Chapter 23: The second battle of Arnus hill part 2

Pina and Daniel sat in the chamber with Zorzal, the marine colonel, Tyuule, and Tiberius.

"Three-hundred thousand!" The colonel shouted.

"Maybe more, the entire base is surrounded." Itami said.

"Shit." He said shaking his head.

Itami saw Pina holding Tiberius.

"Hello, I'm your aunt." Pina said as Itami smiled a little before noticing Zorzal glance at him.

Itami gave a slightly embarrassed look as he turned away.

"In any case, I was sent here to give you this." Itami said taking out a walky talky after setting the proper signal.

"Colonel Striger are you there?" He heard from General Rooth.

"Yes sir, good to hear from you again."

"Colonel thank God." Itami heard as Colonel Striger got up and left the room to get a better signal.

"He's so beautiful." Pina said as Tyuule carefully took Tiberius back.

"I'm glad you're safe Pina…..Were you there when father died?"

Pina gave a hard look.

"Yes." Pina hugged Zorzal as she teared up a little.

Itami came up beside them trying to put his hand on Pina's shoulder before he saw the look on Zorzal's face.

"I uhhh."

"I'd be careful unless you want a round where guns aren't pointed at him." Tyuule said smiling before Itami backed off.

Elsewhere, Daniel and the rest of recon team three were inside a chapel like building.

Tomita's body rested inside a casket with a marine chaplain over the casket giving him his final rights.

"I can't believe he's dead…..He was the most solid soldier I've ever met." Takeo said.

Tuka saw the look on Daniel's face, the pain and loss.

"Are you ok?"

Daniel sighed.

"It never get's easier, watching those under your command get killed, even if I didn't know him that well."

Tuka put her hand on his shoulder.

Daniel went over to Takeo who was the most shaken.

"Are you ok?"

"…I don't know sir…..I don't know."

"He didn't die in vain, we made here. According to Itami the other teams also made it to their destinations. So far the operation is going as planned."

"…Tell that to his family." Takeo said as Daniel saw the picture of Tomita's family set beside the casket.

"….Don't remind me." Daniel said, feeling sorry for Itami who would have to write the letter. Daniel having written enough to break his heart more than once.

"So now we just wait and attack with the rest of the forces in the special region?" Mary asked.

"That's the plan. It's up to the brass to determine how it happens." Daniel said.

"Do we really have enough men?" Jiraiya asked.

"…We have what we have. We have to make due." Daniel said as Tuka heard the grim way they talked.

She then had another idea and smiled.

"Daniel, I need to do something, I'll be back tonight honey." Tuka said as she left the chapel.

Back in the manor Itami was with Zorzal and Pina as they spoke with Colonel Stringer.

"Alright so here's the plan according to general Hazama and Rooth. In three days all of the remaining coalition forces are going to converge and simultaneously attack Diabo's army. We'll have air support and naval bombardment, we'll also have them surrounded."

"What about the imperial army, we're ready to help." Zorzal said.

"I'm sorry Zorzal, but without modern weapons you'd be slaughtered, and we don't have any to spare." Stringer said as Zorzal began to think back to his last attack on Arnus hill, Pina and Tyuule noticing his fist tightening.

"…We're allies, and an emperor should stick by his allies, if you lose there then my people be subject to Diabo. If you're destroyed then we'll have no chance." Zorzal said firmly.

"I have my orders Zorzal. I'm sorry." Stringer heard Hazama on the walky talky and began talking Itami coming beside him.

"It's for the best, the last thing we need is more good people dying because of us." Itami said.

Zorzal sighed.

"…..Because of me…..I'm the one who ordered the attack on your world in the first place. I started all of this. All of the bloodshed is on me."

"…..Well…..I can't speak for empires, but from what Pina's told me about her older brother, you're a good man. Just from a different mindset and worldview."

"An emperor powerless to help is his people is no emperor at all." Zorzal said as Tyuule came up beside him.

Pina put her hand on Itami's shoulder.

"Do you believe this plan of yours can work?" Pina asked.

"We can try, it's the best option we have." Itami said.

Over the next few days, the coalition forces across the special region prepared to converge on Arnus hill.

