

1: Rivaled Love

2: Isolyre's Tale

3: Shattered Souls

4: White Shadow

I know I'm not following the character's descriptions for each other, but I really don't want to type 'mou hitori no boku' everytime Yugi decides to talk to his dark half, and I happen to like all the little endearments. So all of that sort of stuff will be ignored. This is written for easy reading and enjoyment. Not to be politically, er...cannonly correct. Yeuch. So, among other things, Yami Yugi is simply Yami, Yami Bakura is simply Bakura and Bakura, normal, nice Bakura is Ryou.

Author's Note: Single slashes i.e. / are Yugi's thoughts to Yami, and double slashes i.e. // are Yami's thoughts to Yugi. Single slashes ie \ are Ryou to Bakura, and double slashes ie \\ are Bakura to Ryou. Italics are the characters personal thoughts.

Content: This is an AU. Very small spoilers for up to episode 37. (Anime) I've taken bits from the manga, anime and movie versions of Yu-Gi-Oh! So don't expect everything to match what you've read/watched/heard.

Warning: Contains bad language and Yaoi. This is gonna have lemons folks. Minor character owies and shades of Shonen-ai for Jounouchi, Ryou and Bakura. Nothing graphic for them yet they're still in the 'does he like me?' stage. Not a lot for them, this fic concentrates on Yugi, Yami and Kaiba. I'm doing a side story focusing on their relationship. But how long it all takes to write will depend on whether or not my muses cooperate. Not to mention if I actually have the time. This fic has fluffy bits.

Pairings: Kaiba/Yugi, Kaiba/Yami, Yami/Yugi, Kaiba/Yami/Yugi.

Rating: R

Disclaimer : Yu-Gi-Oh! is not mine. Except in my dreams. All hail the god that is Kazuki Takahashi. For without him there would be no Yu-Gi-Oh! universe at all. shudders in horror


Chapter One

Why? Why did fate always seem to throw one of his greatest weaknesses at him? It seemed like every time he got into a dangerous situation, the fates would reunite him with his nemesis. Yugi. The one person he couldn't, wouldn't allow himself to appear weak in front of. They must be laughing themselves silly at him. Him! Seto Kaiba. The mastermind behind one of the most prodigious corporations in the world. He held peoples lives in the palm of his hand. The power to do almost anything he wanted.

Reduced to being rescued by his Arch-Rival.

He stalked through his darkened house. Dammit! Why do I feel so alone? Kaiba looked out of the window. He could see his reflection in the black backdrop. His thick chestnut mane half obscuring his dark sapphire eyes, eyes that stared accusingly back at him. He leant his head on the cool pane.

Fuck! Why the hell can't I stop thinking about Yugi? I need a drink. He went to the private bar in his room and poured himself a double scotch, taking the almost full bottle to the deep black leather armchair with him. He swirled the amber liquid in the glass, drinking it down in one swallow, feeling it's welcoming burn. Kaiba wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He poured himself another double.

He had to admit, when he'd first met the kid he was pretty annoying. So sweet and cheerful. Even if he did want to know if the petite teen's spiky tri-coloured lock really were as sharp as they looked, or how his large violet orbs would look, glazed with passion. And no-one could possibly be that innocent. The tall brunette had to admit he missed Yugi's warmth. In this mansion with only his brother. I want to be alone. Kaiba told himself unconvincingly. When you're alone no-one can hurt you. He poured another drink. His mind traitorously refused to leave the thought alone. When you're alone there's no-one to care either. His hand tightened unconsciously on the glass.


The glass shattered in his hand. Kaiba looked down. There were a few cuts on his palm. Good thing I was holding it in my left hand. Came the ridiculous thought. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to write tomorrow. He picked up the bottle and trailed unsteadily to his private bathroom. Must have drunk more than I thought. He peered at the bottle. The once full bottle was half empty.

He reached the sink, placing the bottle on the marble counter. He opened a cabinet and took out some tweezers. Carefully, he extracted the glass from his hand, wincing at a particularly long stubborn piece. He placed the shards of the pale creamy marble counter. When he got the glass out of the cuts he poured a generous amount of the scotch over his hand to disinfect them.

