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Prologue: Fall of Japan

On a bright morning, in the middle of a grassy field surrounded by big sunflowers and a forest, two young boys and a little girl, who happened to be childhood friends, climbed up a small, rocky hill.

One boy happens to have brown hair and dark green eyes. He was wearing a pink T-shirt with a yellow necktie and dark-blue pants. He was able to run up the hill without any difficult. He goes by the name Suzaku Kururugi

At the same time, a red-haired girl ran up the same hill that the first boy was on top of without having any trouble. She had a ponytail tied up with a small red ribbon at the back of her head and is wearing a dark-red tank-top and a dark-red skirt. Her name happens to be Hikaru Shidou.

As for the second boy however, he had difficulty climbing up the hill. The second boy had black hair and purple eyes. He was wearing a white, beige T-shirt and light-blue pants. Upon looking up at the first boy on top of the hill, the second boy reached up with his right hand and held onto the first boy's hand as they pulled each other up to the top of the hill while the little girl behind them smiled and waved at them, telling them to come over to her side. His name is none other than Lelouch Lamperouge.

While Suzaku and Lelouch came up to Hikaru, unknown to them that they were all being watched by a mysterious green-haired woman with golden eyes.

In an instant, the three young children heard a rumbling noise from a distance. As they all turned around, they see a fleet of ships appear in front of a mountain in a distance.


It is August 10th in the year 2010 of the Imperial Calendar. The Holy Britannian Empire declared war upon Japan. The island nation in the Far East, argued for the country's neutrality and Britannia, the world's powerful nation. Their dispute involved Japanese's underground resources and diplomatic tensions between them were deep-rooted.

As they battled for the Japanese mainland, the Britannian forces unleashed a humanoid autonomous battle, armored knight, known as the "Knightmare Frame."

With the use of such ingenious, technological weaponry, the Japanese forces were defeated by Britannia's Knightmares in less than a week.

After Britannia took over Japan, they stripped the Japanese citizens of their freedom, their rights, and their name, transforming it into Area 11.

After the destruction, the three children find themselves surrounded by buildings that were reduced to rubble or into nothingness. Behind the children, a funeral pyre was seen nearby a low wall of stone. In front of the pyre, a military officer stood by and saluted to his fallen comrades, which were being cremated before his very eyes.

As Suzaku and Hikaru are sitting across from each other with their backpacks right next to them, Lelouch stood in-between them with anger in his eyes. Just when Hikaru and Suzaku turned towards where Lelouch is at, he makes his vow in front of them both.

"I swear! Hikaru, Suzaku, I swear! One day I'll obliterate Britannia!"