The marines in Italica were all in full battle gear, their kevlar on and their weapons ready.

Itami and his recon team three were among them. Jiraiya looking around at the marines and smiling.

"Finally, fighting with my brothers and sisters again." Jiraiya said.

"We're not?" Mary asked smiling.

"Course you are." Jiraiya said.

Moments later colonel Stringer came out in front of the marine formations.

"Marines! Today we march to Arnus hill, we march to war. We've fought before, every marine here has known combat. But today we aren't just fighting for our country, we're fighting for our fellow servicemen, and ourselves. If we don't break this army , none of us are going home. We all die here, now this place might be beautiful, but it's no place to die. We fight, and we win Oorah!"


"Oorah!" Jiraiya shouted.

"Hooah!" Daniel shouted.

"Hooyah!"Mary shouted.

Itami stood with Pina by Zorzal and his praetorian guard.

"I should be with you." Pina said.

"I know, but it's out of my hands."

"Just don't die." Pina said as she came forward and kissed him.

As Daniel stood in formation he saw Tuka quickly run out and join them.

"There you are , what have you been doing? I've barely seen you these last three days." Daniel said.

"Sorry, I had to do something."


As the marines began to march out of the city, colonel Striger was among the first out and saw something.

"….Uhh sir." One of his men said as they saw an army before them and heard a roar.

The other marines began to trickle out they also saw the army that had gathered. The army was comprised of humans, morphics, hybrids and elves, dark and regular, each wearing assorted armor , leather, chain-mail, plates, or none. Flying over them was none other than Shruikan.

"What is the meaning of this?"

Itami and the others eventually came out and saw the army.

"What the?" Jiraiya said as Daniel saw Tuka smiling.

Shruikan landed in front of Colonel Stringer before Antrok came down.

"Are you the leader?"

"I'm Colonel Stringer of the United States Marine Corps. Who are you?"

"I'm Antrok, dragon rider, and leader of this army."

"What are you doing here?"

"We are the people of this land, and we've come to help the coalition stop Diabo."

Daniel turned to Tuka.

"I thought we could use some reinforcements."

"We can't allow this, we-"

"These people all came here willingly, your coalition has inspired them, you have helped them. They choose you and the empire over Diabo and his madness, are you really going to tell them to stand down?"

Stringer turned to see Zorzal with his anxious troops.

"Are you?"

Stringer sighed.

"Oh boy."

Pina rode up beside Itami on a horse.

"Well don't just sit there." She said grabbing Itami and pulling him onto the horse.

"We've got an army to destroy."

Diabo sat on horseback as he rode through his camp.

His men chanted or cheered to him as he rode past, the mood being good , even with the pounding artillery going back and forth between their camp and base. The men and mercenaries inside a series trenches protecting them from the coalition artillery while anti-artillery guns fired at several of the incoming rounds.

Diabo rode beside one of his generals.

"So how much longer do we wait your majesty?"

"Sieges can last a long time. We have to wait for their food run out. We keep pounding them and breaking away at their defenses. Then we rush in with the iron horses and our numbers. We destroy their fortress, and their army. Then we take back the capital and finish off Zorzal."

"Duran was a fool, he should have killed Zorzal when he had the chance."

"Yes, he should have, now we have to-" Diabo started before he heard something about him. He looked up to see a trail of what looked like white cloud in the sky before a massive explosion enveloped an entire section of his artillery pieces.

Diabo had to hold on tight as his horse spurred, nearly flipping him off.

"What the hell was that?" Diabo's general said as Diabo furiously looked around before another explosion enveloped more of the camp, this time hitting several structures and generators.


"Missiles? I thought we hit their guidance systems?"

Just off the coast , the coalition ships fired long range missiles.

The small carrier also launched a pair of airplanes that soared over the ocean and then the land.

More missiles crashed into Diabo's massive camp, hitting areas of the camp with strategic value to Diabo and his army.

Diabo rode through the camp trying to keep his horse calm and his men in order.

"Battle formations! Prepare to defend the camp!"

Diabo shouted as the men began loading their guns and starting the tanks.

