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After escaping Crait, the Millennium Falcon entered hyperspace. Was there a destination that what was left of the Resistance was headed to? No. Leia had Chewie place the ship into hyperspace, and asked the force to give her a sign as to where they should go for help. That was several hours ago.

Seeing that everyone was comfortable and asleep, Leia had made her way back to the cockpit to keep Chewie company. The Wookie was all she had left of her family. With Han and Luke gone, and her son having become her enemy, Leia was feeling alone in the universe. Even though she was surrounded by what was left of the Resistance.

Checking the Falcons' communication transponder for the ninth time, Leia lets out a sigh at the empty response to her requests for aid. Even with using her own personal code, not a single ally or sympathizer has responded.

"General?" A familiar voice softly calls out into the cockpit.

"In here, Dameron." Leia replies, turning Han's old chair so that she may look at him. "What can I do for you?"

Poe takes a few steps into the cockpit before settling himself into the seat behind Leia. "I was curious to know if anyone had replied to your call for help."

"Not yet, but there is still hope that someone may respond." Leia tells the man before turning back to look at the control panel of the ship. "I'm sure someone will answer. And when they do, we'll be ready. How's everyone doing back there?"

"Well," Poe says while trying to muffle a yawn behind his hand, "everyone seems to be doing alright. Most of them are asleep where ever they could find a place to put their head down."

"And that girl your friend Finn brought on board?"

"He hasn't left her side since he set her down in the corridor bunk. He went through the medical supplies and hasn't been able to find any bacta bandages or gel. Rose is needing those things and soon. I don't know how much longer she will be with us without it." Poe replies with a sad voice.

Before Leia can respond, the communication transponder begins signaling an incoming transmission using an old code that Leia recognizes immediately. She reaches for the switch and allows the signal to come through. The message isn't in words, but in a set of coordinate numbers which Leia and Chewie know all too well.

Poe, however, is at a loss as to what it means. "General?"

Leia ignores Poe and looks over at Chewie. "Put them into the navigational computer and set our course." Then she turns her chair to look at Poe. "We have our answer. Someone has heard our call and is willing to take us in."

"How can you be certain that it isn't a trick by the First Order? I don't recognize the coordinates." Poe states with worry.

"I do." Leia replies as she moves to stand up. "And I have a good idea as to who it is that has made contact. Those coordinates hold a significant meaning to the person who sent them, and I was involved in that certain escapade."

"Then who is it?"

"A very old friend." Leia says as she slowly makes her way out of the cockpit.

Slowly Leia makes her way through the Falcon till she reaches Han's old room. Pressing the pad to open the door, Leia takes in a deep breath before stepping inside of the room. Her old eyes take in every detail of the room, and realizes that nothing has been touched since the last time she had been inside of the room. The bed is half made, with the top blankets still draped halfway onto the floor. There is several old data-pads sitting on the built-in shelves by the bed. There was even a rechargeable ammunition clip for a blaster on the floor in the corner. Letting out a sigh, Leia makes her way to the bed and proceeds to lay down for some much-needed sleep.

Poe, having been left in the cockpit with Chewbacca, moves to sit in the main pilot seat and stares out the window. Inside of his mind, he is contemplating everything that has happened in the last few days. He went from being one of the best pilots, and commander, of the Resistance to being demoted down to captain and a pilot for the Resistance. Running both hands up and down his face, Poe can't help but wonder if they are being led into a trap. He has always trusted General Organa, but for some reason, this decision of hers doesn't sit well with him.

Being so lost in his thoughts, Poe doesn't realize that a few hours have past. At some point during those few hours, Chewbacca had left and now someone else has entered the quiet cockpit. The newcomer even sits in the vacated co-pilot seat and he doesn't even notice till the person speaks.

"You need to learn to quiet your mind. I could hear your thoughts from my bunk." The female voice says in a half-hearted tease.

The familiar voice causes Poe to pull himself out of his musings and look over at the young woman. He quickly sees that the woman's brown hair has been washed recently and is pulled back in a half-ponytail style. Letting his eyes roam, he can see that she is back to wearing her sand colored outfit, with arm wraps. When he looks back up at her face, he notices that she has dark circles beneath her hazel eyes.

