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Chapter 1: Not very pleasant day

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Bella snorted and covered her head with the blanket, it was the third consecutive night the girl cried, and she had an important meeting in the morning with the directors of the company and she could not get sleepless again.

- Bella - Edward moaned, hugging her waist - she is crying

- I already know it

- Shut her up, I have a meeting with the Japanese in the first hour

- I also have important things to do in the morning, - he turned and snuggled against his chest - it's your time to turn to go see her, it's your niece

- It's yours too

- She doesn't have my blood

- Bitch - whispered attracting her to his chest

- Fucking - spirited passing his leg over Edward's

None of them moved, both too tired to go to console the little girl who was sobbing two doors away from the main room.

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The next morning, Bella had breakfast with her bowl of oatmeal with apples, cranberries and almond milk, Edward drank his coffee with toast and blackberry jam, while Paulette had breakfast cereal with milk on her princess' plate, and that, unlike from Bella and Edward who were already dressed and ready to go to their jobs, Paulette was still in her pajamas, she needed help with the shirtfront and shirt of the school uniform to which Bella and Edward had inscribed her.

- Can you leave at 5? - asked Edward checking his phone

- I think so - answered Bella leaving her plate in the sink and taking out the toothpaste that was in one of the cabinets - I'll send you a message if something comes up

- Try not to - he left the cup and the plate next to Bella's and took his brush - I'll pass by you at that hour, the Biers will sign tonight and you know how much Riley involves his wife

- I hate Bree and her homemade Thai food - Bella protested, rinsing her mouth - I'll be waiting for you

Paulette watched her two uncles talk to each other, ignoring that she was there, it didn't surprise her, they had done it the two months she was with them; the first week Bella had stayed with her at home, helping to rearrange her room, as well as waiting for the school bus to pass by her, but as the days passed she stopped having time for her, now it seemed that she even resented leaving her job because she needed her.

- Pau… - Bella said looking away from the bag noticing that the cereal was not watery - why haven't you eaten?

- I am not hungry and…

- You need to eat or you will get sick and neither Edward nor I have the time to take care of you - he sighed and saw Edward leaving the kitchen with a briefcase in his hand - Rosalie will not be long in coming… please, do not call my work, I can not go out only because you did your pants again.

Paulette nodded without seeing her, Bella sighed and left the kitchen, Edward was waiting for her with the coat in his arms, helped her to put it on and before opening the door he kissed her on the lips.

Paulette stayed in the huge kitchen feeling feeling tears running down her cheeks, they had not kissed her goodbye and she did not like the ALL-BRAN Raisins

The hands on the clock above the door frame reminded her how lonely she was in her aunt and uncle's house, three times the size of her old house, and too scary.

The door of the car was heard from outside the house, Paulette got out of the chair and ran to her room to hide in the bathroom to wash her face before Aunt Rosalie saw the marks of her tears.

- Pau - Rosalie's voice was heard calling her before she opened the door of his room - Did not they help you get dressed again?

- We were late - she lied, beginning to take off her pajamas, she did not like when Rosalie spoke ill of his uncles

- That's not excuse sweetie - she said taking out the uniform from the closet - Bella or Edward could dress you in less than 5 minutes.

Paulette said nothing, just let her dress her uniform and then take the backpack and go down to the first floor where Matilde - who helped her uncles to keep the house clean and never spoke to her - was picking up her plate off the table.

She went to the cupboard and took one of Edward's jam-filled rolls, the bus would arrive at any moment for her and she could not leave without breakfast.

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Bella was concentrated on her computer, the meeting with the managers had gone fantastic and she expected to receive a good increase and increase in her check by the end of the week.

Her door was opened without knocking first, letting three unruly children run to her sophisticated white sofa and put his dirty shoes on it.

- Hello Aunt Bella - the three kids spoke at the same time, showing their best innocence, but quickly seeing themselves intimidated by Bella's impatient look.

- What are you doing here?

- Nice way to say "hello" to your nephews - said Rosalie, entering the office and sitting in front of her - I have come to talk with you.

- I don't have time, so if you can go and take your brats I'll thank you very much.

- As nice as always - Rosalie ignored her and kept talking with the whispers of her children in the background - I am worried about Paulette.

- I do not have time to talk about the girl, besides, she's fine.

- You have her in a school from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, and you can not even take her or go for her… I can not go every morning to dress her and make sure she get on the bus, I have children and husband who need me at home.

- And do you want me to thank you for your great egocentricity and your need to interfere where you are not welcome? - Bella said while paying attention to the report she was reviewing - I do not tell you to go to my house every morning including Saturdays and Sundays, I can hire a governess to take care of Paulette

- You are an insensitive person - Rosalie protested, standing up and hitting the desk causing Bella to look away from the monitor and the children shut up - I'm going to your house because Paulette is my niece and I take care about her, Alice and Jasper trusted that you would take care of Paulette perfectly and all you have shown is that you are monster without heart.

- Neither Edward nor I wanted children - Bella said standing up quite angry, the three children did not know who were more afraid of, if their mother or Bella - Alice and Jasper knew it, the whole family knows it, we are not going to stop or change our plans just because Paulette is with us, absolutely nobody wanted to stay with her using the stupid excuse that it was the desire of Alice and Jasper, when everyone knows that they left us because we were the only ones who could give her a better level of life that any of you - the door was opened by Bella's secretary who brought the Green Tea Frapuccino I had asked her to bring me when she returned from her break - call me how the fuck you want but I'll tell you one thing, from today you are prohibited from entering my house, I will raise Paulette as I get the fucking and if I want to leave her at at school for eight hours, I will do it, and you know what? You will not be able to do anything to avoid it.

Rosalie grabbed her purse and shouting at her children left the office, Bella collapsed in her chair and looked at Angela who left her drink on the desk.

- I will talk to Yesenia, - she sat in front of her - I told her she should not let anyone in while I was not here.

- Do not worry, Angie, -I sighed, drinking from her delicious drink - could you please find full time nannies? Matilde will not take care of Paulette, no matter how much her salary increases, she does not like children as much or more than me.

- You will have a list before Edward arrives - she said, standing up -, you are still going to my bachelorette party in Las Vegas, right?

- That's why I need a full time nanny, preferably older women. I do not want any of the girls flirting with my husband.

- Of course Bells

Angela left her office and Bella was ready to concentrate again on her work ready to forget the unbearable visit, as she had told Rosalie, Paulette was not going to intervene in their plans and commitments.

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