Ink and Spot walked around the streets of New York, (mainly staying close to the lower Manhattan area.) They had fallen back into old habits of Spot yelling the headlines and Ink holding up the paper, waving it around.

"How come ya don't want me coming ta visit ya over in Brooklyn?" Ink questioned while the two were resting up against a tree in a park.

Spot shrugged and sighed through his nose. "Eh, things are kinda messy over there's. No place for a lady."

Ink scoffed "We both know I am da furthest thing from a lady. With their proper speech and long dresses that have weird sleeves."

"True. But yous know what I mean."

"Is there something you don't want me finding out Spot?" Ink questioned.

Spot paled slightly.

"No. why would you think that?"

"Because you've started to become… cryptic." Kloppman had started giving Ink books to help widen her vocabulary. "When I ask about Brooklyn and da other fellows over der."

The wind blew through the park. Ink had to grab ahold of her hat to keep it blowing away. A few blossoms from a nearby tree had gotten caught in the wind and on petal landed on Spot's nose.

Ink chuckled as Spot furiously swatted at his nose in an attempt to remove the pink flower petal. Spot glared at Ink for laughing at him and she stuck out her tongue in return.

"You're a piece of work, ya know that Ink?"

She sighed "Yep, but you love me anyway."

Unbeknownst to Ink, Spot's cheeks turned a slight shade of red. He turned his head and mumbled something unintelligible.

The two stood there in silence for a few moments until a newsie ran up frantically towards Ink.

"What's da matter, Boots?" Ink asked with slight concern.

"It's Snider. I saw him around da corner as he was chasing Cowboy and the two new guys."

Ink tried to hide her concern. "Now Boots, Cowboy can handle his own and two others. You know that. So, why don't you run along and find some lunch?"

Boots looked down and shuffled his feet. "I would, but-ah…" He trailed off.

"What's tha matter, Boots?" Spot asked wrapping his arm around the small boy. "Surly yous got money for lunch?"

Boots shook his head slightly.

"Well, tell ya what. How about I buy yous and Ink lunch? You can pay me back by finding me some nice shooters."

Boots looked up at Spot in surprise. "Really?"

"Sure, why not?" The two started walking off towards the nearest restaurant and Ink trailed closely behind, listening to them discuss the terms of their deal.

Along the way, Ink also tried selling some of the papers she and Spot had left.

This led Spot to notice how much she had actually changed over the past few years. Sure, she was still the shy girl deep down, but Ink had gotten better at hawking headlines and actually yelling. Spot also noticed how her eyes gleamed with mischief whenever they played games against each other. There was something about her that made Spot smile involuntarily whenever he thought of her.

He found it annoying.

Soon the three entered a small bakery and ordered enough to get them by until dinnertime. Though, Boots used his puppy dog eyes (something Ink and Jack had been teaching him to do) to get Spot to buy him a cookie. Ink laughed quietly while Spot succumbed to the cuteness.

While Boots munched away on his treat, Ink and Spot talked about potential selling spots to get rid of the last of their papers. So far, they had come up with Little Italy, even though Ink always found that area to be sketchy but Spot insisted you could sell a hundred papes in an hour. You just had to know where to go. They also came up with selling by Medda Larkson, the Swedish Songbird as Ink called her.

Thankfully, Ink convinced Spot to sell over by Medda's.

After the three finished lunch, they said goodbye to Boots. After, of course, Ink made him promise to go straight towards the lodge house or find another newsie to sell with since Snider was out and about. The last thing Ink needed to worry about was breaking a newsie out of the refuge again.

"That was the last one," Spot said triumphantly.

"Finally, I thought we'd be out here all day trying to sell all dem papes."

They were standing outside of Medda's place and the sun was long gone, the yellow lights from the buildings were casting a yellow glow over everything. There was a click and a hum as the lights above the two turned on. Medda was going to start her night show soon and Ink did not want to be there when all the men started going inside. Crowds made her uneasy.

"You gonna head back to da lodge house now?" Spot asked with a slight tilt of his head.

"Probably." She replied, stifling a yawn.

"I'll walk ya over. Not because I don't think you can make it on ya own, but because I feel like yous about ta fall asleep any second."

"Am not." She said with another yawn.

Spot laughed. "Sure, Ink, sure."

Ink and Spot walked back to the Lower Manhattan loge house. One could barely see the stars in the sky from all the lights shining in the town. Ink was somewhat leaning against Spot as they walked. Not that he minded, however, he thought it was cute and-

Wait… what was he thinking? No, it most certainly was not cute. Ink was his friend and just his friend. He should not be thinking like that. He was the King of Brooklyn he couldn't afford to be thinking like that.

Spot shook his head and scrunched up his face. Best think of the matter later.

Soon the two arrived at the lodge house.

"Yous gonna be alright here? None o' da fellers are giving ya a hard time are dey?"

Ink smiled softly "Nah, everything's fine. Besides, Jack can handle any annoying newsie that's bothering me."


Jack and Racetrack walked up the steps. They were talking about horses and tips. Ink never understood why Racetrack was interested in horse races and the betting but whatever floats your boat.

"I'll see you late?" Spot asked.

"Definitely. I look forward to it."

Spot smiled "Goodnight Ink."

"Any chance we could meet in Brooklyn tomorrow?"

"Goodnight Ink." He repeated as he walked away, leaving Ink laughing outside the lodge house.

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