As he was about to put away the tweezers he caught sight of himself in the mirror. He looked haggard, pale. See. He told himself. This is what happens when you worry about someone. This is what happens when you start to let down your walls. Is it worth it? He pictured a boy with wide dusky lavender eyes and spiky black hair with sharp red tips, perfect golden bangs framing his young face. Remembered his laugh, his smile....his tears when Kaiba had destroyed him in The Duel.

"DAMMIT!" Kaiba's injured fist shot out and impacted with the mirror, shattering it. He gripped the sink with white knuckles taking in great shuddering breaths. With great care, and a lot of shaking, Kaiba rinsed the blood off his now cut and bruised knuckles watching the blood mix with the water, leaving pinkish-red trails. He bandaged his hand tightly. Kaiba picked up the almost empty bottle of scotch and threw it in the concealed bin beneath the sink. He knew the maids would take care of the mess in the morning.

He looked at the watch on his uninjured wrist. It was almost 2am. He had to be up early for school. He checked his alarm was set and slid into his bed. Alone again.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

The incessant drone of the alarm woke Kaiba from his restless sleep. Rolling out of bed with a groan he made his way to his bathroom to complete his morning ablutions. He noticed absently that the glass had been cleaned up. Once dressed in his immaculate navy blue uniform he went downstairs for breakfast. When he was done he took three paracetamol, washing them down with the remainders of his coffee. He tucked the small bottle in his pocket, knowing he'd need them before the day was out.

When he finished he went to the lounge to get some extra work in before school, pausing to ruffle his brother's hair fondly after watching him bound down the stairs with a cheeky grin in search of his breakfast.

Kaiba had just finished e-mailing one of his associates when his watch beeped twice, letting him know it was time to leave for school. He met Mokuba at the front door, giving him a hug and watching him get into one of the two cars which would drive them to their schools. He got into the cream-coloured car and motioned to the driver to go. The twenty minute ride went in silence, as it did every day. Maybe I'm just more sensitive to it now. Kaiba thought dispassionately.

The car pulled up outside in plenty of time before the bell. Kaiba exited the car gracefully, his long-limbed frame fluid. He picked up his briefcase and walked inside, garnering looks from the mildly envious to the faintly awed. The latter usually coming from the younger years, the former from most of his peers. A few of the more observant teens wondering curiously about the white bandaging on his left hand. None dared to say anything though, for fear of his sharp tongue. Not that it stopped them from whispering avidly amongst themselves.

Kaiba barely noticed. While calm and collected on the outside, inside there were butterflies in his stomach. He knew that once he entered the classroom there was a good chance that Yugi would be there, he tended to arrive early to duel with that puppy, Jounouchi.

When he got to the classroom there was no sign of Yugi, or his friends. There were only a handful of teens in the room gossiping furiously. They didn't even see him come in. Kaiba went to his desk and sat down, opening his briefcase and taking out his laptop. He noticed his e-mail had a reply and was opening it when the door of the class opened and Yugi walked in, minus friends. He glanced at Kaiba's desk and paled, ducking his head and making his way to his own desk quietly.

Kaiba felt sick.

Shit. He seems almost...scared, of me. The blue-eyed youth observed soberly. I did that. I made him afraid of me, and yet. He frowned. He still saved me.

Kaiba got up jerkily, shoving the laptop in his briefcase and slamming it shut, causing the other occupants of the room to look at him in astonishment. He grabbed the handle and shoved it under his desk before marching out of the room as fast as was decently possible, short of running. He opened the door and almost collided with the incoming blond-haired body.

"Watch it, you fool." He snarled, causing the other boy to jump back in shock.

"Hey! I ain't no fool, Kaiba."

Great, it was Yugi's little watchdog. Jounouchi. Really, just what I need. He thought sarcastically.

"You may not be a fool but you're nothing more than a mongrel. Now get out of my way!" Kaiba snapped out.

"Take that back." Jounouchi spat out angrily.

"I don't have time for this." Kaiba ground out as he shoved Jounouchi out of the doorway. He fell against some desks. When he got up Kaiba was gone.

"Man I wish he would stop throwing me around." Jou complained to Yugi, who came over to help his friend up.

Yugi gave the door a strange look. "I wonder what's up with Kaiba today?"

"Nothing's up with him. He's just being a jerk. As usual." Jou waved vaguely at the door before brushing himself off.

"I don't know. I caught him looking at me earlier," Yugi looked at his best friend thoughtfully, "He had a really sad look on his face."

"Nah, you probably imagined it Yug, Kaiba has everything he wants. Why'd he be sad?" Jou shrugged dismissively.

