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Gravitation Song Lyrics – Sleepless Beauty

Performed in Gravitation by Nittle Grasper

By K.ITO & D.K

English Translation:

From far away, let your eyes shine; those who have awakened are still waiting.

Seduce the ramparts of the night in the cast–off pile of skins left by things that now live elsewhere.

(Without an exit) if you intend to survive the impact

(To the point where you fall apart) enrapture the deceits

You who have been reborn, color your eyes without smiling alone.

Even if the world you've longed for has suddenly burned to ash, in some miracle we could still brush into each other.

(Hold me gently in order to break me)

Be exposed in a state of purity like a flower whose petals have fallen.

You're just beginning to notice the days are shining jewels cupped in your hand.

(A cold hand) gathers up the shed thorns, so

(A banked flame) continues to smolder

Let's depict the vividly dancing thoughts found in that place of light that is unreachable even now.

Don't fear the passage of time, so that words of guidance won't completely spill out and flow away.

(And there's no way out) (I'm falling further down)

To the reincarnation of you, I say color your eyes without smiling alone.

Even if the world you've longed for has suddenly burned to ash, the miracle could still happen to come again.

Let's depict the vividly dancing thoughts found in that place of light that is unreachable even now.

Don't fear the passage of time, so that words of guidance won't completely spill out and flow away.

(Hold me gently, always catch me, more and more, in order to break my heart)


English Translation:

Performed in Gravitation by Bad Luck

With a terrified look in the eyes, spit those irritated feelings into the fickle wind The signal that melted into the cracked roadway is leaving only a scar behind.

Before the drowsy noise blurs away tomorrow [or "the future?"], chase after those ambitiously resounding footsteps.

That unfulfillable emotion that never settles down somewhere-- just decide to ignore it, then overtake it. Aim for the loophole in this shy, trembling society, for the place we keep struggling towards. I want new world.

If you bare your claws at your swarming anxieties, you'll be snapped back by unfamiliar lies, and the unbearable times will adorn the rust-covered roads with agitation

(to me, moteamasu sounds more extreme and desperate than "lingering" - pushed to the brink of something...) ( I think we both misread warubirezu ni the first time... warubireru = fearless, calm, composed; then take it and turn that upside down with the -zu ni / "without doing" ending...)

Stuff your bag with nothing but velvet coins. We don't need a map of the maze-like dreams.

From the tidal-wave's pounding rhythm to the glittering silver passion, it's all just temptation's strategic pull Your fragile eyes beat on the door we can go through as we still keep on searching. You just a new world

trying to keep with waves/water/tides image there, like being caught in an undertow, but not sure if that's the best way to phrase it...

I can still hear the accumulated tears carving their paths into Main Street, warping the sound of those footsteps.

That unfulfillable emotion that never settles down somewhere-- just decide to ignore it, then overtake it. Aim for the loophole in this shy, trembling society, for the place we keep struggling towards. I want new world.




I found the translations for the lytrics on the net, only I can't remember which sites I got them from. But they'll be one of these two:

http: millennial-fair.com /entertain/anime/gravi-lyrics.html

http:cloverpetals.com / addiction/lite/lyrics.php







Chapter Eight






The weekend passed in a hazy daze, each member of the Kaiba household wordlessly avoiding each other. Kaiba and Yami due to their uncomfortable confrontation, Yugi because he didn't seem to know how to approach them, Sugoroku not wanting to cause any more tension by asking the wrong thing and Mokuba and Tameo because they figured this was something the three – Kaiba, Yami and Yugi – needed to sort out by themselves.




Kaiba stared at the unassuming tan manila envelope sitting on the desk before him, it's sides bulging due to the contents. At least three inches thick and large enough to almost pass as a parcel, Kaiba didn't quite know what to do next. The contents would change his relationship with Yami and therefore Yugi...he just didn't know if he was ready.

With a resigned sigh the brunette stood abruptly, scooping the large envelope in one arm and heading towards the gaming room, where he knew he would most likely find his long-time nemesis and sometime rival.




For once, Yami was siting quietly, curled up in the corner of the large sofa in the gaming room, a well-worn book on battle strategies from Ancient Greece (around two thousand years ago, so still pretty modern compared to him), held in one hand, the other idly twining around a blond bang, his fingers combing through his hair absently as he read.

