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Konohagakure the most powerful shinobi village (depends on who you ask). In here it is taught that one must never turn their backs on a comrade. And that those who do are lower than the garbage in the streets. However, on this night we can see the opposite. We see a small blonde child running through the back alleys of the village. He's a small child with 3 prominent whisker marks on each of his cheeks. He wears a plain white t-shirt with a large read swirl on his back with light blue pants with matching blue shinobi sandals. They boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki. His eye's that are as blue as the sky are shrouded with fear. This cause of this fear is what's chasing him. Behind the young boy who can't be more than 4 yrs. old is a mob of 15 people, all shouting different kinds of profanity at the poor boy.

"Come here brat!"

"Hurry catch the demon!"

"Once we kill him we'll be heroes!"

The poor boy is fast as he ducks in and out of the alleys, however he is only just a child and eventually trips and falls down.

"Gah!", he yells.

"Ha the demon-boys tripped! Quickly grab him!", yells a villager.

The mob springs on the boy holding him down as he struggles.

"Get off of me!", yells Naruto.

"Shut up demon!", yells a brawny villager as punches Naruto in the mouth to shut him up.

"Gahk!", Naruto recoils after the punch.

"Shut his mouth and tie him up. We gotta do this in a less conspicuous place", states a villager. They tie the boy up and place a gag in his mouth as they put him in a sack and drag him off.

Some Warehouse in Konoha

"Hey wake up brat!".

A fist strikes Naruto waking him up from blissful unconsciousness.

"Owww", groans Naruto. The boy slowly shakes himself awake and begins to take in his surroundings. He looks to see that he is inside of old degraded warehouse, the building looks like it's about to fall apart. He tries to move but realizes he's tied up to some chair. He struggles to break free only to be hit again.

Pow! "Hehe, you can't escape now demon brat! We're gonna get you back you for all that you took from us! Our families and friends! Hehe, we're gonna make you squeal!", laughs the brawny villager.

"Alright boys take of that shirt so we can get to work!", yells the brawny man who must be the leader of the villager mob. They tear the shirt off the boy showing off his pale and malnourished body for all to see.

"Haha look at this guys, looks like our plan of not feeding the demon is working". The mob all laughs together at this.

Sniff* Sniff* "W-W-Why?! Why are you doing this?! Sob* Sob* I've Never done anything to any of you! What did I ever do to you?!", yells Naruto.


"Get ready cause we're gonna make you suffer", says the leader states.

One by one each of the villagers in the mob line up in front of the terrified boy. Each holding different objects to inflict pain all while looking maniacally at Naruto. "Let's have some fun guys", says the leader.

3 Hours Later

The young boy we see now is sobbing. His body is adorned with scars, burn marks, missing teeth, and broken bones. However, his wounds are slowly healing this only pisses the villagers off even more.

"Damn demon his wounds are healing. All that damage will be gone in an hour probably", says the leader "Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?".

"Actually I have an idea. The chemical department has a barrel of defected chemicals that we planned on throwing away. I think if we douse the demon in it will stop the fox from healing his wound for a while", states a villager.

1 Hour Later

All of Naruto's wounds have healed by now and the villager returns with the barrel.

"Here it is", says the villager.

"Okay take the top off and let's see it", says the leader. The villager nods his head and pops off the top. The mob surrounds the barrel and peers inside. The chemical is pure white and smells like death.

"Oh yeah, this'll work just fine hehe. Oi! Wake the demon up and strip him bare, it's time we have some round 2 of fun", states the leader.

The mob nods and splashes some water on the boy. "Wakey, wakey demon.", says the leader snidely.

Naruto jolts awake," H-huh? W-what?".

"Look here demon, it's come to our attention that no matter how much we hurt you, you'll tend to be fine the next day. So we're gonna try something this time. I do hope you enjoy it hehe. Strip'em.", the leader states.

"No please stop!", cries Naruto but it is all futile in the end. The mob tears off the boy's clothes. "Good now undo the ropes but hold onto him tightly, we don't want him to escape now do we. Then drag his sorry carcass to the barrel". The mob does as it's told and drags Naruto across the floor while he's kicking and screaming. The hover the boy over the barrel.

Naruto's eyes widen and he begins to shake, "P-P-Please, y-y-you don't have to do this. I-I-I'll never pull a prank or do anything bad every again I promise" stutters Naruto.

"Haha oh but I want to", smirks the leader. "Throw him in and close the lid. Oh but punch in a few holes so he can breathe. Don't want him dying on use too easily". The mob plundes the boy into the chemical barrel and locks the lid.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! IT HUUUUURTTSSSSS, PLEASE LET ME OUT!", screams Naruto. But his cries fall on deaf ears as his screams do is fill the mob with more power.

"Yes scream for us demon. Haha! ", yells a villager.

3 Minutes Later

"Okay take him out let's see what he looks like".

A pair of villager's nod and kick the barrel out spilling out its contents. The boy slides out convulsing and shivering. He doesn't even resemble the boy he once was, gone is his peach colored skin is instead a now pure white shade. His golden hair has turned into a bright green as with all the rest of his hair in his body. He slowly opens his eyes to reveal that they too have changed, gone is the clear blue eyes and now replaced with bright green irises.

"That's a nice look for you demon boy. Hoist him up I got an idea", says the leader. Two villagers lift the poor young boy up. The leader pulls out a switch knife the blade is 6 inches long with a basic handle. He eerily twirls it around his hand.

