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"Jiji I…I understand", says Naruto as he looks down clenching his fist.

He knows Hiruzen is right. What happened to him wasn't caused by these infants, and if he did retaliate against the innocent then he would be no better than those monsters that hurt him.

"But I won't take abuse any more Jiji. If they come at me Hehehahahaa~ I'll make'em suffer", Naruto laughs out.

Hiruzen sighs slowly before nodding grimily. He knows that it wouldn't be fair to hold Naruto up to those standards if the villagers wouldn't either.

"I understand Naruto-kun. How about you head to my home at the Sarutobi estate. We can talk about what to do now, later on. For now, I have…business to attend to", Hiruzen states leaking out his killer intent unconsciously.

'Hahaha Holy shit he's not the Hokage for nothing', thinks Naruto as he smiles nervously and sweat gathers on his face.

Hiruzen noticing this reels in his KI and apologizes, "Sorry Naruto-kun that wasn't meant for you. I'll see you in a bit", says Hiruzen with a small smile as he walks away.

'I pray to the poor fool who's earned the old man's ire hahaha', Naruto laughs to himself, as he leaves the hospital.

Konoha Council Room

The council room was full to the brim. On two separate tables facing each other: on the right side were the clan heads of various shinobi clans, the most famous being the Inuzuka, Hyuga, Uchiha, Nara, Akamichi, Yamanaka, Sarutobi, and Shimura to name a few. On the opposite side is the civilian council headed by the Haruno clan. The room was bustling with talks of what was going on and why an emergency meeting was set up. Their thoughts were interrupted when the entrance doors were flung open with a loud slam.


Entering the council room was the Hokage of the village. Gone was his grandfatherly visage, now it held the face of a harden and battle born. The council stiffened at the minute amounts of killing intent the old man was giving off. He slowly walks into the room. It's dead silent and the only sound being made is his echoing footsteps towards the head table of the room. As he sits he places his elbows on the table and encloses his hands together.

"… do any of you know why I summoned this emergency meeting?", he asks in a steeled tone.

The silence answers his question for him.

"Konoha resident Naruto Uzumaki was assaulted earlier today. He was tortured for over an hour before the assailants got more…creative with their torture methods. They have permanently scared the boy physically and mentally. They have used chemicals and changed the boy's outward appearance…", says Hiruzen solemnly as he passes around photos to the councilmen and women and clan heads.

The clan heads look shocked and disgusted by the photos, for they all know who the boy's parents were. Fugaku the head of the Uchiha has a slight smirk however he hides it too quickly for anyone to notice, thinking that the boy deserves the treatment since he was that man's son. The civilian council doesn't even try to hide their emotions. Smiles form the ranks of all the civilian council faces.

"I see so this meeting is to announce its death! Hahaha I'm sure the villager will be pleased we must start cel-", says Kizashi Haruno joyfully before he gets filled with a large amount of Hiruzens KI.

"Shut. Your. Mouth. The boy is alive and well. He's resting in my estate for now", says Hiruzen with a glare as cold as ice, chilling the civilian council side to their bones.

"My ANBU were able to find the boy before the mob could do any worse. They are investigating as to HOW it happened and WHY."

"What of the villagers involved in the attack?", asks Inoichi Yamanaka.

"They are being detained and brought into questioning. Afterward they will be executed.".

"What?! Hokage-sama those people should not be punished like criminals! They should be honored as heroes for harming that de-", that was all a fat man from the civilian side could say before a kunai found a way into his fat bulging throat.

"Gwaargh!", said the man as he started to koff up blood. The blood from his neck splurged out and hit the faces of the civilian side. The civilian side froze before breaking out into screams and panics.

"H-H-Hokage-sama! W-W-What is the meaning of this?!", yells Kizashi his pale face contrasting his pink hair.

"The man was about to break my law. As you all know, no one is to tell Naruto of the fox nor call him anything that might insinuate it", says Hiruzen steely looking at Kizashi.

A small chuckle escapes from Danzo's mouth.

"Something amusing happening Danzo?", asks Hiruzen.

"Nothing of the sort Hokage-sama", he says with a small bow.

Hiruzen nods his head at this before continuing.

"Now it has also recently come to my attention that the civilian stores are in on a little scheme it seems. Apparently the shops are either refusing to allow to boy to shop or charging him ridiculous prices for cheap goods. This will stop immediately. If I ever find out who orchestrated this farce or if any shop does this again there will be dire consequences".

The civillians gulp at the proclamation. Many thinking how they can get at the boy at some other angle to cause him pain.

"That will be all for the time being. I will see you all tomorrow if anything else arises", and with that Hiruzen leaves the council room and began walking to his estate.

Naruto on the way to the Sarutobi estate

"Man where is the old man's place? I feel like I've been walking for hours", says Naruto exhaustingly.

'But it's only been 20 minutes', says a voice in his head.

Naruto stops dead in his tracks. He assumes a sloppy fighting position and keeps his eye out for the mystery person.