Yugi had on his headphones, his eyes firmly fixed on the computer screen in front of him as he played a game, one hand clicking away at the keyboard as the other manipulated the small optical mouse before him.

Mokuba was conspicuously absent.

Kaiba watched the almost calm scene for a moment until Yami suddenly blinked and looked up, Yugi twisting round to look at the door when he felt Yami's tiny spike of surprise filter down their link.

"Hello Seto." Yugi called, pulling off the headphones and placing them on the desk. He pressed a button on the keyboard and the screen went blank.

"Yugi." Kaiba greeted. He glanced at Yami for a moment, inclining his head politely. "Yami."

"Kaiba." Yami intoned lifelessly, his eyes avoiding the other's.

Kaiba cleared his throat uncomfortably before striding to Yami's side and placing the manila envelope in the other's lap, ignoring the look of stunned surprise on Yami's face.

Yugi sat down beside his dark, looking curiously at the tan envelope. "What's that?"

"Open it and find out." Kaiba said, his tone softening a fraction as he answered Yugi, although his eyes flickered to Yami when he spoke.

Looking from his light to the brunette, Yami finally took the initiative, unwinding the odd string from the two round catches and then sliding a long, slender finger along the sealed end. He poured the heavy contents out into his lap, blinking when he didn't recognise half the items.

Yugi's eyes widened as he saw the electrical items, while Yami picked up a roll of paper, opening it out to read it.

Kaiba cleared his throat clarifying things when Yami's breath caught noticeably.

"That is a birth certificate for one Himitsu Yami. In the other roll is a set of papers detailing your schooling first at a small private school which, fortunately, was burnt down during the holidays over eight years ago, so no records remain, the second is to say you have been privately instructed since that date, and that you are now capable of attending a normal school – our school – as per your guardian's wishes."

Yami looked at the paper than back at Kaiba, his eyes unbelieving. "My guardian?"

Kaiba looked uncomfortable for a moment. "I made it so Gozaburo was listed as your guardian, and that that guardianship has passed onto me. That way if anything...odd happens I can do damage control without your secret spreading."

Yami was shocked. "I..."

Kaiba shook his head. "Don't worry about it. It was Yugi's request."

Yami turned to his other, his eyes wide.

Yugi grinned. "Well...you did say you wanted to go to school, didn't you? And this way you can still be near us and protect me like you wanted, right?"

Kaiba broke the silence that followed. "I've included a set of phones with all the numbers you'll need already pre-programmed into them. Yugi can teach you faster than I could on how to use them. They contain my home number, office, mobile, the Game Shop, Yugi's mobile on one and on the other will be Yami's number. There's also a quick dial for the hospital, doctors and ambulance."

Yugi picked up the tiny black, silver and red device, looking it over before handing it back to Yami, quickly choosing the grey, violet and blue one and tucking it into his pocket. Yami followed his movement and tucked the other phone into his trouser pocket, the slim-line metal virtually invisible.

"There are also a number of personal effects. Four credit cards, with an unlimited balance, two each for you and Yugi." Kaiba held up a hand to forestall Yugi's and Yami's protests. "These are for my own peace of mind." He said flatly, "I doubt you'd be able to watch over Yugi when I'm not there if you have no way of paying for things, and I take Yugi's protection very seriously. You haven't had the chance to exist as a person in the 'real' world for a long time, so it's by no means your fault if you have no funds."

Yami nodded once. "Thank you." he said quietly, knowing that the gesture was not made to belittle his worth.

"In the small black box," Kaiba continued, "...is a set of rings. They have a tracking device in them so if anything happens I can find you. Mokuba and I wear ours in our necklaces so it's not to invade your privacy, they're for protection."

"I see." Yami frowned, but opened the box anyway, choosing one of the identical plain bluish-silver rings and passing it to Yugi, before sliding the other one on the middle finger of his left hand. Yugi copied him.

"I've already enrolled you at school, you start on Monday. I've ordered your uniform and it should arrive later tonight. Yugi should be able to help answer your questions, although you probably know what you need to already. I've also added a set of house keys for each of you. They're in the small white envelope. There is also a new set of ID cards with your picture and information."

"Picture?" Yugi asked curiously.

Kaiba shrugged. "I picked one out from our first Duel. It was recorded. After a few run-overs in the computer it looked like a photo."