"You look tired." Poe thinks out loud, not realizing that he actually says it.

Rey gives Poe a confused look before replying. "So do you. I was half expecting to find you passed out next to Finn on the floor by Rose's bunk."

Giving Rey a sly smirk, Poe can't help but tease the young woman. "And find myself half covered in drool, I don't think so. Besides, I wouldn't have any one to keep me company in here."

Rey turns away from having to look at Poe and checks the nav-computer. Noticing that there are actual coordinates in it, Rey can't help but wonder who put those in. And, as if hearing her thoughts, she gets her answer for Poe.

"The General got a response to her requests for aid and shelter. It came from an old code that she recognized, but didn't elaborate on from who sent it."

"And she trusts this person?"

"Enough to send us to meet up with them."

"Then we will just have to trust her judgement on this. Hopefully this person has medical supplies. I checked on Rose before coming here, and she isn't getting any better." Rey sadly tells Poe.

"I know." Poe says to Rey, reaching a hand out and placing on her arm in a comforting manner. "We've lost too many, and we can't afford to lose another. I don't think Finn would be able to handle losing her. I think those two became close while they were trying to find the hacker."

"I know." Rey says while cautiously eyeing Poe's hand on her arm. "I can feel Finn's worry through the Force. He's projecting it so loud that any force sensitive being could sense it. Now, would you remove your hand."

Poe quickly removes his hand from Rey's arm, giving her a sheepish look. "Sorry."

The pair fall into an awkward silence for some time, till Poe decides he can't stand the silence and needs to break the tension. He watches Rey out the corner of his eyes as he begins to talk.

"I just want to say thank you, for what you did on Crait. I thought we weren't going to make it, and there you were, clearing the rocks away."

Rey's cheeks start to turn a shade of pink at Poe's clear admiration of what she had done. At the time, Rey hadn't thought about how others would see her, but of saving the lives of what was left of the Resistance when she used to the Force. When she had first felt the Force, back on Takodana, she'd been afraid by it. Since her encounters with Kylo Ren and Master Skywalker, Rey isn't as afraid of the Force as she once was. But she still having a tough time trying to understand where her place is and what the Force expects of her.

"You're welcome." Rey hesitantly answers as she keeps her eyes focused on the streaks of light that are passing by.

"For what it is worth, I think you'll make a great Jedi."


"To tell you the truth, the only force users I know personally is the General. Though she won't admit it, I still think she uses it to help sway her opponents during a lively debate." Poe admits while noticing that Rey is now looking at him. "Don't tell me you didn't know. How else was she able to survive the blast that took out the bridge of the Raddus while everyone else died? Add to it that Luke Skywalker was her twin brother, and there you are."

Rey lets the information that Poe has given her going through her head. She tries to analyze each thing and begins to wonder if she could ask Leia to help train her. "Do you know if she'd be able to help me?" Rey hopes that the answer Poe will give her is what she needs.

"I don't know, Rey. That's something you'd have to ask her." Poe replies and watches as Rey leans back into the Wookie sized co-pilot chair with a huff. "What's the worst thing she could say, no? Hell, I'm sure her brother taught her a few things that she could pass on to you. And if you want, I'll help you find others who could help you. It's the least I can do to repay you for saving our lives." Poe declares while sitting up a bit straighter in his own chair.

"One of the first things I need to do is find a way to fix Master Luke's old lightsaber."

"What happened to it?"

"It was damaged while I was on board the Supremacy."

"How did you end up there?" Poe asks, curious as to find out how the woman got on the First Order's flag ship.

Before Rey can answer Poe's question, the Falcon is pulled out of hyperspace suddenly. Which caused the ship to shake violently for a minute before settling out. Both of them look at each other before scrambling around, trying to figure out what happened.

"What just happened?" Poe yells as he watches Rey begin to check the controls.

"I don't know!" Comes a reply.