"If they think they're going to run through us with just the men in their base , then they're-" Diabo started before he heard something overhead, looking up to see the two airplanes coming down on them. A trio of SAM sites tried to fire but were enveloped in the explosions.

Diabo was knocked off his horse and grunted as he got up.

When Diabo got up he saw movement outside the coalition base.

He saw SDF and American tanks followed by Strykers , and other armored vehicles coming out with Marines, soldiers, and Air force security forces. Even non-infantry personnel were given kevlar and assault weapons as they loaded into infantry carriers.

General Hazama and Rooth were among them. Hazama getting into a tank and onto the radio.

"Is everyone in position?"

"Yes sir!"

"Yes sir!"

"Yes sir!"

"All forces move in!"

The tanks and armored vehicles rushed in as artillery fire from inside the base poured onto the camp. The sounds of dragons' roars filled the air as Glaedr and Iondraet revealed themselves. Raven and Arkanes on Iondraet's back.

To the south of the camp, the marine regiment had set up mortars and began firing.

"Go!" Colonel Stringer shouted as more mortars began pounding the back of the encampment.

Zorzal stood in front of his army who stood in battle formation.

"Men! Today we stand on the brink of glory, or annihilation! The future of our empire, and our wold lies in our hands today! Some of you may be scared, but fear is only natural. Even I feel it right now. But your emperor stands beside you, our cause is just, and you're not just soldiers. You're imperial legionaries! You're Zorzal El Caesar's legionaries! Whatever weapons they have , our allies will neutralize that advantage. Without that advantage, they stand no chance against the legions of Zorzal El Caesar, they stand no chance against you!"

The legionaries and auxiliaries began to chant in unison as Itami and the others watched.

Two dozen of Pina's Rose Knights knelt before her.

"Princess, forgive us. We failed to protect you from Diabo in the capital." One said.

"There was nothing you could have done. Knights, each of you came to me because no other knight order would take you. For one reason or another, your gender, your family, none of that mattered to me. Each of you proved your worth on your own. This is why the Rose knights are the finest knights in the empire. Today we exact justice for my father, and revenge for Grey!"

The knights drew their swords and held them high.

"For Emperor Molt Augustus and Grey!"

Itami looked at his own team who were all staring at him.

"I think they want a speech to." Daniel said smiling.

Itami sighed.

"…Well, we either win , or we die. Shino and Tomita were enough, so let's make sure we win. Recon team three move out."

"…..That was quite a speech." A private said.

"You want inspiration read a poem." Takeo said as he loaded his gun.

"Now you heard the captain , move out!" The soldiers began to load up into the armored vehicles. Itami and Daniel smiling as they saw Takeo take charge of the younger soldiers.

"I think you've got a replacement for Tomita."

"Maybe, if we survive this I'll have him made a sergeant." Itami said before Pina rode up to him.

"I'm going in with my knights."

"Wait until the signal is given and their lines are broken."

"I'll see you in the midst of the battle."

After the aircraft and ships ceased firing, the tanks and forces from the base rushed forward, the artillery still providing them cover.

The marine regiment then rushed from the southeast while marines and Navy combat forces came in from the southwest , followed by the 75th ranger regiment and SDF special forces.

In Diabo's camp, he got on another horse and quickly rallied his men.

"Defenses! Let them break against us like waves against rocks and then drown in their own blood!"

Diabo's men got into their well prepared defenses , the men sitting behind sandbags and dug in trenches with marine guns, rockets, and tanks.

What artillery pieces they had left continued firing as the tanks fired as well. However, the tanks did not have the targeting range of the coalition tanks.

The M1-Abrams tanks and Type 10s drove up in front of the troop carries with Bradley Fighting vehicles beside them.

The Bradley fighting vehicles began using their long range targeting systems to mark targets for the tanks.

"Sir we're in range."

"Fire at will!" The army brigadier general said as he rode in one of the Abrams tanks.

The tanks began firing at the entrenched positions of Diabo's men, focusing on the vehicles.

In one position a tank was blown apart from a M1 Abrams's heat round.

More of the positions were being hit at long range by the coalition tanks. Their more advanced targeting systems and ranges giving them great edge.

