With the voice talents of

Neil Dickson- Griff

Rhona Mitra- Fleur

John St. Ryan- King Arthur Pendragon

Andrew Lee-Potts- Liam

Alan Cumming- Staghart

Zoë Wanamaker- Constance

Jonathan Hyde- Leonidas

Sinead O'Conner- Grace O'Malley

David S Lee- Watson Doyle

Scott Cleverdon- Rory Dugan/Cú Chullain/Gawain

Colm Meaney- Mr. Dugan

Frank Welker- Barghest, Stone of Destiny, Bran, Sceolan

Kari Wahlgren - Samantha Clemens/Jeanne D'Arc

Eddie Marsan- Duval

Jennifer Hale- Bridget Malone

Jason O'Mara- Lugaid Red-Stripe, Finn MacCool

Special Thanks to Algernon for the use of his Original Characters and Heroes of Ulster Concepts.

As well as thanks to GregX, Algernon, and Masterdramon for sharing this Universe with me.

Gargoyles is property of Greg Weisman and the Walt Disney Corporation