Kaiba stalked down the hall to the mens bathroom. Anyone unlucky enough to see him quickly scrambling out of his way in fear. He slammed the door open, furious with himself for getting worked up. The bathroom rapidly cleared. No-one wanting to risk being near an angry Seto Kaiba. It had even been whispered around the halls that he could kill with a look.

Kaiba turned on the tap and splashed some cold water on his face. What's wrong with me?

He heard the outer door open and quickly dried his face. The second door opened softly, admitting the last person Kaiba wanted to see in his state.


Kaiba walked over to the waste bins and threw away the paper towelette he'd used before coming to stand in front of the worried teen.

"What do you want?" Kaiba demanded coldly.

Yugi looked at Kaiba's bandaged hand quizzically.

"We're worried about you Seto. You haven't been the same since we came back from the Duelist's Kingdom." Yugi told Kaiba earnestly.

"Who's we? Last I knew that puppy of yours couldn't stand me. The rest of your friends probably wouldn't care if I lived or died." Kaiba thought about that for a moment and amended his statement. "Correction," He told Yugi, "They'd probably celebrate."

"You know that's not true." Yugi accused heatedly. "You may not be their favorite person, true, but they would never think that about you."

"Why not. No one would mind if anything did happen to me." He shrugged unconcernedly. "I'm not exactly a nice person."

"That's not true," Yugi hurled at him, violet eyes blazing. "I know you act all tough, Seto, But you're just the same as the rest of us. And I know that you have a heart in there somewhere. Even if you have tried to bury it." He took a breath. "After all, you love Mokuba don't you?"

"Leave him out of this. Yugi." Kaiba warned.

"Then why don't you admit to yourself that you're a human being. Not a machine Seto. And humans need each other." Yugi insisted.

"DON'T tell me what I need!!" Kaiba roared.

"Why? Afraid of the truth Seto?" Yugi shot at him. His small frame tensed and angry. "What happened to you to make you so cold, so afraid to allow yourself the comfort of friendship? What are you so scared of you'd allow yourself to die to save your brother rather than accept help?"

"Why are you so scared?" Yugi's gently whispered words seemed louder than they should be in the stark white tiled room.

Kaiba snarled at Yugi angrily, advancing towards the smaller teen forcing him up to the wall. Kaiba could almost taste Yugi's fear. While he didn't exactly relish the thought of people fearing him, Kaiba knew that for the most part it came hand and kith with his position. But for some reason the thought of this gentle soul fearing him made Kaiba feel guilty, which in turn fed his anger. He pinned Yugi to the wall, his body pressed against the smaller boy's, Yugi's wrists held painfully above his head, ignoring the slivers of agony which shot through his injured hand.

He leant towards the frightened youth.

"Don't try to judge me. Little Yugi." Kaiba raged furiously. "You and you morally perfect friends have no idea about me. You couldn't possibly understand." Kaiba's eyes blanked for a second. The teen trying desperately to reform his cracked mask. How could you understand. You haven't had to kill your own father to save your brother. No-one knows how far I would go to protect what's mine. Kaiba's hands tightened around Yugi's wrists, making the boy whimper at the renewed pain.

Yugi tried to pull out of Kaiba's grip. It was useless, he had barely the fraction of the strength Kaiba had. "I didn't mean any harm Seto. I only wanted help you. I thought you needed a friend." He panted out, terrified that he may have pushed Kaiba too far.

Kaiba shut his eyes. The sound of that sweet voice flowed over him. The concern it contained was so strong it shone. A star in Kaiba's darkness. His grip tightened around Yugi's wrists, making him mewl in pain. Kaiba swallowed, trying to get the images his brain supplied of what he could do with the imprisoned teen out of his head. It was impossible.

"Stop struggling. Yugi." Kaiba's thick voice broke through the panic in Yugi's head. "Don't," Kaiba swallowed, "Don't move."

The tone of Kaiba's voice worried Yugi. "Seto? What's wrong?" He forgot his own predicament. His concern for the elder boy overwhelming such concerns. Yugi raised his face towards Kaiba, his lavender eyes wide with worry.

Kaiba groaned. He licked his lips. The temptation to taste Yugi's soft mouth was overpowering. So innocent. So sweet.

"Seto? Seto please. Let me help."