Yugi looked impressed. "I didn't think about that." He tilted his head to one side, cradling his chin in one small hand as he thought for a moment. "Is everything here taped?" he asked.

"No. Just the outer halls and the Dueling room."


"I need to check on Mokuba." Kaiba said, looking slightly uncomfortable as he turned around to leave.

Yugi nodded in understanding before raising a brow and looked pointedly at his dark, before glancing at Kaiba's back. Yami got the hint.

"Kaiba, wait, please?" Yami called.

Kaiba paused, twisting to glance at Yami.

Yami dropped his gaze uncomfortably. "Thank you." he said, pointing to the gift that Kaiba had given him, the gift of freedom. "I am truly grateful."

Kaiba's lips curled into a tiny half-smile. "You're welcome." he murmured quietly, just loud enough for them to hear. Then he left.




He hadn't been expecting this. Not after the argument he'd had with the other previously. Somehow Kaiba's earlier comment of "Because you're not even human!" had struck him particularly deep, hurting him in a way he hadn't thought himself capable of feeling.

It wasn't as if he spent all his time debating on his humanity, or his status as a spirit.

Maybe it wouldn't have hurt so much if he'd been able to understand just why the brunette could hurt him so much. If Yugi had said the same thing Yami knew he would probably have laughed it off or simply shrugged with fatalistic acceptance; but then Yugi had a way of seeing things in a completely unique way which tended to make you open your eyes.

Kaiba had simply been blunt with his opinion. Even if it had been an accurate observation.

When he'd sacrificed himself a part of his Ka had traversed to the Amenta, or the Other-world and been reborn as Yugi. But unlike in Western myths and further Middle-Eastern philosophies, wherein most believe that the the soul that is reborn holds all the knowledge and experience of it's previous lives, a person's Ka contained only their essence. Their potential.

His Ba, his personality and traditions, his beliefs and behaviours had been locked away in his puzzle, leaving his future light to be molded into a new person without interference.


Life shaped who that person would become. Not their previous incarnations.

Which is why Yugi was so different from him. Why he held the same sort of physical characteristics but held virtually none of the peculiarities that made Yami who and thus what, he was. Even Kaiba could not escape. He was physically similar...maybe a few shades paler, in comparison to his first incarnation, but it was under the skin that they differed so much.

Set had been like a lake, beautiful, shimmering, clear, calm and sharp, unfailing in his constant unwavering confidence and steady assurances...whereas Seto was more like the ocean; everything hidden beneath a constantly shifting surface, glimmers of it's true nature only showing through in times of extreme stress, and, like the allusion, his nature could be just as contradictory. Calm and collected as a spring sail across the Mediterranean, or as black and thunderous as a ship-wrecking storm at midnight.

And who was Yami?

Was he the darkness he truly believed himself to be, or was he merely a shade of his former self? What claim did he have on life when he was so obviously of the dead?

There were penalties that came hand and kith with being an entity such as he was, and a tiny loss of freedom, needing to be in close quarters to the Puzzle and Yugi, seemed like a infinitesimal loss compared to the liberties he was allowed.

And yet...

Was his time truly over? Did he have any right to keep Yugi to himself like he wanted?

To preserve his memories of the past and leave them buried meant leaving Kaiba, meant abandoning everything he'd started to care for in this unfamiliar world.

Yugi was different, unsullied...his connection to his light other was untainted by any previous memories.

So why wasn't he happy?




Yugi watched as a wash of emotions played across Yami's face. Confusion, despair, worry...all of them seemed to mix in a tumble of uncertainty sparked by Seto's actions.

"Yami?" he asked gently, placing a hand on his dark others' arm.

Yami blinked, his eyes shadowed. "Hmn?"

"You okay?"

Yami shrugged. "I will be."

"You want to talk about it?"

"No." Yami paused then. "Thank you, but I fear this is something I must figure out for myself."

"You know if you need to talk..." Yugi said, his face earnest, his eyes intent with his meaning.

Yami smiled then, once, softly. "I know." And he did know. But he also knew he didn't want to burden his precious light. Not with these worries.

Yugi nodded, standing. "I'll leave you be, to think." he clarified.


Yugi paused, turning on his heels, his hands hooked in his pockets. "Yes?"

"Maybe later?"

Yugi beamed. "Any time Yami." he gave a short abbreviated wave before leaving, the door shutting with a soft click behind him.