Several winged dragons flew out of the base and at the incoming coalition forces. However, several of the tanks and Strykers began firing into the air and hit a few of them. Glaedr and Iondraet flying overhead as they attacked the others.

More of Diabo's men shifted to the base side of their encampment and began firing. The coalition forces approaching from the rear were soon caught in a hail of heavy fire from machine guns and rockets. Many of the vehicles having to stop and deploy their troops.

Itami and the others got out of their vehicle as an RPG hit the ground in front of it.

"Go go go!" Itami shouted as they rushed out of the vehicle and took cover.

Groups of marines joined them as they opened up on one of the defensive positions of the camp that had been torn up by naval bombardment and airstrikes.

A few of Diabo's men were still there with a machine gun and assault rifles.

Jiraiya got his sniper rifle out and carefully took aim.

"Grenade launchers, suppress that position!" Itami shouted as Daniel began directing airstrikes from the returning naval planes.

Jiraiya managed to kill the man operating the machine gun while Takeo and two other SDF soldiers fired grenade launcher rounds into the position. A marine nearby also putting in a gustov rocket in as well.

"Go go go!" Itami shouted as his team and a squad of marines rushed in to try and break through the defensive position. Jiraiya and two other squads of marines providing suppressing fire.

Despite this, a marine and SDF soldier in Itami's team were hit and wounded.

Daniel carrying them the rest of the way.

Takeo came in first, switching his gun to automatic before he sprayed two of Diabo's men with bullets. He was joined by the marines and SDF soldiers as they cleared the position with grenades and close quarters gunfighting.

Itami, Daniel , and Tuka provides close cover from over the position, killing a trio of Orcs with shotguns as they tried to enter the position.

"We're clear!" Takeo shouted.

"Finally." Mary said as she began working on the two wounded men.

Itami waved over the two squads of marines who rushed forward and into the breach, Jiraiya with them.

"Let's go, set up a base of fire!" Daniel shouted as the marines got into a firing position over the trench and fired at groups of Diabo's men and non-human mercenaries.

As they did, more marines , rangers, and SDF special forces began using similar tactics as well as tanks to breach the outer defenses of the camp.

However, as they did, the naval aircraft had to return to the carrier to refuel and reload.

Without air strikes suppressing the rest of the camp, Itami and his team saw massive numbers of Diabo's men begging to swarm their positions.

The marines used mortars, machine guns, and assault vehicles to try and hold their newly taken positions, but the sheer number of Diabo's men and mercenaries were begging to buckle the coalition forces.

Takeo dragged back a wounded SDF soldier to Mary who was with a group of navy corpsmen as they tended to wounded men.

Tuka and Daniel both grunted as bullets whist past them.

Tuka chanting with Daniel before she unleashed a burst of wind, Daniel putting fire into it.

A wave of fire flew into the incoming attackers holding them back for a minute before they continued.

Itami's felt a bullet hit the side of this helmet. He grunted as he fell over, his head ringing like crazy before he slowly got up.

"Fuck." He said as Daniel felt a bullet his his shoulder,missing his kevlar.

"Gaaah!" Daniel shouted in pain.

"Daniel!" Tuka shouted as she held his shoulder.

"Did it go through all the way?"


"Do it then." He said as Tuka used some healing magic.

Moments later Takeo's eyes widened as he saw an armored vehicle with a turret on top roll up, two trolls carrying machine guns by it.

"Incoming!" Takeo shouted before they heard a powerful roar.

Daniel and the others looked up to see Glaedr roaring as he came down breathing fire into the men before crashing onto the vehicle.

"Glaedr!" Daniel shouted as the dragon flew over turned enough for Daniel and Tuka to grab onto he saddle before climbing onto his back.

"Next time I come with you." The dragon growled.

Daniel smiled as he and Tuka began firing from the back of the dragon.

Meanwhile, the tanks from the base now smashed through the outer defenses of the base an began firing inside. The troop carriers now deploying thousands of men from the base as they took up firing positions.

With the men from the base drawing more of the camp to them, most of the remaining men were trying to hold off the combined force on the other end, this created a gap in their defenses.