"Ships don't just drop out of hyperspace for no reason. Do you need me to do anything?" Poe asks as he scrambles out of the chair to allow Rey access to the pilot's side of the control console.

"Check the links to the hyperdrive by running a diagnostic." Rey shouts as she begins checking the nav-computer for any errors. "Where are we?" She mumbles under her breath, as she works.

Poe hears Rey's mumbled question and gives her an answer. "The General said we were meeting up with an old friend. Didn't really specify who it was." He continues checking on the diagnostic process of the hyperdrive.

Rey lets out a growl in frustration as she doesn't understand exactly the whereabouts the coordinates of the nav-computer have given her. Pulling up the navigational map, Rey begins entering the coordinates when the low rumble fills the cockpit. This causes Rey to look up and see an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer appearing over the Falcon. Seconds she is joined by Poe, who is just as shocked as Rey is.

"Oh, this is not good." Poe says before hurrying back to the computer running the diagnostic.

"Why is it red?" Rey asks while not taking her eyes off of the Star Destroyer. "Star Destroyers aren't red."

"That's because it isn't a First Order ship." Leia's voice calls out from the entrance of the cockpit. She walks in and takes a seat in one of the chairs before continuing on. "That's the Errant Venture, a privately-owned Star Destroyer."

"How…?" Poe asks, confusion upon his face as he's never heard about this privately-owned ship.

"I am good friends with its captain, Booster Terrik. A supposedly reformed smuggler from back in the day. He turned the Star Destroyer into a kind of movable hub-port for any one crazy enough to pay. Though now he probably has gone back to smuggling, which means he plans to help us." Leia states with a smile before the communication array begins to signal an incoming transmission.

Leia gets up from her chair and accepts the transmission with a push of a button. The cockpit is filled with a cheerful, joy-filled male voice.

"Happy to see you survived, Leia. I was beginning to worry you wouldn't arrive."

"Dash Rendar. Why am I not surprised to find you are still alive? Tell me, how did you manage to allow Booster into letting you command his beloved ship." Leia counters back with humor filling her voice.

A harsh chuckle from Dash Rendar is heard for a few seconds before the man answers back. "The old man is currently engaged with his afternoon nap, and made it clear that he was not to be disturbed. So, I have commandeered his ship for the time being."

"In other words, you have met up with us while not speaking to Booster. Why do I get the impression that he is going to kick you off his ship for this?"

"Not really. We had received your calls for help earlier, but Booster didn't want to get into the middle of it. Especially when we are currently on a smuggling run. You know how he is, Leia. Unless it benefits him, he stays neutral." Dash replies back. "But all joking aside, what assistance can we give you?"

"Fuel, arms, and medical supplies would be greatly appreciated, Dash." Leia says quickly, before the other two occupants can say anything.

"We just completed a run from Thyferra to Bakura. I'm sure Booster will be willing to give you some of the shipment that he received personally as a transaction for doing the run. As for arms, I don't know what Booster would be willing to part with."

"We'll take whatever Booster is willing to give us. However, I do have some injured personnel with me that will be needing medical treatment."

"Understood. I'll have our ship's medical team waiting for you when you land. You'll be landing the Falcon in Booster's personal hanger which is farther down the belly of the ship from the main hanger bay. I'll have them open up the doors for you."

"Thank you."

The transmission ends and the cockpit goes silent. Then Leia gestures towards the ship's controls before speaking to Rey. "You best have us land where Dash suggested."

As Rey begins to fly the Falcon towards the hanger that Dash suggested for them to use, Poe leaves the diagnostic of the hyperdrive. Turning to face Leia, he crosses his arms and begins to speak to Leia.

"How do you know we can trust them? I've heard dad speak of Booster Terrik and Talon Karrde, and none of it was good."

"We can trust them, Poe. Booster wouldn't dare cross me. Not after everything Han, Luke, and I have done for him. That man owes us his life." Leia says before getting up out of her chair. "Now, I'll go ahead and notify our people of the situation."

Leia leaves the cockpit and heads into the bowels of the ship, leaving Poe and Rey alone once more.