'Awww have you already forgotten my voice? Your so cruel Naru-chan.', says a feminine voice in a mock sad tone.

'Ku-chan?! W-what?! Where are you?! ', thinks Naruto.

'Shhh! Don't think so loud! You'll give me a headache'.

'S-Sorry. But why can I hear you Ku-chan?".

'Well Naru-chan after you were don't 'fixing' the seal it weakened just enough for me to be able to communicate with you without you having to enter your mind. It also allows me to receive all the sensations you receive, like taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight', states Kurama happily.

'Wow I am good', thinks Naruto with a big grin on his face.

'Thank you for everything Naruto-chan. I-I really do appreciate it. You've done more for me in the little while we've known each other than any other person I've meet in my life'.

'Hey anything for you, my little vixen', says Naruto with a sly smile.

Kurama blushes at this and begins to wag her tail, not that he can see it.

'My, you're such a charmer Naru-chan'.

'Heh, I try'.

Suddenly Kurama picks up something.

'Naru-chan stop for a second'.

Naruto stops immediately and begins to look around.

'What is it? Is everything okay?'.

'I smell something. It's a faint lingering smell, but it's a dark and sinister smell. It's North over to the forest area. Naru-chan I think we should go there.'

'What! Are you insane woman?! You just said it's a dark and sinister smell. Why should we go towards it?!'.

'Hush kit! I said the smell was lingering and faint, meaning that whatever caused it is long gone. You know I would never do something you harm you. Don't you trust me?'.

'…yes I do trust you. Sigh*Lead the way Ku-chan'.

'Good little kit. Now go that way'.

The boy runs through the streets in the direction of the forest.

Outside the forest of death

"The Forest of Death. Enter at your own risk. Beware of wild man eating beasts…".

'Ku-chan I don't like the sound of this. Are you sure we shouldn't turn back?'.

'Yes I'm sure. You'll be fine I'm leaking out some of my animal instinct KI. With this all the animals should run away and never engage you. Now stop being a baby kit and let's go'.

"Sigh* okay lead on".

Inside the Forest of Death

'Okay where here stop'.

Naruto stops and looks up top see a giant tree.

"A tree. You lead us to a tree. Is the tree evil?", asks Naruto in a deadpanned voice.

'No your idiot. Tap it first and tell me if you still think it's a normal tree', responds Kurama in a snarky voice.

Naruto shrugs and begins to tap the tree with the back of his fist. The sound that comes back is a hollow metallic sound.

'Oh wow it must be some kinda secret base or something'.

'What was your first guess?'.

'Ha-ha-ha very funny Ku-chan. But now what?'.

'Thanks I try. But anyway there seems to be 2 seals on it. One prevents access and the other is a bomb that would go off if anyone forced access'.

'A bomb?!'.

'Calm down! Now then cut one of your fingers and smear some blood across the trunk. The seals have weakened with age so I should be able to undo it.'.

'Wait what? How can you undo a seal?'.

'Well my past tenant's bastards as they were, were still seal masters. As such I was able to pick up the skills they learned. So I'm somewhat of a seal master', says Kurama in snobby tone.

'Wow Ku-chan! D-do you think you can teach me?'.

'Of course Naru-chan anything for you. Now let's do this and see what's inside neh?'.

Naruto nods his head before biting his thumb. He then drags the bleeding thumb across the trunk of the tree. Suddenly the tree glows and starts showing the various seals on it before all of them slowly fade away. Then the floor of the tree begins rumble before a secret stairwell opens up on the ground near Naruto. Naruto peers into it. It's pitch black. He gulps before slowly descending down the staircase. As he walks torches on the sides of the wall begin to light themselves on. After walking for five minutes he sees the ground floor of the stairwell. As he walks in lights begin to turn on. The lights reveal a lab of some sort. There are computers, vials with chemicals, and many, many books and dioceses. Looking around more Naruto see's that there are many rooms that seem to serves different purposes.

"It looks like some kind of lab. Ku-chan what do you think?".

'I think your right Naru-chan. But the question is, who did this belong to?'.

Naruto picks up a file and begins to read it.

"This is amazing", he says as he continues to read the files contents. "These notes are so detailed. They explain how the nervous system of the human body works". He picks up another folder and the contents are different. "This one explains how to make different kinds of chemical weapons along with brand new weapon designs! Ku-chan this stuff is a gold mine!".

'You're welcome Naru-chan. But I'm still confused. Why would someone leave all this stuff here? Looking around it looks like whoever was here left in a big hurry', says Kurama taking not of all the disorganized papers and spilled chemicals.

"Yeah your right. Whose lab was-", Naruto starts but stops once he finishes reading a different folders content.

His eyes go wide as he reads the bottom text of the paper. On the bottom is a signature of the person responsible for conduction of the research. Naruto begins to sweat and his voice comes out in a quite whisper. For he has heard of this man. The man was one of the Sannin, Konoha's pride shinobi of only 3 Kage level ninjas. The best medic nin ever Tsunade Senju, the Toad Sage Jiraiya, and finally the village disgrace…


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