"You can't help. No-one can." Kaiba informed Yugi, eyes haunted.

"Seto, plea...mmmnff." Yugi never got to finish the sentence. Hearing his name spoken in those dulcet tones made it unbearable for him to resist. His mouth swooped down, covering Yugi's. His teeth nipped playfully at Yugi's lips, his tongue darting inside Yugi's parted lips when the younger boy moaned gently against Kaiba's mouth.

Kaiba took his time exploring those sweet depths. He felt Yugi's body relax against his. Kaiba felt Yugi's questing tongue tentatively explore his mouth, shocked when the smaller boy sucked on his bottom lip. Straining for more contact. He groaned, pressing against him harder, both of them feeling the evidence of the other's passion against them. He released Yugi's wrists, feeling his hands entwine in his thick brown mane. Kaiba ran a hand through the smaller boy's spiky locks, realising absently that they were softer than they looked, so they weren't artificial. He felt Yugi melt bonelessly against him, trying to pull Kaiba even closer with his freed hands.

They heard a bang as the outer door of the bathroom swung open. Kaiba quickly released Yugi, who jumped back a few paces wonderingly.

A handful of students entered. Making it impossible for them to say anything to each other.

Kaiba walked to the door and held it open for Yugi. The smaller youth shot him a grateful look, unaware of the picture he made. His eyes still dilated, hair mussed, lips slightly bruised. He looked utterly fuckable.

Kaiba supposed he didn't look that much better. He straightened his uniform. His lips were as bruised as Yugi's, his eyes still darkened with arousal.

They walked to the classroom in silence. Both of them reeling with what had happened between them. Kaiba opened the classroom door. Holding it so Yugi could enter first. He noticed Yugi's friends had finally arrived and were looking on in concern. It occurred to him that he'd never held the door open for anyone at this school. Ever. He snorted in amusement.

"Seto?" Yugi asked quietly.

He glanced back into violet eyes. "I'll come by the game shop this afternoon. We can talk then."

Yugi nodded.

Kaiba flicked his head towards Yugi's friends. "You'd better get back to them. They probably think I'm threatening you." Kaiba murmured just loud enough for Yugi to hear.

Yugi smiled ruefully at the taller teen. Turning, he made his way back to his desk. Yugi brushed off his friend's worried interrogation, telling them they'd had a short talk. Yugi supposed that was true. Their talk had been short enough. He licked his lips, remembering.

The day seemed to pass in a daze.

Yugi shared most of his classes with Kaiba, although they were on opposite sides of the room. Why did he kiss me? Yugi couldn't understand what had prompted the blue-eyed teen do such a thing. He felt a little trill of excitement when Kaiba entered the classroom. He couldn't concentrate, sneaking looks at Kaiba throughout the classes. Whenever he turned to look it seemed that the older boy's sharp blue eyes had never left his face. Yugi flushed, noticing Kaiba's eyes darken as Yugi watched him.

Finally the last bell rang.

"Hey Yug, snap outta it." Jounouchi snapped his fingers in front of Yugi's face.

"What's wrong with you man, you've been in another world all day." Honda asked Yugi.

"Huh? Oh, right. Sorry guys, I've just had some things on my mind, that's all." Yugi smiled at them apologetically.

Jounouchi gave his best friend a grin. "Yeah I'd be pretty worried too if I'd had that jerk Kaiba stare at me all day."

"Yeah, what's up with that?" Honda muttered in puzzlement. "You didn't say anything to make him mad didja?"

"N-no. Not really."

"Huh? Must be having an off day. The creep." Jou said snidely.

"Katsuya Jounouchi. Kaiba may not always be polite and nice, but that doesn't make him a creep." Yugi defended hotly.

"Okay, okay, jeez, you'd think after all he put you through you'd be the one sniping." He held his hands up peacefully.

They walked in comfortable silence for a few blocks. They neared the Turtle Game shop.

"So, Yug, How's a bout a duel?" Jou asked.

"Sorry," Yugi shook his head, "I've got something I need to take care of. I'll see you guys later, okay?"

"Yeah sure, little buddy. See ya Yugi!" Jou called, followed by a "Catch ya later Yug!" from Honda.

"Bye!" Yugi waved at them and went inside.