Things would get better. They would. Only Yami didn't know who he was trying to persuade.




Lunch was a quiet, informal affair. Yami, Yugi and Mokuba ate together, Kaiba having been called out to an emergency at KaibaCorp. Tameo cooked and they ate together in the kitchen, a comfortable silence filling the air.

Yugi finished first and excused himself, declining the usually eagerly accepted offer of an after-meal mug of hot chocolate which both Mokuba and Yami accepted. Instead he took a trip upstairs to an empty room.

Like most of the Kaiba properties, the house was comprised of suites, not really individual rooms, and interspersed were small recreation rooms, some specifically for drinking together, some for reading, some for playing, although not as well founded as the much larger main room Seto had designed. The one he had in mind was a room Mokuba had shown him.

Light and airy, it was perfect to relax in and listen to music. It was set up so a music centre dominated one side of the far wall, around which a small seating area was set up, comfortable long, low, rounded chairs scattered for easy reach. Between the door and the seats was an open area, maybe twenty feet by twenty feet, the floor a gleaming honey wood colour.

The headphones, wireless and large, were already set up, and Yugi selected his favourite CD from Mokuba's collection. The fast-paced beat of 'Sleepless Beauty' blared out through the black headphones. [1]

Flopping down on a comfy chair, Yugi tapped his foot to the beat.




The fourth time Mokuba caught Yami staring at him he crossed his eyes and stuck his tongue out, making the spirit blink and jump at the same time.

"Something wrong Yami-kun?"

Yami shook his head, looking decidedly embarrassed at being caught in his scrutiny of the younger male. "No. Sorry, my mind was just wandering."

"Ah." Mokuba said, nodding. "So, is it anything you want to talk about?"

"I..." Yami frowned, he trailed off, shaking his head in the negative. "No. It's nothing."

"You know," Mokuba started, looking thoughtful, "I'm not quite as blind or as young as people take me for, Yami. I can see that something is bothering you. You and nii-san are the same, you both get this dark crease on your foreheads, and you tense up and get fidgety."

Yami looked affronted. "I do not get fidgety."

Mokuba stared pointedly at Yami's hand, the fingers of which were tapping the side of his mug in a sharp staccato, without the spirits' conscious notice.

Yami's cheeks darkened. Very carefully he drew his hand away, settling it in his lap. He stared at the half full mug, his gaze seeing beyond the dark liquid.

"Is this about Onii-san and Yugi?" Mokuba asked a few minutes later, breaking the silence.

"What?" Yami glanced up, slightly confused as he tried to banish his thoughts.

Mokuba sighed impatiently. "I said I wasn't blind. There's obviously something upsetting you and Nii-san, and I know that it's started to affect Yugi, because he's been down as well...and I don't just mean because he's recovering. Nii-san's been setting some stuff in motion, stuff he thinks I don't know about, and he's had extra guards placed everywhere." The brunette groaned plaintively, "Do you know how hard it's been to sneak out?"


"Exactly! It's been impossible! Onii-san must be taking this seriously to act like this, and I know it's not just because of Yugi. I already know all about that obsession, but you've been growing on him as well, and I don't want either of you hurt, and I don't mean that just 'cos it'll hurt Yugi-chan!"

"I don't...I've never intended to hurt my aibou."

Mokuba leveled a stare at him that was worthy of man twice his age. "Maybe. Maybe not. But your stubbornness will hurt him. Both you and Nii-san are going to hurt Yugi-chan, and I don't want that. He's the first person besides Onii-san that I've respected and liked, and he's made me become a better person, simply by existing.

"I don't want you or Seto-onii-san to do something you'll both regret later, but you are both so set in your ways that it'll be a cold day in hell before you settle things without outside interference.

"Yugi is still innocent in many ways, Yami, and you know that as well as I. He sees the best in everyone, whether we're worthy of it or not." his lips twisted into a wry grin, a move that was worthy of his brother.

"Most of us aren't..." Came the soft murmur from Yami's lips.

"Mn. I know."

Yami sighed, then straightened, focusing his gaze at Mokuba. "Well then, Mokuba-san. Please, tell me about your Onii-sama."

Mokuba smiled brightly, looking for a moment his true age.