"You should trust her judgement." Rey says out loud as she steers the ship to where the hanger bay doors are now open for them to enter in.

"I trust her judgement. I just don't trust these smugglers." Poe says as he makes his way to sit in the co-pilot chair.

"Han Solo was a smuggler." Rey retorts trying hard to keep her focus on the task of landing the ship within the small hanger bay.

"Yeah, but he was one of the good ones. Booster Terrik and Talon Karrde aren't." Poe replies while reaching out to take hold of the co-pilot controls.

Rey, having noticed that Poe has taken up the co-pilot controls, lets out a huff of irritation that the hot-shot pilot is trying to assist her landing the Falcon.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asks in irritation.

"Helping you land." Poe answers back.

"I don't need your help."

"Do too. This hanger is small and you need more control during the landing cycle than if you were landing on a planet. Unless you want to damage our host's ship?"

"Fine. But you'll do as I say." Rey growls out before returning her focus on landing the Falcon without incident.

Without a single word spoken between them, the pair land the Falcon carefully inside of the small hanger bay. Now that the ship is in the hanger bay, Rey begins to have the ship start it cool-down cycle. She doesn't even look up when Poe exits the cockpit, but she can feel his frustration rolling off of him through the Force. The conditions that the Resistance have seen in the last few days has been less than ideal, and Rey can't fault Poe for his feelings over all this.

Back in the corridor, Poe watches as Leia and Chewbacca speak quietly to each other. The two of them are standing near opening that will turn into the ramp that leads out of the ship. He isn't sure what they are discussing, but he hopes that it will be over security concerns. He waits till the Wookie presses the necessary code to lower the ramp down for them to get off the ship.

"Chewbacca and I will be going down first." Leia says, taking note of Poe's appearance in the corridor. "I expect you to see that our wounded or injured are brought out next."

Without anything else said, Leia and Chewie exit the Falcon. As she steps out onto the hanger bay floor, Leia tries hard to suppress a grin as she sees a disheveled looking Booster Terrik standing with a few medics several feet away. Making her way towards the man, she can tell that someone had woken him up from his nap, if what Dash said was true. His black hair is mussed from sleep and even the strands of silver that pepper his hair are all in disarray. With a haggard look upon his fine chiseled face, the man looks as if he is older than what he is.

"Leia Organa Solo." Booster's voice booms out from where he is standing.

"Booster Terrik." Leia says in an equally powerful voice.

The older man's scowl turns into a smile before laughter fills the air. Sweeping across the floor in several powerful steps, Booster pulls Leia into a friendly hug before taking a step back.

"You are still as beautiful as ever." Booster says before placing a kiss upon one of Leia's hands which he had taken hold of. "Please accept my condolences over Han's death. On behalf of everyone in the Smuggler's Guild, if ever you need anything, we will provide it."

"Smuggler's Guild?" Leia says in surprise at hearing about this.

"Yes. Han was one of our founders. Did he not tell you?" Booster asks, wondering why Leia is surprised to hear of such a thing.

"No, he didn't. Who else is part of this Guild?"

"Talon Karrde, Dash Rendar, Maz, myself, and Han were the leaders of the guild. Talon, the old codger, seems to think he is the head of us all. Can you believe that man is coming up on his eighties and still does smuggling runs? Gives us all a tough time when we do meet up." Booster says with a chuckle. "Now, I hear you have some wounded that need seeing."

"Yes. However, one of them is seriously injured, and she could use a Bacta treatment."

Booster brings a hand up to silence Leia. "Say no more, Leia. Our medics will make sure she is seen to. Now, let's get you all settled into some of the rooms I have available. Currently, we are only at one-fourth capacity, so your rooms will be further away from my customers. You'll be able to eat, shower, and sleep while I have my people pull together supplies for you. Perhaps even give you a few old fighters whose owners have gone into hiding."

"You mean?" Leia asks, holding on to a silent hope that Booster is referring to who she thinks he is.