He greeted his grampa with a wave and a hug before going upstairs. Yugi dropped his backpack on the floor by his desk. Yugi sat down on his bed, looking at his Millennium Puzzle. He'd had the link shut more often than normal, he knew Yami didn't like it but he'd been having unfamiliar feelings when he was around his dark half. He wondered if he should ask Yami about what to do, but he didn't want to open their link for fear of flooding it with his insecurities and doubts.

Now he didn't know what he could do. Yugi had been feeling even stranger since Kaiba had kissed him. He didn't want his yami to get worried or upset, and he knew that the spirit didn't seem to like Kaiba as much as Yugi did.

Yugi frowned. He'd always had a soft spot for the blue-eyed youth, but he had always thought it was friendship he wanted to give. Until that kiss. Now his perspective had changed. Did he want to give more than friendship? Did he want more from Kaiba? He thought of Kaiba's face after the kiss they'd shared. He'd looked just as stunned as Yugi felt. Yugi remembered how the unflappable teen had looked with his hair mussed up and his lips slightly bruised. His clear blue eyes darkened to sapphire with his passion. He looked...beautiful.

Yugi started. Did I just think of Seto as beautiful? He touched his lips and smiled.

"Yugi!" He heard his grampa shout. "There's someone here to see you."

"Coming Grampa!" He called back before going back downstairs.

He found his grampa glaring suspiciously at Seto Kaiba. He still hadn't forgiven the teen for ripping his Blue-Eyes White Dragon card in half. He pointed at Kaiba. "He says he came to talk to you about something important."

Yugi nodded. "It's okay Grampa." He smiled shyly at Kaiba. "Do you want to come upstairs?"

"Yes, thank you."

"Are you sure Yugi?" His grampa asked, not quite happy of the idea of Kaiba alone with his grandson.

Yugi grinned. "I promise to shout if I need anything."

"Humff. Just be sure that you do." He waved them upstairs, going back to stocking the games counters.

Kaiba watched Yugi lead the way upstairs. He took them both to the sitting room.

"Do you want a drink? Tea, coffee, juice?" Yugi asked politely.

"Please. Coffee." Kaiba agreed.

He followed Yugi to the kitchen, waiting in silence as Yugi made their drinks. When Yugi was done Kaiba helped carry in the tray with the drinks. They sat down on the couch. After spooning two sugars into his black coffee Kaiba watched in amusement as Yugi heaped four sugars into his half milk hot chocolate. He shook his head.

"I never knew you had such a sweet tooth Yugi." He smirked as the younger boy blushed.

"Hey! If you think I've got a sweet tooth you should see Yami." He chuckled.

"Yami?" Kaiba asked, puzzled.

Yugi froze. He knew Kaiba hadn't caught on about Yami yet. "Oh, uh, yeah. I'll have to, uh, properly introduce you two sometime." He smiled weakly.

Kaiba let it drop. He knew Yugi was hiding something, but they had something more urgent to discuss.

They drank their drinks in silence.

"How are...?"

"Why did...?"

They flashed each other an amused, if embarrassed smile.

"You started first." Yugi told Kaiba.

Kaiba nodded. He placed his empty cup down on the small table next to Yugi's.

"How are your wrists? I didn't hurt you too badly did I?" Kaiba asked in contrition.

Yugi looked at Kaiba blankly for a moment. Realisation struck. "Oh, OH. I haven't really thought about them." He rubbed his wrists for a moment and had to hide a wince. Now that he thought about it they really did hurt. He shrugged. "Nandemonai. Don't worry."

Kaiba frowned. He'd seen the look on Yugi's face. "Let me see."

"They're fine. Honest." Yugi insisted, holding his hands behind his back.

"I can tell when you're lying, Yugi. Now let me see." Kaiba demanded roughly.

"No." Yugi stuck his bottom lip out.

Kaiba groaned. "Yugi, for the love of god, don't do that!"

Yugi looked at him in bewilderment. "Do what?"

"Pout." Kaiba stated.

"Oh." Yugi frowned. "Hey! I don't pout."

Seeing he was distracted for a moment Kaiba took the opportunity to grab Yugi's arms. Forcing him to reveal his hurt wrists. He drew in a sharp breath. Around the smaller youth's wrists was a mottled purple banding of bruises, the size of Kaiba's hands.

"I'm so sorry Yugi." Kaiba whispered.

"It's okay." Yugi tried to reassure him.

"No. It's not." Kaiba stood up. "Where do you keep your bandages?"

