AN: So, this is my first newsies fanfic. I don't know how well it'll go or how often it'll be updated but I can guarantee it won't go unfinished. There may be times where I won't update for a few weeks but I'm not one to put up a story online without any intention of finishing it.

Our story begins in the year 1893, with a girl and the untimely death of her parents.

Isabelle was sitting on the porch of her aunt and uncle's house, enjoying the breeze and sipping a glass of lemonade while drawing something with a paintbrush full of black paint. It was getting close to the end of summer, and Mother Nature decided to send out one last heat wave before fall came to town.

To say that her aunt and uncle were well made in the world would have been an understatement as they had enough money to support themselves along with more than Isabelle could have ever dreamed of spending in her lifetime.

Isabelle couldn't be happier spending the weekend here and away from the city.

But, as one always knows in a story like this, bad things must come. Otherwise, it wouldn't be much of a story, now would it?

Anyway, Isabelle sat on the porch of her aunt and uncle's house, sipping lemonade and enjoying the breeze. That is until she heard her aunt scream in horror.

Isabelle jumped up and ran to the source of the noise.

Finding her aunt in the kitchen with her uncle standing close by, Isabelle noticed a strange man there as well.

"This cannot be possible." Isabelle's uncle cried as he wrapped his arms around his wife's shoulders in an attempt to comfort her.

"I'm afraid it is, sir and that the girl is now your responsibility."

With that said the strange man walked out of the room and out of the house.

No one dared say anything. The only noise that was made was from Isabelle's aunt's sniffing and hiccuping.

"Uncle?" Isabelle spoke at last. "What happened?"

Her uncle looked up in surprise, not knowing the girl was even there. Before he had a chance to answer, her aunt spoke up.

"You're parents are dead." She said bluntly with anger in her voice. She sounded to be on the verge of hysteria.

"Killed in a fire just on the edge of town." She continued. "And now, we are stuck taking care of you."

"Now, Joyce, don't be so harsh. The girl just lost her parents after all." Her uncle tried to intervene.

"I don't care if she lost her parents!" Screeched Joyce. "I will not be stuck taking care of my sister's child. I want her out of this house immediately. The only reason I agreed for her to stay the weekend was so that her mother and father could find a job and we wouldn't have to support them anymore."

Isabelle stared at her aunt in horror. How could this be the same woman that happily treated her just yesterday morning?

She fought back the tears that threaten to fall. She was not going to give her aunt the satisfaction of seeing her cry.

Before Isabelle could react, her aunt had an iron grip on her wrist and was dragging her out towards the front door. Her uncle didn't even intervene, all he did was spare her a sorrowful look.

"Where are we going?" Isabelle asked quietly.

"I'm taking you to a refuge. Where poor often children like you belong." Her aunt spat in response.

Now, as most of you know, the refuge is a horrible place run by none other than Snyder the so-called "Spider." But, that's only one of the refugees in New York, in fact, there are four all together as one cannot expect a single refuge to hold that many children. Unfortunately, the one Isabelle was going to was the worst of them all. In that place, it's soak or be soaked.

Isabelle spent a year in that horrible place. The details as to what happened will be spared from this story. Let's just say that when she was finally able to escape a year later, it was not the same Isabelle whom first arrived that late summer's day.

She saw an opening, and she took it. Knowing that if she got caught, there would be punishment, but this was a risk she would have to make.

Like a whip, Isabelle ran out the door and onto the streets of New York, somewhere in the Brooklyn to be exact. She could hear shouts behind her as the guards noticed she had started to run.

She managed to slip through the gate before they closed it but so did one of the wardens.

Not daring to look behind her for fear she would end up tripping and getting caught, Isabelle ran through the streets in hopes of losing her captor.

She ran and hid for miles. Just when she fought she was safe, she would hear her chapter cry out and begin chasing her again.

She didn't know where she ended up. If she had to guess she was probably somewhere in the lower Manhattan area if her geography lessons did any good.

Isabelle spotted a crowd of people watching a boxing match. She slipped between people and out the other side. She continued to run down the street and turned to hide in a damp alleyway.

Quietly crouched down behind a stack of crates, she tried to catch her breath while waiting and praying she wouldn't be found. She knew she couldn't keep running forever.

She waited, and waited for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably in reality only five minutes.

She heard footsteps enter the ally. Isabelle held her breath in terror. She froze with anticipation. She tried watching through the crates to see who it was.

"Hello." Said a young male voice.

Isabelle nearly jumped ten feet in the air from fright.

"Oh 'm sorry I's didn't mean to scare you." The boy said frantically.

Isabelle looked up at him. He was a tall boy, yet then again, most people were tall to her as she had not yet grown past 5"3.

The boy had brown curly hair and a long nose with his ears sticking out from his hat. He had a bag across his chest with newspapers in it. Isabell guessed he was one of the newsies in this area.

She had seen a few of them during her time at the refuge when she glanced out the window.

The boy held out his hand to Isabelle. She took it and slowly stood up.

"I hope you don't mind, but I saw yous being chased by that man, and I wanted to make sure you're okay. 'M guessing you're from one of da refugees."

She slowly shook her head, unsure of the boy.

"What's ya name?" He asked softly for fear of frightening the girl even more.

"Is-Isabelle." Stuttered the small girl.

She was probably no older than ten, with long black hair and a wiry frame. She had dirt on her face and dress, which was just about too small for her as it barely covered her ankles.

"Isabelle, hu? That's a pretty name. 'M Andrew but everyone calls me Crutchie cause ah, well" He trailed off, motioning to the crutch that he was using to help him walk.

"Anyway, why don't ya come with me? I knows a place where no one's gonna finds ya. You'll be safe there."

Isabelle smiled softly. Crutchie held out his free hand for her to take and he began leading her out from the damp ally to the lodge house.

Isabelle was still unsure of the boy but she figured anywhere is better than going back to that horrible place and she knew very well she wouldn't be able to stay on the streets and survive.

Also, disclaimer, I own nothing but Isabelle and the other characters who aren't originally in Newsies, yada yada yada. I'm sure you all know the drill by now.