"The old geezer squad left them in my care when they took their families into hiding. After Hosian Prime was destroyed, they took their families and ran. We had a tough time trying to smuggle them to a safe location. Even with us smugglers staying neutral, those First Order idiots still tried to subject us to surprise inspections and searches. Dash had to use his own ship, Outrider, to sneak them and their families to safety. Don't ask me where they are, because I don't know. Only a select few do know, and they too have hidden themselves away."

"I wondered why none of them answered my call to join the Resistance." Leia sighs out in defeat, for she had been hoping that they would have joined. Whether to serve or at least train new recruits.

"When you've got a family, Leia, you don't want them to become targets for the enemy to use against you. You of all people should know this." Booster says, eyeing Leia as they begin walking towards the exit of the hanger bay.

"That I do. My own son has become my enemy." Leia states with a tired sigh.

Booster watches Leia thoughtfully for a moment before commenting. "Is there no hope that your other children are alive? Last I heard your daughter and her master went into the Outer Rim on some crazy mission."

"Luke never heard back from either of them for over two years. He believes they have been lost to us. As for my other sons, their brother ended their lives when he destroyed Luke's fragile beginnings of a new Jedi order." Leia says with a sad voice.

"And what does the Force tell you, about your daughter?"

"I can't feel her, but I haven't given up hope that she is still alive."

"Then perhaps there is a future still for the Jedi." Booster states with a smile.

As the old friends leave the hanger bay, the remnants of the Resistance disembark from the Falcon. A few are seen by the medics that Booster had waiting for them. One of the injured is placed on a floating stretcher and taken to the medical wing of the Errant Venture. Following closely behind the floating stretcher is Finn, Poe, Rey, and BB-8. Finn is worried about Rose's health, while Poe, Rey, and BB-8 are going for support for Finn.

Once they enter the medical facility, they are forced to wait for the bacta treatment on Rose to be completed. So Finn, Rey, Poe, and BB-8 find them sitting inside of a pale blue waiting room for the medic to return with an update. With a long ahead of them, Finn takes the burgundy colored chair nearest to the door which leads towards the back. Rey and Poe settle themselves in to two other burgundy chairs opposite from where Finn is seated. BB-8, however, finds a charging port in the far corner and plugs himself in to charge.

The first two hours pass by with no update or anything on Rose's condition. During this wait, Rey has fallen asleep, with her head resting against Poe's shoulder, while his head rests against the top of hers as he lightly dowses. Finn stays awake thanks to his nervous energy, and he doesn't want to miss any possible updates from the medics.

Upon the third hour waiting, they are joined by Dash Rendar, who Leia had sent to check on the group of friends. The older man approaches where they are seated, and he isn't surprised that his appearance has caused the dark-haired man to wake from his light nap.

"Any word on your comrade?" Dash asks as he moves to sit down in one of the comfy chairs that are in the waiting room of Medical.

The three friends, take in the older man's appearance. His once vibrant golden-brown hair is now showing streaks of silver mixed into it. Add to it that there is a large scar running from just under the outer corner of his left eye to his jawline. It is a scar that he had received back in the day while fighting the Empire.

"Nothing yet." Finn replies to the older man while he places his face into his hands. He had taken up residence in one of the not so comfy chairs.

"I'm sure your friend will be alright. Booster has one of the best medical teams a smuggler can buy." Dash says with a comforting smile before looking over to where Poe is seated. He lets a small smile appear on his face upon seeing the attractive young woman asleep against the man's shoulder. The smile turns smug when the other man notices and gives him a scowl.

"What are you looking at?" Poe grumbles out at the older man, not liking the smug look upon the older man's face.

"Just remembering what it was like to be young. So, you're Shara Bey's kid." Dash says, doing a mental checklist of all the similarities he is seeing between this man and someone he knew long ago.

"She was my mother." Poe says softly, trying not to wake Rey. "How do you know my mother?"

"Only by reputation, kid. Skywalker talked about her a lot. So did Antilles. They thought having her as a pilot was a novelty. Shara was one of the better pilots they'd had the opportunity to fly with. Especially for a woman. Shara could not only keep up with the male dominated Rogue Squadron, but could out fly most of them. Now, I didn't know Shara personally, but I knew your dad, Kes Dameron. Mind you, when I met him he was still a bit green and being trained as a Pathfinder."

