Demetrius D. Riddick P.O.V

The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes was the bright blue and yellow light that seemed to be all around me

The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes was the bright blue and yellow light that seemed to be all around me.

"What the hell is this? Where am I?" I asked myself in confusion as I tried to look around only to notice that I was both floating and was unable to move.

'Why can't I remember how I got here,' I thought while continuing to look around the best I could even thought I could only move my neck.

"Calm yourself warrior, it was I who brought you here," I heard a loud and deep voice say from behind me.

"Brought me here. What does that even mean?" I asked while trying to turn around and face the loud voice.

"The Astrals and I have decided that the burden we have placed on the Chosen King and decided to being forward another chosen from a different dimension to help loosen this burden," the loud voice said while my body began to slowly rotate to face to my surprise a massive being wearing metallic armor that looked like traditional dragoon armor. The being also had a dragon's tail and the wings of his armor were made of swords, 15 on each side. He was also holding a massive sword while standing like a guardian of some kind.

"Oh, not this chosen crap," I mumbled since this is not the first time a 'higher' being pulled the chosen crap which was followed by prophecy bull.

"Its important that you both aid the Chosen King and eliminate all that wishes to bring him harm, do this and you will be awarded," the giant being continued while ignoring my comment.

"There is really no why around this is there," I huffed out while crossing my arms.

"You will keep your abilities that you brought with you from your original world, but with a little mix of our magic from this world. If you need any instructions then call for us," the giant being said before everything went black.

The first thing I noticed when I once again began to come to was the smell of smoke and the sounds of fighting.

'Oh great where the hell did that giant dude send me?' I thought as I opened my eyes and was instantly greeted with a full out war between people wearing black and the oddest looking creatures I've ever seen.

"What the hell is this," I mumbled as I slowly moved to stand while looking on in shock as the people in black was from the looks of it teleporting all over the place.

The battlefield was covered in destroyed buildings, fire, and sand. At the moment the sun was up but there was an approaching dark cloud that what appeared to be a group of people seemed to be trying to hold back.

"That thing is huge, it's starting to look almost like a small floating cyclone of fiery smoke," I mumbled while also spotting that something big was hidden with in the cyclone.

Looking back down towards the battlefield I then noticed an army of soldiers dressed in armor come charging forward with guns blazing. I also noticed that the side with the soldiers dressed in armor began to shoot missiles towards the guys wearing black.

"That's not fair," I mumbled as I continued to watch on and was shocked to see what looked like a giant cat thing with no fur but a heck of a lot of muscle, horns, and a mo-hawk...don't really know about the mo-hawk but yeah it looked awesome.

"Wow, how will they...oh never mind that guy killed it," I said once I spotted a one of the guys in black teleport and slice the cat monster across it's neck, killing it instantly. before teleporting somewhere else.

It was then that I noticed the cyclone beginning to suck both the monsters and some of the soldiers in before it hit the ground. I also noticed a couple of what looks to be some odd looking aircrafts dragging along something that was hidden with in another cloud of smoke, yet if I was positive on one thing, whatever it is its huge.

"Okay enough's enough," I growled before standing up straight revealing myself to a group of soldiers wearing black.

"Hey what are you doing in a place like this?! You have to leave, its not safe!" One of them yelled while moving towards me, only to jump back when a purple aura surrounded me as I began to levitate before flying into the battlefield as the sun began to go down, encasing the battlefield in almost complete darkness.

Ignoring the looks I got as I flow towards where the aircraft dropped the massive being I then spotted what appeared to be a massive 3 headed dog that was more like a hell-hound with mouth opening to nothing but fire.

"Hey," I heard a voice call out to me once again, tilting my head to see who it was, I was shocked once again when I saw the same man from earlier who killed the cat monster not to long ago. At the moment he was supporting another male who was looking up at me with both awe and confusion.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of everything," was all I said before lifting one of my hands and sending both him and his friend towards a more safer distance.

With my other hand I stopped the 3 headed dog from killing another man wearing black and crushed it with two large boulders before moving the man to safety like I did the other two. Once that was over with I turned my attention to the massive monster that was currently destroying everything in it's path.

"Well, aren't you a sight for sore eyes," I said with a smirk before thrusting both of my arms out to the sides of me and began to lift large objects off the ground. From more boulders, sharp or heavy rocks, debris from all around to use as weapons.

Without a moment's hesitation I began to launch object after object towards the monster, slowly over powering it. I would just crush it but I didn't want to risk hurting anyone who was standing to close.

"Look out!" I heard the same voice from earlier say causing me to instantly notice that the soldiers wearing armor was now focusing their attention on me by shooting both guns and missiles in my direction.

"Tch, I'll take more then that to beat me," I growled with a smirk as I managed to stop the bullets and missiles and aim it towards the monster before it finally went down with a loud roar.

"Tch, all to easy," I said before turning towards the male from earlier who was now by himself and was looking up at me in shock.

"This...was easy to you?" He asked before chuckling and shaking his head.

"Pelna was right, they are not paying us enough for this," the male said which caused me to chuckle as I slowly descended down until I was only hovering 3 feet above the ground in front of him.

"Dude, from what I saw, that is an understatement if I ever heard one,"

Well that is the first chapter! Hope you like it and I'll try to get the next chapter up before the month is out!

Also more will be reveal about Demetrius as the story continues since i don't want to throw everything in all at once.