"You know demon every time we see you around the village you always have this big wide grin on your face. It makes all of us sick, but I have an idea. How about we give him a permanent smile eh guys?!", yells the leader. His response is a round of cheers.

Naruto now full away but still very weak can only softly mutter, "Please, please no more".

"Oh what's the matter demon? I though you liked to smile?", says the leader with an evil grin. He brings the blade to the inside of Naruto's mouth and places it on his right side. He then leans in and whispers in his ear, "Why so serious?". Then he drags the blade across his mouth not stopping till he reaches the upper part of Naruto's face.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!", yells Naruto in a blood curtailing scream.

"Now, now hold still have to do the other side", the mob leader stats happily. He then proceeds to do the same thing to Naruto's left side eliciting another scream. "Oh poor demon. Does this hurt? It looks like it hurts".

The leader steps back to look at his handiwork and see's that the wound isn't healing, neither is his bleached skin and green hair.

"Good looks like we've stopped the healing for now, let's finish this everyone!", he yells. "Yeah!", yells the mob.

But before they can begin a group of ANBU crash into the door. The sudden outburst startles the leader and he drops his switch blade.

"Detain everyone here and kill those who refuse to surrender!", yells an ANBU in a cat mask with purple hair. But she fails to notice two figures escaping.

The ANBU proceed to round up all the villagers but one is missing as is the boy. "Captain we can't seem to find the boy or the lead perpetrator", states an ANBU.

"Fan out and search the village for them now!", yells the cat ANBU as her team scatters.

"Haahaa I won't be caught be caught, I can't I'm the hero of the village who was going to kill the demon!", the mob leader yells while panting. He stops to rest and catch his breath not noticing the shadow that's been following him.

"Haahaa, I think I lost them. I'll go home, pack my things, and escape this god forsaken village haahaaa", the leader states tiredly as he plans his escape. "Okay time to ru-", he's suddenly cut off as he feels something pierce his back.

"ARGH! What the fuck!", yells the leader. He turns his head to see the boy he tortured, he notices the smiley face cut he put on his face has healed but not fully and has left a huge protruding scare line on both sides of his face giving him that permanent smile.

"Where do you think you're going eh?", says Naruto a scowl on his face. He stabs the man again and the man notices it's the switch blade he used on the boy.

"W-What are you doing demon! Get the hell away from me!", yells the man terrified. "Oh no I'm going to stay with you. I'm going to kill you and make you pay!", yells Naruto. Naruto swipes at the man again at his face taking out both eyes in one swipe.

"ARRGHHHH MY EYES! YOU FUCKING BRAT I'LL KILL YOU!1", shouts the man as he swings blindly trying to hit Naruto, but ultimately only catches air.

"Oh I'm going to enjoy this" Naruto says with a grin as he continues to slash at the now blind man.

The man falls down, "AGH YOU DAMN DEMON!", shouts the man.

"What is that? What's with you people calling me demon!? I haven't don't anything to you!", yells Naruto as he straddles the man's waist grabbing his collar and pulling him eye level with him.


Naruto's eyes go wide like dinner plates in shock as pieces together the puzzle. "M-M-me?", Naruto says in a whisper. "YES! HE SEALED THE BEAST IN YOU! YOU ARE THE DEMON FOX THAT NEARLY DESTROYED THE VILLAGE AND KILLED SO MANY PEOPLE!".

Naruto's face falls and he begins to shudder. The mob leader thinking he's somehow won has a triumphant smirk on his face, already thinking how he can turn this and say the boy attacked him, but then hear hears something that sounds like laughter.

"PfftahahahahahAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA~!", yells out Naruto as he's roars with laughter clutching his face and bringing it up to his green hair while his eyes widen and his pupils shrink.

"WHATS SO DAMN FUNNY DEMON!", yells the man in anger.

"Ahaha~ w-w-what's funny is that you all are holding me responsible for what s fox did! AHAHAHAHA~! B-B-but now I-I-I get it finally" Naruto snickers, "I finally get the punchline, I can see now no matter what I do all I'll ever be is the demon brat to you guys haha".

"But now I know better. I'm not gonna try and impress you fucks anymore! I'm gonna live my life as I want, and I will make sure that you all regret what you've done to me. Regret that you all turned me into the monster that you made me out to me", says Naruto in a serious voice.

"But first" Naruto says smirking as he brings up the blade over the man's chest "I gotta relieve some stress".

"N-N-No p-p-please I'm sorry, please don't kill me", whimpers the terrified man.

Naruto's smirk goes into a full blown grin enhancing his creepiness with his smile scar as he leans into the man and whispers in his ear, "Why. So. Serious.". He then plunges the blade into the man's chest over 50 times while laughing maniacally, "AHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA~!".

Once he's done he pulls the blade away from the man and wipes the blood off the blade. Just then the cat ANBU appears and her eyes go wide in shock as she rushes over to the boy to make sure he's okay. Once she gets close she sees the condition he's in along with the scared face. She holds him close and says everything will be okay as she shunshins to the hospital, leaving the mob leaders body to the other ANBU.

Hey guys I wanted to do a semi-joker like Naruto but not full blown Joker because that would be cliché. I plan on making Naruto evil or gray, not sure yet. I even have some plans to maybe have him steal the wives of the rookie nines parents so let me know if you guys would be into that. Peace out.