Colonel stringer's intelligence forces sighting it.

He sighed looking back at the army that had gathered.


Zorzal drew his sword.


The ground shook as thousands of mounted knights lead hundreds of thousand of legionaries and auxiliaries at the encampment.

Pina and her knights among them. In the air, Shruikan and Antrok lead legionaries riding winged dragons in the sky.

Inside the camp, Diabo's men heard the ground shake but were too focused on the coalition forces to react in time.

Zorzal felt the world slow around him as he saw Diabo's men with guns.

"….." Zorzal screamed as he raised his sword and cut one down.

His army smashed into the side of the defending army, being pinned between the combined army they were unable to properly defend themselves against Zorzal and his allies.

Pina's knights cut down several men as she brandished her MP5, shooting several down.

"Rush these bastards!" Hazama shouted over the com link to the officers who directed the coalition troops in a frontal assault.

Diabo watched as his army fell apart around him.

His goals, his schemes , the years of planning, all falling apart before him.

"No, no!" He shouted before seeing Pina and Zorzal both approaching.

"Diabo!" Pina shouted before Diabo raised his pistol and fired at them both.

Their horses were hit and fell over.

The two tried to get up, but Diabo kept firing, focusing on Pina who had a gun.

"I'm going to kill you Diabo!" Pina shouted.

"Your father was a swine! He murdered his own brother! He stole the throne, my throne! You two grew up in the imperial palace! You had everything you ever needed handed to you on a silver plate! I grew up living in run down buildings. On the streets! I clawed my way to where I am. The things I did, you don't deserve the empire!" Diabo shouted as he walked closer to Pina while firing, keeping her suppressed.

Pina felt the bullets hit her dead horse and prepared to make a stand.

"I hate you! I hate your father! If I'm going to die, then you're coming with me-"

Zorzal grabbed Diabo's arm and locked it in an arm bar before forcing him down. Diabo dropped his gun and came down under smashing his fist into Zorzal's face.

Zorzal backed up as Diabo tried to strike him, Zorzal holding his arms up as he knocked Diabo's strikes away before kicking Diabo across the face. Diabo backed up as Zorzal tried to kick him again, but Diabo caught his leg and flipped Zorzal onto the ground.

As Diabo tried to curb stomp Zorzal, the emperor rolled to the side and got up, knocking Diabo's arm away before punching him twice across the face.

Blood began to come out of Diabo's mouth as he ducked under Zorzal's next strike and came forward, Diabo trying to tackle him but Zorzal hitting the back of his shoulders.

The two both fell to the ground , Diabo smashing his elbow across Zorzal's face as Zorzal felt salty blood fill his mouth.

As Diabo moved his head, Zorzal spit blood into his face and eyes. Diabo raised his hands to try and get it out , allowing Zorzal to flip him onto the ground before kicking him back.

As Diabo stumbled on the ground, he saw a broken AK-47.

Zorzal tried to grab Diabo but was smashed across the face by the AK.

Zorzal coughed up some blood as he fell to the ground.

Diabo grunting as he stood up over him.

"Diabo." He heard, looking up to see Pina standing over Zorzal with Diabo's gun. The same gun used to kill Molt.

"When you get to hell, give Rory my regards." Pina said before pulling the trigger.

A bullet went through Diabo's head , right between the eyes, the false emperor falling to the ground.

Zorzal saw this, a great weight lifting off his shoulders before Pina lowered her hand.

Zorzal came up and hugged her tightly.

Within an hour, the remaining forces surrendering to the coalition.

Back inside the base, a few engineers were clearing up the broken boundary around the gate when they reached the gate itself.

Their eyes widened as they saw the gate open again, it had fixed itself.

A week later recon team three was in the imperial capital with much of the coalition.

Each soldier stood in service dress, Tuka also now wearing air force service blues with second Lieutenant ranks on. Many non-imperial noblemen, human and non-human including elves, morphics, and even orcs also joining the coalition outside the imperial palace.

Near the front were emperor Showa, prime minister Hojo, and president Direll. Sugawara, Asami, Wilcok, Hazama, and Rooth near the front as well. Pina stood with Tyuule who held Tiberius in her arms. A group of praetorian guards, rose knights, and knights of Zorzal stood there as well. Zorzal kneeling before the chief priest.