"They're in the bathroom, under the sink. Why?" Yugi asked after motioning to the bathroom.

Kaiba muttered something darkly under his breath and stalked to the room in question. He returned with a roll of soft white bandages, some tough clear tape and an ointment to help reduce bruising.

He looked puzzled when he returned. "Your first aid kit could supply an army."

Yugi laughed. "It's come in handy quite a few times."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"I used to get beaten up a lot, before I made friends with Jounouchi and Honda. Since then they've looked out for me." Yugi shrugged. "I'm used to a little bruising."

Kaiba looked sick. "How long ago did that happen?" Why did I never notice?

"Up until about a year ago."

Kaiba motioned for Yugi to take off his blue uniform top. He shrugged out of it carefully. Kaiba closed his eyes for a moment. On his smaller arms the bruising stood out clearly. It looked almost black against Yugi's delicately tanned skin.

"The way you guys act around each other I thought you've been friends for years." Kaiba dabbed the ointment gently on the bruising. Swallowing guiltily when Yugi flinched.

"We may have been friends for a short while but we do care for each other." Yugi watched as Kaiba wound the bandaging deftly around his wrists. Securing them with the clear tape. They looked professionally done. "You're good at that."

"Thanks. I took a first aid course a few years back. Just in case anything happened to Mokuba." Kaiba told him.

"So how did you guys become friends. Friendship at first sight I suppose."

Yugi shook his head. "Nothing close. I'm afraid. Jounouchi-kun and Honda-kun made my life a misery for quite a while." Yugi smiled ruefully. "They were always picking on me."

Kaiba was astonished. "But....you're best friends now."

"Yeah. I found them being beaten up by this even bigger kid and decided to step in. Jounouchi and Honda were wiped out on the floor, so I got the brunt of his attack." His eyes shadowed. " I had two broken ribs by the time he was done with me."

"Why did you do it." Kaiba asked quietly.

"Someone had to. I couldn't let them get beaten up. Anyway, the bully got expelled and I made friends with Jounouchi and Honda. As far as I'm concerned, two broken ribs is worth some new friends." Yugi told him earnestly.

"I never realised you had so much guts." Kaiba stroked a hand down Yugi's face.

"Why did you kiss me?" Yugi asked softly.

"I don't know. I just couldn't resist it." The blue-eyed teen said. "Didn't you like it?" Kaiba felt his stomach clench.

Yugi flushed and looked down. "Yes. It was nice."

"Can I kiss you again?" Kaiba asked intently, facing the smaller boy.

Yugi looked at Kaiba. "Yes. I think I'd like that."

Kaiba's eyes darkened. He lifted his hands and cupped Yugi's soft face. He leant forward and met Yugi's mouth in a gentle kiss. The complete opposite of the one they'd shared that afternoon. Kaiba sucked on Yugi's bottom lip, feeling him moan softly against his mouth. Their tongues swirled around each other, tasting. Yugi's hands came up and wrapped themselves in Kaiba's thick brown hair.

Kaiba pulled the younger boy towards him until Yugi was sitting on Kaiba's lap. Their bodies pressed hard against each other. Yugi's hands went exploring, over Kaiba's chest and back. Pulling Kaiba's top out and running his hands along the smooth tanned flesh beneath, making Kaiba moan. With a quick yank, he lifted Yugi's top up and off. Pulling it over his head. It landed somewhere across the room. Neither boy noticed. Kaiba's mouth trailed along Yugi's neck, nipping and sucking on the sensitive skin. He could hear Yugi's breath become ragged, as his body tried to process all the new sensations. He licked his way to Yugi's small nubs, licking and biting them gently making Yugi mewl softly. Kaiba stopped, and pulled the smaller teen towards him. Crushing his mouth against his in a bruising kiss.

They heard footsteps. Yugi jumped up from Kaiba's lap, spying his top and yanking it over his head. Kaiba buttoned his emerald shirt back up and both teens picked up their empty cups, scooting apart. All in all, it all took around half a minute for them to appear as if they had been talking, not making out.

"Are you two okay?" It was Yugi's grampa. He looked at the two boys questioningly.

"We're fine Grampa." Yugi piped up. Giving the older man a reassuring grin.

"Well okay. I've shut the shop up now." Sugoroku informed them.

"Already?!" Yugi glanced at the clock, Kaiba at his watch. Over two hours had passed.