By the time the second song started, the particularly addicting and heart-pounding bass of 'The Rage Beat', [2] Yugi had given up sitting still. Slipping off his house shoes/slippers, he skidded and slid across the smooth floor in his socks, a delighted tumble of laughs falling from his lips as he danced and played, the light streaming in from the gauze-lined windows illuminating his way with brilliant ferocity, warming the air.

Being as small as he was he could do moves that Anzu had shown him, only faster, his lithe body turning in smooth movements that hardened dancers would be envious of. He'd always been too shy and embarrassed at his lack of stature to let go while he was out, but here, with no prying eyes Yugi let himself go with complete abandon. For the first time since his bruises had healed, Yugi felt truly free.

His red tee-shirt stretched as he used his arms to balance for the more difficult moves, his dark black jeans thankfully worn in enough to make it easy for Yugi to stretch and dance freely.

Yugi was so engrossed in the music, he never noticed the door open, or shut quietly behind the intruder.




"So, what do you want to know?"

"I think, I think I need to understand why Yugi loves him." Yami said, hiding a small wince at the admission of Yugi's love. "I've been focusing too long on false perceptions, and I never really wanted to see anything else."

"I guess that your first meeting didn't help either, huh?"


"He changed after that encounter he had, after that first duel." Mokuba rested his elbows on the table, and laid his head on his arms. "He's always been my Onii-sama, but he's been less as time went on. You know about the orphanage, don't you?"

"I...I think so. You were both adopted, weren't you?" Yami thought, trying to remember everything he'd gleaned over the months from Yugi.

Mokuba nodded once, sharply. "Did you know that Gozaburo only wanted Seto?"


"Seto-onii-san has always protected me. He promised when our parents died that he would always be there. When Gozaburo saw nii-san he was like a rabid dog after a bone. Nii-san refused to leave without me. Gozaburo offered him a chance, play a game of chess against him, and if Seto won he would adopt both of us, if Seto lost than he would never see me again."

"I take it Seto won?" Yami asked.

Mokuba sighed. "It wasn't easy. The game went on for the entire day. Sometimes I wonder if the only reason Gozaburo even allowed the game in the first place was because he wanted to know if I was worthy blackmail material for onii-san."

Yami paled, understanding what Mokuba was implying. "He didn't...?"

Mokuba turned his eyes away, staring at the dark varnished wood of the table. "He did." Mokuba said flatly. "Repeatedly."

"Oh Ra..."

"You have to understand Yami, Seto was a genius. I mean off the scale. Still is. But he was also a wonderful caring and warm boy. Gozaburo had no need for soft emotions, and he trained them out of onii-san. Sometimes Seto-onii-san would be away or out of sight for weeks, and every time I saw him afterwards there would be a little bit more ice in his eyes, and he would move like he was a lot older, and hurt." There was a note of angered despair in Mokuba's voice which Yami could understand.

"He never really got that warmth back until you dueled him, and when you did that...that strange thing, you took away all the walls that had been built up. You let Seto get free...but you also stole all his defences. Seto-onii-san was so used to thinking and acting in a certain way that he was shattered. He had no idea how to cope, how to live as a normal person with feelings."

"And I never bothered to wonder why there was so much darkness in him, and I never even tried to understand." Yami said softly.

"Onii-sama started to drink, he couldn't sleep. But when he started to get his paths crossed constantly with Yugi something changed. He found something which made all the turmoil and pain worth it. He's my brother, dammit Yami! He's my brother and I didn't know how to help him!" Mokuba hit the table with his fists, leaning forward so his hair hid his eyes from view, his voice choked as tears filled his vision.

"He was everything to me and I couldn't do anything." Mokuba said thickly. "Yugi is healing him."

"...Mokuba..." Yami held out a hand, but Mokuba flinched from the contact.

"Yugi is healing him, but he's never going to understand about the darkness that was a part of onii-san. He can't. Yugi may see it, may accept it...but he can't understand. You can Yami. You know the darkness. You and Onii-san and Yugi, you balance each other out. But you're all going to kill each other if you keep discarding your feelings. You and onii-san, both of you, you're allowing pride to stand in the way of happiness. I'm afraid..." Mokuba lifted his head, his bleak grey eyes full of sorrow and anger, making him appear older than his years. "I'm afraid Yami, that when you both fall, all three of you will fall together, and I'll lose all of you."