"What makes you think that Kes is my father?" Suspicion dripping with each word of Poe's question.

"You've got Shara's black wavy hair and brown eyes. But your nose and chin scream out that you're a Dameron. Besides, those two had a thing for each other while in the Rebellion. Only a fool would think that they wouldn't have ended up together. Plus, you look old enough to be one of those Victory Babies." Dash says, watching the man's face the whole time.

"Well, they never mentioned you at any point in my life." Poe mumbles out, stretching his legs out to keep the muscles from cramping up on him.

"Of course, they wouldn't. Rule number twelve of the Rebellion, don't tell anyone who you're dating, married to, or who you're friends with. That information would become useful to any infiltrating spies." Dash states, a grin still on his face. He looks over to notice the other man is dowsing while leaning forwards in his chair. Then Dash looks back over at Poe before speaking yet again.

"Wonder how Kes took the news that you caught yourself such a beautiful woman?" Dash says to Poe while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"What?" Poe sputters out as his face starts to turn red. "Rey's just a friend. We are just friends."

"Just a friend, huh? Well then, I wonder if she'd like to join me later at one of the little eateries onboard." Dash states, watching with great interest as Poe's face morphs from embarrassment to something else. 'Jealousy perhaps, or maybe agitation. Poor kid has got it bad, and he doesn't even realize it,' runs through Dash's mind. 'This could be interesting. Maybe even fun.'

Before Poe can say anything to counter the older man's interest in Rey, the door opens to reveal one of the medical droids. This causes Finn to get up out of his chair and take a step towards the droid.

"Rey, a droid's come out." Poe softly says to gently wake the woman sleeping against his shoulder.

Rey's eyes slowly open and lets out a yawn before removing her head from against Poe's shoulder. Slowly, she begins to get up from her chair just moments after Poe stands up.

"How's Rose?" Poe asks after he approaches the droid.

"Her internal injuries have healed and the superficial exterior injuries are healed as well. We expect her to wake up within the next two hours." The droid says before turning to reenter the back. "Only one visitor at a time, please."

"I'll go in first." Finn says before following the droid into the back.

Both Poe and Rey are standing next to each other when the older man begins to address them.

"Well kids, I hate to ruin your fun, but I need you two to follow me." Dash says, shoving a comm-link into his black, worn-leathered jacket. "Sounds like something is being planned between Booster and Leia up in the command bridge. They just asked me to bring you both to them."

Dash watches as Rey looks over at her friend, but Poe is looking directly at Dash with suspicion written all across his face. Letting out a sigh, Dash steps towards the pair to speak to them. 'Shara's son definitely inherited Kes's stubbornness,' runs through Dash's thoughts before he lets out a sigh.

"Look kid, I don't have all day and neither does Booster. Remember, Leia called us for help. It's best not to piss off the people who are trying to help you." Dash sternly states while keeping his eyes locked with Poe's deep brown ones.

"Poe, let's go. Leia will be able to fill us in when we get there." Rey says, stepping away from Poe and walks towards the exit of the medical facility's waiting room.

"Smart girl." Dash says with a cheeky grin before turning to follow after Rey.

Poe lets out a half-growl, half-sigh in frustration and quickly hurries after the two of them. He can't help it, but something deep down is telling him to be cautious of this Dash Rendar fellow. Poe knows that Rey can handle herself and protect herself if the situation calls for it. However, that doesn't mean that Poe can't keep an eye on the old smuggler. Especially when said smuggler is looking at Rey like a fresh piece of meat.

'I'll be keeping my eye on him. He is too interested in Rey, and I don't think it's to strike up a friendship with her.' Poe thinks to himself as he gently moves his hand towards the hidden vibro-blade that is hidden within his dark-brown jacket.

'Dash has always been a flirt.' An unfamiliar male voice whispers inside of Poe's head, but it is ignored.

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