"I'd better get going." Kaiba told them. "Mokuba will worry if I'm not back soon." He nodded at Yugi's grampa. "Mutou-san."

"I'll walk you to the door." Yugi offered.


They made their way to the door in silence.

"I'll see you tomorrow at school." Kaiba told him.

"Tomorrow then."

Kaiba traced Yugi's lips gently with an outstretched finger. He leant down and gave the violet-eyed boy one last kiss. He crossed the street to the car which had been waiting for him. Kaiba looked back, smiled and got into the cream-coloured car. A few moments later the car drove off, leaving Yugi standing by the road, touching his lips. He went back inside, locking the door behind him.

Seto kissed me. Twice. I liked it. I'm seeing him again tomorrow. He shivered in excitement


Yugi was at the school half an hour earlier than normal the next day. The place was almost deserted. Most pupils didn't start to arrive for another twenty minutes.

He got to the empty classroom and sat down, finger tracing the eye on the Millennium Puzzle. He watched the trees sway in the early morning breeze.

The door opened.

Yugi looked up hopefully, noting in elated relief that it was indeed Seto Kaiba.



Kaiba walked over to Yugi, leaning down to give him a warm, welcoming kiss. "Ohayo little one."

Yugi graced the taller boy with a brilliant smile. "Ohayo Seto. I was hoping you would come early."

Kaiba's eyes softened. "So was I."

Yugi nodded towards Kaiba's hand. "I meant to ask you yesterday," he said, then blushed, remembering how he'd become sidetracked, "but I kind of forgot. What happened to your hand?"

Kaiba looked down at the bandaging. "I had a little accident with a glass that disagreed with how I was holding it." He grimaced. "Quite a pair we make, huh?" He asked, pointing to Yugi's bandaged wrists.

Yugi chuckled. "Yeah."

Kaiba leant against Yugi's desk. "Let's go for a walk." He volunteered, holding his hand out to the smaller, seated boy. Helping him up.


He held the door open for Yugi, noting in amusement that it was becoming a habit for him now.

They walked around the large school property, talking about everyday things. Or rather, Yugi talked and Kaiba listened fondly. He loved to hear Yugi's soft voice.

"So, how's Mokuba doing?" They were on their way back to the classroom, Yugi stopped and leant against one of the trees around the back of the building.

"Better. He still accuses me of working too hard." Kaiba laughed. "I have tried to work less," He shrugged, "It's just too well ingrained for me not too."

"I agree with Mokuba. You do work too hard." Yugi glanced round quickly.

"What?" Kaiba looked round, trying to see what Yugi was looking for. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He gave Kaiba an innocent smile.

Immediately Kaiba sensed something was up. "Yugi." He said warningly.

"What?" Yugi blinked.

"What are you up to?"

"Oh, just this." Yugi tiptoed and pulled Kaiba down, kissing him passionately. He pressed himself against Kaiba, feeling the other boy pick him up and lean them both against the tree trunk. Yugi wound his legs around Kaiba's waist, leaving his arms free to stroke Kaiba's back and neck. Yugi could feel Kaiba harden against him.

They broke apart. Kaiba nuzzled Yugi's neck before putting him gently on his feet.

"You," Kaiba scolded gently, "Are evil."

Yugi grinned unrepentedly. "Yeah, but you like it."

Kaiba shook his head, chuckling. "Come on. We'd better tidy ourselves up." He told the still grinning younger boy. He picked a leaf out of his hair.

After they straightened themselves out they made their way directly to their classroom.

They walked side by side, talking softly as they walked through the school. Yugi noticed the strange looks they were getting from the other pupils. Kaiba raised a brow at Yugi in question. "People are staring." Yugi whispered.

Kaiba shrugged. "They're probably wondering why I haven't eaten you yet. Half the rumors around the school have attributed any missing students to me killing them off." He snorted in amusement. Glaring at one poor student who walked in front of them. The terrified kid froze, then ran the other way.

Yugi giggled. "You're bad Seto. You know how scared the other kids are of you." He got a wicked idea. "Not that I'd object to you eating me. Or at least parts of me."

Kaiba stopped and stared at Yugi in astonishment. Then he roared in laughter. The whole school ceased to move for one shocked, startled and stupefied minute. Teachers and students gaped at the pair. Yugi holding his stomach in hysterics, and the great, feared Seto Kaiba....laughing??