"Long live Zozal El Caesar, first of his name, emperor! Long may he reign!"

"Long may he reign!"

The silver crown was put on Zorzal's head as the massive audience began to erupt in excitement.

A microphone had been set up as well as large screens so that the entire city could see.

Zorzal stepped up to it.

"People of the empire, people beyond the empire, people of the coalition. For over a year, we have been locked in a terrible war. This war has cost all of us greatly, but from this tragedy can come something magnificent. I swear that my reign will bring a new age of prosperity for everyone, not just imperial citizens, but our friends and allies. All people under my rule will be uplifted, human or not." He turned to the three men sitting in the front.

"And to our friends from beyond the gate. I swear to do everything in my power to maintain our friendship. Together we will build a better world."

Zorzal bowed to the three who smiled , each returning the bow.

Itami saw the happiness in Pina's face , it echoed to him and those in his team. Panache holding Mary in his arms, Bozes wrapped around Jiraiya, and Deliah leaning against Yanagida.

Six months later, inside the imperial palace Zorzal and Tyuule sat at a table. With them was Itami and Pina, Daniel and Tuka, Bozes and Jiraiya, Takeo and Persia, Raven and Arkanes, as well as Yanagida and Delilah.

They were drinking tea and having assorted food such as cheese and bread.

Also on the balcony were several praetorian guards and two dragons.

Arkanes put his cup down as he looked at Iondraet who licked a black dragon hatchling.

"Ashamed Antrok and Shruikan couldn't make it." Raven said.

"Maybe next time." Tyuule said.

"So Lieutenant, enjoying life as an officer." Daniel asked Jiraiya who now wore second lieutenant ranks.

"Well captain, I have to say, it's not exactly what I thought it would be. Still that O-E pay is helping with Clara. My parents want her to go to a private school."

"Your parents are far to involved in the raising of our daughter. She's going to be a knight like her mother or a marine like her father." Bozes said.

"A knight huh, well I think she'd be a fine match for Tiberius when they come of age." Zorzal joked as Tyuule nudged him.

"Speaking of children, what did the doctor say?" Mary asked as Tuka and Daniel looked at her stomach.

"They say it's a boy." Tuka said smiling.

"Surprised it took you this long." Itami said in a joking manner.

"Well we can't all get it done on our wedding night." Daniel said as Itami and Pina's faced turned slightly red as they looked at Pina's stomach.

Bozes smiled.

"Pina, tell me again what the doctor said."


Bozes laughed hard with the others.

"Yes yes very funny, what you asked to happen , happened." Pina said.

"It was a beautiful wedding, ours will be just as good right baby?" Delilah asked Yanagida.

"Of course my love. Nothing but the best for my beautiful warrior bunny."

"What about you Persia, how's life as a nurse?" Mary asked.

"Much better than being a maid, I can really help people."

"Like your husband's men." Itami said smiling.

"Well sir, excuse me for keeping the team in fighting shape."

"Alright sergeant." Itami said.

They then heard dragon roars and crashing sounds nearby.

"Looks like they're at it again." Raven said smiling as she looked over the balcony.

In an open area below, Glaedr and Terra playfully wrestled with each other, the two young dragons roaring in excitement as they bit and licked each other while wrestling.

"Look at those two lovebirds." Tuka said.

"Oh by the way, Lieutenant Shultz sent us some pictures." Mary said putting down some photos of Shultz in front of a combatant-craft with his crew behind him.

"Looks like he made it." Daniel said smiling.

"Apparently he and Mizari got a house as well."

"Captain, while we're here…..Do you mind if, well-" Takeo asked nervously.

"You want to know if my new manga is ready."


"Come on Itami let's see it." Daniel said as the others egged him on as well.

"Show them." Pina said as Itami sighed.

Itami took out a manga novel and placed it in front of them. On the cover they saw a group of soldiers with two elves, a pair of princess knights, another knight, a dragon rider, and some dragons.

"I call it Gate: The coalition fought here"

"I like it."

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