Yugi gasped as a strong pair of arms suddenly enveloped him when he stopped to catch his breath, pulling him up against the others' chest as he tried to rest against his knees.


"Hello Yugi." The words, softly whispered against his ear sent shivers down his spine.

"Seto..." Yugi twisted around in Seto's hold, turning around to meet the warm blue gaze of the other.

Seto untucked an arm from where it was wound around Yugi's tiny waist, bringing it up to trail his fingers gently across Yugi's cheeks. Meeting Yugi's wide violet eyes, Seto slowly lowered his head until his lips met Yugi's in a soft kiss, his arm tightening it's hold as his other hand found itself buried inside the silky spikes adorning the top of Yugi's head.

"Yugi..." Seto whispered again, allowing a ghost of a breath tease across Yugi's slightly parted lips, followed by a mischievous dip of his tongue against Yugi's opened mouth. At Yugi's soft groan, Seto deepened his kiss, his hand sliding under the thin material of Yugi's tee-shirt.




"Onii-san lost the darkness that Gozaburo made him build, but that void had to be filled with something. Yugi helped with that, he helped show Seto his concern and friendship. Seto loves Yugi as wonderfully as Yugi loves him...but you Yami, you can give him, can give both of them, the passion, the fire they need to be re-formed."

"I..." Yami swallowed suddenly, feeling exposed by Mokuba's piercing gaze. "I don't know if I can, if I can bear to allow myself to...to..."

"To love?" Mokuba questioned sadly.

"No." Yami shook his head. "To lose myself in them."

"Then don't. Love isn't just about giving. Take what Yugi has offered you and share it."

"You don't, you don't understand."

"Do you love Yugi?"

Yami smiled softly. "Yes."

Mokuba pushed back his hair, leveling his darkest stare at the male opposite. "Do you love Seto?"

The smile became slightly strained. "I don't know."

"Are you willing to find out? To make the sacrifice to your pride and follow your instinct?"

Yami closed his eyes, hugging his arms around his chest protectively.

"Will you try?"

Yami nodded once, a tiny incline that spoke more than any words could. "I will."

Mokuba sat back in the chair as a silence fell over the room. Staring at the ceiling, Mokuba began talking as if to himself, just loud enough for Yami to hear.

"Did you ever lose someone you loved?"

Yami didn't look up.

"Ever felt so helpless as they fell that your heart stopped, your breath wouldn't fill your lungs and your eyes only saw in crimson?"

"...Yes..." Yami whispered.

"Did that feeling ever go away?"


"Do you regret falling in love?"



Yami looked up, starting slightly when he realised that at some point Mokuba had moved and was staring directly at him. "Because...if I had never loved, I would not be here now."

"And you would never have met Yugi."

Yami nodded fractionally. "Yes."

"Strange how things work."


Yami froze suddenly, his eyes widening with shock.


"Yugi..." Yami gasped.

"Yami!" Mokuba tried to place a hand on Yami's arm, falling forward with a yelp when his hand went straight through the other. "Yami! What's going on? What's wrong?!"

Yami moaned, a sudden spike of desire lancing through him. It felt like Yugi, but it was too intense for simple arousal. A shudder shook his body when he felt the ghostly trail of hands smooth it's way over his...their body, he could feel him...them writhe on the cool wooden floor, feel his...their body arch up into the teasing, stroking touch.

Yami shut his eyes and fell backwards, disappearing from Mokuba's view.





Yugi was floating in a sea of physical ecstasy. He could feel Seto above him, his lips at his neck, at his chest, always moving, his tongue tasting, leaving cool trails that made him shiver. The pure feelings were overwhelming, he'd never felt this way before. It was too much.

Then it changed, slowly, he could feel his body's responses, but they were shared. He wasn't alone, he...they, could feel Seto's hands lift him, cup him, feel Seto's strong arms hold him close. He...they both felt the discomfort of Seto's fingers stretching him, and the sharp pain when he was slowly filled. He...they could both feel the softly building need fill them as Seto's hands stroked him in time with his thrusts, his...their hands reaching up to twine in Seto's thick, soft hair, he wanted, they wanted to nip, bite, suck, he was...they were too shy...no, too bold...

Everywhere, they were everywhere...they were one.

When they felt their climax build they found themselves crying out, their screams muffled by soft, supple lips, as their release crashed upon them..