Kaiba stopped to draw in a much needed breath. "I can't believe you just said that!" He told the smug youth.

Yugi snickered. "There goes your reputation, Oh Great Feared Mighty and Powerful One." Yugi said, mock bowing, before cracking up again.

Kaiba shook his head. "Come on sweetcheeks, lets get to class before we give someone a heart attack."

Yugi's jaw dropped. He gaped incredulously at Kaiba, unsure if he actually heard the usually harsh youth come out with such a term. "What did you call me???"

It was Kaiba's turn to snicker. "Well....you did sort of say you were edible."

Yugi glared at Kaiba. Hands on his hips. "Don't call me that again." He ordered.

"Okay then, sugar-lips." Kaiba threw at him, striding off.

"SETO!" Yugi marched up angrily up beside him. Unmindful of their rapt audience.

Kaiba smirked. "You're adorable when you pout." He opened the classroom door for Yugi.

"I do not pout!!" He shrieked.

Kaiba tapped Yugi gently on the nose. "You'd better go sit down, chibi ichi. And you're pouting right now."

"Aargh!" Yugi threw his hands up in annoyance, stalking over to his desk where Jounouchi, Honda, Ryou and Anzu were staring at the display with wide eyes.

Yugi sat down and crossed his arms in a fit of pique. He glared at his friends. "Do I pout??" He demanded.

They stared in amazement. "Uh, pout?" Jounouchi asked. "Never really noticed pal."

They glanced at Kaiba warily. He smirked.

The bell rang for the class to begin.


"...forget to read chapters three and four." The teacher instructed as the bell rang.

"Hey Yug. What's up with you and Kaiba?" Jounouchi asked, as they packed up their stuff.

"Absolutely nothing. I'm just considering many and varied ways of killing him." Yugi glowered at the person in question, who was busy sliding his work into his briefcase. "Painfully." Yugi added.

They stared as Kaiba shut his case with a double click and sauntered over to them. He raised his brow at Yugi.

"Seto." Yugi ground out.

"Yugi." Kaiba said pleasantly.

"Whaddya want Kaiba?" Honda warned.

"May I have a private word with Yugi?" He asked blandly.

"No wa...! Huh?" Yugi stopped Jou with a hand.

"It's okay Jounouchi." Yugi told him.

Kaiba walked back towards his desk. Yugi followed him.

"Now what Seto?" Yugi glared.

"I wasn't making fun of you earlier." He told the smaller boy. He leant close to Yugi's ear and whispered huskily. "Your lips really do taste like sugar chibi ichi, and I wouldn't mind tasting the rest of you either."

The sound of Kaiba's whiskey smooth voice flowed over Yugi's skin. The combination with his words making the younger boy blush hotly.


"What do you suppose Kaiba wants with Yugi?" Anzu wondered aloud.

"Don't know. But if he hurts him..." Jounouchi trailed off threateningly.

"Yeah. Kaiba won't dare do anything with us here." Honda remarked.

Ryou pulled his gaze away from the honey-blond, turning to look over to where Kaiba was talking softly to Yugi. "I don't know guys. Whatever he's said has made Yugi go red."



"No Way."

They looked over to where their friend was standing. Yep. Red as a rhubarb.

"Do you think he's okay?" Anzu murmured to them. Wringing her hands.

"Well, I don't think he's in any danger. If that's what you mean." Ryou added.

"Hey guys, he's coming back." Honda called.

Still flushed, having trouble catching his breath, Yugi walked up to his friends. Oh boy, I hope they don't notice I'm having trouble walking. He thought frantically.

"So, Yug. What's moneybags want with you?" Jou asked.

Yugi froze. His ears turning red.

They heard an unfamiliar chuckle and looked up as Kaiba walked past. "See you around little one." He called as he walked out of the classroom.

"Oh man. That is seriously freaky." Jou shivered.

Ryou agreed. "I never thought to see the day he laughed."

/That annoying, good for nothing, evil, oooh. When I get my hands on that...aargh. He'll see.../ Yugi fumed.

//What's wrong aibou?//

/Huh?/ Yugi realised he'd opened their link without realising it. /It's okay Yami. It's nothing./ Yugi insisted.

//Nothing huh?? So who's this mystery person you're so mad at?// Yami asked curiously.

Yugi sighed. /I'll tell you all about it when I get home./ He promised.

He followed his friends out of the classroom.